Oh What a Night  by John M

In the late Summer of 1987,I was fortunate enough to finally get the
opportunity to date the wonderful Carla. We had known each other since our
School Days about five years previous as part of a group of friends that
messed around together.
We met again by chance in a local bar and we started chatting about our
Schooldays and what we had be up to since. Carla was always one of the quiet
members of the group but was always willing to join in the fun.

Carla was gorgeous looking girl with shoulder length dark hair, blue eyes
though she was not particularly tall at just over five feet she had a
fantastic size 10 figure and beautifully formed and proportioned legs.
Over our drink I learnt that Carla had not had any serious relationships in
her life tending to concentrate on her studies to be an accountant. As I was
still single and looking for a date I seized the opportunity and asked
Carla if she would like to go out on a date.
Carla was a little taken aback by my request but agreed to a dinner date for
the following week.

I could not wait for the day to arrive, We had agreed to meet at this French
restaurant and as I sat in the reception eagerly awaiting the gorgeous Carla
all sort of thoughts were running through my mind as to how she would look,
I did not have long to wait for her to walk in and she looked fantastic in a
red skirt just above the knee and white silky blouse that was sheer enough
for me to see her white lacy bra which was holding up her 36 inch chest.
I greeted her with a small kiss on the cheek and as I was close to her I
could not help but smell the wonderful aroma of her Esste lauder perfume.
We subsequently sat down and had a wonderful meal washed down with some
fine wine. We chatted about a lot of things and it became apparent that we
still had a lot in common. After the meal we retired to the lounge for coffee
Carla sat down on the leather sofa and as she crossed her legs her skirt
rode up a little revealing more of her fantastic nylon covered legs. She seen
me eyeing up her legs and she commented that I had not changed from our
school days when I was always looking at her legs. I revealed to her I had a
thing about girls with fantastic legs especially if they are encased in the
finest hosiery.
On leaving the restaurant I offered Carla a lift home which I am pleased to
say she accepted.

Outside Carla's house I stopped the car and after a few minutes talking we
said our good nights which at this time Carla leaned towards me thanking me
for a wonderful evening as she gently started to kiss me on the lips which I
responded to by placing my hand behind her head and gently pulling her
towards me gave her a long lasting kiss with our tongues gently probing in
each others mouths as this was happening I noticed that Carla's skirt had
risen up a few inches revealing more of her fantastic legs she noticed me
looking at her legs again and her parting comment to me was that I had seen
enough for tonight though I had to disagree.

During the following week we spoke to each other on the phone a few times
with me inviting her to a charity dance the following Saturday.

On the Saturday I got ready and went around to Carla's house to pick her up
I drove up the driveway to her house were I got out of my car and went to
her door dressed in my best suit and bow tie. I rang the doorbell and awaited
for Carla to come out when she appeared at the door she looked absolutely
fantastic in a scarlet wrap round dress that was held together with one
button at her waist ,black sheer nylons and a pair of 5 inch stiletto heeled
sandals. I complimented her on her appearance and I took her hand and led
her gracefully to my car.

Carla sat on the edge of the seat of the car and as she gently swung her
legs in I was treated to flash of her lovely legs and also of the lace top
of her black sheer stockings.

We drove to the dance which was being held in the next town all the way
Carla was excitedly talking about the dance and how she liked to dance and
she hoped that I was going to be equally enthusiastic on the dance floor.

When we arrived we sat at a table along with a few other couples from my
workplace and I introduced Carla to my male workmates and there comments
where were did you meet that little honey John she looks fantastic.

The evening went very well with lots of fine food and drink but the
highlight at this point had to be the really trim figure of Carla dancing
on the dance floor and as she danced she treated all round about her to the
fantastic sight of her sheer stocking clad legs as she moved about the floor
with her dress flowing open in the breeze.

During the evening Carla had often given me a flash of her black stocking
tops and her suspenders and when she did this she would give me a smile as
she was teasing me.
At the last dance of the evening which was the usual romantic one Carla and
me danced very close together with my manhood rubbing against her lovely body
as we danced very slowly we started to kiss and I felt Carla pulling me
closer to her as she ground her body against my swelling manhood she gently
slipped her hand down and caressed me through my trousers as I slipped
my hand inside her dress and gently started to run my hand up the soft
sensuous stockings that was covering her legs until I came to the lace top
were I ran my fingers around the top before allowing my hand to venture up
onto the soft skin of her upper thigh till I reached the lace of her panties and gently caressed her. As the dance came to an end Carla thrust her body against me as we removed our hands onto each others waists and she whispered into my ear 'I want you to make love to me tonight'.

We left the hotel and started our drive home as Carla stayed in the country
we had a drive of about 10 miles ahead of us.
Carla was still excited and was talking continuously about the evening she
crossed her legs over and as she did this the light material of her dress
slid of her thigh to give me a flash of her lacy topped stockings Carla seen
me glancing at her silky legs and she uncrossed then crossed her legs again
making sure that her dress fell further apart to reveal her stocking tops
and her suspenders. Carla was now flirting with me and knew I could only
make glances at her as I was driving.
At this point I suggested to Carla that we could go to a local beauty spot
down by the beach before I took her home she was in agreement so we turned
of the main road and took a track down to the beach.

After I switched of the car I lent over towards Carla and started to kiss
her she responded by gently moving closer to me allowing me to embrace her
as we embraced I allowed my hands to wander onto her leg just above the knee
as I gently started to caress her leg edging my hand up the silky material
of her nylons she readjusted her position by sliding down the seat slightly
with her dress riding up more exposed her stocking tops and suspenders to me
.. At this point I lifted my hand of her leg onto her slim waist and slowly
undid the button that was holding the flimsy material around her lithe young
frame, I then gently opened up her dress to reveal her black lace
suspenders, sheer nylons the smallest g-string that was struggling to cover
the beauty of her womanhood and holding in her beautiful firm young breasts
was a half cupped matching lace bra.

As we started to become more intimate with each other I moved my hand up and
undid the clasp of her bra then gently slid the straps off her shoulders and
removed the lacy cups to reveal her firm young breasts and as I touched her
nipples, they became firmer and erect I then moved my lips from hers and gently nibbled at her neck  at the same time my other hand had found its way back onto her knee and was slowly massaging my way up her leg and she gently parted her legs to reveal  the sheerness of her panties. As my hand reached the top of her stockings and I started to toy with the rim , she placed her hand onto my thigh and she unzipped my trousers and forced them
under my butt onto the floor she then slid her hand into my shorts as my hand continued up her thigh onto the softness of her bare flesh and played with the edge of her g-string.
We were now well and truly both sexually aroused with each other and Carla
suggested we go into the back seat were we would have more room. We decided rather than try and climb into the backseat from the front,  it was easier to get out of the car and use the backdoor. We subsequently got out the car and I went around the front of the car with no trousers on and as she struggled out of the car, she stood in front of me with
her firm young breasts showing and otherwise all she was wearing was her
stockings and suspenders and her lacy g-string. As we walked past the front
of the car, Carla pulled me towards the bonnet of the car where she slid her
pert young body onto it and as she sat on the bonnet she moved about
provocatively while removing her g-string. Then as she cast it aside she
beckoned me with her finger to come towards her as reached the edge of the
car she told me to undress completely which I obliged without question then
I stood in front of my car between Carla's legs and as we started to kiss
passionately Carla slowly slid down the bonnet of the car until our bodies
met. Carla was fantastic and we had the most pleasurable experience imaginable
on the bonnet of the car.
After we retired to the back seat of the car were our sexual activity
continued. As a thank you to Carla I laid her on the back seat of the car and then
proceeded to massage and gently rub her body all over with her Estte Lauder
cream, the aroma is the epitome of femininity. This led to the climax of me licking and
caressing her stocking clad legs as i gently worked my way up her inner thighs,
gently tugging at her suspenders with my teeth. 
We had the most fabulous of evenings and after we got redressed, Carla turned to me and thanked me for being such a considerate lover and for making her first time so memorable!! I asked her to repeat what she had just told me and she confirmed what she had said a few seconds before. She went on to tell me that she had been concentrating so hard on her studies that she had not had the right opportunity or person until tonight to lose her virginity to.

I then took Carla home and we agreed to meet the following week and I will
write again to let you know what happened next.

 Ms. Martin by JAY
When I was in taking my college math classes, I really
dreaded them. I hated math. That is until I saw this
one teacher. I walked into the room my first day and
saw this absolutely gorgeous woman who had to be the
teacher. She sat at the desk and just looked pretty
talking to the students. I was very excited to think
I'd have her for a teacher. I'd love math class then.
Then to my disappointment I saw another teacher come
in. It was an old fat bald man. I was disgusted to
see her leave and find out she taught the class before
mine. Math was boring again. I saw her everyday
though before class. Her name I learned was Ms.
Martin. She was a fair skin black lady with a
gorgeous face with high cheek bones, big dark eyes,
and big luscious lips, with dark curly hair. Her
figure was absolutely made for a suit. She had a nice
full chest and shapely hips and long, sexy, toned
legs. It was almost too much to see her in a skirt.
Which she wore about half of the time. She just
reeked of sexiness. She walked and talked in a way
that just made me burn with lust. Her every movement
made me hot for her. I waited out the semester and
signed up for her class as soon as I could next
semester. I didn't even know what it was. I didn't
care. Then when the semester started I was in heaven.
She wore a blue and brown striped blazer with a blue,
knee length, straight skirt, with matching pumps. I
got a crazy idea in my head as I was very shy at the
time and didn't know what to do. After class I went
up to her desk and asked her something. I went along
with my plan. I had my calculator in my pocket and it
stuck out the side. I dropped my book bag making sure
my shoulder strap got caught on the calculator. It
was full of books and you can guess the outcome. It
pulled my pants down all the way to the floor. I was
standing there in front of her in my boxer shorts. It
was embarrassing but It got her attention. She looked
confused and I was speechless myself. I then left and
didn't get the question answered. The next time I
went to class she smiled at me when I went in. Today
though she had on a black pair of slacks and a white
blouse. After class she called me to her desk. "Hi,
About the other day," she said. "Oh, I'm sorry about
that." "No I kind of liked it" she said with a blush.
"Really," I said in awe. "Yeah, as a matter of fact I
wouldn't mind if you did it again." I thought for a
second and then just dropped my pants. She looked and
smiled. We didn't say anything. I left after a
little while. Then the next class I went to her desk
and asked her to do me a little favor. She had on a
silky red blouse, a black pleated skirt and black
stockings. She then lifted up her skirt and showed me
everything. Her stockings had a lacey top and she had
on a garter belt, and lacey black panties. I got so
aroused I couldn't hardly stand it. Through out the
semester we did these things here and there. She said
we couldn't do anything other than that before the
semester was over. I could tell she got a real kick
out of teasing me throughout the semester. I did take
a camera and snap her picture one day. She had on a
long blue dress with white lacey stockings with a
garter belt and panties. Then after the semester was
over she had me come to her office and meet her. She
said very suggestive things that got me so aroused I
couldn't hardly stand it. Then the next day when I
finally got there she was nowhere to be seen. I asked
and was told she had left and was teaching at another
school the next year. She left me a teasing note
saying I shouldn't be that way and she was teaching me
a valuable lesson. I was more than disappointed. I
still had the picture though and I never let it go.


I hadn’t been living in the area long, only since the spring.  It was now mid summer, and I figured I’d go out and start getting familiar with the area, before hunting season, so I would know where I was once the snow fell.  The area was fairly deserted, a couple farms, an old airport, and lots of woods. 


I remember that day like it was yesterday.  It was a balmy Saturday morning and the heat was already approaching 90 degrees.  As I walked east toward the airport I heard the roar of the vintage B-29 taking off from the old runway.  It wasn’t strange to see the silver bird fly from there as many vintage war planes that called the old place home.  There were several farmers in the area that were WWII buffs, and they often got together on the weekends to play with their toys.  I loved the sound of those old planes lumbering and straining to reach altitude.  As I watched, I heard a different noise… something off to my right.  “Damn!” I heard as the squeak of what sounded like truck brakes subsided.  I began to make my way toward the sounds.  I figured someone needed help, and since I was there, I might as well be a good neighbor.  As I walked I replayed the voice in my head, thinking to myself… “that sounded like a woman”. 


Not sure just what I’d find, I approached carefully and quietly.  I didn’t want to scare anyone, but I learned long ago, better safe than sorry, so I approached with care.  I got close enough to see the old army truck on the road.  I stopped to see what exactly was going on before I got any closer.  What I saw after that was burned into my mind for the rest of my life!


I saw the door opening, and my mouth opened in disbelief.  The first thing I noticed were two gorgeous legs, high heels and stockings on them turning to get out of the truck.  My mind was confused… army truck, women’s legs with stockings and heels?  What was going on here?  Then she stepped all the way out of the truck.  What a fantasy come true.  Standing there on the road was this tall blonde, army hat, army coat, heels and stockings, that was it.  She took off the hat, and began to inspect the old truck.  From the smell and the sounds coming from it, I figured it was overheated.  Little did I know I too would soon be overheated!  I moved to a better vantage point to watch and see what she was up to.  Obviously, she wasn’t happy about breaking down.  She walked down the road a bit, stopped, turned and walked back up the road the other way.  I figured she was looking for someone to come along and rescue her from this dilemma.  I was about to approach her and offer my assistance when I noticed her taking off her army jacket.  I felt my body pulse with excitement as I saw the skin tight shirt under the coat, and her large breasts.  This was too good to be true.  Standing there in the road was a blonde goddess with a body to die for, half dressed, killer legs, and in need of help. 


She walked to the front of the truck opened the hood and climbed up to see what was wrong.  I don’t know if she actually knew what to do, or was just going through the motions, but the sight of her leaning over the engine, her magnificent ass facing me, and stockings on those long legs was definitely making my temperature rise.  I know that engine had to be hot, and soon she moved back and just sat on the fender of the truck.  My temperature rose again as she reclined, letting what little bit of breeze there was cool her from leaning over that hot motor.  I was mesmerized as her leg hung from the fender, and the other rested on top.  I felt my heart beating faster as I watched her hand start to caress her leg.  At first, I thought she was just going to rest her hand on that silky brown stocking, but when it began to slide upward, I was on fire.  “Could she have heard me, does she know I’m here” I thought to myself.  Was this blonde bombshell giving me a private show, or was I just incredibly lucky.  I felt myself throbbing and aching as she continued, her hands all over herself, gently, softly, skillfully caressing her tan flesh. 


As I stood there behind those trees, thinking I could take no more of this, she appeared to become impatient and got down from the truck.  She stood there beside the truck, straightening those silky brown stockings, adjusting her garters, and that long blonde hair shinning in the hot sun.  I couldn’t figure how I could now approach her to help after witnessing the show I just saw.  Little did I know it would get even better!  Yes, to my disbelief, and pleasure, she stood there and took off her shirt.  “Oh my God!” I said under my breath.  I saw she had on a bra, silver I think, but there wasn’t much of it.  Her breasts were perfect!  Large, but not so large as to look fake, firm, round, PERFECT.  She stood there for a moment, then began to caress herself again.  All I could think was that she too was becoming aroused at the thought of being stranded out there, alone, dressed in almost nothing and the hot sun beating down on her.  I watched as her long fingers gently moved over her heaving breasts.  I swear I could see her erect nipples as she caressed herself, but maybe it was my imagination.  After giving me another show, she began to inspect that old hulk of a truck again.  I was beginning to realize that I had made a great choice this morning to go out to explore the area.  This was better than any hunting trip could ever be!


After checking out the truck, she climbed up and appeared to be getting something from inside.  I know I’ve said several times how perfect and long her legs were, but believe me, as she leaned into the truck, doing whatever she was, that tight, round ass and those long legs stretched out like that, there could be no sight that was more erotic and sexy ever.  At first I couldn’t see what she retrieved from the truck.  It was large and green, and I soon realized it was a canvas bucket.  I watched, aroused and content, as she walked across the road to the ditch.  She slowly bent over and got water in the bucket.  She walked back to the truck and climbed back up on the front.  I loved the way her legs looked as she stepped up on the truck.  She bent over to pour the water in the radiator, again those legs stretched long and shapely in front of me.  At this point I don’t know what was hotter… that old truck, or ME. 


All too soon she finished and got back down.  She returned the bucket to the truck, and climbed in the cab.  I figured this was it, she would start the truck, close the hood and drive off.  This beauty again surprised me as she began caressing herself again.  As her hands caressed her breasts, legs, and more, I wished that were me caressing her.  I could almost feel her soft, tan flesh with my fingers as I watched her.  Every movement of her body transmitted energy to mine, I could almost feel everything she was feeling, even though I was yards away.  I felt my heart pounding and a throbbing between my legs as I watched her hand slide up her thigh, between her legs, and touch herself.  I imagined the feel of those silky panties getting wet with her excitement.  This was incredible.  There was no way I could approach her now.  She would instantly know I was watching by the huge bulge in my pants if I walked up to her, and there is no way I could look into those big dark eyes and offer assistance without grinning ear to ear.


Soon, she was back out of the truck, again straightening those silky wonders on her legs.  I watched as she disappeared around the back of the truck.  I waited a moment to see if she came back out, but instead I heard the squeaking of the tailgate being lowered.  My curiosity got the best of me, I had to move to see what she was doing now.  Slowly and quietly I moved to where I could see.  She was up in the back of the truck, looking down the road again.  Maybe she was waiting for someone special, maybe this was a secret rendezvous and the guy just hadn’t shown up yet.  That would certainly explain why she was dressed like that.  I felt the sweat roll down my brow as I settled in my new position.  I was again privy to another show of this goddess posing and caressing herself.  I watched again as she ran those long fingers up those shapely legs.  I fantasized how silky and soft those stocking must be, and how tender and warm the flesh above them would feel to my lips.  My mind raced with fantasies and desires.  This woman was driving me wild, and didn’t even know it… or so I thought.  In all too short a time, she climbed down from the bed of the truck, put up the gate, and almost strutted to the front of the truck.


What would she do next, how could I endure any more of this?  She climbed up and put down the hood with a slam.  I watched as she walked to the door, watched as that sexy leg took the first step up to get into the cab, then watched as she slowly turned and sat.  Somehow I knew that I was now the only overheated thing around, and that truck had cooled off by now.  With a roar, the engine came to life, and I felt my spirit fall a bit, knowing the show was over.  She shut the door.


Then, the most special part of the whole experience occurred.  I listened as she revved the motor a couple times then was bowled over when she turned those eyes to exactly where I was standing.  She smiled, a smile that was as seductive and special as any I’ve ever seen.  She extended her hand out the window, waved at me, then blew me a kiss as she drove off!  This glamorous goddess knew I was there watching.  How long, I don’t know, but she knew I was there at the end.  All that strutting, posing, caressing was for MY benefit.  She knew exactly what she was doing, and I’m sure she knew what it was doing to me!  I have not to this day figured out who that blonde was.  I know most of the neighbors in the little town here, but I have not seen her since that hot, steamy summer morning on that deserted dirt road. 


The Woman in the Picture

I have seen you so many times
The same soft face the slender figure
Each time dressed in something uniquely sexy
Yet each time only in a picture

These images echoed deeply in my mind
Your figure cleverly draped in fine lace
The site of nylon on your legs
A garter tightly around your waist

At times I cannot escape that one more glance
A simple gallery with many frames
Each one sexier than the one before
Creating for you lasting fame

About every long day or two
I anticipate finding one new photo
Sometimes my luck runs amuck
Other times I find a new volcano

The soft touch of a silken slip
The feel of your blonde curly hair
Only tucked far away in dreamland
In reality you are never there

I can waste a thousand words
Spend hours describing your allure
In person you may be more beautiful than the dream
But for now just a vision in a picture

60’s Stockings - Drive-In Fantasy  AUGUST'S WINNER


When Spring arrived in ‘64, I finally got my chance to date a gorgeous young sophomore named Karen show had actually asked about me to a mutual friend! I certainly was no lady-killer, but was entranced by her innocence and the impressively short skirts that she regularly wore to school. We didn’t have classes together, but I was already smitten with her looks and her style, so I called her for a date.

After breaking the ice, I mentioned a really good Clint Eastwood movie playing at the drive-in Saturday night and Karen said she'd love to go. After the embarrassments of dating with Nancy when I couldn’t drive, this was a major step up in the world! I told her to expect a warm night and we’d take it from there.

It was even warmer than I hoped that night as I drove into her driveway, dressed in my best Madras short sleeve shirt, Chinos, and brown loafers. I wasn’t even out of the car before Karen promptly waived through the window and met me at the door. She looked really tough in a light summer jacket, a deliciously short kilt, and shiny black t-strap pumps. I made the obligatory greetings to her folks and we were finally off to the movies!

As soon as Karen pranced out the front door, I could tell she was wearing classic stockings. In the early sixties, it wasn’t hard to tell if you paid attention. First, the smoky black color was clearly not related to the pantyhose of the day. Second, there was the telltale sheen that pantyhose of that era just couldn’t match. Finally, and most exciting, Karen’s short skirt offered telltale hints of her glossy black stocking tops as she skipped down the sidewalk to my car. As I held the door while she slid into the front seat, my hopes were confirmed with the glimpse of the dark black welts of her nylons before she tugged her short skirt into place!

Reaching the drive-in, I parked out of the way near the back row. It was still light as I we climbed out of the car to go for snacks and looked forward to a fun evening as we settled in and adjusted the speaker. Karen then mentioned how warm it was and slipped off her jacket. I noticed immediately that her blouse was partly unbuttoned, enjoying her choice of soft white semi-sheer cotton with only three buttons. However, the top button had pulled open as she removed her jacket and offered a rather enticing view of her exceptionally full breasts!

We listened to the rock tunes on the speaker and then the movie finally started. Karen leaned back with her popcorn and stretched her legs to get comfortable and, in a wink, her nylons slid partially into view. Crossing her knees, the welt of one stocking appeared below the short hem of her skirt. I glanced at the brief flash of black nylon tops as she crossed her legs and gave more attention to her silky legs than I did to the movie.

As we watched the movie, Karen gently edged in my direction and allowed me to lift my arm over her small shoulders until she lay gently against me. Her skirt fell loosely across her thighs until I wondered if the kilt might begin to split open. At the same time, I kept watching her blouse as it hung partly open between her breasts. Down below, I imagined the slick dark stockings and above, I could already see the swell of her firm breasts and make out the dark outline of black lace of her low cut bra.

After a while, I slid my arm around her shoulders gently settling my hand alongside her breast, edging the soft material of her open blouse ever so slightly farther apart. She nestled closer against me and I moved my hand every now and then, catching a little more of her blouse until the second of the three buttons rested beneath my fingertips. Deftly toying with her button, I managed to slip it free and her blouse fell apart halfway to her waist.

I held my breath, but she didn't say a thing! Taking courage, I leaned over and gave her a soft kiss. When she responded, I worked her blouse still father apart until I reached the next button and, as I tugged briefly, it popped open. Breaking away from our kiss, I pulled my arm back across her shoulder and sat up again. The result was an incredible view down her blouse to her full breasts, nestled in very low cut black lace bra cups!

It wasn’t long before we started making out in the true sense of Sixties teens. From Karen’s point of view, she enjoyed the romance. From mine, I couldn’t avoid her half-open sheer blouse and her short Irish kilt that more than hinted at her sexy black nylons! And that was the way it went on as I managed to tug her blouse free from the waistband of her skirt, leaving it in total disarray. Then I took her hand in mine and settled it in her lap as I took hold of her kilt. Tugging the skirt higher and bunching it up along her thigh, with each move I pushed more of her skirt up, soon exposing a wide expanse of her shapely nylon clad legs. Karen's miniskirt now seemed to shrink away, exposing the wide dark nylon of her stocking tops. Her garters slid into full view and I struggled to keep myself under control.

We were making out pretty heavy by now and I tucked the skirt against my leg to keep her stockings in view and then put my arm around her shoulder once more. Up to now, Karen’s blouse hung open far enough to expose the skimpy black half-cups of her bra in the dim light from the movie. So, enjoying the flash of her black stockings, I began toying with the lacy straps of Karen’s bra.

I leaned over to kiss her again and pulled at her bra strap farther until it slid right off her shoulder. At the same time, I slipped my other hand around her waist and managed to tug her blouse completely free of her skirt and pushed her bra strap down until it hung limply at her side. Her bra sagged noticeably and I could already see her breasts beginning to edge higher against the tight confines of her sheer lacy bra cups. The dark circle above her nipple was now clearly visible. Her blouse lay completely open to her waist and still she didn't notice a thing!

Backing away once more, I moved my free hand down toward her knee. Slowly, I began to massage her leg and tugged at her skirt until it began to slide open between her legs. It parted like a curtain and unveiled her long trim stockings, then dark tops of her nylons, and finally the silvery clips of her garter belt. Her hand found my leg as she became more excited. We kissed again and her fingers squeezed my thigh. She hesitated, but then pushed against me, squirming hotly as she nibbled on my ear.

I moved my hand to her stomach and quickly undid the remaining button of her dangling blouse. Free of its last restraint, it fell open unveiling her bra-covered breasts. Then, sliding my hand down, I pushed her skirt up past her thighs, caressing her hips and spreading her kilt open to her waist. The skirt fell away revealing all of her nylon clad legs and gartered thighs all the way to her sheer black lace panties! The lacy straps of her garter belt framed her upper thighs and highlighted the dark vee under her sheer exposed panties. The taut elastic straps tugged against her panties, allowing an ever-growing glimpse of the blond treasure that lay beneath.

As I stared at her bared nylons and garter belt, I managed to push her blouse down off her shoulder, pulling the loose material away to uncover her breasts. Her skimpy lace bra sagged farther until finally, it gave way. Karen's coral tipped breasts surged into view

I finally lost control, in teenage terms. I reached down with one hand and fondled her stocking clad legs and the slid my other hand up until my fingers finally touched her breasts.

Karen blushed hotly as she let me stare at her exposure, but made no move to cover herself. Instead, she finally giggled. "Don't look now," she pleaded, "but I think I've come apart at the seams!"

What an understatement!

Her skirt was parted to her waist, revealing her sheer glistening black nylon stockings, her trim black lace garter belt, and her sheer lace panties covering her thinly veiled cunt. Her blouse lay open exposing her matching black lace half bra and flushed swollen breasts. Finally, with a last kiss, Karen slid her bra straps down off of her shoulders, not bothering to cover her exposed breasts and nipples and left her stockings and garters open to my continuing gaze. Then she snuggled against me and left herself exposed to my pleasure for the rest of the show.

When the movie finally ended, Karen gently closed her exposure - pulling her blouse together - but leaving her gorgeous stockinged thighs in full view as we wandered home. Like so many young girls of that age, the flash of her stockings didn’t seem out of place and she gracefully allowed me to enjoy the awesome view of her stocking tops & garters without concern and - from then on - with my greatest appreciation.!


A Poem by William

Satin shimmers along curvaceous breasts,

nylons sheath long and luscious legs.
High heels curve the calves
and stocking tops reveal smooth, inviting thighs
beneath the rounded, silky derriere.
Lingerie may not be the best thing on this earth,
but these photos prove that it's the next thing to it.
Goddess of suggestion, Angel of enticement;
Mercedes, fill my reverie.

Another Poem by William

That length of lovely, luscious leg

encased in nylon stockings,
tautly held by garter straps
beneath a silken thong,
barely covered by a half-slip
on a rounded, perfect bum;
the breasts, with hardened nipples,
hang within their satin covers,
that may be some protection,
but do not spoil the view;
On her knees and elbows,
with a hint of invitation
and with look of expectation,
the camera is her lover
as her viewers fantasize.


By Tanker

I had just taken a seat on the crowded Dallas Area Rapid Transit coach for the 30 mile trip from Fort Worth to Dallas; a trip free of the daily worsening traffic situation on I-30 and I-20 caused by too many people in too many cars talking on too many cell phones whilst multitudes of semis blasted past.<

The car was about two-thirds full, filled with what appeared to be either the suit-an-tie trade, grandmothers and a clutch of loud but jovial teenagers reliving last night’s partying.

As I settled in, I scoped out my fellow passengers and settled back for the short run to Dallas.

And then she entered the car.

About 30 or so, she was of medium height, with a shoulder length blond hair, she was not stunningly beautiful but her face and features were interesting with high cheek bones, large slightly slanted eyes of an immediately indeterminate shade, a well-shaped, somewhat sardonic mouth and clear skin.
She was wearing a pale beige suit and white silk blouse and she was heading for a seat in the still-unoccupied rear of the car when a gaggle of passengers came in through the back door and immediately filled up the remaining empty seats, leaving one beside me and one across from me, next to an elderly lady with a mound of plastic tote bags around her.

The woman hesitated briefly, and then settled in next to the old woman across from me. As the train began its trip out of the station, I gave the newcomer the old “cavalry scout sweep” with my eyes, a quick scan from top to bottom and from side to side that gives one a quick view of the terrain, cover and concealment and possible avenues of approach.

My sweep captured snapshots of her eyess (interesting); neat bosom, small waist and great legs. And, instead of being bare-legged as were the other women in the car, including the grandmother, her nicely shaped legs gleamed beneath the matte finish of nylons in a nude shade.

As I swept my eyes back to my own space, she crossed her legs and I heard the unmistakable and deeply intimate rasping sound of her stockings rubbing together during the brief maneuver.

I swooped brief glances at her legs, admiring the sheen of her hose and the graceful shape of her calves ending in her fashionable open-toed pumps as the train left the depot and her attention was centered on arranging her briefcase beside her.

As the train gathered speed it began to rock from side to side as it crossed over the various switches to get on the main line. In a moment, I noticed a tiny wrinkle in the nylon over the ankle of her slightly bouncing, crossed leg. The wrinkle appeared then disappeared as the woman’s foot bounced slightly to the movement of the coach over the tracks.

Since I love women in stockings, I spent the rest of the short trip admiring her legs, relying on my peripheral vision and periodic sweeps to keep from being caught ogling outright. I bounced a glance off her pumps, capturing an image of her painted toes veiled beneath the nylons.

As I shifted my eyes back to my newspaper, I glanced at her face and she was looking at me with a small smile, and I read that as a signal that I had been caught surveying her terrain. I nodded my head in greeting and slewed my eyes back to my paper, my ears burning in a blush. A few seconds later, she moved again, re-crossing her legs and this time the hem of her suit skirt wound up an inch or two higher, and a short later, she shifted again and again there was more hosiery on display. I must admit that I kept my eyes doing the “scout sweep” to cover all that changing female country during the rest of our trip.

Minutes later, as we were approaching the Dallas terminus, and we passengers were engaged in gathering our various holdings in preparation for getting off, she bent forward, kicked off her shoes and smoothed and straightened her stockings, flashing me a big smile as well as the briefest, briefest glimpse of stocking top as she reached her thighs.

By now the train had stopped and stepping back into her pumps, she stood up, stepped into the aisle, gave me a glance over her shoulder, winked and walked out of the train and my life.

I ride the DART quite frequently now, but have never seen her again. She will be in my memory as one of the best reasons I’ve seen to use mass transit!

A Campus Stocking Story – by Legman Dave      

            It was warm the first day of college classes for me.  I walked around campus, barely remembering orientation, and having quite a challenge finding my first class – English 101.  After some confusion, I found the right building and made my way down to the basement where the class was held.  First days are always a little boring; the professor (or, as was the case in this class, the teaching assistant) hands out the syllabus, goes over some important dates, and generally releases class early.  Not so in this class; our TA, Antje, had us all introduce ourselves.  She went on to tell us she was from Germany – she found it very funny that she was going to teach English.  I found her attractive, but didn’t think too much more about her.  Class ended and we all went to our next classes.

            The next meeting of English class was a little different.  When I walked in, there was Antje, wearing a short skirt, black pumps, and hosiery.  I hoped she was wearing stockings, but I figured she was wearing pantyhose – it seemed that stocking were something that women only wore in movies.  I was not very helpful to the conversation that day, as I looked at her legs and thought how much more feminine and attractive she seemed that day.  Antje re-crossed her legs a few times during that hour, and I strained to see just a little higher on her legs.  A few times during the discussion, I was aware that Antje was looking straight at me as I looked at her.  I scolded myself for being so obvious.  However, she put a hand on her skirt and pulled it back just a little bit.  “No way is she doing that on purpose,” I thought.  “She had an itch or something.  Get a grip, man.”

            And so the semester continued on.  I was doing well in class, writing good papers, and participating in discussions, although not as much when she wore short skirts.  Those days I tried to appear lost in thought, rather than lost in lust.  There were a couple of times that I was fairly sure she was wearing stockings --  I saw what had to be a bit of welt.  I hoped that it was.  I was pretty sure that Antje knew I was checking her out, but she never said anything to me, and we had talked outside of class a few times, regarding this paper or that bit of reading.  I mellowed, realizing that nothing was going on between us, it was just fun to see her dressed in a sexy way once in a while.

            In late November, we had a rousing discussion (although I cannot remember the topic) on a day that she was wearing one of her short skirts.  The class had become rather bogged down and the debate was degenerating into subtle putdowns.  Antje suddenly turned to me and said, “Dave, what do you think?” 

            “Well…  I think we’re all starting to get a little frayed.  We should have an English party to work this out!”  I’m not sure what prompted me to say this; but in the absence of an interesting addition to the discussion, it was as good a dodge as I could manage.

            “That’s not a bad idea, Dave,” she said.  “Ok, anyone who wants to come over to my apartment and continue this discussion is free to do so.  Tuesdays are my slow days, so let’s meet Monday night, about eight.  And Dave, if you don’t show, you will be in trouble.”  I blushed a bit, realizing how silly I seemed.  But several other students in the class said they’d come over, so perhaps it wasn’t too far out there.

            The following Monday I walked over to her apartment, and found I was the last of the group to arrive.  “So, Dave, you made us think you wouldn’t be coming,” said Antje, with a hint of admonition in her voice.  But she smiled, offered me a soda, and we went on to have a fun discussion of life and adjusting to college – we never got close to the original discussion topic.  As the evening wore on, people left, and I was ready to leave as well.  There were three of us left, and when the third person got up to leave, I prepared to do so as well.  But then Antje asked if I had classes early the next day.  I told her that I didn’t, and she asked if I wanted to hang out a little longer.  My heart stepped up its pace, but I figured that it was just her being sociable.  There was no way she was interested in an undergrad.

            “Can I offer you a beer?  I didn’t think it was appropriate when it was a class thing, but now it’s just us talking.”

            “Sure, that’d be good,” I said as she got up.  She returned shortly afterwards with our beers and we drank and talked, and drank some more.  We were both lightly buzzed when she brought up the topic that both thrilled and frightened me.

            “I’ve noticed you looking at me in class.”

            “Don’t worry, I’m not angry.  But I have noticed that it’s on days that I wear skirts.  You like to look at my legs, I think.”

            “Yes, I do, as a matter of fact.  You do have nice legs, you know.”  The beer made me a little bolder.  “Do you mind if I ask a question?”

            “Go ahead and ask, I’ll tell you if I mind answering.”

            “Ok.  When you’re wearing those skirts...  um, well,” my confidence flagged a bit, but then I blurted out, “do you wear pantyhose or stockings?”  I expected her to be mortified, but instead she laughed.  She rose again, and said she’d be right back.  I started to think maybe I should just slink out of her place before embarrassing myself further when she returned.  She was wearing a white blouse, a short black skirt, tan hose, and five inch high heeled pumps.  I was surprised to say the least, but also quite aroused.  She ran her hands down her hips, and then pulled up the hem of her skirt, exposing what I’d hoped to see – stockings held up with a lacy black garter belt.

            “So, does this answer your question?  And yes, I always wear stockings.  So, what do you think?”

            “Very nice.  Can I touch them?”  I hoped I wasn’t being too bold, but so far things had gone well.

            “Yes, you may,” said Antje as she walked over and let me run my hands up and down her legs.  “However, because I’m your teacher, we cannot go any further.  It could lead to some serious ethical problems.  Some might suggest that the A you’re earning was due to other things.”  My smile slid off my face.  “Dave, there’s only 3 weeks left in the semester.  Think about that.”

            “So, after the semester is over,” I began.

            “And once I’ve turned in the grades,” continued Antje.

            “We could, well… you know,” I said.

            “Yes.  And it will be worth the wait.  But now I think you probably should go.  I’ll see you in class on Wednesday.”

            The next three weeks were both wonderful and miserable.  Concentrating on finals and getting the last work of the semester was difficult enough, but it was compounded by Antje making me wait.  And it seemed that she wore a skirt, stockings, and high heels every day of the rest of the semester.  Finally classes and finals were over, and Antje finished our grades, and I went over to her apartment again.  She came to the door attired in a white blouse, black leather mini, black fully fashioned nylons (I didn’t know what they were then – Antje educated me on stocking types as we went) and her five inch pumps.  This was the start of a great second semester of college.


By Mike A

She wears long black

Skirt slit to thigh

As she moves like a wave

Her skirt opens with just a sigh

Does precious little

To hide exciting black, seamed

Stockings and high

Heeled ankles with guilt-free

Chain of desire and lack

Of fear to be her essential self

With no preconceived conditions

She is the party’s feisty flirt

Working the room

Libertine, free of inhibitions

Eager to be noticed, excite and invite

Provoking that one male to meet

The challenge of stroking

At midnight

Soft, sensuous seamed nylon,

Stocking hook and creamy thigh

Inviting his long-ship of discovery to

Seek out her unknown tales

Locked behind black lace briefs

Her unquestioned beliefs and trust

Of mysteries deep inside her

She whispers, ‘Is it love or lust?’

And like a horseback rider

He must delight her

More than ‘just enough’,

Fill with his long, large

Satisfying staff

Her warm, inviting

Temple of Love

There to welcome, now

Awash with waves of his

Urgent hot, bounteous

Mysterious cream of life

His welcome white hot

Sperm burning deep inside her

‘It feels so good’, she moans

Until his manhood

Wanes, she slips on her

Black lace panties

Returning to hug her slim

Hips, ready and revived

Kissing him goodbye

And my wife

The party’s feisty

Little flirt in the

Long black skirt

Is back by my side

LADY IN BLACK - Engaged in ’82!

By the Bear


I really enjoyed the story I explained about my wife and her night out as my "Lady in Red" before we married. But I have to say that even before we married, Megan became the penultimate exhibitionist and I her ardent voyeur!

Whenever I visited her apartment outside of town surrounded by a couple of farmhouses, she loved to show off for me, allowing the afternoon sun to shine through whatever she was wearing. I bought her an ever wider range of sexy lingerie and she freely wore whatever I gave her, highlighting her sexy bras, garter belts and classic nylons, much to the delight of her neighboring farmer! She would boldly appear at her back door dressed in something short and sheer, not caring that the neighbors, even in the distance, struggled to peek at her whenever they could!

Before we got married, we'd often go bar hopping and Megan coyly teased me with brief flashes of stocking and gartered thighs until we returned home to make love. Afterwards, she always spent the rest of the evening in her lingerie and nylons. She soon took to leaving her curtains open, actually inviting voyeurs to peer through her front windows, easily viewed from the street!

We soon began planning adventures to play out our growing fantasy. The first was a road trip, showing off for truckers on the highway! Megan got off work to go along with me on a business trip. When I picked her up that morning, she pranced out the door dressed all in black, but was still halfway undressed!!!

She wore a filmy dress that buttoned down the front. I couldn't miss the outline of her black garter belt, half-bra, and jet-black stockings. Megan playfully tugged her skirt up to show just a hint of her stocking tops as we started out and sipped chilled champagne that I'd brought along. From her strappy French heels to her sensuous black velvet choker, she radiated excitement.

Reaching the interstate, we slowly caught up alongside a big semi. Megan instinctively tugged her skirt down and then giggled, realizing what she'd done! With a very sly smile, she teasingly began to hike up her skirt once again. Getting up to speed, I pulled out alongside the truck and Megan went to work, tilting her seat back to offer a better view.

As I came alongside the cab, Megan casually crossed her legs. Her black stockings glistened in the bright sunshine and she coyly lifted her skirt until her stocking tops lay exposed for the driver! I kept pace long enough to offer him a good look and then sped up to pass.

Megan's game was to pretend not to realize her display, so she dared not look up at the cab to see if she'd been spied. The truck closed the distance, pulled out to pass us back, and then slowed down again, almost inviting a repeat performance. Megan coolly unbuttoned her skirt part way until her black garters slid into view and I pulled out to pass a second time. Her stocking clad thighs were fully displayed as we slowly drove past.

Enjoying our champagne, Megan and I played leapfrog with the trucker down the highway until I saw we were catching up to another semi. Our buddy, we named "Big Red" for his truck, went by and settled right in front of the second semi. Next time Megan would have to show off for two trucks instead of one.

By now, the champagne was affecting her inhibitions. She uncrossed her legs and unbuttoned her dress nearly to her panties, playfully exposing most of her stockings and several inches of her garters. Again she pretended not to notice her exposure, even toying with the parted hemline of her dress as we passed.

This time, both trucks went by and a third semi loomed ahead as they lined up for another pass. I began to wonder if "Big Red" hadn't been on his CB doing a bit of advertising! Megan giggled at the suggestion while pouring more champagne and decided to give them something worth waiting for. She crossed her legs, pulled her skirt up higher and nodded that she was ready. I was getting turned on by Megan’s display and the obvious response from the trucker. Something was up and only then did we realize what it was!

I pulled out to pass and was nonplussed to find fully six trucks lined up, all waiting for Megan to "flash" by! With her stockings glistening in the sun and garters fully displayed, we slowly edged by the convoy. Passing "Big Red", Megan finally glanced up to see him grinning down at her! To her credit, she actually smiled at him as we moved on down the highway. The rest of the trip flew by with Megan continuing her escapades with each truck we passed until we reached the city.

Megan shopped while I took care of business and we agreed to meet up at a nearby tavern for lunch before heading home. When I arrived, Megan was perched on a barstool sipping a Margarita. Her stocking tops were demurely covered, but she flaunted an enticing display of her gorgeous legs, sheathed in black nylons, through her sheer skirt! As I sat down next to her, Megan actually grinned, enjoying the stares of the male patrons.

No sooner had I gotten a drink than Megan hinted at a special surprise and suggested we skip lunch. Finishing our drinks, we left the bar and headed down the street around the corner. There, right in front of me, was a small, but enticing lingerie store!

The reader should remember that in the seventies, Frederick's & Victoria's Secret was still essentially underground operations and the display of underwear was generally limited to the Sears Catalog. This place was definitely ahead of its time! Everything was lacy and sheer with a nice selection of bras, panties, corsets, garter belts, and a full array of Hanes stockings.

On seeing the dressing rooms along the back wall, each covered only by loosely hung curtains; Megan and I read each other’s minds! I was entranced as Megan selected several sheer bras, garter belts, and a sexy black merry widow without bra cups! The sales girl led her back to the dressing room and primly slid the curtain closed, but within seconds, Megan adjusted the curtain just enough to offer me a perfect view of her reflection in the full-length mirror!

As I watched through the open curtain from a discrete distance, I was entranced as she began trying on her lingerie. Megan's dress fell away to display her black lingerie, garters, and nylons! Then two young couples wandered into the store. As the girls began picking through the bras and panties, the guys strayed toward me. Even as their girlfriends strolled back to the dressing rooms and pulled their curtain closed, the guys accidentally stepped into a full view of Megan trying on her lingerie for my pleasure!

I was hardly in a position to complain. They stared past me and suddenly noticed Megan's reflection in the dressing room mirror! Thinking she was showing off solely for my benefit, Megan slipped off the last of her bras and began donning the black corset! I stood back in silence as these guys gaped at the incredible view unfolding in front of their eyes!

As we watched, Megan pushed a sheer black bra down, unveiling her full ripe breasts and then let her skirt slide away to the floor! Then she unhitched her pale pink garter belt and seductively attached the long lacy suspenders of the black corset to her shiny black stockings! As she snugged the corset about her waist, Megan’s pert young breasts nestled erotically exposed atop the merry widow as she carefully tugged her glistening nylons tighter about her thighs!

Incredibly, Megan turned this way and that to make sure I had a complete view, never realizing that she was being voyeured by the other guys! Finally, changing back into her own clothes, Megan came out of the dressing room with her special smile, stunned to see these other men standing behind me, suddenly looking anywhere but at her! Megan's eyes rolled to the ceiling and she flushed with embarrassment as we went to the counter. She bought the corset and we eventually retreated back onto the street without a word being spoken!

As it turned out, Megan's "accidental" exhibition actually excited her! Back in the car, she gave me a passionate kiss and promised that the ride home would be even more fun than before! We opened our second bottle of champagne as we hit the interstate and started looking for trucks!

Megan lost no time in renewing our game. The afternoon “rush hour” actually benefited a trucker we decided to call "Mack" for obvious reasons. Megan unbuttoned her dress for me teased her skirt apart to show off her stockings, paying no attention to her surroundings. But, in the heavy traffic, "Mack" soon picked up on her display as Megan unbuttoned her dress.

This time, Megan’s enticing display of stockings and lingerie became far more personal than she'd intended. She flirted with me for several minutes in the slow traffic as he drifted alongside until Megan finally caught him staring down at her. Her game of pretended innocence was over. She had to choose between covering up or letting "Mack" know her display was intentional.

As she sat with her gartered thighs totally exposed, Megan pointed briefly out the window. I just laughed as she poured more champagne and then responded “What the Hell!” Megan smoothly slid her skirt open past her garters to display the wide dark tops of her sheer black stockings and gave the guy a real show!

We finally broke the gridlock and left him behind, but the champagne and exhibitionism began to affect us both. My free hand drifted down onto Megan’s thigh, stroking her garters and tugging her skirt completely apart. By the time we came alongside the next semi, her skirt lay wide open to expose her panties. She flushed with embarrassment, but played the game with increasing excitement as her panties, stockings and lacy black suspenders were exposed right to her hips.

We pulled on past, but at the same time, Megan began to notice that every trucker was already looking down at her before we even drove by. Finally, passing one semi, the brief flash of headlights from behind told me that Megan's newfound reputation had preceded us! They were passing the word on their CB’s and Megan was the continuing subject of their exchanges!

After the better part of an hour, we eventually reached a stretch of open highway where we thought the trucks were gone. While I stared appreciatively, Megan reached to the bodice of her dress and began to undo her buttons to show off the cleavage of her ripe young breasts along with her sexy stockinged thighs!

Though she absently tugged her dress together when we passed a car, the trucks had disappeared, and she became more and more careless about her display of lingerie and garters. She snuggling against me without the least concern for the cars and vans we passed. Then I suggested she simply slip out of her dress altogether and, to my amazement, she agreed!

Slowly, her dress began to fall away and I found myself staring as her pert young breasts appeared, nestled in the open half-cups of her demi-bra. In a few moments, Megan was sitting by my side in nothing but her skimpy black lingerie, bare breasts, gartered thighs and her erotic black stockings! I was suddenly and totally aroused as I stared at her breasts.

This was truly a voyeur's dream! Megan began gently stroking my thighs and we started kissing even as I struggled to stay on the highway. The result was that Megan became increasingly aroused as we drove and the effect brought about an equally exciting response! With a devilish grin, Megan reached down and slipped out of her sheer lace panties as we cruised toward home in the late afternoon sun!

Then I saw a solid row of trucks in the distance. I dutifully pointed out the upcoming traffic, but Megan looked up the road, then looked over at me, and then decided that we had time to play around just a while longer! Then she lay back across the front seat as I continued to stroke her thighs. She became increasingly excited as we fooled around and ignored the upcoming traffic!

Having given Megan fair warning, I closed the distance to the line of trucks and then finally pulled out to pass. Megan’s eyes were closed as she gently pushed my free hand down onto her glistening stockings! Having given fair warning, I gave in to my excitement while Megan ignored the first trucker as we pulled alongside.

As I fondled Megan’s stockings and gartered thighs, I knew the trucker was watching. Then, as I looked over, I realized that Megan did, too! She slowly pulled my hand down between her stockinged thighs! As we passed by, Megan allowed the trucker to stare as she lay half-naked in the front seat of our car!

Ironically, I sped up to pass the first truck, only to realize that there were six more in front of him, all waiting in line to check us out! Megan opened her eyes and smiled at me as we pulled alongside the next rig. In an incredibly erotic moment, Megan pushed her bra cups down, exposing her now swelling nipples, and allowed the trucker to stare at her bare breasts, nylons, lacy black garters, and parted thighs, all displayed in full view for his pleasure!

I could only struggle to stay on the road as we slowly cruised by the convoy and Megan realized a special fantasy, allowing herself to be voyeured as she lay back in her seat, exposing her swollen breasts and soft blond cunt, clad only in her sheer black half-bra, matching lace garter belt, glistening black nylon stockings and high heels!


Night on the town!

The last night of vacation back in 1988 was our 3rd anniversary. We decided on dinner and dancing at the hottest local tourist place, humorously called the Cabbage Shed for its early days on the docks as a produce warehouse. It was a great local restaurant and doubled as a weekend disco club during the summer months.

Megan was agreeable, choosing her favorite pale pink button front skirt and a very sheer white blouse. Underneath, she wore her sexiest white lace lingerie, including my favorite low cut lace bra. She selected dark chocolate brown stockings to compliment her short pink heels and came out of the bedroom to pose for my approval! I was running our camcorder and Megan flipped her skirt up briefly for the camera, but quickly pulled it down again.

Her previous evenings on the town had offered enticing displays of lingerie and nylons on the road, at the clubs, and when we made love on the beach, so she had announced that this last evening was going to be conservative!

“This time I plan to stay in line!” she quipped with a grin.

“Too bad!” I joked. “It’s your last chance to make a hit!”

The late August night was warm and breezy, almost sensual as we settled in at the patio bar and enjoyed gin & tonics. Then, after a pleasant dinner overlooking the bay, we eventually wandered back inside to an open booth off the dance floor near the bar. I suggested that it was time to start fooling around.

At first, Megan kept her modesty. On the dance floor, her skirt carefully stayed put, but with another drink, I managed to reach under the table, unsnap several buttons of her skirt and slide the short hemline up her thighs. Fortunately, our table faced the classic rail bar with its typical crowd of single males. Megan’s nylons were more than visible to the “regulars” sitting at the bar and they grinned at me with appreciation as her skirt floated above her stocking tops! As her white garters slid into view, I began to hope for a seriously fun evening.

She smiled, pretending not to notice their attention, but obviously aware of her display. That was one of Megan’s thrills. She wouldn’t admit to flashing, but loved to be voyeured! She pretend not to show, but loved flashing for an audience. Now we had an audience!

This was the classic “disco nights” of the late ‘80’s and Megan enjoyed showing off! Since dinner, the dance floor had gotten crowded and Megan was turned on by the guys at the bar. When we took to the floor, the fast beat and her unbuttoned skirt did the trick. As she moved, I caught the unmistakable flash of her stockings!

Megan began to tug her skirt open, “accidentally” showing off her stockings and garters to the music. Sitting down again, pretending we were alone, Megan slipped her hands under the table to unsnap more of her skirt. Then she nonchalantly crossed her legs and her dark nylons again flashed into view, contrasting against the pink of her skirt.

After only a minute or two, the guys bought us a round. To my surprise, Megan boldly accepted the shots they offered and actually turned her shapely legs outward to allow them a better view! Though I couldn’t see under the table, I soon realized that she was really “stepping out” from the past. As she began to pull her skirt up and show off, Megan gave me a wink that said it all. Megan was totally in control and interested in new horizons! Suddenly, I realized it was MY turn to pretend not to notice!

The “boys”, as she called them, were barely out of their teens, while Megan was all of 24 at the time. The boldest, having introduced himself as Jim, drew the greatest attention, but they remained polite and very attentive as Megan flashed her stockings and garters.

It was Megan who suggested teasing me on the dance floor and her nylons flashed enticingly for all to see! "Let's dance." She said. "And this time, I promise to make it interesting!"

She knew very well that the guys were watching and fully enjoyed being noticed! Maybe she was having her fun, but I enjoyed it even more! I enjoyed the guys staring at her as she continued to flash her nylons and enjoyed it even more as they realized that she was showing off on purpose! Megan was pushing the edge as the band took a break. I stood by our booth as she sat down again, her glistening nylons displayed in full view as we chugged another beer.


However, this time Megan was surprised by our friends at the bar. They blatantly complimented her on her sexy stockings and gartered thighs! She was nonplussed, since their comments were clearly heard by everyone nearby!

"I'll bet you planned that!" Megan accused.

"No!" I responded. "That happened right out of the blue, but I’ll bet you like it!"

"Yeah." she softened. " Actually, it’s kind of exciting!"

I sat down as we exchanged small talk with our new friends and I rested my hand on Megan’s nylon-clad thigh. Naturally, I kept tugging at her skirt, sliding her hemline father up her thighs. Before she knew it, I had pulled her skirt open, letting her stockings slide into full view again. But by now, Megan let them show!

Megan finished off her drink and excused herself to the powder room. I went up to the bar for another round and again discovered two drinks waiting for me, courtesy of our new friends. I said thanks and promised to return the favor later on.

I was heading back to the table when Megan reappeared and I could hardly believe what followed. Not only was her skirt half open, flashing a wide expanse of chocolate brown stocking tops, but her blouse lay unbuttoned almost halfway to her waist, exposing more than a hint of the bare skin across her tight full breasts.

Instead of returning to our booth, Megan came up to the bar and slid onto the bar stool, carelessly letting her skirt fall open wide, carelessly flashing her dark stocking tops and shiny garters. She thanked them for the drink and we struck up a conversation with Jim and his two buddies. In no time, Megan's skirt was high on her thigh and her blouse was hanging open nearly to her bra. Megan ignored her exposure as she enjoyed this newfound attention.

Then the band started playing "Dashboard Light" by Meatloaf.

"Let's dance!" Megan said, looking over to me.

In a moment of inspiration, I pointed at Jim. He, in turn, looked at Megan. She looked over to Jim, then back at me and grinned seductively! Without hesitation, Megan took Jim’s hand and they moved out onto the dance floor.

Megan danced carefully at first, her skirt already half unbuttoned and hanging precariously together in front. Then, as I nodded with a grin, she went down almost to her knees and let her skirt open up. I watched, transfixed, as it split apart, completely exposing Megan's stockings and garters for all to see. Moving freely after that, Megan displayed her nylons without a care.

Facing me, she actually pulled her skirt apart, teasing me with the display as she turned away for his enjoyment! I thrilled at the wide expanse of gartered thigh and enjoyed the rest of the dance with particular pleasure! Megan seemed to flaunt her exposure and watching her dance with Jim was even more fun than dancing with her myself!

The dance ended, but Megan gave me another glance and slid her left hand up to her blouse! As the music started, she turned away. By the time she turned back again, Megan’s blouse had fallen half-open away from her gorgeous bra-clad breasts. I simply stared in amazement as Megan willingly went farther than ever before.

Returning from the dance floor, Megan settled on a barstool next to Jim and casually crossed her legs, leaving her skirt to fall where it may. Her stockings and garters were completely exposed and she had not a care about who was watching! Almost humorously, I tried to be the gentleman and whispered in Megan’s ear about her fully exposed nylons and half-open blouse.

But Megan knew me better than I knew myself. She smiled in faint disbelief and then slyly moved her hand to the remaining buttons of her blouse.

“I certainly should be careful” she quipped and then carefully undid that last button!

Before I knew it, the button was open and I gaped at the result! Megan's cleavage was awesome! As she leaned against the bar, her skimpy bra was easily visible through the half-open blouse and her full young breasts were almost completely exposed. I could almost see the outline of her nipples against the sheer lace bra cups.

I realized I was on the brink of an incredible fantasy! Resting my hand on Megan's knee, I began stroking her nylons as the guys watched with increasing anticipation. Then, sliding my hand up her thigh, I pushed her skirt apart right to her hips and Megan's garters lay fully exposed! Megan knew exactly what I'd done and her response was just awesome! She deliberately uncrossed her legs and even allowed her sheer panties to slide into view! I put my arm around her shoulder and she leaned against me, allowing the guys to look right up her skirt.


Megan chatted merrily, pretending to be unaware of her display as Jim and his friends just kept staring! They ordered another round and Megan sipped her drink, carelessly flashing more of her stockings, garters, and the ever-widening display of her open blouse.

Megan finally leaned back and asked me to escort her to the powder room. On the way, she whispered in my ear that she was ready to have some fun! I looked at her and she stared back at me, totally in control, with a sly smile on her lips!

“It’s about time to go, so let’s do it!” I answered!

As we returned to the bar, Megan slid onto the barstool and hiked her skirt halfway to her hips! Her gorgeous dark nylons glistened in the flashing lights of the dance floor, accented by her sexy white lace garters! Even more exciting, Megan had undone another button of her blouse and as we talked with our new friends, I gently tugged just enough so that Megan’s blouse fell away, half exposing her thinly veiled breasts.

The guys just kept on staring and Megan just kept on showing off! Her blouse hung wide open to her waist and her breasts lay almost completely exposed through the sheer nylon half-cups of her bra. Her stockings, garters, and lace panties flashed as she sat on the barstool.

Finally, Megan suggested it was time to go. She smoothly slid off her bar stool, letting her skirt hike up right to her hips, dip0slaying her stockings, garters, and even a glimpse of her sheer white nylon panties! Then Megan generously hugged each of our young friends as she goodbye and we headed for the door.

Outside in the warm summer night, Megan paused on the porch, knowing that the guys could see her from the bar. She melted against me and we kissed, as my hands slid down onto her behind, stroking her gartered thighs. Then, Megan whispered into my ear as we strolled into the moonlight by our van.

“I’m really getting turned on!” and she slid her hand down inside my pants!

We kissed again by our van, in full view of our young friends through the front window of the bar! My slid my hands to Megan’s hips and slowly pushed her skirt back until her stocking clad legs were completely unveiled! Then I tugged at her blouse, pulling it open until it fell away from her shoulders, totally exposing her bra-clad breasts to their view as we made out in the darkness.

Megan was now virtually undressed before their eyes and responded by pressing against my legs and sliding her fingers down onto my crotch, softly stroking me until we broke away.

"I'm getting pretty good at this, don't you think?" she smirked!

"You certainly are!" I grinned back at her as she opened the side door of our van.

"I think we should record it for posterity!" Megan giggled and reached inside for our camcorder. She hit the “record” button, handed me the camera, and posed for me with her skirt and blouse open and struck a sultry pose in the light of the parking lot. As I focused and began recording,

Megan slowly began to unbutton her blouse all the way!

The effect was electric! With her back to the restaurant, she let her blouse fall away from her bra-clad breasts. Then she raised her skirt to her hips and displayed her nylons, garters, and sheer lace panties by the open door of the van before sliding into the front seat, bare breasted and stockings exposed.

“Are they still watching?” Megan whispered!

Frankly, I hadn’t bothered to look, but suddenly realized the boys were standing on the front porch of the restaurant in total silence! The fun part was that Megan and I were partners in our fantasies - she enjoyed them as much as I did - and there was no question that she was excited by the attention of the boys at the bar as she flashed her stockings and lingerie.

Then Megan smiled at me and stepped back out of the van. As the young men sheepishly came down the steps, Megan pretended to ignore them and raised her skirt to her hips to fully display her stocking and garters for my pleasure! Her chocolate brown stockings stretched about her upper thighs, pulled taut by her frilly white lace garters, completely exposing the dark vee between her thighs!

The guys, maybe into their twenties, were still young enough to be totally stunned by Megan’s display! Her blouse was splayed wide open, offering the fullest view of her firm pert young tits, spilling out over her demi-bra! Megan’s stockings were taut and remarkably smooth about her thighs, held trimly in place by the frilly white lace straps of her garter belt!

"What do you want me to do?" she cooed seductively.

"It's your call." I choked, still filming with the camcorder.

"OK. If it’s my call, . . . Let’s do it!”

Megan stood exposed in the soft moonlight, posed before her surprised admirers with her skirt up about her hips, her filmy white blouse completely unbuttoned, displaying her full young breasts. Megan’s sultry chocolate brown stockings, filmy lace garters, and sheer lace panties were totally exposed to their view as she called out to her new friends! I kept filming, but moved aside. They never even noticed me as the guys came over to our van, babbling their late evening chat, but totally overwhelmed as they realized Megan was virtually undressed as she stood outside our van.

Then Megan suggested we take a “farewell” shot of our friends with our camcorder. Being young, and facing a gorgeous lingerie clad lady, there was no choice. She was barely covered, showing lots of cleavage and all of her sexy nylon covered legs and gartered thighs! I stood back as they smiled at me, pushed at each other, humorously struggling to get as close to Megan for the picture as they possibly could!

It was Megan’s smile that kept me going and I raised our camcorder and as I told them to smile. As Megan put her arm around Jim's neck, she allowed her filmy blouse to fall completely open once more, brazenly displaying her full young breasts as they lay barely contained in the sheer and very skimpy cups of her white lace demi-bra.

The guys were totally entranced at the sight of Megan’s full young breasts, exposed in the pale moonlight! As they stared, I simply kept filming with my camcorder, growing more excited by the moment. I enjoyed the thrill of voyeurism without harm and Megan enjoyed being the ultimate exhibitionist!

Megan reached up and kissed young Jim, pressing her breasts against him as we watched. Then, perhaps realizing that it was time to say good night, she let him go and sat back in the van, her skirt now gone and her blouse in total disarray she flaunted her stockings, garters, and thinly veiled breasts in the moonlight.

After a last, long kiss with Jim, Megan said goodbye to his friends. As her young “friends” paid her more attention, Megan kissed them without concern, nipples swollen with excitement. Another of Jim’s friends reached down and, to my utter amazement, pushed down her bra, exposing her swollen breasts.

Megan pulled away and lay back in the open van door dressed in nothing but her sheer bra and exposed breasts, sheer panties, sexy lace garter belt, and chocolate brown stockings! Taping the whole thing, I simply let Megan have her way and just watched what happened next. Megan calmly stood up and smiled at me as the boys stumbled off into the night!

Smiling as they faded away, Megan took hold of her sheer white lace panties, gently sliding them down off her hips as they watched! Megan closed out her fantasy as she stood before us with her filmy white panties laying gently about her trim patent t-strap pumps, full ripe breasts in her skimpy white demi-bra, and her lush hips framed by the lacy white garter belt and long shapely legs sheathed in dark chocolate brown nylon stockings!

Afterwards, Megan promised to return the favor whenever I chose. That was just the beginning of even more exciting fantasies we have enjoyed in the years since!


Megan and I sometimes played poker during our "special nights". One night, I had won "bets" that gave me the chance to try a new fantasy. Having just moved into our new house a couple of months before, I decided to invite Mike and Jennie over for dinner and games.

On several occasions, we had gone out bar hopping together. Megan had worn a sexy outfit and showed off her nylons, but I figured it was time to take the next step.

Megan was stuck! Calling in my bets, I told her she had to show off for Mike! Megan didn't know exactly what I had in mind. That was part of the dare! She had to follow my instructions whenever she got them! Though she groaned, Megan was a good sport.

"I'll do what you say, but just make sure it's decent! OK?"

I agreed and set the stage. We invited the s for that Friday night. Mike would just come over after work and Jennie would join us after the baby sitter arrived. Friday, I spent my lunch hour getting things ready. I picked out a sheer black blouse and button-front skirt. Then I set up the ironing board in the basement and laid Megan's outfit alongside.

Returning upstairs, I selected Megan's sexiest black lingerie, garter belt and nylons along with black high heels, setting them on the bed with a note.

Megan and I rushed home after work and I got changed. Megan popped open a beer and went into the bedroom to read her instructions.

Very simply, she should be in her lingerie and "almost ready", but wait to finish dressing until after Mike arrived. I would fix drinks and we would go outside. Then she should go downstairs to iron her blouse and finish dressing in the basement.

Megan shrugged and gave me a kiss as she changed into her lingerie. She didn't quite understand, but I knew she'd get the message. Then she donned on a housecoat and disappeared into the bathroom to put on her makeup.

Mike arrived right on time. I greeted him and fixed us a drink. Megan stuck her head out of the bathroom and said hello. She apologized for not being ready, but said she would be with us in a few minutes. Mike said it was no problem since Jennie wouldn't be arriving for a half-hour.

While Megan finished her makeup, I showed Mike the house, taking him downstairs to see the model trains I was setting up. As we stood by the ironing board and Mike casually noticed Megan's skirt and filmy blouse on the chair.

We went upstairs to freshen our drinks just as Megan came out of the bathroom. She laughed at her appearance and gave Mike a kiss.

Then I started talking about the planting I'd done outside.

"There was almost nothing here when we moved in! You should see all the stuff I just planted last weekend!"

I told Megan we were going outside to take a look around and suddenly she understood! With an accusing smile, she went to the frig and pulled out another beer.

"See you in a little bit!" she said cryptically.

Mike and I took our drinks and headed down the back stairs. It was almost dark as we walked around the back yard checking out the new shrubs.

When I saw the lights go on in the basement, I casually strolled around to the front, pointing out the new trees. We walked across the driveway, I showed Mike the birch tree I'd planted in front of the house. As I glanced into the basement, sure enough, Megan was there carefully ironing her blouse.

I stood with my back to the house and as Mike faced me, I knew he could see into the basement. At first he paid no attention, but then I saw his eyes focus behind me.

When we moved around the side of the house, I glanced back and saw Mike watching Megan as she began to unbutton her housecoat. I could only trust to luck and paused only briefly to point out the new evergreens before moving into the back yard.

We walked down to the new crab apple tree and Mike followed, but glanced over his shoulder more than once. Then I turned and looked up to see Megan through the patio doors slipping off her house coat, standing in full view in her black lingerie!

Even though she was behind the couch, we could easily see her. Her black lace bra barely covered her breasts and her hips were sheathed in the clingy nylon of her garter belt.

Mike was transfixed! Megan slipped her blouse on, but left it unbuttoned as she came around the couch to put on her skirt. Megan was wearing her high heels and as she coolly picked up her skirt, she looked like a hooker getting ready for her next trick!

Her blouse hung open, displaying her bra-clad breasts! Her low slung garter belt accentuated her hips and her sheer black panties highlighted her cunt framed by her sensuous black garters and nylon stockings!

As we talked, Mike just couldn't help but keep staring through the patio doors. I pretended not to notice and actually edged closer to the house.

Finally, Megan picked up her skirt and ever so slowly put it on and began to button it up. Mike couldn't keep his eyes off of her! Megan's stockings flashed as she turned this way and that before finally pulling her skirt closed.

Then with one last flourish, Megan paused and pulled her skirt open again to straighten her nylons.

Her hands ran sensuously over her stockings and garters, tugging at her garter straps as she smoothed her stockings about her upper thighs.

Finally letting her skirt fall, Megan slowly began buttoning her blouse and turned away to head back upstairs! Mike was speechless, but I pretended not to notice. We walked back up the stairs to the kitchen and just then the doorbell rang as Jennie arrived.

Megan greeted her and they came up the stairs. Jennie looked fantastic! Her outfit was almost modest, but hinted at what lay beneath. Her casual blouse was very sheer, showing the clear outline of a very low cut white bra and her legs glistened with the telltale sheen of old fashioned nylon stockings!

She gave me a hug and I felt the unmistakable outline of a garter belt about her hips as she pressed against me! Then we all fixed drinks and went to the living room.

Drinks and dinner flew by! Megan showed a little now and then, but only when Jennie wasn't looking. Jennie, however, sat demurely with her short skirt about her knees, showing nothing. Even so, her eyes told me that she was ready to play!

After we straightened up the dinner dishes, I pulled out Trivial Pursuit and we sat in the living room to play. I popped a bottle of wine and it wasn't long before Megan began showing off more by accident than she did on purpose!

Her wrap around skirt began to open up along her thighs and Mike was soon staring at a wide expanse of jet-black stockings hitched to Megan's frilly black lace garter belt.

He kept moving to get a better view and it became obvious to all that he was getting turned on! At one point, Jennie looked at me and smiled and I knew the show was about to start!

When Jennie missed her next question, she laughed and lay back on the couch. As she crossed her legs, her skirt "accidentally" slid up halfway off her thighs. Instantly, I was staring at a fabulous pair of chocolate brown nylons she'd saved from a past encounter with Majel!

I croaked as her shapely nylon clad thighs laid exposed to view. Amazingly, Mike was so intent on staring at Megan's stockings that he didn't even notice Jenny’s display!

As the game went on, things grew ever more interesting. As Megan took a break, I slipped her a note from my pocket that instructed her to begin unbuttoning her blouse! I had no idea if she would comply, but with the display of Jenny’s sheer nylons, I almost didn't care.

Megan emerged from the bathroom and I was pleased to see her blouse was almost half unbuttoned! Her bra, nicely outlined through the sheer material, was now overshadowed by the bare cleavage of her breasts in the vee of her open blouse.

She sat next to Mike and even leaned forward to give him a special view of her barely clad breasts! Then Jennie asked for a drink and accompanied me into the kitchen. The second we turned the corner, she reached up and pulled me against her.

Jennie pulled my hand up to her breasts and slid her dress up to expose her stockings as she pressed against me with a passionate kiss! From then on, the night was a fantastic display of nylons, garters, and bra-clad breasts. The girls cared nothing about their exposure and Mike and I simply sat back and ogled each other's wives until it was finally time to call it a night!

After they left, Megan turned to me and pulled her skirt off. Then, slowly unbuttoning her blouse in full view of the open living room windows, she smiled and walked up to me.

"Guess that will give Mike something to think about! Is that what you wanted?" she asked.

"Darn right it is!" I answered. "I guess that's why I love you so!" and I pulled her down to make love on the living room floor.



Fraternity Rush Party by Bear

When our Rush season started, I had already arranged with Suzy to have Melanie, Missy, and their pledge sisters to date our prospective pledges. We looked forward to our big weekend celebration to get the guys to pledge our frat. Suzy and I had talked about making this a special night. We had done the same thing for her sorority two months earlier and they had incredible success in pledging some of the cutest and sexiest girls on campus. That was where we first met Missy and Melanie and it had been fund ever since!

I picked up the girls that night and was re-introduced to Kimberly, a short, leggy blond with a really sharp figure that I had seen and admired at the library. She had no experience with our frat parties, but said she was more than ready to learn. Although it was a warm evening, all the girls wore coats. I was curious, but didn't ask why.

Dropping Melanie and Missy off at the section to wait for their dates, I took Suzy and Kimberly to pick up theirs. Suzy had even agreed to date a Frosh to help out, but warned me that I'd better be ready to live without her for the evening. Both girls were giggling to each other as I brought the guys out to the car. Kimberly climbed in back and Suzy scooted over as her date got in front. Suzy had pulled her coat open and as she reached over to get a beer, carelessly let it slide off her skirt.

Her date found himself staring at the hem of just about the shortest dress he'd ever seen! Suzy's legs were exposed to mid-thigh, casually displaying the glistening welts of a pair of beautiful dusky black nylons.

As she talked, Suzy appeared not to notice her bared stockings. With each curve in the road, she leaned against her date, letting her fingers "accidentally" tug her skirt even higher. Suzy finished her beer and turned toward her date to toss the can into the back seat. Her knee rose right into his lap, pulling her skirt hem with it.

Suzy's legs were bared right up past her stockings and he could see between her legs almost to her panties! The poor Frosh choked on his beer as he stared at the long black elastic suspenders of her garter belt. His eyes gaped at her exposed nylons and garters and I could only smile in appreciation.

Suzy turned back again, but left her exposed leg playfully rubbing against his lap as she talked. He couldn't take his eyes of her innocent exposure of stockings and garters! I could only imagine that Kimberly was playing a similar part with her own date in the back seat.

By the time we reached the party, Suzy's date was already in love! He hovered over her, unable to tear his eyes away from her trim stocking clad and gartered thighs!

As we went in, the party was just getting started. The band was still setting up, but everybody was having a good time. I soon saw Melanie and Missy arrive with their dates and seemed to enjoy similar attention. Suzy's girls were the hit of the party!

We all headed to the back room to drop off our coats. Almost like it was planned, each girl slipped her coat off and turned to me for approval. The effect was incredible!

For starters, Kimberly had worn a wrap around skirt even shorter than I'd seen at the library. It pulled open briefly to flash a pair of sexy dark brown stockings. Missy wore a short purple dress that highlighted her great figure and hinted at a sexy black bra thinly veiled through the semi-sheer material. Melanie wore a dazzling number in black with a short hem and low cut neckline.

But Suzy had them beat! Her dress was blue velvet, accented by a crimson bow at her waist. The dress was cut low in front, giving ample display to her cleavage, and her skirt was so short that her stocking tops peeked out from beneath, flashing as she walked into the party!

My duties kept me pretty busy, but I managed to watch the girls now and then as they entertained her dates. I couldn't ask for more. Their nylons were continually exposed and the guys could hardly keep their hands to themselves.

When they danced, they managed to show off even more. Kimberly's blouse was as sexy as her skirt, sheer and low cut, clearly displaying her white lace bra. Missy's lavender dress was equally sheer and I gaped as her bra, garter belt and bikini panties showed through the thin material.

As for Melanie and Suzy, they made sure that their dresses swirled up at every opportunity, showing off matching black stockings and garters as they moved about the dance floor. I was really sorry that so much of my time was occupied with the pledges.

Needless to say, the girls were the hit of the party. Each time we brought a Frosh into the "box", the girls and their display soon came up in conversation. Out of the dozen or so that we invited to the party, we picked up seven and only two that we wanted remained uncommitted.

During one break, Suzy finally got a chance to wander over and see how things were going.

"You wouldn't believe how easy this is! Every time we ask, all we hear about is how great looking the girls are!"

Suzy smiled and asked which girls.

"You know darn well which girls!" I chided her. "All I can say is thanks for everything!"

With that, Suzy gave me a big hug and then flipped her skirt up to display her stockings and frilly black garters.

"That's for being a nice guy." she laughed and returned to her date.

At the end of the party, Suzy asked if there was anything else they could do to help out. I jokingly answered that about the only thing left would be a dance contest to see which girl would show off the most!

"Gee! You don't ask much, do you!" she chided. Then, seeing the look on my face, Suzy took the bait.

"Why are you laughing?" she challenged.

Of course I told her I was kidding, but she looked at me with a mischievous smile.

"You think we don't have the nerve? We'll just see about that!"

I gave her a kiss and went back to work, but I watched as Suzy started taking the girls aside one at a time. From their expressions, it was clear she was talking about something wild. I was pleased to see each one in turn nodding in agreement as Suzy finished talking.

The band announced their final number. Suzy returned to her date and dragged him onto the dance floor. As the music started, the other girls soon joined her and I sat back to watch.

The dance was fast and nylons were soon flashing like crazy. Kimberly's short kilt flew open, displaying her dark tan stockings and frilly white garters. Her bra showed through her sheer blouse, barely containing her full young breasts.

Missy's semi-sheer dress was a dream, highlighting her lavender garters and low cut bra as she danced in the spotlight. Even Missy's black dress slid up to mid-thigh, casually flashing her black stockings and garters to the delight of every guy in the place.

Then I looked over as Suzy. As she moved, her hem creeped upwards and her skirt "accidentally" slid up her legs until her glistening black nylons were completely exposed.

As the song ended, all four the girls were in total disarray, flashing their nylons and garters for the crowd. I cheered along with the others and we got ready to leave.

Suzy was over in the corner with her date. Briefly, she caught my eye and gave a "thumbs up" and then proceeded to blow my mind! As I watched, her fingers slipped to her waist and paused. Then she turned towards me and her dress came apart!

As I stared, the dress fell open and her black lingerie was displayed for all to see. Suzy pretended total embarrassment and struggled to pull herself together, but I stared as she somehow managed to expose her firm thrusting breasts to the crowd before she finally tugged her dress together. With her date in tow, Suzy and the others said good night and headed for the car.

Suzy and Kimberly hopped in with their dates and we drove back to campus. Finally, when we were alone, I kissed her and thanked her for the special effort.

"Maybe it wasn't a dance contest, but it was sure fun to watch!"

Suzy smiled and gave me a hug.

"That was just for starters! Just wait until tomorrow night! I made a deal with the girls and they promised to try and make it interesting."

"Missy said to tell you she'd make good on a bet, whatever that means. I don't know why, but you certainly have made an impression on them!" she observed.

I could only play innocent and wait.

The Magical Allure of Stockings  MAY'S WINNER


By Legman

Admiring my wife of over 17 years, I was captivated with Maria’s beauty. She was sound asleep, in an almost fetal position. Her tan stockings, pulled tautly by a black lace garter-belt, contrasted nicely with the pure white, satin sheets. I watched each breath she took, admiring the warm milky white breasts heave up, and then back down. Her pink nipples were large and erect from our earlier encounter. She was sleeping peacefully. I was resting beside her, relishing in every reason why I loved her so much.

I was scanning the room, my eyes glancing over all the prurient objects. The black, 4-inch heels, lying on the floor by the bedside. The long, flowing, black negligee draped over the foot board. The empty wine bottle and half-filled wine glasses on the night stand. The open boxes of half-eaten Chinese take-out. The single red rose, which I presented to her earlier in the evening. I took them all in, but my eyes soon were transfixed to her nylon covered legs. I have always been a legman. As far back as my sexual recollections can fathom, a woman’s shapely leg has always brought about a sexual rise to my manhood. Well, I should be more specific here, a leg encased by nylon stockings that is. I have always known the power and appeal that a woman has when her luscious legs are encased in that magical fabric.

Maria has not always known the allure they had on men, especially her man, until later in her life. Something I had taught her. It was something I and a few experiences had taught her. She also soon realized the sexual aura they had over herself.

Ah, the memories we have created over our many years together. My thoughts wander back to New Years Eve, 1984 …..

“We better go someplace exciting this year. And just the two of us. No other friends to follow.” I remembered my fiancée’s demand very well. I didn’t know what she was up to, but I was proud of my self for finding this club. It was packed, with many good looking couples, guys and girls. Girls in short skirts, long skirts and a lot of cleavage to attract their man’s attention. But only one had my full attention.

Maria looked especially good tonight. She had her strawberry blond hair tied up on her head, in a sultry sort of way, with wisps running down the side. She was one not to wear much make-up, but she applied just enough to arouse attention. Her sweater, while not showing much cleavage, certainly showed off her pert little breasts nicely. A blue-denim skirt covered her taut, full ass cheeks. But of course, what excited me most, was her legs showing from below the short garment. Encased in tan nylons, just the way I like it, and she knew that. Pantyhose I presumed, to my dismay, but still a sight to behold. A low black heel completed the ensemble. Comfortable for dancing, but still sexy in a stylish way.

I had expressed to Maria my desire for stocking covered legs. She wasn’t fully comfortable in her sexuality yet to accommodate me that pleasure in public. I had purchased her a few pairs of stockings and garter-belts to wear. She would adorn them during our weekend trysts in her college dorm, but never outside. Of course, I was ever grateful for that. I don’t think the skirt would have covered the beautiful dark band at the top anywise. So the next best thing was the pantyhose.

Who was I to complain anyway. The love of my life was happy, beautiful, and only inches from me. Dancing in such a provocative way to keep my arousal constant. It was close to the magic hour, only 10 seconds to midnight. With Maria tightly coupled in my arms, we were to celebrate 1985 with a bang. Maria was to graduate from college in May, and we would be married just two weeks later. I was already working full-time, graduating two years earlier, so finances would not be problem. The year ahead looked exciting.

5….4….3….2….1…..and our lips locked in a passionate embrace. Our tongues danced a tango to Auld Langs Syne. She was kissing me as fierce as ever. She was as hot as I was at the moment. Then, as if time had frozen, she shocked me with it. Her lips pulled away from mine.

“You better enjoy what you get tonight young man,” Maria states, mocking innocence. “For tonight is the last night you get any, that is, until I am Mrs. Paul Johnson”. I looked puzzled and disappointed.

“You know what I mean,” she continued. “Whatever you can get tonight, you better enjoy. For I want our wedding night to be special. So no more after tonight until then. You got it!” And she playfully scolds me with her finger.

“Then lets get the hell out of here.” I pulled her out of the club and we took off in my car. I was going to get as much as I could tonight if it was going to be another five months before I got any again. Well, that night was a fairly interesting story, but I will save that for later.

“How do I look?” Maria asks me.

“Stunning, absolutely stunning!”, as I gaze at my fiancée twirling slowly in front of me.

“You had better think so” she playfully warns. “Do you think I look to much, …. You know, …. Too daring ?”

I stared at her beauty, not really believing that I am seeing Maria dressed this way. I wouldn’t call it slutty, certainly not. She was sexy, very sexy, but in a stylish way. I guess the best way to describe her attire would be risqué, at least for my sexually conservative fiancée. But for the standards of the day, she was just suggestive. Yes, that would be a good way to describe her apparel for the evening, suggestive.

I helped her pick out the ensemble. One of the few times I enjoyed shopping for clothes. We started off buying a silvery color dress, slim fitting to her form. It had a halter-type top, and was back less, which meant no bra to hold up her 34-C breasts. It wasn’t a short number, going about 6 inches below her knees, but did have a slit up the back, that was slit to above her knees. Her shoes were black-patent leather pumps, with a modest 3 inch heel, higher than what she was accustomed to. I also helped with her under-garments, being an admirer of fine lingerie. We, or more like me, picked out some black lace, almost sheer, panties and a matching, black garter-belt. The ‘piece de resistance’ was the stockings I chose, and most surprising, Maria accepted. I think she was really getting into the mood when we picked them out. The color, I remember exactly, was called ‘bone’, off-white with a bit of brown tint to it, and had a black seam down the back. Not full-fashioned stockings, but very sexy none the less. Purchased at Parklane Hosiery I believe. Oh, how I miss that store.

Maria now had her doubts. “Really, what will others think when they see me?” she asked again.

I finally broke from my trance. “Every guy in the place will want to dance with you,” I responded. “You look stunning. And the other girls will be jealous.”

“Let me see what Diana and Mary thinks” as she crosses the hall to her best friend’s room.

Suddenly I hear an appreciative, sexy, whistle from Mary. Jillian, another friend of ours yells out “Go Girl, Go. You look fabulous”.

Enough said I thought. No more convincing needed.

The evening was going great. Maria and I were enjoying the prom tremendously. I would dance occasionally with Maria or one of her closest friends, but it seemed like Maria was always on the dance floor with someone. She was getting a lot of attention from her classmates and she was enjoying it. I guess she was on an emotional high. Of course, she was saving all the slow dances for me, and me alone. That was why I was surprised she stayed out on the dance floor with Dave Madison when the band picked up a slow tune.

Now I liked Dave, for I had talked to him occasionally, but he did date my sweetheart freshman year, when our relationship was on hold for a few months. Maria shyly admitted to me later on that she still found him very cute, but I had no reason to worry. I just found it odd, that was all.

They were dancing close and I could see they were talking to each other. The floor was crowded with many partners twirling around them, sporadically blocking my view. Maria looked very attractive dancing with him. I was proud of her. She was a real looker as the guys would say. And, admittedly, I was getting aroused watching her sway to the music with another man.

I could no longer see them from my vantage point at our table. I didn’t want to look conspicuous, as if I was worried, so I couldn’t really look for her. I was disappointed, for I was enjoying her show, even if Maria didn’t realize she was putting one on for me. I wasn’t worried anything was going on between them, even though the mischievous thought did arouse me. I trusted her.

The song ended and I searched the room for her as the floor cleared. I couldn’t find her. Where was she? Ok, now I was starting to get very suspicious and very much aroused. What was going on here? Suddenly, I spotted her walking over to the table. Her face was flush. It wasn’t from drinking, for she only had a couple of glasses of wine the whole evening. She did look sexier than she did earlier, if that was possible.

“Come with me” Maria orders, as she grabs my hand.

Of course I follow her and she leads me outside the function hall. The Andover Country Club has a rather extravagant clubhouse surrounded by a beautiful course with many islands of trees and obstacles surrounding it. A few feet from the exit, Maria twirls around and kisses me passionately, open mouth and all tongue. “Wow”, is the only thought on my mind.

“I want you now” she exclaims, and leads me to a nearby cluster of pine trees. Again she twirls around and attacks me with her hands and mouth. She is scrambling with my belt and zipper as she lavishes me with wet kisses.

“I am so hot for you.” Maria announces.

This is not like her. She very rarely speaks while we have (or shall I say ‘had’) sex. But who was I to object. It had been over four months since we had gone all the way. I was not going to stop her if she wanted to break her vow. It was her silly idea, not mine.

Before I knew what was happening, Maria was turned away from me, her panties down around one of her ankles, her dress up around her waist and my manhood at attention, admiring her firm ass framed by her garter-belt and stockings.

Maria reaches back and guides me into her womanhood. “Oh, what are you waiting for. Just make me, I can’t wait any longer”.

I fulfilled her wish, like any valiant knight would do for his damsel. And I have not forgotten the details of this tryst for as long as we have been married. It is as if it just happened yesterday. I still vividly recall me pounding her. I held her hips and watched her ass ram back into my hips with each thrust. The straps of her garter-belt being pulled as they held up her seamed stockings. I kept lowering my eyes, admiring her legs encased in the fine hosiery, all the way down to her high-heeled shoes and then back up again. As I continued thrusting, a hand would always wander down and feel the softness of the nylon material. No, I couldn’t make this last forever, but I would certainly remember it for ever.

I came with a loud guttural cry, shooting my semen deep inside her. I shot load after load as I stayed buried into her depths. I could hear her moan in satisfaction from the assault she was receiving. Time was frozen as we both climaxed together, a first for us as a couple.

Back at Maria’s dorm room, later that night, we made love again. Except this time, we were on her bed and naked, except for her garter-belt and bone colored stockings. Maria kept them on without my urging. This time we made love, slowly and passionately.

When we were done and just cuddling together, I had to ask. “So, what got into you tonight?”

Maria was quiet and shy again, her usual attitude toward any sexual conversation. She was starting to blush,. Sensing she was embarrassed by the whole thing, I coaxed her on, trying to get this tale out of her. She finally relented.

“Well, you knew I spent some time dancing with Dave Madison, right?” she started.

I nodded in agreement.

“He asked me to dance a slow one with me. Being probably the last time I might seen him, I agreed. He kept complimenting me, telling me how attractive I was tonight. I was starting to get embarrassed, and wanted to stop ….. “ Maria paused.

“Go on, this is getting good.” I wanted to encourage her, for I was getting aroused again hearing how her ex was hitting on her, in front of me. “I won’t get jealous or mad. Keep going” I assured her.

“Well…., you know, ….” She stammered.

I laughed. “No, I don’t know. Tell me.”

“He was getting hard and I could feel him against me.” She blurted it out. “There I said it.”

“Oh, so you got him excited so that turned you on?” I asked.

“Well, there is more” Maria added. “He steered me away from you, towards the back of the ballroom. I was sensing he was trying to get me alone.” She paused again. “Now don’t get mad at me, but I was getting excited also. I don’t know what it was, the whole thing, … or what, but I wanted to encourage him.”

Maria looked at me for reassurance, to see my reaction. I smiled at her and rubbed her cheek. I was getting hard again, and I wasn’t sure why.

She continued, “Then his hands lowered down my back, and over my garter-belt. He smiled at me and said, ‘Oh yes, I knew it. You are wearing garters and stockings. I find that so sexy.’ I could feel him get harder against me. Oh, I must admit, I was getting very excited. Then the song ended and I came and got you”.

She paused as she stroked me to arousal again. I rolled on top of Maria and mounted her. As I was slowly sliding myself in and out, Maria started moaning. “Oh yes, this feels so good tonight. Do stockings always get you this hard and horny?”


“Do they have that affect on all men?”


I came inside her again, for the third time that evening. I was spent.

As she cuddled up next to me, Maria added “I think they have the same affect on me too!”

We fell asleep together, and our life together has been fabulous. Especially sexually, now that Maria has experienced the “magical allure of stockings”. And I must admit, we have done some things that I thought she or I would never agree to. But then, I will have save them for another time.



By James

“Hey, dude.  The wedding rocks, uh?”

I held up my right hand like a cigar store Indian going How.  My pal Howie slapped my hand with a roundhouse that could have ripped off a politician’s fingers.  I absorbed his shot silently and stoically, with zero displacement.  Then I bent my elbow, seized my shot glass, and threw down my Jack Daniel’s, thankful that I am a southpaw.   

This wedding celebration was rapidly becoming a landmark event in the epic of mankind.  My girlfriend’s kid sister had just gotten married.  ‘How do I love thee, let me count the ways’ I thought as I surveyed the Myers Park country club banquet room lavishly prepared for the bridal supper. 

All the partitions were rolled back, leaving the marble paneled ballroom’s span a little larger than the Charlotte Cougar scrimmaging field.  Waiters in white tails bustled about, offering artfully mixed salads, tender pork loin, caviar, and filet mignon.  Ivy and flowered greenery twined the monumental stair railing and white silk streamers hung from a ceiling high enough to clear the arc of a forty-yard field goal.  Sitting on a massive buffet table was a six-tiered wedding cake with four-inch figures of the friends – Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross – in various wedding costumes as they posed on the spiral staircases that joined the cake layers.  The Charlotte sympathy was bringing a peppy version of the Turtle’s hit ‘Happy Together’ to a close.  The only thing missing was Britney Spears leading a merry ensemble of singers and dancers through the wedding guests.  But then, again the evening was young.

            Howie still smelling of the blunt he had been smoking in the restroom, eyed me with a stoner’s grin.  “Anita still pissed?”

            I nodded at Howie.  “Yes.  She figures that it’s my fault her sister is beating her to the altar.”

            Of course my girlfriend, Anita, was wrong.  It wasn’t my fault.  I wasn’t the one who had knocked up her sister, Belinda.

            “So you’re getting a good pussy whipping, uh boss man?”

            “I’m getting flogged, partner.”

            Howie’s narcotic deprived attention span turned to the tray of filet mignons that he had intercepted from one of the server penguins, thus concluding our conversation.  Howie is the right side wide receiver on the Cougars.  An incredibly talented kid, who unfortunately is one urine test away from involuntary NFL retirement.   His football skills never ceased to amaze me.  He had hands, large soft ones with Velcro pores that could catch everything I tossed him.  By the way, I’m the Cougar QB  - Jake the Snake.     

And I now need to tell you about Anita Donatelli, the love of my life.  One minute out of bed, on a bad hair day, lower eyelids encrusted with eye boogers, Anita is still knock-dead gorgeous.  She has black hair dark as a Steeler jersey that when let down drapes the length of a football below her shoulders.  Her large doe-like brown eyes sparkle with intensity, and her pretty heart shaped mouth always appears slightly open, inviting delicious adventure.  Her smooth olive skin derives from her perfect Italian ancestry gifting her with a year round healthy-looking tanned sheen.

Figure-wise, she is a sweet blend of Dallas Cowgirl wholesomeness and eastern European figure skater grace and innocence.  Her long goddess legs are to be worshipped.  She has pin-up girl thighs flawlessly joined to a narrow waist.  Her feet are slender beauties with high arches and long toes. 

I watched Anita who was now fully into a rhubarb at the bandstand with her sister’s new father in law.  Little Belinda had married the Charlotte Cougar’s offensive right guard who had earned his nickname, the Barbarian, for his ferocious contributions in the blocking pits and his Flintstone era hair dos.  Evolution had not been kind to the Barbarian and his family.  I knew that Anita’s father, Mike, the Cougar General Manager in charge of player recruitment probably had sweaty palms about his grandchild’s gene pool. 

Belinda’s new father in law was a piece of work.   Secretly, Anita and I had nicknamed him, Bam Bam the Cro-Magnon man.   

Bam was demonstrating some sort of hillbilly jig for the benefit of Anita, Mike, and the Charlotte Symphony Maestro.  A nasty disagreement was turning into a sorry spectacle.  Anita was in meltdown, her arms stubbornly crossed, her head shaking, and her right foot tapping.  Bam was shoving Mike and thrusting his finger at Anita, his helmet size face turning Arizona Cardinal red.  I pushed myself up slowly from the table and sauntered over to rescue my little lady.  I could pull this off, because I had watched a lot of the old black and white cowboy flicks.

With the Maestro flapping his arms up and down and telling everybody to be sweet, the music had stopped and the dispute had now drawn the full attention of the supper guests.   

I offered Bam my friendly Texas Ranger smile.   

“Hey, partner.  I was admiring your lively dance step.  If we can get Maestro to stop squealing maybe he can play Rocky Top, and you can do some stomping for us.”

I looked into his eyes, a dangerous mixture of anger and confusion.  From the fumes of his breath, I detected moonshine whiskey abuse. 

He grunted, “It ain’t for me to dance.  This here is the old maid hoe-down.  When one of my boys marries up with a gal that’s younger than her old maid sister, my youngin’ and me make the old biddie dance the hoe-down barefoot.”

“And I suppose my lovely Anita has declined your gracious dance invitation.  I tell you what – if you behave maybe we could do some square dancing later on.”  I did a dosado around him, then winked. 

You don’t wink at a psycho.  Bam gripped my tux in both hands, lifted me a foot off the ground, and gave me a toss that significantly increased my frequent flier mileage. 

As I picked myself up off the floor, Bam grunted, “This ain’t none of your business.  But since you ain’t gonna butt out – let me tell you how it is.  Until this no account biddie gits herself hitched, my boy and his seed is cursed.  So I’m telling her to hoe-down until some boy gits smitten with her.”

I noticed Howie was sneaking behind Bam, approaching slowly for position.  When Bam attacked me again, Howie would throttle the bastard with his long Anaconda-like arms.  We had done this neat trick before at a bar in Detroit.  But tonight Howie’s intercession would draw the Barbarian into the fight.  Then the other Cougars would rush in resulting in a smackdown between the Barbarian with his redneck pals and Howie with his youngblood pals.  Come to think of it, I believe the brawl in Detroit ended up with Cougar fighting Cougar.

And if I were fortunate enough to be one of the survivors tonight, I would get blamed for ruining this magnificent feed.  As the team quarterback starting the altercation I would get blamed.  As the boyfriend who hadn’t married the older sister I would get blamed.     

I maneuvered past Bam to buffer out the lurking Howie.  

I sucked up.  “Look, partner, you have everyone’s best interest at heart.  You want your son happily married.  You want Anita happily married.  You’re just one triple X large version of Cupid.  Let’s you and me sit down and talk this thing out.”

Bam lowered his arms, cocked his head, and seemed to arrive at some kind of recognition.  He thrust his finger at me.

“I know who you are.  You’re her bo.  You marry her.”
            “Hold on, partner.  You can’t bully a man into marrying an old maid just because her younger sister is getting married.  That’s barbaric.”

What had just slipped out of my mouth sounded horrible – even to me.  It reminded me of that screen pass that slipped out of my left hand and got intercepted for the touchdown that beat us in last year’s Super Bowl.   

It was Anita who spoke next.  She snapped, “Jake, nobody’s bullying you into marry this old maid.  All of a sudden I think this hoe-down is a great idea.  Let’s get these single boys smitten with me.  Now, get out of my way, all of you.”

I argued, gently.  “Look, honey, you don’t have to dance.  I’ve just about taken care of my partner here.”

Her eyes shot daggers at me, just so we all knew whose fault this was.  Anita pulled off her pumps, slamming them on the floor.

Doing the hoe-down would not be easy for Anita.  She had performed her bridesmaid duties in her satin lavender sheath, a lovely gown that was both sophisticated and simple.  Now her two beautiful Laura Classic Pumps laid on the dance floor like road kill.  Barefoot in her nylons, she made shooing motions to clear the floor. 

Anita glared straight at me until I departed to our table.  I smiled nervously toward my Cougar teammates at the surrounding tables.  I shrugged my shoulders, and silently mouthed the word ‘weddings’.

The Maestro calmed down and announced that the bride’s sister, Anita Donatelli, wished to honor the newlyweds with a dance.  There was a splattering of reluctant, confused applause.

Seeing Anita standing alone on that dance floor in her stocking feet was an erotic turn-on.  I mean I always liked her feet.  Massaging them, kissing them, an occasional toe sucking, it was good for me, and from her cooing and moaning, I figured good for her as well.  I could do her barefoot or in nylons.  Some of my best work was with Anita laying across her sofa, nyloned feet resting on my lap, toes wiggling.

I had flashes of stocking foot scenes enjoyed with Anita.  When flying to Orlando for Christmas, Anita had been randomly selected for further scrutiny at Douglas International Airport.  Always a snappy dresser when traveling, Anita had stood in her stocking feet with the other selectees while their shoes were checked for explosives.  Once at a team party, the hostess forbid her guests to wear heels on her hardwood floors.  Anita was one of several women who spent the afternoon in stocking feet.  And in her job as a roving reporter for a local news station, Anita had reluctantly kicked off her heels to rebound hoops for a local high school star shooting threes in his high school gym. 

Anita always had to be coerced into removing her shoes in public – like the airport security check, or the finicky hostess, or her pushy newscasting producer.  And tonight the psycho hillbilly.  She never volunteered this treat unless we were alone. 

And now she stood vulnerable in her stocking feet, exposed to a thousand or so wedding guests.  To ease her dancing, she reached down to pull her gown up to slightly above her knees.  The guests could now plainly see the rear seams and the taupe toe reinforcement of her nylons.  She stood on tiptoe and nodded at the Maestro who began conducting a lively mountain tune.

Anita was an excellent dancer.  Her feet churned up and down on the hardwood floor and she rotated as she circled the dance floor in her vigorous jig.  The feet became a blur and her beautiful head moved up and down as she thrust upward from the spring in her feet.  The melody was lengthy so that Anita’s vigorous hoofing went on for several minutes.  

She improvised, offering her admirers a recital of the hillbilly hoe-down, Rose’s jig with Jack on the Titanic, and some Irish River Dance.  The Charlotte Symphony picked up on the star, and segued into the appropriate music.  Who needed Britney?  The guests stood up, clapped and stomped in rhythm to the music.  Anita closed with kicks like a western dance hall girl.             

I watched, my throat parched, my breathing shallow, my face burning, and a boner thrusting out like a referee jackknifing the signal for a fumble recovery.

The next number was Anita dancing an encore, this time with all the single men making a circle around her to attempt their version of the hoe-down.  I would like to say I danced well, but I had this swelling … 

During the dance, Anita smiled graciously at dancing Cougars, television people, Barbarian relatives, and waiters forming the bachelor circle.  But she completely ignored me.   Bam passed around a dance card offering all the eligible bachelors a single dance with the old maid.  I signed for a dance, but Anita scratched my name, replacing it with the Barbarian’s octogenarian great grandfather single again after outliving four wives.    

I figured that after dancing the entire evening in her stocking feet, Anita would need a good foot rubbing.  But she avoided all contact with me, leaving with friends.  As the supper party dwindled to a close, I found myself alone. 

Anita stonewalled me.  For a solid week after the wedding, she did not return or answer my calls.  At the television station, she left strict word that I was not to be allowed past the security desk.  She was never home at her apartment, and she even had her locks changed so that my key no longer fit.  I did an all-night surveillance, not knowing that she was waiting me out by staying with a friend from her television show.  She had disappeared from my life.

All my thoughts were of Anita.  I had to win her back – no matter the cost.  Even if I had to marry her.  Marry her?  That’s exactly what I wanted to do.  I had an idea.

I went to my favorite web site, Mercedes’ and browsed her gift-shopping recommendations – Vicki’s Nylons and Secrets in Lace.  I also pulled up another favorite, Foot Traffic.  I placed some orders to be gift wrapped and delivered to the television station where Anita worked.

On the first day, Anita received a pair of Opera Length full-fashioned nylons. 

On the second day, my true love received from me two pair of Alisha reinforced heel and toe nylons and a pair of Opera Length full-fashioned nylons. 

On the third day, my true love received from me three pair of velvet thigh highs, two pair of Alisha reinforced heel and toe nylons, and a pair of Opera Length full-fashioned nylons.

On the fourth day, my true love received from me four pairs of Gennia reinforced heel and toe nylons, three pair of velvet thigh highs, two pair of Alisha reinforced heel and toe nylons, and a pair of Opera Length full-fashioned nylons.

Get the idea?  I did this number for eight more days, adding to the haul with five pair of Lace-Up Illusion thigh highs, six pair of Opera Length beige with back seam nylons, seven pair of French Heel nylons, eight pair of Black Sheer Illusion thigh highs, nine pair of Ribbon and Bow Lace thigh highs, ten pair of Nylon Grey Blackfoot nylons, eleven pair of Signature Reinforced Heel and Toe nylons, and finally twelve pairs of black reinforced heel and toe silk stockings.

On the twelfth day I sweetened the gift with a diamond engagement ring and a pair of white reinforced heel and toe silk stockings for our wedding.  Shortly after I received a call from my bank warning me that I had busted my credit card limit, I got another call.

“Hey Jake, I’m ready for my foot rubbing.”



            I stood at the altar of the Myers Park Roman Catholic Church with my best man, Howie, tense and joyful with the entry of my bride moments away.  Belinda, seven months pregnant, preceded Anita down the aisle, giving me what appeared to be an innocent wink.

            Her wink was not innocent.  The wink was my signal that I was in for an unbelievably delicious treat.  Belinda took her position with the other bridesmaids.

            Then the organ thundered ‘Here Comes the Bride’ and a couple thousand wedding guests rose as one.

            Anita was the fulfillment of every poem, every song, and every novel written to celebrate young love.  Only Anita had better hair, better tits, and better legs. 

            Her bridal dress, the same white lace and satin gown her mother had worn when she married Mike, extended a football width below her knees.  Anita wore her silk stockings with the white reinforced heel and toes and white back seam.  She wore no shoes.

            Anita eloquently entered the church sanctuary, her trembling arm tightened around her father’s thick arm.  She padded the thick white aisle carpet in her stocking feet.  I couldn’t help but hear the murmurings on each side of the aisle as guests whispered, gawked, and occasionally pointed.  Why wasn’t the bride wearing shoes?

            I permitted myself brief glances at those magnificent silk clad feet.  I gave Anita a concerned, puzzled look as I took her arm.

            She murmured.  “I can’t believe it.  All these years I order my shoes from Classic Pumps.  Not once did they screw up an order.  Today I open my box and there’s two right footed Laura’s.”  She bit her lip and turned to the priest waiting for our vows to begin.

            Oddly enough I could believe that Anita had two right Laura’s in her box.  After all I had a box in my closet with two left Laura’s, the same white color and size 8.  I was thankful that I had a sister in law sweet enough to replace her sister’s left shoe with the right one that I had ordered.

            Dancing at the wedding supper was going to be terrific this time.




My best friends sister, who was a year younger than us, had a crush on me. Why?  I took her on a date to Coney Island.  In the fifties girls still wore skirts. I should have told her not to be she did look nice.  Everything was fine till we walked off the ramp from the Steeplechase horses to the stage. When we walked onto a grate, with railings on both sides, a fan from below blew  her skirt high over her waist.   I had a rear view of  garters, stockings and panties.  A Loud roar of whistles and remarks came from the audience seated below the stage.  (Mostly men and boys)  As Dotty tried to get her skirt down, I pushed her forward off the grate.  As it came down she turned and whacked me in the head with her hand bag.
Why didn't you warn me you----she hollered?  Everyone saw my panties.
A Little Clown and the  audience laughed.  Another bigger Clown just stood and smiled. As we walked to the exit the stage, the Little Clown goosed me with an electric wand making me hop through the opening in the rail. Serves you right smiled Dotty, still a little red face, walking behind the Clown. I don't know what the Clown told her but she took his hand and walked after him through the opening in the rail.
I knew what was going to happen, but this time I purposely didn't tell her. As she passed into the opening after the Clown, a strong air jet shot her skirt in her face.  Again the audience roared as they got a closer look at her pink panties.  The garters on her left leg let loose and her stocking started falling   down her leg.  Around and round she and the Clown went as he kept her skirt flying up.  Her panties were shear and we all got a really good show, from the force of the air jet.  Dotty ran back by a cutout of a Dog House away from the air jet.   As her skirt came down she carefully reached under it to fix her stockings.  As the audience laughed, the Little Clown pick up a slapstick paddle he had hanging on the rail.  To Dotty's  embarrassment, she still had to get past the Clown.  She rapped her skirt tight to her legs and tried to squeeze past him and out the gate.  As the air jet came on, he whacked her on the butt with the slapstick.  She let her skirt go and up it flew. her panties, stocking and garters were in full view again.
This time when she got loose from the Clown, she ran toward me.  I thought I was going to get it in the head again.
To my surprise she just smiled.  Wasn't that fun I laughed?
No she replied, getting ready to whack me.
Lets get out of here I told her.  I took her hand and we ran through what was called "Battleship Row" and off the stage (It had a moving floor and barrels that looked like they were falling on you)
We sat in the audience and watched other girls and ladies dresses and
skirts blown up.  It seemed Dotty thought it funny when it wasn't her.
When a lady without underwear got her dress blown up, Dotty said that as enough.
We went on more rides, but not the Steeplechase horses.
                                            A Guy FromBrooklyn.                                            

I was dating a girl who not only knew how much I loved to see her in stockings and garter belts, but loved to wear them whenever she could. We would frequently go out for dinner and dancing after work so she
would wear her sexy stockings, garters, and panties under her office clothes. Since we were both in the same business we would often run into each other during the day at various industry functions.
On one occasion, we had planned an evening at the theater after work. She wore a set of black lace thong panties with garter belt and black, fully fashioned, seamed stockings underneath her wraparound skirt (which
was held up by one single button). She was entertaining some clients at a posh restaurant where I happened to be having lunch with some buddies of mine. Our respective groups ran into each other in the lobby after lunch and after we made the obligatory introductions one of my friends starting cracking some funny jokes. The whole group was laughing hysterically, including my girlfriend.
Without her realizing it, she laughed so hard she popped the button on her skirt which fell to the floor. There she was, standing in a crowded restaurant laughing away in her short silk blouse, with her black lace panties, garters, and seamed stockings for all to see. I can still
picture her perfectly shaped legs and her black strap high heels with her skirt at her feet. Everyone in the lobby noticed what happened before she realized it. When she stopped laughing and made eye contact with me, I tried to signal her by looking down at her feet but she didn't get it right away. She finally picked up on what happened when
she saw that my friends were staring open-mouthed at the lovely sight. Frantically, she pulled her skirt back up and struggled trying to fasten it until she realized the button was gone. She quickly turned to run toward the ladies room, but as she ran the skirt came loose from her
grip and fell to the ground again. This time, she just left it on the floor and hurried through the crowd as they watched her run away, catching sight of her from behind as her cute round butt and seamed stockings vanished into the bathroom. I picked up her skirt, asked one of the waitresses for a safety pin and brought them to her. Later that night we made love and she was wearing nothing but the fully fashioned seamed stockings that everyone got to



Basketball Frenzy    December's Winner

Back at school, Suzy and I continued to date. I saw Melanie from time to time to say hello, but I certainly had regretfully had no thought of anything more. In fact, she became increasingly cool and I filed my memory of our flight together away for good. But it was just then Suzy, herself, renewed our acquaintance and new adventures in nylons and short skirts.

I had a date with Suzy for a basketball game, but she came down with a bad cold. She asked if I would be willing to take a freshman prospect for her sorority to show her a good time. Always willing to help out, I showed up at the dorm that Friday night to pick up my blind date. Soon Suzy popped around the corner in her bathrobe, followed by Melanie!

The grin on their faces explained nothing, but at least Melanie smiled at me again for the first time in a month. Suzy gave me a peck on the cheek and whispered, “She’s just like me! Have fun.”

Melanie said little on the way to the car. I held the door and she slid in carefully, wrapped in her raincoat and avoiding any show of the long trim legs that she’d displayed on our plane flight together. Then she opened up as we drove, actually apologizing for blowing me off ever since we met. Her explanation was simple. When I hadn’t called to ask her out, she wrote me off, but then meeting Suzy explained everything.

We shook hands, friends again, as Melanie showed me one of her special smiles. Suzy, it seems, had told her all about me and had even helped her get dressed! I could only imagine what that meant until we reached the stadium and found seats in the senior section behind the team.

As Melanie slipped off her coat, she unveiled a wispy little Irish kilt and a soft cashmere sweater, generously unbuttoned in front to display her trim full breasts to full advantage. The kilt was almost gleefully short, displaying a wide expanse of leg above her knees. Her sweater was both innocent and erotic, pink and fuzzy, but allowing the outline of her low cut bra to show quite clearly through the thin material!

Folding our coats, we sat on the bleachers. Melanie nervously tucked her skirt about her thighs, modestly tugging at her too-short hemline. I couldn't tell if she was wearing nylons or pantyhose, but it wasn’t even a minute before the dark bands of her stocking tops began inching into view! Suzy had indeed helped her dress for the evening!

As an aside, the reader should understand this unique time of transition in fashion. Only a year short of Woodstock, it was also just a year or two past “knee checks” and traditional formal dances. Suzy began wearing pantyhose, but quit without complain when I asked. Melanie had worn stockings since grade school and simply thought nothing of it. Along with other girls, they enjoyed the freedom of showing off in short skirts while still comfortable wearing traditional nylons and garters!

It was just this mix of female liberation and conservative upbringing that led to these stories and many more that followed. So, standing almost shyly next to me on the bleachers, Melanie willingly displayed herself in the sexist outfit she could find to wear on a date with her new friend’s boyfriend. Go figure!

No one around us paid any attention to Melanie’s outfit. However, with a glint in her eye, she explained how Suzy told her to make her apologies. She pulled out the pin holding her kilt together as we sat down to watch the game and slipped it into my hand. Instantly, it was a tug of war for my attention. I didn't know which was more interesting, the game or the increasing display of her stockings as they flashed into view alongside. Melanie kept tugging the flap of her kilt together, but her nylon clad thighs reappeared with every move. The basketball game went badly, but Melanie’s constant display of nylons kept my spirits high.

I went for snacks during halftime and was entranced as I returned to see Melanie standing on the bleachers. During the distraction of the game, her kilt had hiked up her slender waist, lifting the already short hemline beyond the edge of her stocking tops! She smiled at my return, not realizing that several inches of the sexy dark welts of her stockings lay completely displayed to me and everyone around her!

Melanie even took hold of my hand as the second half got underway. Slowly, we began to close the gap and Melanie became more and more excited about the game. She never noticed as her skirt spread apart to offer a tantalizing display of dark stockings. With our fingers entwined in her lap, the opportunity to pull her kilt wider apart was too much to resist!

We continued losing and Melanie paid even less attention to the flash of her nylons. Ten points down with five minutes to play, Melanie gave up on the game. And when I told her we could still win, she laughed and said she wouldn't take that on a bet.

It was one of those lucky defining moments. Accepting her challenge, I impulsively bet her a striptease against anything she wanted in exchange. She paused and began to smile. I still remember her words.

"I'll take that bet. But if it's a striptease for me if we win, then it's the same for you if we lose!"

As I spoke, we dropped to 12 points under and she said, "You're on!"

You must already guess what followed. Almost on cue, we started hitting! The players and the baskets remain anonymous, but with a minute to go, we were only four points down. The crowd was going wild and Melanie was beside herself. She didn't know whether to cheer or to choke! We stole an in-bounds pass and with an outside shot we were only down by 2. Everyone was screaming now as we drove to mid-court and launched a last shot that went through at the buzzer to win the game. The cheering was unreal! Everyone jumped and screamed and Melanie reached out to hug me.

For the moment, we enjoyed the victory and Melanie ignored her skirt, letting it slide up well past her silken nylon tops as I lifted her into the air! She didn’t seem to notice, but I enjoyed every moment! Afterwards, as we wandered into the cool night, I invited Melanie to our fraternity post-game section party. She suddenly put her hand to her lips, silently mouthing an “Oh-my-God” as she remembered “THE BET”!

As she climbed into the front seat, carefully tugging her skirt over her nylon clad thighs. When she looked up at me, I just grinned and offered to just forget the whole thing. Oddly, she suddenly smiled and then leaned forward and kissed me, saying said she’d love to come to our party.

“You just never know what might happen. But I think I’d like to invite a friend. OK?”

As little as I expected Melanie to meet her bet, she suggested that it just might more fun if she had some help! What she had in mind, I couldn’t imagine, but who knew in that day and age that one girl offering to take off her clothes would actually attract her friends? As it turned out that is sort of what happened!

As I pulled into the lot behind her dorm, Melanie directed me to spot at the far end, saying she could slip in through back door near her room. I reminded her that the bet was just a joke, but she grinned and kissed me on the lips!

“I know you and Suzy are a thing, but I don’t mind having fun with somebody I like!”

Then Melanie climbed out of the car, already starting to unbutton her sweater as she impulsively point to the dorm!

“That's my room, right in front of you." she whispered, playfully flipping her short skirt up past her stocking tops before heading into the dorm.

I stood in the dark by my car in the warm fall night not ten feet from Melanie’s window. Completely shielded from view by some oversized azaleas, I watched her light come on and saw shadows against her curtains. Suddenly, there she was, drawing her curtains wide open without a glance and then turning toward her dresser across the room. She acted as if I wasn't even there.

What a rush! Her sweater was already half open and she continued undressing before my eyes! Reaching down to her hip, she undid a button and turned to face the window as her kilt dropped to the floor. Her stocking clad legs flashed into view. Without a pause, Melanie unbuttoned her the rest of her sweater, letting it fall away to unveil a beautiful low cut white lace bra that just barely restrained her full breasts. I could even make out her nipples through the thin filmy bra cups.

I reacted instantly with a suddenly pounding heart and a growing erection as she dropped her sweater on the bed and moved casually about the room, fixing her makeup and brushing her hair. The whole time, she stayed in front of the window, giving me ample view of her fantastic lingerie and nylons.

Finally, putting down her brush, she returned to her dresser and pulled out a several items lacy and black, holding them up for inspection where I could see! The bra was almost nonexistent and the matching black bikini panties were totally sheer. Adding to the display was a filmy black garter belt with six long lacy elastic straps and a pair of black nylons almost floated through the air as she casually moved over to the bed to change. When Melanie she reached behind her back, I could hardly breathe!

Just at that point, a girl ambled into the room with her dress half undone. It was Kimberly, the young freshman from Suzy’s library escapade! Melanie opened up a sudden barrage of excited talk about what had happened and what else might happen later on! It became apparent that Melanie was trying to talk her into going to our frat party.

Kimberly wandered briefly into their closet and returned with two cold beers, handing one to Melanie with a laugh! In case I’d forgotten to mention, even in the Old South, the sixties led to some interesting contradictions. In a state that didn’t allow liquor at the bar, our college permitted beer in the dorms!

Kimberly casually unzipped the back of her dress, letting it fall open without any thought of the open window across the room. Even as she smiled at the display of black lingerie on the bed, Melanie continued pushing her roommate’s dress off her shoulders and continued talking her into this newly created intrigue! As I watched from the bushes, Melanie glanced at the open window with growing self-confidence and then reached back and unsnapped her bra!

Her perfect young breasts were finally unveiled, thrusting deliciously forward without support! Her nipples stiffened visibly and flushed in a deep pink as she stood bare breasted before me, casually pointing to her black lingerie on the bed and finally talked Kimberly into joining her for the party! For my part, the bet had been paid in full! But being young, smart, and self-confident, she looked a “women’s liberation” a lot differently than the bra-burners just starting to make their appearance.

It had been only a minute or two and I was hard as a rock. But watching the girls enjoy their beer, giggle, and throw Melanie’s black underwear at each other, I couldn’t imagine what might lay ahead for the rest of the evening!



Fraternity Party Fun


A party it was certainly going to be! Melanie had Kimberly wrapped around her finger and both girls began looting their closet for something sexy to wear. What was so cool in the late sixties was that dresses were beginning to display short hemlines and filmy material. In the end, they both laid out delightfully sheer party dresses to wear for the evening!

Kimberly held up something in scarlet and Melanie gathered up her own black lingerie, actually stuffing it into Kimberly’s arms as she pushed her into the closet to change. For her own part, she went back to her dresser and began pulling out filmy lingerie of white lace white edged with satin blue ribbons. To my great enjoyment, the stockings she chose were as sheer and black as before! Sadly, she, too, disappeared into the closet to change.

I was about to step back into my car when Kimberly reappeared. Her scarlet dress was made of gauzy lace that buttoned up the front and her front was still wide open! Her skimpy bra was a French half-cup and her breasts were fully displayed, thrusting out over her bra cups, accented by her beautiful coral pink nipples. It was held in place by black tiny satin ribbons set wide on her shoulders, lifting her breasts even more! Her panties stretched absolutely sheer about her hips, erotically displaying the blond vee between her thighs.

But always my favorite, Kimberly’s garter belt was a combination of erotic innocence! The sheer lace sat low about her slender waist, wrapped tautly about her hips, offset by six “old fashioned” black satin ribbons of her garter straps with matching satin bows draped across the bright silver clips of her garters. Her shiny garters tugged against the incredibly sheer and shapely black stockings that hugged her thighs.

Kimberly smiled at herself in the mirror, blushing at her remarkably seductive appearance before she buttoned up and ended her vision of stockings and black lingerie. Worse yet, she pulled a dumpy black half-slip from her dresser and put it on. Even though her dress still suggested the outline of her bra beneath the bodice of her dress, the dark plain slip really took the fun out of watching her filmy skirt.

When Melanie stepped back around the corner, I was simply entranced! Her dress was a thin veil of filmy white nylon with a tight low cut bodice and flouncy skirt that didn’t even begin to cover the edges of her luscious black stocking tops! Barely within the limits of decency, her dress offered an exciting display of her white lingerie, blue satin ribbons, and awesome black nylon stockings! At the top, her bodice displayed her breasts, teasing the viewer with more than a hint of her pert young nipples! Below her waist, I couldn’t miss the flash of several inches of her stocking tops as she stepped into her high heels. The only word for it was incredible!

Then Melanie looked down at Kimberly’s skirt and stole a glance out the window. She made it obvious that the slip would have to go and Melanie fairly yanked it to the floor. Kimberly flushed as she looked at herself in the mirror. Then she twirled once for effect and her hemline floated up, displaying her stockings and an inch or two of her lacy black garters! They both laughed and scooped up their purses as they disappeared out of the room.

I returned to the car to cool down and wait for the girls to appear. Shortly, the back door open and they pranced out into the night toward me. As Melanie opened the car door, it was Kimberly who slid in next to me and stared in surprise. Instantly recalling me from her study date with Suzy, Kimberly sort of stammered her hello.

“Melanie told me going to a frat party and talked me into coming along, but I had no idea I'd be running into you!"

She moved closer as Melanie slid in next to her. Melanie managed to “accidentally” hike up Kimberly’s skirt to display a wide expanse of stockings and then asked cryptically how I liked her outfit. Pretending innocence, I said it was very pretty, but I could almost see Kimberly blush as she tugged her too-short hemline back down to cover her nylons. On the other hand, in the dim light of the radio, I could see Melanie’s matching black stockings lay generously exposed above her knees. I tried to ignore the show and struggled to keep my eyes of the road as we headed off to the party.

The celebration was in full swing when we finally arrived. Located on campus, we let our parties pretty much open to anyone on campus. So, with a big crowd and a big win, noone really noticed our arrival. I escorted my two dates into the lounge and pushed to the bar for drinks. The girls stood almost timidly by the door at first, enjoying the crowd and the music. But after I introduced them to my brothers, they were soon having a ball.

Missing Suzy, I stayed solo, and just sat back on a couch to watch her young protegees in action. Being unattached, both girls were in demand. The more flattered they became with the guys around them, the more careless they became about their attire. It was more fun to watch them dance than to dance with them! Even though the dim lighting on the dance floor maintained a degree of modesty for their flimsy party dresses, the girls casually ignored the result of their dancing!

Actually, they weren’t alone! My past observation about a time when the skirts were short and pantyhose were still in the minority really showed that night!. As the Doors album started and its music began to expand, more couples joined on the dance floor. Easily a half dozen young ladies, several also wearing kilts, mini-skirts and classic stockings, began enjoying the night without the slightest concern about showing off a bit of thigh and a lot of nylon! Mel, as I began to call her, and Kimberly were simply part of the crowd.

Melanie, being more outgoing, soon lost any pretense of covering her nylons. Her black stockings and then her silvery garters flashed constantly as she danced! But Kimberly wasn’t far behind, constantly allowing her short scarlet dress to hike up her thighs to expose her stockings and lacey black garters!

After a while, Mel was ready for a break and the three of us moved across the hall into our “quiet room”, so named because it was usually a study and it was where the “bachelors”, guys without dates, hung out. There were five or six of my buddies lounging around, but they cleared a couch so Mel and Kimberly could plop down and rest

Both commented about my absence on the dance floor. Then Melanie grinned and then asked about our bet with a smile that was in a party mood, but very much in control.

“I think it’s time to pay my bet!” she giggled.

"No way," I scoffed. "You don’t have to and you wouldn't have the nerve!"

That was the ‘hot button’ she needed. That night, I learned never to dare a girl with a head on her shoulders and a beer in her hand. With the opening strains of “Light My Fire” in the next room, Mel yanked Kimberly up off the couch and started dancing right there in the study in front of my friends.

Melanie simply continued where she left off. Her filmy dress barely covered her lingerie-clad body and, with each measure, her skirt rose higher up her thighs to display her black stockings and lacey white garters! As her skirt rose, her dress began to loosen up and her low cut neckline showed ever more of her firm young breasts!

In reply, Kimberly spun around to flash her stockings and garters and then began slowly unbuttoning her skirt! Her fingers slipped the buttons loose higher and higher and, before I knew it, her dress slipped open to her waist! The lacey skirt parted to expose all of her stockings and garters, and the dark vee beneath her all-too-sheer bikini panties.

Melanie continued to lift her skirt higher, inch by inch, casually displayed her stockings and garters all to see! Before I knew it, Melanie’s dress had drifted up right to her hips and I was staring at her lacey white panties!

Suddenly the song ended and in the short silence, the guys just cheered until the girls almost blushed. Then the record switched. I remember so clearly as the Stones blared out with “Satisfaction”. The guys really let go and started dancing with both girls. It was a private party by this time and nobody really cared what happened. I don’t know whether it was the beer or the excitement or a combination of both, but what Melanie and Kimberly did next was to take off their clothes!

Kimberly’s eyes widened in surprise as Melanie started dancing again, pulled her dress up to her hips, and then kept on going! Her panties appeared once more, framed by her trim gauzy white garter belt, shortly followed by her flat and tanned stomach. All that remained of her dress was the thin bodice covering her breasts. I was entranced with a girl who could show off so much while really exposing so little! Yet, her stockings, garters, and lacey panties displayed hardly more than the pinup on an auto parts calendar.

As the guys cheered again, they all looked over to Kimberly. Moving to a base rip in the song, Kimberly bunched her skirt up about her own hips, flashing her black stockings, black garter belt, and matching black panties to her delighted audience. Then, dropping her skirt, Kimberly moved upward and began to loose the buttons of her bodice. Her cleavage edged into view between the ever-widening gap of her neckline. The black bra was clearly outlined beneath the flimsy dress, but only I was fully aware of what lay beneath.

While all this was going on, Melanie decided it was her turn to take charge. As she turned toward me again, she continued lifting her dress right up over her shoulders, finally unveiling her bra. Melanie's bra clad breasts burst into full view, nestled in white lace demi-cups, edged by the blue satin ribbon, complete with two small bows beneath her jutting pink nipples! Mel actually blushed and smiled as she finished her dance, better than naked, in her erotically “innocent” white lace lingerie and luscious black nylons and high heels.

After that, it was just the flip of one last button for Kimberly. Her filmy red dress slid enticingly from her slender shoulders and floated gently to the floor. Her own fabulous breasts, slighter larger than Mel’s thrust out atop the cups of her half-bra! If it was possible, her appearance was even more erotic than Melanie’s, dancing with fully exposed breasts and showing far more than she realized through her sheer lack panties!

As I watched in complete amazement, Melanie and Kimberly finished out the song in full view of the growing crowd in the doorway. Kimberly slid her hands up and actually lifted her breasts up even higher out of her French bra. Mel simply pushed her own bra cups down until her breasts burst free and flaunted themselves to our view! Stockings, garter belts, sheer panties and bared breasts, framed in the sexiest lingerie I had ever seen!

As the song finally ended, Melanie and Kimberly momentarily stood still before the stunned brothers, actually posing for the guys, flaunting their naked breasts, garters, and filmy black nylons, flushed nipples jutting out proudly in full view. Then, both girls collapsed on the couch laughing like crazy. They slowly recovered their clothes and acknowledged the thundering applause of my fraternity brothers before dressing.

"I won't tell Suzy if you won't!" she breathed.

A few days after the party with Melanie and Melissa, Suzy and I went out again. She smiled secretively when I picked her up and asked if I'd had a good time on Saturday night. Of course she knew! I nodded, wondering how much trouble I was in, but Suzy went on to explain how her girls has talked constantly about how much fun they'd had.

"Of course I’m not surprised." she smiled. "But you never asked me to do a striptease!”

I made up for that mistake later on, but that’s another story.


by John

The nature of my work is such that I frequently establish short term office locations in various cities around the world. Sometimes I am obliged to use an impersonal office suite rented by the week, with staff provided for essential requirements, whilst in some cities it is possible to take a hotel suite, use one of the rooms as an office, and engage a private secretary from a local temporary employment agency.

The latter is obviously much more satisfactory, and by always using the same hotel no problems are encountered in providing a secretary with a duplicate room key allowing access in my absence, and in Singapore I am always assured of a competent and efficient employee. The agency I always use can be relied upon to provide someone young and trustworthy with a good telephone manner and smart appearance.

On one recent assignment, which lasted some three weeks, I was fortunate to be able to engage the services of Julie. She was Singaporean, but like most of her generation adopted an anglicised name in addition to her delightful Chinese name of I-Ping. Apart from finding Singaporean secretaries very efficient, they are also generally attractive and Julie was no exception. She was petite, and only a little over five feet in height. Polite and with good secretarial skills, her office dress was inevitably a blouse and skirt worn with high heels to compensate for her slight stature. After we had been working together for a few days I asked her if she ever wore the cheongsam, as I find the dress with its form fitting cut, high collar and deeply slit skirt most attractive.

Julie told me she did so on formal occasions, and was flattered to think I found it appealing, but said as it was inappropriate for work she would bring some photographs of her wearing the traditional dress for me to see. She brought them the next day and having been taken professionally, I found them incredibly striking. The long silk cheongsam accentuated Julie’s slim figure and, worn with stiletto heels, made her appear taller. In several shots the slit at the side was open virtually to Julie’s waist revealing perfectly shaped legs.

From the photographs I had seen I wanted to see Julie dressed in the cheongsam and so suggested she came to the hotel one evening, dressed accordingly, to join me for dinner to which she readily agreed. We arranged to meet in the hotel bar and, seated on a stool enjoying a Singapore Sling, Julie’s cheongsam fell away to reveal her slender, nylon sheathed legs. We had decided to take dinner in the hotel’s Chinese restaurant and despite the culinary restrictions in choosing dishes for only two people, the hotel obliged magnificently and we enjoyed a delightful meal accompanied by traditional Chinese rice wine drunk warm from small, delicate porcelain cups.

Chinese meals have a habit of ending abruptly and so I invited Julie back to the suite for a nightcap. Reaching our suite Julie sat back on the couch in the lounge area and as she did so the long skirt of her cheongsam parted again. She caught me looking at her legs and made an attempt to cover them but, putting my hand on her upper leg, I instead drew her closer and gently kissed her. Julie didn’t resist, letting her soft sensual lips return my kisses.

The smooth silk of her dress stimulated me and I asked her what she wore beneath it since it seemed to cling to every curve of her body. Without replying, Julie opened the top of her cheongsam to show she was naked to the waist. She had small but firm breasts, the nipples of which protruded like pink rosebuds against her pale skin and standing up, she removed her cheongsam entirely to reveal her only undergarments were brief bikini panties over which she wore waist to toe tights of a sheer natural shade.

I began to stroke Julie’s legs enjoying the feel of the nylon in my hands but as I revelled in the sensation of its silky smooth touch I was wondering how to take off her tights without spoiling the sensitivity of the moment. As I have always encouraged my lovers to wear stockings I am not too experienced in removing tights or pantihose and so led Julie into the bedroom, where I laid her face down on the bed and began stroking the back of her legs and petite bottom, easing the tights over her hips and then, freeing them from beneath her, sliding them down her legs and over her feet. Her bare legs looked and felt utterly adorable - as pale and smooth as alabaster - her calf muscles firm to my touch suggesting Julie kept them well toned probably.

Taking her legs one by one between my hands I marvelled at their slender and perfect shape. My thumb and middle finger could virtually touch around Julia’s ankle, and as I moved upwards over her rounded calf my two hands could easily meet around her leg, just below the knee.

The indentations at the side of Julie’s legs accentuated their delicate bone structure, and those at the side of her knees again emphasised their soft and perfect shape. Her legs were naturally smooth and slipped through my hands like oiled silk. Moving above her knees the sensation of touching her slender upper legs excited me, as did the sight of them and I kissed and caressed each in turn. As I stroked her legs, I became aware of the music playing softly on the hotel channel, and now whenever I hear the piece of music concerned - the first movement of Schubert’s piano sonata in B flat major - the memory of that moment come flooding back.

We continued to kiss and fondle, telling each other how wonderful the experience was and agreeing it must not interfere with our working relationship. After showering, Julie put her panties back on and began easing her tights up her legs. I did my best to help and begged her to wear shorter skirts during the day so I could see more of her legs as she worked. I suggested she wore stockings with a garter belt instead of pantihose, but Julie said they were unavailable in Singapore though she confided one of her best friends often wore them. Apparently her friend Denise worked for SIA and bought stockings, garters and lingerie in Europe, and Julie confessed she admired Denise’s legs in sheer stockings and had often wanted to try them herself, but being taller than Julie the size Denise purchased was too large for her. She dismissively added she thought her legs were too short and skinny anyway.

This presented me with an opportunity to once again fondle Julie’s legs and assure her that - for me at least - they were the acme of perfection and it was a fallacy to assume only long legs were sexy. It was, I emphasised, the proportion between the upper and lower leg, and the shape, tone and presentation of them, that determined their degree of attraction.

I asked Julie when Denise was scheduled to fly to Europe again and learning she was heading for London the very next day, scribbled a note to Harrods of Knightsbridge authorising Denise to make purchases from their lingerie department on my account with them. In the meantime, I suggested to Julie she should at least enquire at Robinsons, Singapore’s equivalent of Harrods, whether they stocked any hosiery other than tights.

The following Monday Julie appeared for work wearing a shorter skirt which revealed more of the legs I had come to adore. We had a busy week ahead of us. Julie had a long list of appointments to make for me as well as a few calls to handle on her own. It was going to be a pressurised week, but one of the advantages of setting up office in a hotel is the availability of room service and so at around 10.30 I asked Julie to order coffee. After we had taken our well earned break, Julie told me she had a surprise for me and lifting her skirt to her waist revealed sheer lace top, hold up stockings which sheathed her slim legs to perfection.

After gazing at her legs so perfectly presented for what was clearly my evaluation, I asked Julie to sit on her desk whilst I took her chair. Placing one foot in my lap, I began stroking her stocking clad leg. Not quite as sensual as stockings supported by garters, but much better than tights, I mused as I smoothed my hands over the nylon up to the elastic top which gripped her upper leg just below her panties. Julie’s leg looked and felt fantastic. I told her so, but added she should be aware that elastic stocking tops could prove harmful to the circulation. To demonstrate my point I rolled the stocking top over itself to reveal the indentations made by the elastic at the top of Julie’s leg. The marks responded to the smoothing of my fingers and gradually disappeared, but with her stocking already halfway to her knee, I could not resist the opportunity this presented to lower it to her ankle and caress, and compliment once again, her superb legs.

Julie told me her friend Denise was due back that morning, and had telephoned her from London to say she had bought what I had requested and would want to show her how to fit them. I told Julie I felt that task should fall to me, particularly as it would be the first time she had worn stockings and garters and, furthermore, I considered myself something of an expert on ladies’ stockings. Julie giggled and told me Denise had also said she felt similarly qualified and especially wanted to help her put on her first garter belt and stockings!

It seemed obvious to suggest that as both Denise and I wanted the task of educating her in the language of stockings, Julie should arrange for Denise to bring what were, after all, my gifts to the hotel so we could together help her to learn how they should be worn. I asked Julie how she thought Denise would respond to such a suggestion and she assured me she was confident Denise would love the idea, as she had already indicated she would like to meet me.

The scene was therefore set. Telling Julie she could have the remainder of the day off, I invited her and Denise for cocktails at six that evening, to be followed by dinner in the hotel’s French restaurant. I suggested both girls should wear cocktail dresses, and that I would complement them by wearing a white dinner jacket. I added I expected Denise to wear stockings supported by garters whilst Julie should await her gift and arrive wearing sheer hold up stockings of the type she had already shown me.

I worked alone that afternoon, but could not complete much as I was thinking about the evening yet to come. Just before six I went down to the bar and took a seat from where I could see Julie and Denise arrive. Julie, of course, I recognised instantly, and as I looked to see who she was with my heart gave a leap. Denise was a strikingly beautiful woman, taller than Julie, with a fuller figure and long shapely legs. I noticed she was wearing a short, black cocktail dress beneath which a dark shade of stocking was revealed, and as she approached I could see she was Eurasian - that incredibly attractive mixture of east and west - with a dark complexion, high cheek bones, large brown eyes, long jet black hair and a sensual mouth. Julie introduced me and as I shook hands I felt her instant warmth and sexuality. Sitting down, Denise carefully crossed one leg over the other to reveal their perfect shape and I saw to my joy she was wearing high heeled open toe sandals which revealed the dark shades of reinforced heel and toe nylons.

After our initial drinks we moved to the restaurant and as the girls entered ahead of me Denise’s cocktail dress swung provocatively around her legs revealing firm calves, the muscles of which flexed as she walked. Dinner was a delightful affair which contrasted perfectly with the oriental meal Julie and I had enjoyed previously, and Denise’s international sophistication came to the fore as we selected the menu and appropriate wine. Conversation was relaxed as Julie narrated how nervous she had been when she first came to work for me, but how I had quickly put her at ease and flattered her by asking to see pictures of her in a cheongsam. Denise and I hit it off straight away in view of my travel tales which, combined with hers, seemed to delight Julie. It transpired Denise’s father was French and her mother Indonesian which accounted for her sensual features. There was a sparkle and excitement in the air as I sensed Denise was looking forward as much as I was to the events planned for later, whilst Julie seemed equally excited at what she guessed was to follow.

Dinner concluded, I suggested we move upstairs so Denise could see where Julie and I worked. I had ensured a couple of bottles of Champagne had been placed on ice in the suite to chill in our absence and, seating the girls together on the couch, I opened a bottle, poured a glass for each of us and raised a toast to ‘Singapore Girls’.

After topping up our glasses I asked Denise to show me what she had bought in London for Julie and, opening her bag, she produced a cream satin garter belt with matching brassiere and panties together with several pairs of sheer stockings, which ranged in tone from neutral to black.

We discussed which shade of stocking would blend best with both the satin lingerie and Julie’s pale skin, and decided the sheer light tan stockings would show her legs to best effect, as well as combining well with the cream garter belt and matching lingerie. Denise said we should now help Julie into the garter belt but I suggested Denise should first show us her own in order that I could explain to Julie how it should fit around the waist, with the straps under her panties clipped to the stocking tops. Denise obliged readily, and lifted her dress to reveal the tops of her stockings to which were attached the straps of black garters over which she wore lacy black panties.

I first of all checked the snug fit of Denise’s garter belt around her waist, and then the tautness of its straps, explaining to Julie how they should be adjusted to tug on the welt of each stocking so as to let the stockings follow the contour of the leg, and that she should examine them carefully before we helped her into her own. Running her hands around Denise’s waist, Julie noted where the belt nested and then gently eased one strap away from Denise’s leg to feel its elasticity. I unclipped a strap from Denise’s other stocking and extended it to its full length suggesting Julie did the same, explaining that when the time came for her to fasten her own garters she should adjust the length of the straps to enable them to stretch just over half way. Julie and I then refastened Denise’s garters to her stockings and I showed Julie how to fasten the clips to ensure they held the stockings at the required height, adding in passing I found the sight and feel of her bare leg between the stocking top and panties highly erotic.

Denise’s skin was the colour of light chocolate and, between her stocking tops and panties, as smooth as silk. Her legs were complemented by the stockings she was wearing and as I ran my hands down Denise’s stockinged leg I commented on its smoothness and watched fascinated as Julie let her tiny hands stroke the length of Denise’s other leg. I showed Julie how closely Denise’s stockings fitted at her knees and ankles and sensed she was enjoying this exploration of her legs just as much as Julie and I were.

I told Denise Julie had purchased hold up stockings at my request but felt they were not good for her legs and, lifting Julie’s dress, I lowered the top of one of her stockings to reveal the impressions made by them. Taking the top of Julie’s other stocking, Denise did likewise letting her fingers trace around the indentations at the top of Julie’s leg. I suggested we took them off and so Denise and I slowly lowered her stockings down her legs and removed them, and as we did so I noticed how sensually Denise caressed Julie’s leg.

I said I would like to see Julie dressed in her new lingerie and asked Denise to help her put it on. Julie removed her dress and stood in front of Denise. Without shoes or stockings, and wearing only brassiere and panties, she looked tinier than ever and I saw from the look in Denise’s eyes that her slight body appealed as much to her as it did to me. Turning Julie to face me, Denise sat behind her and slipped her panties over her hips and down her legs and after removing them from around her feet, took the garter belt and carefully fitted it around Julie’s waist adjusting the length of each strap in turn. She then helped Julie’s feet into the matching panties and slowly drew them up her legs, over the suspender belt, smoothing them in place at the back and front to ensure a perfect fit.

Still positioning Julie with her back to her, Denise unclipped Julie’s brassiere and let it fall to the floor. I was treated to the sight of Julie’s bare breasts and Denise’s hands fitting the new brassiere to them before fastening the clips at the back. Denise now turned Julie to face her and as she sat back to admire the sight, I, too, feasted my eyes on Julie’s delectable body now clad in matching lingerie.

Having watched this delightful scenario I wanted so much to once again experience the feel of Julie’s smooth skin and watched impatiently as Denise opened the packet of sheer tan stockings. As I believe the secret of wearing stockings that cling like a second skin lies in careful preparation, I asked Julie to sit on the bed with her back against the headrest, feet about eighteen inches apart and knees arched. I asked Denise to follow my movements as I examined Julie’s right leg for blemishes - of which there were none - and noted once again its natural smoothness with just a trace of fine hair adorning the front and upper leg. Denise was caressing Julie’s other leg as I passed her a small pot of hotel moisturising lotion asking her to smooth the entire contents into Julie’s leg whilst I did the same with her other one.

Denise followed my strokes, beginning at the ankle and smoothing the lotion upwards, over the knee, and up the front and inside of Julie’s upper leg. I then asked Julie to lie face down on the bed and we repeated the smoothing strokes over her rounded calves and, after dwelling in the hollows behind her knees, inside her upper legs until our fingers met in the arch at the top. Julie resumed her sitting position and Denise and I watched as she followed my instruction to take each leg in turn and run her own hands up and down their full length to verify the cream had been absorbed leaving only a slight sheen to denote its presence. Taking one stocking each, Denise and I carefully slipped them over Julie’s feet and eased them up her legs and, whilst I held the stockings in position just below her panties, Denise carefully adjusted the garter straps and clipped them to the top of each stocking.

I again ran my hands over Julie’s stockings to bond the sheer nylon to her moisturised legs and, once I was satisfied with the fit and appearance, placed a high heeled shoe on each foot. Almost reluctantly, Julie then slipped into her dress and walked around the room for our approval. The sheer stockings set off her legs to perfection, and as she lifted her dress we saw how sensually their darker tops contrasted with her light skin.

I told Denise how I had grown to love Julie’s petite form during the short while I had known her, and Denise said she was aware of how much confidence I had given Julie who had confided she would do anything for me. I thanked her for choosing my gift so well and complimented her on her own attractiveness and having enjoyed the sensation of fondling the top of her legs asked if she would take her stockings down for me so I could check the smoothness of her legs.

Denise placed her foot on a low coffee table and raised her dress to reveal the top of a stocking held taut by the straps of her garter belt. Reaching behind her leg she unfastened the rear strap and then the front one. After pausing for a moment, she spread her fingers wide and, placing her thumbs inside the top of the stocking, slowly eased it down her leg until it lay at the ankle. Julie and I were utterly entranced and I reached out to stroke the bare leg. The position she had adopted showed a long dimpled indentation at the outside of her leg, and I noted to my joy dimples had appeared at the side of her knee and again along her upper leg. I took Julie’s hand and placing it on Denise’s calf asked her to join me in caressing the back of her leg. Julie took to the task with pleasure and four hands began fondling Denise’s leg from the slim ankle to its highest reaches.

Intensely aroused by now, I asked Denise to take down her other stocking but she said she would rather one of us took it down for her and suggested a game she often played with flight crew on stopovers.

Drawing her stocking up her leg and fastening it in place, Denise lowered the raised skirt of her dress and produced a deck of cards for a game in which the winner of each hand was allowed to remove one item each from the other players. Once one player had lost all their clothes, she explained, they would have to pay a forfeit by submitting themselves to the others, and, dealing three hands, the game commenced.

Watches and jewellery were the first items to be discarded, followed by shoes, by which time Denise looked distinctly in command remaining relatively fully clothed. At last she lost a hand and Julie and I had the pleasure of removing her stockings. I sensed it had been a moment Julie had been waiting for as we both unclipped garter straps from the tops of her stockings and slowly lowered them. Julie took the welt between her fingers and drew the stocking down in one movement, whilst I preferred to insert my fingers into the top of the stocking and slowly slide it down Denise’s leg letting my hands follow its contour. Whispering in Julie’s ear I asked her whether this was the first time she had fondled Denise’s legs and learning it was asked her to tell me how it felt as her slim fingers roamed over their entire length. Like me, she found them utterly delightful to the touch, smooth, and well toned with exquisitely rounded calves and dimpled knees.

Julie lost the next round. With only four articles of clothing left she was about to lose half of them to Denise and me. Denise went first and unfastening the suspender straps from Julie’s right leg, slowly eased a stocking down her leg and from her foot. She took her time to do this letting her hands run down Julie’s leg as she did so. I murmured to Denise that I intended to do the same and so unfastening her garter straps, I eased Julie’s other stocking down her leg until it lay at her ankle. Letting the tips of my fingers stroke up and down her leg I felt the fine hair lift to my touch before my hands slid down her leg again to remove the stocking from her foot.

And then Denise lost another hand. I wanted the sensuality of the moment to last as long as possible, and remembering the second bottle of Champagne opened it and before refilling the girls’ glasses took a half glass myself and with the now very well chilled liquid in my mouth kissed Julie sensually letting the sparkling wine flow from my mouth into hers. Seizing the moment, Denise took a sip from my glass and kissed me deeply as the wine mingled with her darting tongue.

We managed to make the remainder of the bottle last for the best part of an hour as we experimented with what I shall always recall as Champagne kisses and their effect at our small intimate party for three.

Julie appeared for work the next day, looking I thought a little shamefaced, but as she sat at her desk her skirt rode up to reveal a tantalising glimpse of garter strap. With the assignment drawing to a close she gave me her address so that I can let her know when I am next coming to Singapore and has assured me she will make certain Denise’s schedule will ensure she is also in Singapore at the same time!

Embarrassing the Teacher by Scott

This story is from my days in high school. I was in
the ninth grade and a freshman. School was hectic and
sometimes quite bad. I was 15 and just introduced to
the world of older fully developing women. It was
down right torturous at times. I was still not the
best at dealing with girls. Most of my teachers were
old fat and ugly, except for one. Ms. Ward. It was
her first year teaching and she was only 25 years old.
All the boys in her classes were crazy over her,
including me. She was a very attractive woman with
nice long red hair, big sparkling eyes, and a great
smile. She also knew how to dress. Sometimes she
would just wear jeans and a sweater or something, but
she made up for it on the days she dressed up. She
would wear tight lacey blouses and she filled them out
very nicely, sexy tight skirts with her long shapely
legs, and best of all she almost always wore
stockings, and heels. She hade all the right curves
in the right places. When I first walked in her class
I almost dropped from her beauty. I had it for her
from day one. I remember one day the kid sitting in
front of me asked for her help. She was wearing a
white blouse and a tight red skirt, with sheer
stockings and red heels. She went to help him and bent
over right in front of me. Her delicious looking rear
was two feet in front of my face. Her skirt pulled
even tighter. I could see the outline of her panties
and garters through her skirt. I was completely
entranced. She was a nice lady at first but she was
new and couldn't control her class very well. One of
the most embarrassing moments of my life was in the
middle of the year. She was wearing sexy clothes so I
made it a point to talk to her in front of her
classroom in the hall. Then, like I said I was
Freshman, so I got numerous pranks played on me, some
upperclassmen came by and I felt a little uneasy but
paid no attention. I should have. Before I knew what
had happened one of them had pantsed me. I stood in
total shock and embarrassment right in front of her.
My pants were down at my feet and she was starring
right at my boxer shorts. I'm sure my face was a dark
red. She could tell I was very embarrassed and tried
to discipline them but with little success. By the
end of the year she had lost control of the class and
had gotten somewhat mean. I had gotten kind of upset
with her when she punished me unjustly at least as I
thought then, that with the fact that I was
desperately seeking some kind of way to gain
popularity, I got the idea for a great trick. Our
school had been undergoing some kind of construction
and such. There had been warnings that the lights
could go off periodically throughout the day. I saw
Ms. Ward in the morning. She was wearing a rather
sexy outfit. She had on a tight black sweater, a
pleated red and black knee length plaid skirt, black
stockings, and black heels. During the day the lights
had gone off periodically and of course mischief went
on the few seconds they were out. At lunch just
before her class I was sitting with friends and she
walked down the hall. We all gawked at her. Looking
at her loosely fitting skirt sway as she walked by.
It was buttoned up the right side. One kid said "when
the lights go out someone out to tear that skirt off
of her." We all marveled at the idea, knowing no one
would actually do it. Then in class I watched her and
began to think about it. I was thinking I may
actually be able to pull it off. My desk was close to
the back where she was. I got caught up in the idea.
The lights went out and I did nothing. I then got a
little upset that I had chickened out. Then She was
standing just a few feet from my desk when they went
out again. I got up and went for it without a
thought. There were no windows in the room and it was
pitch dark. There were lots of yelling and noise as
everyone was cutting up. I knew she wouldn't be able
to hear me. I got there and reached out and grabbed
her skirt. It felt very light and loose. I pulled on
it as hard as I could. With much ease I could feel it
tear right off of her. She let out a small squeal. I
then had a problem, what to do with the skirt. I
hadn't thought of it. I could put it on someone
else's desk and get them in trouble or just throw it
down. I then instantly thought of the fish tank in
the corner. I tossed the skirt in that direction and
hit the jackpot. There it would be hard to find an
totally soaked, leaving her without a skirt. I got
back to my seat and the lights then came back on
shortly after. I don't think she realized what had
happened until the lights came on. I looked back at
her and was delighted at the sight. She was standing
there in her black lacey panties, black lace suspender
belt and black lace top stockings. The class went
wild when it was noticed. The boys mostly were in
shock and had their tongues on the floor, the girls
were laughing and making jokes. Her eyes opened up
very wide and her mouth dropped open when she looked
down and saw her exposure. Her face turned a bright
red and she was very embarrassed. She turned and
looked for her skirt and took a stumble on her heels
with the first step. It took her forever to find it
in the fish tank. Finally she wrapped a coat around
her waist and left the room. The principal Came back
a few minutes later. He was angry and promised a big
suspension for the guilty. I couldn't take credit for
it like I wanted to. It would have made me a
schoolyard legend, but I got my revenge and got one of
the best stocking shots I have ever seen. I never got
caught so it was worth it then, even if it was
childish and immature.



for Hedy-by John

I have always been very strict in matters of office discipline and this includes maintaining high standards in matters of decorum and dress. Good grooming is also essential and my female staff enjoy a generous tax free addition to their monthly salary to assist with office dress and grooming costs.

Certain types of clothing are expressly forbidden in the office. Among these are jeans, trousers, flat heeled shoes, and any attire considered casual. Infringements are dealt with immediately; instant dismissal being the ultimate penalty.

On the other hand, certain types of dress are actively encouraged. Experience has shown no better form of encouragement exists than the monthly monetary contribution and, perhaps more importantly, regular compliments to the staff member regarding their appearance and grooming.

As will be evident from the above, my female office staff can almost always be found attired in skirts or dresses accompanied by high heels. I expect skirt levels just above the knee, but this presents no problem as Pamela, the manager of the personnel agency I have used for a number of years, knows that legs presented at their best will ensure a position on the candidate short list when a new appointment falls due.

My own secretary, Lisa, follows the dress code enthusiastically. She has near perfect legs, and in her late teens won a local “Miss Legs” contest.

She seems most at ease dressed in blouse and skirt, worn with stiletto heels and sheer nylons. Being conservative by nature, I find a simple, well cut, blouse worn with a short, tight, skirt extremely appealing. My shoe and hosiery preference is for a sheer natural shade of stocking accompanied by black, patent leather, stilettos.

Fortunately, Lisa seems generally to be of the same mind, although I must say she looks very attractive in short, swingy, pleated skirts that occasionally reveal a glimpse of stocking top.

I well recall the day Lisa came for her first interview. It had been arranged by Pamela for 10.30 a.m. one Monday morning, and who had sent Lisa’s CV around to my office the preceding Friday accompanied by a Post-It note on which she had written “I’m pretty sure you’ll hire Lisa”. As I read through the CV I could find nothing particularly remarkable about it. Lisa’s computer skills appeared modest to say the least and so I rang Pamela to ask just why she was so confident.

I was frankly puzzled as I had a long and close relationship with Pamela and respected her views, but when she told me that Lisa really wanted the job but I would have to train her in certain aspects I could not but remark that I ran a business and not a training school. Pamela’s response was something to the effect that I would find Lisa very trainable and willing and was quite confident I would hire her.

I had therefore spent much of the weekend thinking about the following Monday’s interview, not a little curious about what would result.

At this point I must digress slightly and explain something of my relationship with Pamela.

She was an incredibly striking woman with long dark hair, deep brown eyes and a slightly olive skin, understandable as her mother was Spanish. Pamela always seemed to have an aura of sadness about her which, coupled with Latin looks, only added to her appeal. I knew she was married though she rarely spoke of her husband. Part of her attraction lay in a classic business dress sense. Her office attire always seemed to consist of a well cut suit - usually dark - and plain black patent leather shoes. Under her jacket she would normally wear a white, or pastel shade, long sleeved silk blouse designed and cut to emphasize her breasts to the full. These were small, but always sensually supported in a light brassiere which revealed their outline to perfection.

Pamela’s best feature, however, was undoubtedly her legs. They were of perfect shape, slim ankles and smooth knees with a slight dimple at the side of each. She wore her skirt just above the knee, usually sufficiently tight to emphasize the contour of her upper legs.

There was a large coffee table with easy chairs in Pamela’s office, as befitted the manager of a successful personnel agency, and when offering favoured clients coffee she would invite them to relax in one of the chairs, whilst she would take the other facing her guest crossing one leg over the other in a languid and composed manner which revealed their shape to best effect. I found it difficult, in fact, to take my eyes away from her legs when we took coffee as the sight of them clad in the sheerest of nylon - usually black - was intensely arousing. I seemed to inevitably notice a slight rise beneath her skirt which suggested she did not wear today’s ubiquitous pantyhose but, instead, traditional stockings supported by suspenders.

I find stockings and suspenders irresistible, particularly on first acquaintance. To my mind, nothing is quite as sensual as beginning a slow traverse of nylon clad legs, speculating whether or not they are sheathed in stockings supported by suspenders. I enjoy taking time to find out, slowly stroking higher and higher, lifting the hem of a skirt or dress until the welt of a stocking comes into view followed by tightly stretched suspenders. The best moment of all is when that part of the upper leg not covered by stocking reveals itself, begging to be stroked.

My business relationship with Pamela and the company of which she was manager was excellent. It gave good service, we always settled their accounts promptly and on the rare occasion a problem was encountered - usually with a temporary employee - Pamela furnished an immediate replacement. Indeed, she was a credit to the owner of the company who, I gathered, remunerated her handsomely giving her virtual total freedom in the administration of the agency and its small, but competent, staff.

It was therefore quite natural we should find ourselves enjoying lunch together one day. It was a Friday at the end of a month. Pamela’s agency had enjoyed a record turnover and my firm, too, had made high billings and so business for us both could not have been better. I had booked one of my favourite restaurants and told the manager I wanted a quiet table where I could enjoy a long, leisurely lunch with a close business associate.

I had arranged to meet Pamela at the restaurant but made a point of arriving early to check the table and flowers. Yes, I had asked that fresh flowers be placed on the table! I had also ordered a chilled bottle of champagne to be made ready with instructions that it be opened the moment Pamela sat down. It had been a good month for both of us I had reasoned - so why not?

Somewhere at the back of my mind, though, I must have been thinking subconsciously of matters other than business, but superficially I was concerned only to lunch with, and perhaps learn a little more about, intriguing Pamela.

A few minutes past half past twelve, I looked up from the table and saw Pamela approaching closely followed by Manuel, the head waiter. She looked stunning in her usual business suit, blouse and, I noted with something of a start, what appeared to be bare legs encased in classic high heeled court shoes. I stood up to shake hands, Manuel pulled her chair from the table to enable her to sit down, but as she did so I recognized a familiar, suggestive, bump towards the top of her skirt. I know it sounds crass, but I dropped my napkin and in bending down to pick it up saw Pamela was wearing the sheerest of stockings in a natural bare leg shade instead of her usual black. My curiosity was short lived though, as she slid the long legs beneath the table and began a discourse that was to continue until well after 4.00 p.m.

A toast came first. Manuel opened the champagne with a flourish and carefully poured a small flute for my appreciation. It was Dom Perignon - my favourite - and as I approved its bouquet and body a question flashed through my mind - just why was I doing this? We had both had an excellent month in business, but at the same time a frisson of sexuality was flitting between us. I was with an impeccably groomed and dressed woman, intending a serious business discussion, but something else was in the air.

We talked and talked. The food was excellent and Pamela surprised me with her knowledge and appreciation of it. Clearly beneath the strict business demeanor lay appreciation of good food which seemed to fit a little unconventionally with her normally reserved manner.

Gradually, as lunch progressed and the Champagne progressed to a well chilled Chablis I began learning something of Pamela’s personal life. She had been convent educated and brought up in a strict home - full of love and discipline as only Latins seem to comprehend. She had married young to an older man who had brought out her love and passion until a dreadful accident confined him to a wheelchair.

She did not tell it as bluntly as this, but clearly this was what she had been saying. It went a long way to explain the far away look of sadness in her eyes, her conservative dress, and yet at the same time a suppressed sensuality.

Enjoyment of good food and wine was a sensual experience I suggested. Pamela readily agreed and enjoyed to the full the fine wine and food presented at this excellent restaurant even allowing herself to join me in a flambé desert, prepared at the table, accompanied by a glass of vintage Chateau d’Yquem dessert wine.

After this faultless lunch we felt the need for strong coffee, but Manuel was adamant. If we did not leave soon, he would be unable to prepare the restaurant for dinner! Mellowed by wine, I took hold of Pamela’s hand over the table and suggested we went back to my office for coffee where I had recently installed an espresso machine.

She accepted without hesitation, but with Friday afternoon traffic we only arrived as the office was closing and for the first time, I felt a very slight unease in Pamela’s manner as I assured her that as we were now alone in my suite of offices I would have to make coffee whilst she completed all those tasks that girls seem to need to do after lunch.

By the time she returned to my office I had prepared two espresso coffees and placed them, together with two glasses and a bottle of Carlos I Spanish brandy, on the table. Pamela and I sat on the couch which lined one wall of my office and, as usual, she crossed one leg over the other well above its knee and gave me a long, careful look. “John” she said, “why are you offering me Spanish brandy and not the expensive Cognac I am sure you keep for entertaining your favoured clients?”

The question came as something of a surprise. Was she being cynical, or was it a genuine question? I thought a moment for the answer. “Pamela” I said, using the Spanish pronunciation of her name for the first time, “you have told me so much about yourself and your past life and its strong Latin influence it seemed entirely natural. I consider Carlos I the finest Spanish brandy available and much as I love Cognac there are times when it seems the most appropriate bajativo - this being one of them.

Pamela looked at me for a long time with her soft brown eyes and said, very quietly, “caballero I didn’t know you spoke Spanish”. I replied in Spanish, with my acquired South American dialect, that I did, loved the language, but was embarrassed about my accent.

She responded by saying I was the first person since her mother had died to speak to her in her home language, and although she found my accent perfectly comprehensible she could tell in which country I had learned Spanish, and it certainly wasn’t Spain! The moment was poignant, Pamela looking vulnerable despite her joke and professional manner and I began to realize my feelings towards her went much, much, deeper than any purely business relationship could justify.

I think she sensed this, for she stood up saying it was time she left. I asked her to sit down again for a moment and, moving slightly closer, said I would take her to where she had left her car if she so wished, but couldn’t she just first explain what it was I had said to upset her?

Her response was to ask for another espresso. As I prepared it, she sat still, knees together, hands clasped at her lap, gazing at the floor. Eventually she looked up, eyes moist, and said she wanted so much to trust me. All my gentlemanly and protective instincts rushed to the fore as I assured she could.

Eventually she said “John, I believe you. There has been much sadness and pain in my life, and I need to place my trust in someone; please, don’t ever destroy it” and began to elaborate on the details of her life. They are too intimate to record here but, essentially, she was locked into a passionless union - through no fault of hers or that of her husband - but could not relate to another man because of the way in which they always seemed to try and take advantage of her vulnerability.

She had experienced a brief, passionate, affair with another woman which although fulfilling many of her sexual desires had left her feeling empty and guilty as the relationship had been totally contrary to what she had been brought up to believe in but through confession had received absolution and put it aside. She felt she had to admit though she was still drawn to other men but sometimes questioned whether she was still attractive to them.

As she talked I looked at her beautiful features, her eyes, and mouth which revealed perfect white teeth when she smiled, her sculpted breasts, long legs in high heels, but despite my growing passion gave her my solemn word, once again, that she could trust me whilst I would what I could to ease her pain.

We then kissed. I did so more gently than I ever thought possible. I held Pamela’s face in my hands and, looking into her limpid eyes and noticing the moistness of her slightly parted lips, brought my mouth towards hers in the gentlest manner possible. I kissed her as sensitively as I knew how - the merest gossamer brush of lips - but sufficient to allow me to savor the mixed aromas of perfume, lipstick, and that indefinable taste of a woman aroused. Pamela gently stroked my face with the back of her hand, and looking at me with passion in her eyes, returned my kiss but much, much more hungrily, exploring my mouth with her tongue, stroking my neck and ears, whispering she was kissing me as Spanish women in love kissed.

I eased my lips away from her mouth, telling her to remember my vow not to take any advantage. This again brought a mistiness to her eyes, and a soft note to her voice, as she told me she wanted to give herself to me, but was afraid to.

“Pamela” I said “we have talked so much about ourselves I feel we have known each other for a very long time. I have come to appreciate why you appear distant and conservative, why you fear coming close to a man, but then have to ask why you make yourself so attractive to the opposite sex?” Pamela gave a slight sigh and looking me fully in the eyes, her soft mouth parted to reveal her full lips still glistening from their recent passionate kisses.

“Do you really find me attractive, John” Pamela said quietly, adding that she felt her looks had faded recently. She said she was conscious of her small breasts as many clients made it abundantly clear to her they only wanted to interview, and of course hire, female staff with large breasts.

“My dearest, darling, sweetest Pamela” I murmured in her ear “I am certainly well past that age at which men look upon women as sex objects and ogle large breasts.. Continuing my theme I confided I had been thought almost effeminate in my younger days because of my love of classical music and poetry, for the arts in general, and for my fascination with culture and the aesthetics of life rather than its vulgar aspects, and looked upon a woman as something to cherish and adore rather than exploit.

Pamela, sitting alongside me on the couch, turned slightly as I spoke, and raising both hands to the top button of her blouse, I noted once again its pure silken texture and sheen. I unfastened the button, and receiving no resistance from Pamela, turned my attention to the next as well as those that followed. Her blouse fell open to reveal more of the olive skin I was coming to adore, and I spread it apart to reveal her brassiere, again of pure silk, in which nestled perfectly formed breasts. Beneath the silk I saw the darker pigmentation of the areola surrounding each nipple and very gently eased the breasts them from their silken covering, nestling each in the palms of my hands. As I stroked Pamela’s nipples I felt each grow firm between my fingers and, leaning forward, began to gently kiss them.

Pamela’s breasts responded to my hands and mouth and I assured her of their perfection. “Pamela” I said “I want you to concentrate on three words: appearance, presentation and sensitivity”. With that I placed my hands under the back of her blouse, unclipped her brassiere, removed it entirely, and refastened her blouse.

The firmness of her breasts were apparent beneath the silk; the presentation of their nipples worthy of a Renaissance artist, their sensitivity to my mouth having fully extended them.

I had to pull myself together quickly. My penis was fully erect and felt ready to ejaculate so, with some considerable difficulty, I resumed as normal a tone as possible to assure Pamela that, unlike her concept of what she thought men preferred, I found breasts of modest size but perfect form extremely appealing, particular when sensually presented. I told her though, that her best feature was undoubtedly her legs which she always seemed to reveal in a most attractive manner. Placing my hand on her skirt, over a slight rise which showed towards the top I asked Pamela if she was wearing suspenders. She confessed she was but seemed concerned to learn I could feel them through her skirt. I told her that, maybe surprisingly, a hint of suspender was part of the presentation I found attractive and asked why as she normally chose to wear black stockings she had decided on a different shade for today.

Still keeping my hand on her skirt, at where I imagined the top of her stocking lay, I listened as she explained her husband had always encouraged her to wear stockings instead of tights and had enjoyed helping her on with them each morning, when he would carefully adjust them to meet her suspenders which he always ensured were sufficiently taut to stretch her stockings to the fullest extent. With petite feet she had been able to wear the smallest stocking size, despite the length of her legs, which her suspender then stretched to the fullest extent possible, causing them to cling like a second skin to the contour of her legs. Her husband had liked her to wear seamed stockings, she added, and took great care in adjusting them so that the seam ran in a perfectly straight line from her ankle to the top of each stocking.

Seamed stockings were impractical for the office she continued and anyway her husband could no longer help her to put on her stockings though she continued to wear them for his self esteem, usually selecting sheer black or charcoal as those had been his favourite shades.

Now we were talking freely about stockings I asked her why she had chosen the shade she was wearing today. She reminded me she had lost weight recently and as black made her legs appear thinner than they actually were she had chosen a sheer, neutral shade to present them today at their most appealing. I realized the implication of what she was saying. “You mean you actually wanted me to notice your legs then?” I suggested. “Yes” Pamela replied. “I’ve noticed how you seem to be always looking at them and wanted you to see them today at their best”.

Pamela clearly enjoyed listening to me talk about women’s legs and asked me my opinion of tights or pantyhose, and warming to my favourite subject, I told her I loved the sensation of running my hands over shapely nylon sheathed legs, and that pantyhose certainly enabled the full length of legs to be explored whilst allowing their owner to maintain a modicum of decorum. I told her how I loved to catch a glance of panty beneath tights as a mini-skirt accidentally rose, perhaps as its wearer stretched upwards to reach for something on a high shelf. However, the putting on and taking off of tights could never been considered sensual. “Just imagine, Pamela” I expounded “if you were attending an interview as a potential model, and it became necessary to present your bare legs for evaluation. What would you do if you were wearing tights? Struggle to slide them over your hips and bottom and down your legs, or perhaps ask for help in taking them off! I don’t think any man gets much pleasure from peeling off a girl’s tights, no matter how good the legs!”

“If, on the other hand, you were wearing stockings then you would have a choice of letting your interviewer unclip your suspenders and slide your stockings down your legs or - and I can assure this would prove particularly appealing to me - place a foot on a low table, raise your skirt and ease your stocking down each leg your fingers tracing its outline” I asked her which she would prefer under such circumstances if I were the interviewer!

Blushing deeply, Pamela whispered that she would like to watch my face as she slowly took her stockings down for me.

Pamela asked me what part of a girls legs I found most attractive. After thinking for a moment I told her it must be the part between the top of a stocking and the edge of the panties. I loved to see it revealed as a skirt rode up, but preferred to slide my hand under the skirt, until it reached the stocking top where I could feel the welt, before sliding over it to caress smooth skin between stocking and panty.

Pamela then asked me how I would rate her legs on a scale of 10. I told her they would be very near the top of the scale, but an accurate rating would only be possible following a slow and detailed examination. I also explained that the final result would combine an evaluation of stockinged legs, and then a close inspection of bare legs. If she wished me to calculate the rating for then I would be only to pleased to do so.

Blushing again, she told me it had been a long time since someone had taken such keen interest in her legs, and felt she should warn me she became sexually aroused when they were touched in certain places, but I again assured her I would not take advantage of any heightened desire as long provided she would allow me to take time and enjoy the sensations I knew I would experience during a full evaluation of her legs.

“When I exposed and fondled your breasts, Pamela, I mentioned their three important aspects: appearance, presentation and sensitivity, features which apply equally to legs”.

“Any girl can improve upon the first, which is their appearance” I told her. “Irrespective of length or shape, appropriate exercise can fine tune muscle structure and regular beauty salon treatment will ensure they always appear at their best: obvious first steps for anyone wishing the present their legs in the most attractive manner” I explained.

Presentation though was a more subtle aspect which in my view was something acquired only instinctively, but I assured Pamela I knew from the first moment I had looked at her legs that she possessed that natural characteristic to the full, as standing or sitting, she always seemed to hold her legs in the most attractive position possible.

I took a cushion and laid it on the arm of the couch. “Lie back and lift your legs onto my lap” I asked and Pamela slowly raised them from the floor placing them across my own. “John” she said “I am offering you my legs not only for inspection, but also for your pleasure - they are yours to enjoy and do with what you wish”. I felt my penis stiffening and positioned Pamela’s legs whereby it would be difficult for them to come into contact with it, as I knew any indelicate word or wrong move now could destroy the intimacy of the moment.

My hands were now actually touching Pamela’s legs for the first time and her skirt had ridden up to reveal more of them than I had ever seen and as I took in the sight I told her I had to automatically give her 10 points for her stockings since they were of the sheerest denier. As I spoke I repositioned the front of her skirt so that it lay about three inches above her knees telling her that was the perfect height for office wear. It enabled the full length of the lower legs to be revealed, together with enough of the upper part to ensure their full contour was visible. In the position Pamela was lying, dimples had appeared at the side of her knees and I told her how fortunate she was to have such sexy knees as poorly shaped ones detracted from an otherwise perfect pair of legs.

I smoothed my hands down Pamela’s sheer stockings to her ankles one of which I raised up to remove a patent leather high heeled shoe. Pamela had dainty feet of excellent shape accentuated, once again, by a covering of sheer nylon which closely followed the line of her foot. I caressed the slim ankle before replacing the shoe telling her that high heels accentuated the slimness of ankles, and the arch of the feet which they induced showed the calves in perfect form. As I told her this I allowed my hand to stroke the back of her leg sensing as I did so this was one of the erogenous zones she had hinted at. Pausing at the back of her knee my fingers explored the hollow noting, again, how the nylon of her stocking followed the indentation. Pamela moaned quietly at my stroking, and my excitement grew as I wondered how she would respond once I had taken her stockings down and was caressing the back of her bare legs!

I told her I was now going to examine her suspenders to see whether a high leg rating could still be justified. She made no objection as I eased the front of her skirt as high as possible. Slowly, the tops of her stockings came into view and I saw to my pleasure they were of the same natural shade, just a slightly heavier weight and stiffness to enable the suspender straps to attach themselves firmly. I stroked the stocking tops enjoying the sensation of the different texture and then placed my hand beneath a suspender strap in order to judge its tautness. As I did so the back of my hand came into contact with her leg above the stocking top and I realized I was now feeling Pamela’s bare leg for the first time.

I wanted the full length of her suspenders but it was impossible to raise her skirt any higher whilst Pamela lay on it and so, reluctantly taking my hands away from the top of her stockings, I asked her to lift her legs. “Stretch to the ceiling, Pamela”, I whispered “reach for the sky with your high heels, and lie as far back as you can”. I helped her lift her legs to the vertical position and she stretched them to the full. As she did so she arched her feet so the indentations at the sides of her ankles deepened and her calves were displayed in their full roundness, their muscle tone revealing itself, as did that of her thighs, where long, slim ,dimples ran down each side.

Taking hold of the back of her skirt I eased it under her bottom, noting its smooth curvature, but could not take my eyes away from her panties. Pamela was wearing classic French knickers of cream silk, and although they were drawn tightly over her bottom by the position she was holding, the legs remained loose at the top of her thighs into which the straps of her suspenders, drawn tight by the position of her legs, disappeared.

I asked her to hold the position for a while longer as I took both hands to her right leg and, beginning at her stiletto heel, slowly traversed the length of her stocking clad leg, smoothing it at the back, pausing slightly at the dimpled knee and then on, down the still raised leg, towards the stocking top and exposed area between it and the beginning of her knickers. Ah the sensation! I gently lowered her right leg and repeated the process with the left leg and as my hands descended to the top the side of my hand met the centre of her panties which I found to my joy were distinctly damp.

Returning her legs to the horizontal position, I eased the front of her skirt upwards as, now unencumbered by her bottom, it slid up easily to the very top of her silken underwear and I beheld the pure symmetry of her lower body, from panties pulled taut around her mound of Venus, over smooth olive thighs straddled by suspender straps to where they met the tops of her stockings, and then down long nylon clad legs, gleaming in the light of the table lamp, to shiny patent leather shoes.

In a voice which I felt was now becoming distinctly strained, I told Pamela she achieved perfect leg presentation, knowing just how to hold them to show them at their best.

Now came the moment I had long been waiting for. I told Pamela it was now necessary for me to examine her bare legs. I reached behind each to unfasten the rear suspender straps so her stockings were supported by one strap only at the front of each leg. Taking each of the silken straps in turn, and using both hands, I gently undid the clip so her stockings remained loose on her legs. Then placing both hands around the top of her leg, I very slowly eased the first nylon stocking down to just above her knees to allow a full and lingering caress of the silken thigh. “How do you keep your legs so smooth” I whispered in Pamela’s ear. “Are they this smooth all the way down”?

Pamela’s equally whispered reply asked me to take her stockings down and judge for myself but she warned me she never shaved her legs. Taking the top of her stocking between the fingers of both hands I eased it further downwards, now over the knee and down Pamela’s leg until it nestled at the edge of her shoe revealing a slim, bare ankle for my evaluation.

My penis was straining as I reached for the other leg and in one long, slow motion lowered the other stocking, hands sliding down each side of Pamela’s leg, until the second stocking lay adjacent to the first.

If Pamela’s stocking clad legs had been pure delight, her bare legs were the acme of perfection. As I stroked their full length, back and front, from ankle to hip I asked how she kept them so naturally smooth. She told me Spanish women did not usually shave their legs preferring instead to use a light pumice stone which she applied daily followed by a liberal application of body cream which, she also found, had the added advantage of making her stockings cling to her legs and when wearing the neutral shade she had chosen today, giving an appearance of bare legs.

The thought of watching her apply cream and then pull each stocking up to meet its suspender proved too much for me and I felt my body shudder as my erect penis released the fluid I had been holding back. An uncomfortable wetness began to permeate my shorts and, to my horror, reveal itself at the front of my light trousers.

“Oh, John” whispered Pamela “I am so sorry - that was all my fault wasn’t it?” I assured her to the contrary and explained that though I had managed to contain myself for a long time, the sight and touch of her bare legs, the aroma of body cream which made them so smooth, together with the thought of watching her put on her stockings, had finally caused me to lose control.

Pamela confided that at the point where I was fondling the inside of her legs, above her stockings, she too had almost lost control but had managed to hold back as she wanted to experience the sensation of having me take down her stockings which she knew would be a highly sensual one.

I told her she need no longer resist her feelings and, adjusting her panties so they lay smoothly I gently placed a hand under the silk and sought the soft down which lay beneath. Pamela begged me not to stop. I did not stop arching her body in her passion

With a cry which seemed to emanate from the very depth of her soul, Pamela climaxed again and lay back, utterly and absolutely exhausted. I carefully eased the silk panties down her legs, over the stockings which still lay at her ankles and, placing them to one side began to kiss her. “Querida” I said quietly in Spanish “do you always finish like that”? Pamela returned my kisses and told me she did so only under very special circumstances, that it had been a long, long time since she had experienced such similar heights.

There was nothing to say. I took the girl in my arms in her disheveled state - skirt around her waist, knickers removed, stockings at her ankles and thought there could be no better sight, sound, aroma, taste or feel. As I pulled her towards me I could see the back of her superb legs and beautifully curved bottom which I now began to stroke enjoying its firmness and smoothness, my fingers disappearing between its cheeks.

My erection was developing again, but Pamela suddenly became agitated as she realized the time. It was far later than we had imagined. She quickly slipped off her stockings - revealing her small and well formed feet - put on her shoes and hastened to the ladies’ room whilst I did my best to smarten up, painfully conscious of the wet front to my trousers. I poured myself a brandy. I felt I needed it.

My reverie was disturbed by the appearance of an (almost!) perfectly groomed Pamela. Hardly a hair out of place, make up corrected, the skirt of the smart suit a little crumpled - but I pretended not to notice - indeed I hardly gave it a glance as my eyes fell once again to her stockinged legs in their high heel shoes. I asked if she needed anything else, but she thought not though she lifted her skirt and carefully adjusted her suspenders to ensure no crease was apparent in her stockings.

We drove quietly to where Pamela had left her car and I gently kissed her cheek so as not to disturb her lipstick. “Thank you” I said - it seemed trite, but was genuinely felt and I thought any other words superfluous. “I enjoyed the lunch” she said. “So did I” I replied “but coffee with brandy and your legs was better”. She giggled in her inimitable way. “I’m glad you like my legs” she said. “The next lunch will be on me: shall I wear the same shade of stocking?”

We lunched regularly after that, each taking it in turn to offer an invitation like the two professional business people we were, and it became clear Pamela held a great deal of affection and respect for me just as I did for her. During one of our lunches she thanked me for respecting her principles and said she would always look after my staff requirements herself, personally interviewing any candidate offered, in order to ensure my entire satisfaction. She added she now felt she knew the type of legs which turned me on and told me she would personally inspect those of any potential employee to ensure they would achieve a high rating on my leg scale!

I promised to encourage our own clients to engage her company for their personnel needs and we raised a toast to future business success. I also told her I was shortly traveling to Europe where I would buy something very special for her for presentation after our next lunch which would have to be followed by coffee and Carlos I brandy in my office. She blushed slightly under her olive complexion and told me she would look forward to the occasion.

But that is another story. It was Pamela’s reassurances to me about selecting only the best possible staff for my future requirements, and personally inspecting the candidates’ legs, that was running through my mind as I awaited the arrival of Lisa that Monday morning.

-- to be continued --


for Hedy-by John


Part One - The Interviews

Lisa’s position in my company is now Personal Assistant to the Managing Director. It looks good on her business card, and on letters to clients, but I often forget she is still only in her mid-twenties and that it is little more than a year since she attended her first interview although I remember the event vividly, just as I do the three month probation period she served as junior secretary.

Casting my mind back, I recall how curious I was to meet Lisa following her somewhat mysterious introduction by the agency submitting her for the position. At 10.30 a.m. precisely on the day in question our receptionist, Clare, rang to say my first appointment for the day had arrived, and escorting her to my office introduced Lisa, and closed the door behind us. As I shook Lisa’s hand I noticed, apart from her firm and confident handshake, she was tall and slim with hazel eyes and what I was sure was natural blond hair falling to her shoulders. She wore pale lipstick with only a hint of make up and as I took her jacket I noticed her incredibly slim waist which accentuated the curve of her bottom. A knee length skirt rode very high on her hips emphasising the length of her legs.

Pulling out a chair for her she sat down carefully placing one stockinged leg over the other revealing a sensual indentation along the side, and again above her knee where it continued upwards until disappearing beneath her skirt. Lisa was wearing a tight black sweater tucked into the top of the skirt which revealed the shape of firm, generous breasts. Her skirt was of a fine black and brown check resting, as she sat, about four inches above her knees. She wore dark brown, slightly smoky nylons and to my joy I recognised familiar bumps at the top of each leg, beneath the skirt, which suggested suspenders or garters supported the nylons.

Black court shoes with heels of modest height drew attention to her slim ankles and I can only describe the impression she created as elegant with a slight hint of sensuality beneath a cool exterior. Any negative impressions I had formed from her CV were forgotten instantly: Lisa was a most impressive candidate.

Returning to my desk I began the interview with generalities as Lisa seemed a little nervous and I wanted to put her at ease. “Pamela has told me a lot about you, Lisa,” I began referring to the manager of the agency we used for our personnel requirements and with whom I had formed a close personal relationship, “and how much you would like to be offered the position we have available. Would you like me to tell you more about it?” I saw Lisa visibly relax as she realised, for the moment at least, she was not being called on to talk, and so I outlined our requirements.

I should perhaps explain at this point I had purchased the company a short while ago and with it had come the previous owner’s secretary and staff complement. I found her a pretty domineering woman and was not sorry when she left due to her husband’s transfer to another part of the country. To be fair, though, she had instilled a strong sense of order and discipline in the company and I never received any letter or document for review that contained a single mistake, spelling or otherwise. The staff held her in awe and were only too painfully aware that lateness in the morning, too many private telephone calls, or typing mistakes could result in a plastic ruler being applied to the back of a hand or, even worse, a few strokes from it to the back of a leg!

I was therefore pleased to have the opportunity to engage a secretary of my choice, hopeful that the high standards would not diminish in the process. I had discussed my thoughts with Pamela whose ability to recommend the right person for a position I had come to rely upon entirely. Pamela had suggested she should look for someone in her early twenties with enough work experience to be a competent secretary, but still sufficiently young to be trainable to my standards.

I outlined this to Lisa (without reference, of course, to her predecessor) who had now relaxed sufficiently to assure me of her sense of responsibility, and flexibility to conform and develop to my requirements. She showed a keen presence of mind, I thought, in making complimentary remarks about the smart appearance of the staff she had met so far.

This gave me an opportunity to outline our office dress code with which she would be expected to conform. Lisa explained her present wardrobe was somewhat limited as she had been obliged to take temporary assignments for a while following the sudden liquidation of her previous employer, but would be only too pleased to rebuild it once she was in a regular salaried position.

Her confident manner, however, seemed to slip very slightly when she explained she would have to purchase high heeled shoes specifically for the position as her fiancé discouraged her from wearing them since they made her taller than he was! She added though she would be delighted to wear skirts and dresses as, again, they were disliked by her fiancé who preferred her to wear jeans and trousers, and her previous company had also practised a casual dress policy which saw staff inevitably attired in trousers or slacks.

She added she would more than happy to wear stockings to work, had a plentiful supply of them, and furthermore Pamela had told her that was the hosiery style I preferred.

I felt my face redden slightly. Just what had Pamela been telling her I wondered as I brought the interview to a close assuring Lisa she had made an excellent impression but being the first candidate interviewed I could not take matters any further for the moment. I reassured her, though, she would most definitely be called for a further interview.

Lisa seemed satisfied, rose from her chair, and giving me a firm handshake said she looked forward to our next meeting when she would bring her original certificates and testimonials for my review.

I called Pamela immediately and told her of my interview with Lisa. “What did you think of her” was Pamela’s first question. “It’s not so much about what I thought of Lisa” I replied “but more about what you seem to have been telling her about stockings and suspenders. I reckon the girl’s gone away thinking I am some kind of nut with a leg fetish!” I heard Pamela giggle, and realised she was probably being mischievous with me - a trait which seemed to have developed since a very memorable encounter with her a couple of months previously.

“Come down from the ceiling, John” Pamela said “it’s all very straightforward and innocent so put your guilty conscience to one side”. Cheeky girl, I thought and grinning to myself, adopted my severe tone saying “Pamela, please explain”. “Listen, John” she replied “I’ve just got an interview coming up, meet me at Miguel’s at about 12.30 and I’ll buy you lunch and explain - I’ve got to be back by 2.30 though as I have a whole spate of interviews lined up for the afternoon”.

I arrived to find Pamela already at the restaurant looking stupendous as ever in a fine woollen jacket worn over a fairly heavy winter sweater, pleated skirt, and knee length boots.

She gave me the long, lingering look I had now come to recognise and said in a soft voice, “Oh John, you really turn me on when you get angry and bossy with me as you did just now on the telephone. I feel sure Lisa’s going to be right for you. She comes from a good family and went to the same school I did and - believe me - has the capability to develop into your right hand girl”.

I was pacified. “But what about the stockings and suspenders bit” I said “surely you haven’t been telling her private and personal things about me?” Pamela gave a soft, low chuckle. “Of course not corazón” she said. “Lisa raised the subject of stockings”. Pamela told me that if I had checked Lisa’s CV a bit more carefully than I obviously had done, I would have seen under her past achievements something to the effect of ‘won contest’ and ‘obtained modelling assignment’. Pamela went on to tell me that whilst working at her first job, her boss has encouraged her to enter a “Miss Legs” contest and Lisa had progressed against some pretty stiff competition to the finals. One of the judges had apparently taken a fancy to her and so she wound up by not only winning the “Miss Legs” contest, but also being awarded a modelling contract with the judge’s advertising agency where he arranged for a portfolio of leg shots to be compiled by his top photographer for their major client, a leading hosiery manufacturer

Pamela had asked Lisa to bring certificates and testimonials to her first interview and among these was the photographic portfolio. The interview though, Pamela continued, had been something of a disaster as Lisa had arrived wearing trousers and flat shoes. “Admittedly the trousers were of a superb cut which revealed her legs, and bum to good effect” said Pamela “but I had to tell her to return the next day wearing a skirt in view of your company’s dress code. She left behind her certificates and portfolio for me in what struck me as a rather sweet attempt to show me she not only wore dresses and skirts but also looked quite good in them, having already apologised profusely for wearing trousers to her first interview saying that her fiancé always made her wear them.

Pamela obviously read my thoughts . “Yes, the boyfriend’s a total schmuck in my opinion” she said and told me that he had met Lisa whilst she was still at school, had accompanied her through her time at secretarial college and had become engaged to her shortly afterwards. “I think she’ll probably marry the idiot” she added saying it could only end in disaster, if an attractive girl such as Lisa only experienced one relationship.

“He is, in fact, a total slob” she continued “I gather he expects her to go round to his apartment to clean it, and prepare him meals, while he sits watching rugby replays on video”. I smiled to myself. Not exactly Pamela’s type I thought.

“When she won the modelling contract it lasted for a year at the end of which she was given a massive supply of tights and stockings” Pamela continued “but gather with her idiot of a boy friend only wanting to see her in jeans and tackies, and her last job following the dreadful ‘dressing down’ policy she has drawers full of stockings and tights that she would just love to wear in her new job”.

“The boy friend does not like self supporting stockings” Pamela continued “and thinks stockings and suspenders look tarty, and so I asked Lisa what she preferred - something that dickhead had certainly never thought to ask her - and Lisa confided by telling me she always felt at her best wearing very sheer nylons supported by suspenders. After all the girl has got legs to die for.”

“I’m really going to enjoy showing my legs again” Lisa apparently said “after all, they did win me a contest, and I suppose I’ve always resented being expected to keep them covered”.

Pamela told me how she had leafed through the portfolio which pictured Lisa wearing different types of stockings and tights in a variety of poses some of which were extremely provocative, adding she was confident I would hire Lisa on the strength of the portfolio alone.

At the next interview Pamela had handed back the portfolio to Lisa, complimenting her on it and saying how proud she must be of her legs. She told me Lisa had hesitated slightly at that point saying she thought they had lost something of their shape and that she had put weight on in the wrong places. “I suggested she walked around my office so I could look at her legs from different positions and I would give her my frank opinion of them” added Pamela.

She described how Lisa had done so, adopting various types of position found in daily office life such as stretching to a high shelf, bending, and adjusting her stockings, and as far as she could see her legs were as good as they had appeared in her photographs. “I couldn’t see she had put on any weight” said Pamela “but when I told Lisa this, she said she had put on a couple of pounds and felt much of it had landed on her thighs. She drew up her skirt to emphasise the point and I could see that perhaps she had added a little. Her legs above the tops of her stockings were of beautiful shape” continued Pamela “and very smooth to the touch but in running my hands along them I felt she could slim them down by exercise and weight reduction”.

Pamela told me she had invited Lisa to sit on her desk and take down one of her stockings so that she could examine her lower leg which she had seen through her stockings could do with exfoliating and toning. “Otherwise” continued Pamela “her legs were of perfect shape, entirely without blemish and it was clear to see why she had been crowned Miss Legs”.

Pamela’s description had been graphic, and I couldn’t help but ask whether she had become aroused by the experience.

“No, of course not” came a snappy reply. “I was just doing what she asked”. Remembering Pamela had once made brief reference to an affair with another woman about which she still felt guilt I quickly changed the subject and told her one of the staff benefits we offered to permanent employees was free membership of a gym and I was sure that would resolve any problem Lisa felt she might have with her legs and, in addition, the grooming allowance the company paid to female staff could be utilised in a salon that specialised in leg toning and waxing so I did not see any problem. It would, in fact be a pleasure to monitor any improvement and, I joked, I would insist on regular inspections!

Finishing our coffees we returned to our respective offices - Pamela walking the short distance to hers whilst I had to drive for a while during which I dwelt on what Pamela had been telling me and arrived back at my office somwhat aroused at the thought of Lisa sitting on a desk, stockings taken down, with Pamela’s hands roaming over her legs.

Lisa’s last interview came due and, always, she was exactly on time. I told her I was of a mind to offer he the position but wondered whether she had any further questions to ask. “Pamela has told me one of the conditions of the job is that I never wear trousers and so my boy friend will just have to get used to it” she said “do you mind if I wear stockings with suspenders?”

Do I mind, I thought to myself! “Of course not” I replied, “if that’s what you prefer”. “Oh, that’s good” Lisa replied “when I won the contest it was a pretty close thing between me and one of the other contestants and - I don’t know whether I should be telling this - one of the judges made me go to his apartment for drinks one evening wearing stockings and suspenders. He told me how good I looked in them which made me feel really good. One of the prizes I won was a year’s supply of stockings and tights but having never really had much opportunity to wear them I have got a drawer full”.

I assured Lisa that provided she maintained sufficient modesty I would be delighted if she wore stockings with suspenders to work, and might ask for the occasional spot check!

The interview was drawing to a close. “Well Lisa” I said I think we have covered everything. I now have to make a decision. You are lacking experience in some areas but I am confident you could be trained, though you may be expected to work long hours on occasions. I intend discussing the matter with Pamela and if we decide to offer you the position it will be for a three month probationary period during which your work, dress and general behaviour will be subject to close scrutiny. I shall expect punctuality at all times, and personal telephone calls kept to the minimum. You are attractive and I am confident it would be a pleasure to have you in the office. Do you have anything else to tell me to enable me to make up my mind.

“I think I have told you everything” she added, “but Pamela did say you might wish to inspect my legs”.

I felt myself colour slightly as Lisa stood up and slowly walked around my office showing her legs just as I imagined she had done for Pamela. “Show me the top of your stockings Lisa” I asked quietly. Facing me, she obeyed by slowly raising her skirt the full length of her upper legs until the tops of her nylon stockings came into view. They were of a darker shade to the rest and I could see the clips of her suspenders pulling them taut. “Let me see a little higher Lisa” I asked and she obliged by raising her skirt to the waist until the full length of her suspenders was visible, the straps disappearing into her panties which were tight over her pubic area. The dark straps contrasted with the expanse of bare leg now exposed between stocking top and panty and as she stood with her feet together I gazed at the wide arch at the top of her legs which tapered down to where her knees met. I yearned to place my hand there but resisted the temptation. “Turn round Lisa” I asked quietly and she turned to reveal the back of her stocking clad legs from ankle to stocking top.

“Bend over and touch your toes” I whispered and as she complied I saw her calf muscles stiffen, the indentations at the side of her legs becoming more apparent as did the tendons at the back of her knees. In this position her stocking tops were pulled to their highest by the tension of the straps supporting them and again the wondrous sight of the arch at the top her legs revealed itself to my view - wide enough for my hand to slip between the top of her legs - but I contained myself.

Breathing heavily I told Lisa to lower her skirt which she did and turned to face me somewhat flushed and, as I delighted to see, the nipples on her breasts unusually prominently despite the sweater she was wearing.

“You have beautiful legs Lisa” I murmured. “I’m glad you like them she replied. If I get the job I’ll make sure they are always presented at their best for you”.

Needless to say, Lisa was appointed junior secretary to begin on the first of the month on three month’s probation.

to be continued


A Night to Remember
by John R
A couple in their mid-30s recently moved in next door
from us. My wife suggested that we go to the symphony
with them some time, and we finally made plans. Martha
invited us over for a drink before we went downtown.
My wife Sally wore a very flattering, very short green
dress and green sandals with 4-inch heels-- with of
course the accursed sheer to waist pantyhose. This
outfit would have been a total thriller with
stockings, or at least pantyhose with darker toes and
top. Sheer to waist pantyhose do absolutely nothing
for me.

Anyway, we went over and the husband, Ted, answered
the door. “Martha’s out on the deck mixing martinis”
Ted told us. We went out on the deck and was I
surprised! Martha looked absolutely stunning in a very
short black sequined dress. But what really impressed
me were her legs. She wore sheer black hose and flimsy
black sandals. Her hose had reinforced toes, and a
good inch of what I figured was dark pantyhose top
showed under her dress. Her bright red toenails shone
through her dark stocking toes and she sported a very
sexy gold ankle bracelet. “Come over and sit down”,
Martha said. We all sat down and I couldn’t help but
notice Martha’s dress riding up to show at least 4
inches of darker hose tops. But these tops looked more
like stocking tops— the bottom inch was lighter and
had a dainty X pattern. The top part was jet black.
Martha crossed her leg and viola! A metal garter snap
came into view. I could also see the massive
reinforced heel on her left foot. Sally noticed this
too and remarked, “Your stockings and sandals are very
nice”. “Thank you”, Martha replied. I love wearing
sexy underthings when we go out. Do you think these
stockings are too distracting?” “What do you think,
guys?”, Sally asked. “Well, I think you look just
fine”, I said, trying to hide my excitement. “Hubby
here likes me to wear stockings and garters when we go
out, but I find them to be too troublesome” Sally
said. “ You know, Sally, I have a very comfortable
garter belt and some gray stockings that would go very
nicely with your dress” Martha suggested. I prayed
that Sally would say yes and she did! “Be right back,
boys” Martha said.

The girl returned in a few minutes and was I pleased!
Sally showed at lest 3 inches of dark gray stocking
tops as she walked over to her chair. Her feet looked
stunning- the stockings had huge reinforced heels and
toes. Sally’s peach colored toenails peeked through
the dark gray stocking toes. The girls sat down and I
couldn’t decide who looked better. Sally’s 2 front
metal garter snaps showed as she sat there. I noticed
that left stocking top had an inscription on it. I
pointed it out to her and she read it, ”Cosmo’s
Barelegs Deluxe. 100% nylon”. Martha noted that these
stockings were at least 25 years old. Ted gets them
for me over the web” she said as pulled her dress down
in an unsuccessful attempt to hide her garter tabs.

“You girls are teasing me to death”, Ted said. I
nodded in agreement. “ I’m glad you like these
outfits. I never mind showing off my stocking tops and
reinforced heel and toes. I do draw the line at bare
thigh though” Martha said. “ I feel pretty tarty
showing all this stocking top” Sally said. “I hope we
don’t cause too much of a ruckus.” Ted replied, “most
of the concert goers are old. Maybe you girls will
start some engines”.

We finished our drinks and got into Ted’s sedan for
the ride downtown. Martha propped her stocking feet up
on the dash and started rubbing Ted’s leg. Sally slid
out of her sandals, put her legs over my left leg and
started rubbing me. “I can’t believe you’re being so
sexy”, I whispered. “I can’t either. I guess all I
needed was a little encouragement”. Sally spread her
legs a bit and placed her sexy foot on Ted’s arm
between the bucket seats. After a few minutes of this,
Sally pulled me out and I came in her hanky. I did
manage to get a bit on her stocking top. “Don’t worry,
it’ll dry”, she said softly. I then placed my hand
between her legs and she came in a shudder. Meanwhile,
up front Martha had caused Ted to stain his trousers,
and she was getting a nice rub from Ted. She moaned
lightly after a few minutes, and then sat there with
her sexy black RHT feet up on the dash for the rest of
the ride.

Ted parked in a garage and we walked over to the
symphony hall. We found our seats and put the two
ladies together. Sally slid off her sandals and
propped her left leg on my right knee. She was showing
all 5 inches of her dark gray stocking tops, and even
a bit of milky white thigh. She looked so sexy sitting
next to me with her legs spread like that. A good 4
inches of Martha’s stocking tops showed as she sat
there reading the program. Sally rubbed her sexy foot
on my calf as I squeezed her thigh at her stocking
top. The hall was not too crowded, but I’m sure that
several older men and their wives could see Sally’s
stocking tops.

At intermission, we went to the bar for drinks. Sally
and Martha decided to go in their stocking feet!
The girls ordered the drinks. Martha looked
particularly erotic- she rubbed her foot on the back
of her calf as she stood at the bar ordering. As we
sipped our wines, Sally suggested I put on a condom.
“I’ll take care of you at the climax of the symphony”,
she whispered seductively. We got back to our seats
and Martha put her leg over my knee again. As the
music progressed, she placed an open program on my
lap. Then she started rubbing me with her left hand as
she fiddled with her front garter with her right hand.
I was busy rubbing her stocking top, drinking in the
view of her sensational legs and feet. I came in a
shudder just as the music reached a crescendo!

Ted suggested a walk on the beach after the concert.
“I’ve got two shorts outfits in the trunk” Martha
said. “I’ll bet one fits you”. So we drove to the
boardwalk and Martha got the outfits out of the trunk.
They were both white, one piece, and made of a terry
cloth material. The girls slid them on over their
panties and garter belts. Sally took off her bra and
her breasts were tight against the terry cloth top.
These shorts had elasticized legs, and both girls
showed off all of their stocking tops as we walked on
the boardwalk. “I feel like such a slut walking around
like this” Sally said, smiling. Sally and I sat on a
bench, and I rubbed her till she shuddered in
pleasure. Martha and Ted went down on the sand and Ted
was evidently doing Martha. She had her black RHT feet
in the air as Ted mounted her.

After 10 minutes, Ted and Martha came up to where we
were on boardwalk. “These elasticized shorts are great
for quickies on the beach. You can maintain a small
degree of modesty and still have a ball”, Martha said
as pulled her shorts back into place. “Well I’m not
sure about the modesty thing”, Sally said. “Your black
stockings were in full view from top to toe”. “I know,
but nothing else was on display. There’s no law
against showing your stocking tops, is there?”

We walked back to the car, Martha in her stocking
feet. She had lost her sandals in the sand. Sally made
me come again on the ride home. I messed up her
stocking top and 2 of her metal garter clasps. “I’ll
wash these stockings, shorts and garter belt and
return them tomorrow”, Sally said. “Oh, that’s ok, you
can keep them as long as we go out again soon” Martha
replied. Believe me, I am looking forward to our next


Back in the Sixties, the start of my Junior year in college, I'd wandered through a couple of years of frustration with only brief encounters to encourage my ever-growing passion for lingerie and nylons. For what little enjoyment there was, the library turned out to be a place where the girls wore short skirts and stockings, but forgot themselves from time to time as they studied.

I'll never forget the first time I saw Suzy Jensen. I came into the library to study and looked around for some girl with a short skirt and nylons. Suzy was sitting alone at one of the tables way in back and I almost missed her.

Her soft dark hair curled softly about her shoulders and she wore a short sexy kilt, barely held in place with a small leather strap across her hip. It was deja vu from my first encounter with Jonna in high school years before.

I approached and found a seat at the next table, facing across from her. Then this girl looked up and smiled. She was beautiful! As I sat down, I caught a brief glimpse of deep tan nylon below her hemline, but then she settled herself and covered her stockings.

I pretended to read, but kept glancing at her skirt, hoping something would happen. The flap of her kilt began to separate and when she absently flipped off one shoe. As stared as her skirt opened up between her legs, baring part of her nylons.

I thrilled as her kilt worked itself farther apart. She crossed her legs and her trim stocking clad legs became more exposed. Soon even her tanned thighs began to appear above her stocking tops as Suzy rocked her knees from side to side.

Once she glanced up at me, but I shifted by gaze just in time. We smiled at each other and she went back to her studies. I looked back down, careful to avoid being caught peeking at her disarray and again enjoyed the view of nylons and bare thighs.

With each movement, her skirt worked itself higher up her thighs and soon unveiled both her stocking tops nearly to her garters. At one point she glanced down, but instead of pulling her skirt down, she simply slid her hand down and began to toy playfully with the edge of her stocking!

I was already getting hard and leaned back to stare at the tantalizing sight while she slowly rocked her legs back and forth. I could hardly believe she didn't notice her exposure. Yet, as I watched, she actually pushed her kilt even farther apart, absently toying with her nylons.

At one point, she even reached over and pulled on her garter to smooth the dark nylon tighter and higher about her thigh. Then she shifted in her chair. Her kilt hiked up to reveal the shiny clip of her garter and the frilly white lace strap of her garter belt!

Her kilt split open ever wider across her lap. Then she adjusted her other stocking top, sensuously holding the shiny silver clip in her fingers and tugging on the deep tan welt. She actually pushed the kilt almost completely off her leg.

The tan of her creamy thighs contrasted sharply with the dark stockings. Her elastic garter belt stretched tautly along her upper thigh as it disappeared beneath the ever receding hemline of her skirt.

Then Suzy uncrossed her legs and sat forward to concentrate on her book. As she did so, her kilt dropped completely off her left leg all the way to her hip. As she drew her feet back under her chair, the remaining flap of her kilt drew up completely past her stockings.

Her frilly lace garter belt lay uncovered up to her panties. Her hand continued to wander along the edge of her nylon tops and she appeared totally unconcerned about her exposure. My cock swelled as I fought the urge to cum right inside my pants.

Then Suzy moved her foot up onto the cross bar underneath her table. Twisting herself straight toward me, she slowly began to spread her knees apart. Her fingers began lazily stoking the inside of her thigh and her garter belt tugged even more tightly against the smooth glistening tan of her stockings.

Ever so slowly her knees parted before me and I gaped as the dark recess between her legs opened to my view. With each passing second I could see father up her skirt, up past her nylons, past the enticing run of her garter straps and, finally, with a nudge, she completely exposed her crotch.

Suzy was almost completely exposed and, as I silently prayed for even more of a show, it happened. Her hand strayed across her lap to her other leg, barely covered by the remnant of her kilt.

As she brushed along her stockings, the kilt fell completely away from her lap. Her long tapered legs lay completely exposed and her fingers idly played along her garter straps framing the pale tan of her upper thigh.

I stared at the erotic display and massaged the quivering bulge in my pants until I could stand it no longer. Then Suzy stretched and leaned back one last time, spreading her legs for me and baring the sheer white nylon crotch of her panties.

As I stared at her bared cunt, covered in sheer lace, I came with a barely controlled spasm of ecstasy, taking in the long expanse of gartered thighs and trim dark tan nylon stockings.

Settling back in the afterglow, I watched the girl's stocking clad thighs flash constantly before me. Then she sat up, gathered her books and got ready to leave. I decided that she was too good to pass up. I closed my books and followed her into the night.

Suzy walked to the bus stop and I followed, wildly thinking of a way to get acquainted. Then I remember how Jonna and I met on the stairwell when she dropped her books. I decided to try it in reverse!

There were a few people standing around as we waited. I stood back until I saw the bus approaching. Then I stepped up next to her and fumbled my books, spilling them on the sidewalk in front of her.

I scrambled to put them together as the bus pulled up and then, as luck would have it, Suzy knelt down and helped me gather my things. We smiled again and finally got my stuff together. Then, boarding the bus, I sat across from her and we headed for the women's campus.

Once again, I saw her short kilt slide up and her dark chocolate stockings slid into view. I realized it was now or never and spoke up.

"Excuse me," I started. "I didn't get a chance to say thanks. It was nice of you to help."

Suzy turned and smiled again.

"That's OK." she responded. "I've done it myself a hundred times."

"Really!" I continued. "College gets to be pretty impersonal. I appreciate what you did."

"By the way, my name's Jeff."

"Mine's Suzy." she smiled and the connection was made!

I kept up the conversation until we reached her stop. She gathered her things in her lap as the bus pulled to a stop. Suzy's kilt bunched up and actually caught in her books. When she stood up, her kilt rose like a curtain to her waist!

I stared in amazement! Her shapely stocking clad legs were completely exposed! Even in the shadows I could easily see her long dark nylons. The straps of her white garter belt took on a ghostly pale glow in the dim light. Even her low cut bikini panties were displayed before me!

Then I knew I had to act fast.

"Uh, excuse me, but your skirt is kind of out of place." I stammered, carefully turning away.

She glanced down and squealed shyly, yanking it loose and struggling to recover her modesty.

"I'm sorry!" I continued. "I just thought you'd want to know before you went any farther."

Then, Suzy turned and smiled in the darkness.

"That was nice of you." she said softly. "Would you like to walk me to my dorm?"

Bingo! I said I'd love to and from that point on, she agreed to go out with me.


After our first meeting, Suzy and started dating and spent more and more time together. We studied together quite often and I enjoyed the long glimpses of stockings. It wasn't long before we were kissing and making out by the end of the evening.

Finally one night we went parking. We split a six pack of beer and were soon going at it hot and heavy. I fondled her breasts and then reached back to unsnap her bra. Suzy offered no resistance and the bra slid from her shoulders. Her breasts were magnificent. Full and firm, the thrust out without need for any support.

The only disappointment was that Suzy often wore a panty girdle instead of a garter belt. I remember the night clearly because it was the first time I managed to get her dress off. I pushed Suzy's dress up, only to find that she was wearing a panty girdle to hold up her nylons. Her stockings were half covered and I decided to stop there rather than struggle with her girdle.

As we drove home, Suzy sensed the change and asked if she had done something wrong! "Of course not!" I responded. "I just figured you didn't want to go any farther. To me, when a girl wears a panty girdle, it's like saying 'Hands Off'." I told her.

Suzy thought for a while and then responded. "I never thought of it that way before. It's just what girls are wearing these days. I think I can fix that!" she grinned.

The next time we went out, Suzy wore nylons and a garter belt! She smiled impishly when I made the discovery and from then on she kept on wearing short dresses and nylons when we went out, but the girdle disappeared forever! As it turned out, Suzy actually seemed to enjoy finding sexy lingerie and garter belts to tease me whenever she could.

For my part, it became a challenge to see how far I could go and tried to find new ways to expose her in some way whenever we went out. Sometimes, I'd tug at her skirt, sometimes I'd slip a button on her blouse. Whatever happened, we'd pretend it was accidental and she'd try to ignore it as long as she could. She blushed hotly at first, but she never seemed to mind. Suzy actually grew bolder and allowed an ever increasing display of her stockings and garters on our dates.

One night I told her how much I enjoyed our game. "Too bad you don't do it when people are around!" Suzy playfully swatted me and said she'd make me regret that comment. Little did I realize how soon she'd prove her point!

The very next Friday afternoon, Suzy stopped by our fraternity house with her friend, Kimberly. The girls sat together on the couch and I settled into a chair across the room. Suzy wore a short jumper that barely reached her knees and I watched her short skirt start to climb. I couldn't help notice that all the other guys kept looking up her skirt! At one point, Suzy caught my eye and flashed a private smile and her nylons and garters began to slide into view. Then she proceeded to lean back on the couch and let her skirt slide up exposing her stockings halfway up her thighs!

I actually blushed! She had turned the tables on me and I was the one who was embarrassed! When we went up to my room to get a beer, I mentioned my reaction and she giggled.

"Well!" she laughed, "I thought it’s be fun to give your fraternity brothers a little show. I hope they liked it!"

"They did!" I responded. "I know they did! About the only thing better would be to have more girls dress like you do! It'd be great to watch another girl showing off when you're there."

"Oh, you'd like that, would you? I guess I'd just have to trust you to be faithful, right?"

"You got it!" I said and gave her a big kiss as we finished our beer.

When we went back downstairs later, Suzy casually crossed her legs again, carelessly letting her skirt slide up high on her thighs and expose her stockings and garter belt. I just watched as the other guys gaped, but Suzy played the innocent, totally unaware of her exciting display.

A few days later, Suzy called from her dorm and asked me to meet her at the library. That evening, I found Suzy studying with her friend, Kimberly, a freshman pledge prospect for Suzy’s sorority. She was a pert young brunette and I couldn't help but notice that she wore a mini-skirt as short as any I'd seen.

I plopped down on the couch facing them as they sat next to each other. As always, Suzy wore a delightfully short skirt and crossed her legs, letting her beautiful dark nylon tops flash into view. However, Kimberly carefully kept her skirt hem tucked down to hide whatever might lay underneath. When Suzy caught me staring at Kimberly's skirt, she grinned and gave me a wink. Then, setting her book down by Kimberly's skirt, she started playing a little game.

She casually nudged the book up to catch the hem of Kimberly's mini-skirt. Edging it back slowly, Suzy managed to push the skirt up to expose part of Kimberly's nylons. As Kimberly concentrated on her studies, Suzy kept pushing the book farther back revealing more and more of Kimberly's stockings. With each movement, the skirt rose ever higher, but Kimberly didn't notice.

Finally, Kimberly crossed her legs and the curtain lifted! The flap of her mini-skirt fell open, exposing one stocking clad thigh. Her dark stocking was unveiled nearly to her garters. Suzy nailed me with me look that said she was having fun. She not only didn't mind a little competition, she actually seemed to enjoy it! Suzy uncrossed her legs to show off her own stocking clad thighs and then warmed to her self-appointed task!

Suzy slid her book down until it snagged on both of their skirts and she started pulling it back up toward her waist. As their skirts began to rise, it was soon obvious that Kimberly wore dusky taupe nylons and a filmy white garter belt! I gave up any pretense of studying as both their skirts lifted to expose their stockings and garters to mid-thigh! Suzy gave me a sly smile, knowing how much I enjoyed the wide dark bands of their stocking tops uncovered before me. Then Suzy casually reached down to "adjust" her skirt. As she pretended to pull her skirt down, she tugged Kimberly's mini-skirt wider apart until it fell completely off one leg!

Kimberly was still totally unaware that her stockings were exposed in the bright light. The dark welts of her nylons were stretched taut and smooth by the lacy straps of her garter belt. Her skirt was pushed up nearly to her hips and I could almost make out the dark vee of her panties!

Suzy's book now held both girls' skirts high up on their thighs displaying their nylons and garters. Suzy's was black and Kimberly's was white, accented with shiny silver garter clasps. Both were hitched to the wide bands of their dark tan stockings.

Suzy stretched her legs out in front of me. Casually letting her own skirt slide away, I stared between Suzy's parted legs. She spread her knees and I enjoyed the wide expanse of her exposed stockings and gartered thighs. Suzy casually spread her legs farther apart until I could see her black bikini panties peeking out from beneath her raised skirt.

Then Suzy settled her book in her lap and glanced toward Kimberly's skirt to get my attention. As I looked, I saw Suzy's fingers drift every so slowly toward Kimberly's waist. Suddenly I realized that she had caught hold of the tie of Kimberly's skirt. Ever so slowly, Suzy pulled until it slipped free and fell open. The deed done, she leaned over and gave Kimberly the signal for a trip to the powder room.

Kimberly put down her book and stood up. Her mini-skirt unwrapped itself from her slender hips and simply melted away! As it fell, Kimberly watched her skirt fall and squealed in embarrassment. She clutched too late at her falling skirt. Her fingers caught only air as her mini-skirt floated to the floor!

Kimberly stood completely exposed! Her long tapered legs displayed in her long dark nylons and sexy lace garter belt. The suspenders stretched along her upper thighs until they disappeared beneath a pair of white lace bikini panty that did nothing to hide the dark vee of her cunt through the sheer nylon lace of her panties.

Suzy leaped to her aid, but managed to be more of a hindrance than a help. She grabbed at the fallen skirt even as Kimberly knelt to cover herself. However, Suzy managed to twist her skirt the wrong way so it bunched and knotted about Kimberly's hips. Thanks to Suzy's help, Kimberly's skirt was completely useless in covering her stocking clad legs. It only added to the show and heightened my enjoyment of sheer panties, nylons and garters!

On their return, the girls excused themselves for the night. Whispering in my ear as we said goodbye, Suzy asked, "How's that for starters?"


I was totally hooked. Suzy was gorgeous, sexy, and we were totally in love! Her playful personality took on a bit of the devil as she shared in my growing fantasies. I discovered just how much she enjoyed the games one night when we planned a “study date” in the science hall alongside my fraternity house. For steady couples without wheels, this was a simple way to be alone. It was not uncommon to see a couple getting romantic next door and then they would close the blinds or just turn off the lights in the classroom.

I shared my room with two other guys and it was not the place to frolic, especially when my frat put on one of our Thursday night parties, with a local band, to start the weekend early. We decided to start at the party and then go next door to “study”, allowing us to pretend to be good students.

Suzy showed up at the frat house looking pretty as always in a short blue jumper that was quite sexy in an innocent way. The bodice snugged about her upper waist and the shoulder straps were widely spaced, perfectly framing her full breasts beneath the semi-sheer white blouse she wore as they buttoned in front.

Suzy was accustomed by now to flash her nylons and the guys without dates were very attentive as we sat on a couch in the party room. She had a way of teasing that drove them crazy. Carefully tugging her short skirt down to cover the tops of her nylons, she would turn this way and that, letting her skirt slowly ride up her thighs. Then, as if by accident, she would laugh at some joke and cross her legs, momentarily displaying a wide expanse of her glistening nylons. And when we danced, her dress settled modestly above her knees until she would suddenly spin about, letting the hemline float up gaily almost to her garters, seemingly without a care.

After an hour or so, we decided to head next door. To my surprise, Suzy actually made a point of announcing our plans, knowing full well that my fraternity brothers would take notice and be watching. We found an empty classroom on the second floor opposite the frat house. We pulled two chairs close together and settled in. Suzy’s skirt slid generously up one thigh to expose several inches of the dark welt of her stocking. However, I studiously avoided fooling around at first as we both opened our books and began to study.

Suzy’s skirt was an open invitation as she read her book and I eventually reached down and softly began to fondle her knee. Soon I began sliding her skirt farther up her stockinged thighs. As I reached the glistening nylon tops, I felt the clasps of her garters beneath my fingers and continued to pull her skirt higher up her thighs. As her nylons slid increasingly into view, she allowed them to remain on display.

Suzy was quite used to this by now and the open blinds facing my fraternity house didn’t give her the least pause. She glanced briefly out the window and noticed several of my fraternity brothers in their rooms next door, fully aware that they could see her stockings.

"I can stop if you want me to." I offered.

"Stop what?" she countered with just a hint of a smile and continued reading her book.

From then on, my fantasy began without another word spoken! We sat casually full view of my fraternity mates as I toyed with her glistening nylons when a wild fantasy came to mind. Sliding my hand back down her leg, I parted her thighs slightly and tugged gently on her skirt. Slowly her skirt worked higher up her thighs. The hemline of Suzy's jumper rose until her tightly stretched nylons were almost completely exposed!

I slid my hand across her lap, boldly uncovering the rest of her nylons and gartered thighs. Suzy's stocking clad legs lay exposed to my view all the way up to her panties and I found myself staring at a lacy pale blue lace garter belt stretched tautly above her stocking tops. I was now getting excited as she allowed me to play my game, pretending to be unaware of her disarray.

With her sheer shiny dark nylons fully exposed, I shifted my attention to her blouse. Reaching back, I rested my arm around her shoulder, toying with the strap of her jumper until is slipped down by her elbow. Even as it fell, Suzy shrugged and slipped her arm free of the jumper strap and let it fall by her waist! The bodice of her jumper accented the thrust of her bra-clad breasts and revealed the outline of her bra through her soft white blouse.

With growing excitement, I pulled Suzy closer. Far from objecting to my advance, Suzy crossed her legs, exposing still more of her pale blue garter straps and pressed her bare stockinged thigh against my leg. She leaned ever so slightly against me as I reached down to play with the buttons of her filmy white blouse! Making short work of the first button and then a second, I soon found myself staring at the growing cleavage above her pert full breasts.

From experience, this would have been the time that we should have closed the blinds or at last turned off the lights. Yet, despite the widening display of Suzy’s stockings and garters, she sat totally submissive as my fingers toyed with her blouse and loosed a third button on her blouse. Despite the darkened rooms from my fraternity house, we both knew full well that we were being watched. But willing as I was to keep going, I had to make the honest gesture and mumbled in her ear that we were not really alone.

To my amazement, Suzy set her book aside and turned to kiss me full on the lips, uncrossing her legs and displaying the full expanse of her lovely dark stockings and gartered thighs! We kissed in the bright neon light of the classroom and I pulled her blouse apart to expose an incredibly sheer blue lace bra. Nestled in the frame of her open blouse, her bra-clad breasts thrust out erotically over the tight bodice of her cotton jumper.

“What I don’t see, I don’t know.” she whispered with a cryptic smile. “Let’s have some fun!”

Softly, I started to fondle her breasts and nudged the remaining shoulder strap of her jumper down until it fell slipped past her elbow. Suzy pulled her arm free and gently broke away from my embrace. Then she retrieved her book and once more began to study as if nothing had happened, brazenly leaving her blouse wide open and her skirt hiked up nearly to her hips for the benefit of the watchers next door.

I struggled to match her composure, taking up my own book and pretended to study once more. In silent agreement, we slowly continued her striptease, pretending not to know we were being voyeured by my fraternity brothers. She edged even closer against me and allowed me to loose the last remaining button of her blouse. My fingers wandered down across Suzy’s breast and when I touched her nipple, her cheeks began to flush. To my amazement, she was becoming even more turned on than me!

Suzy's blouse now lay completely open across her breasts. I tugged one last time and it fell from her shoulders. At the same time, I pushed the bodice of her jumper down to her waist! Her breasts were cradled in the skimpiest of lace and now almost completely exposed to view, captivatingly nestled in her incredibly low-cut lace bra! I slid my hand farther down, stroking her hardening nipples through the thin lace bra cups.

Incredibly, Suzy continued to ignore my advances, even as she allowed herself to be slowly undressed. I continued to fondle her breasts with one hand and then reached down to her skirt with the other. I stroked the smooth bands of her stocking tops and the tabs of her frilly garters. Suzy’s skirt lifted completely off her legs as I pulled it right up to her panties. Her luscious dark nylon stockings and the lacy blue suspenders of her garter belt were now totally exposed!

As I gently began stroking her exposed nipples with one hand, I reached over and slid my free hand deep between her thighs against her sheer nylon panties! Almost as a last defense, Suzy kept on reading her book and ignored the total exposure of her bra-clad breasts, nylon stockings, and gartered thighs. But her excitement at becoming an exhibitionist took control.

To this day, it’s amazing what we will dare in our youth! Knowing she was being watched, Suzy quietly put down her book and reached up to kiss me as her skirt evaporated beneath her. I could only stare in amazement as Suzy chose to flaunt her sheer pale blue lingerie for all to see.

Her lacy garter belt hugged her slender thighs and pulled tautly against the wide smooth bands of her glistening chocolate brown nylons. Her garters disappeared beneath her sheer blue panties, almost lifting them away to hint at what lay beneath. Suzy simply lay back, her full breasts half exposed in the sheer cups of her matching lace bra. Lastly, and most exciting of all, her lovely dark nylon stockings stretched incredibly smooth about her long shapely legs, hitched tautly about her trim slender thighs by the shiny silver clasps of her frilly blue lace garter belt.

Suzy had offered me more than I could imagine and I could only offer the same. I quickly stepped away and shut off the lights and turned back as Suzy pushed down her bra, allowing her breasts to finally burst free of her skimpy bra caps, nipples hard for my touch. Then she smiled in the shadows of the streetlights.

Looking down, I drank in the sight of her exposed stockings and garters. Suzy's sheer bikini panties accented her hips. The glistening dark bands of her nylons stretched smooth and wide about her thighs and accented the pale creamy tan of her upper legs. Her lacy garter belt only accented her lovely display and Suzy rose to embrace me in the dark and out of sight of those that wanted to watch, but no longer could.



In the short space of time since I’d met Suzy, my fantasies had surpassed my wildest expectations. Yet this became a flight to remember as I boarded a late night flight back to school after Thanksgiving. In the darkness of the tarmac as I approached the plane, I saw a really sharp looking blond in a white fur parka just ahead. She started up the ladder and the wind blew at her short flared skirt.

A sudden gust lifted her skirt up nearly to her panties and her hemline billowed out to reveal her pale white thighs sheathed in a pair of smoky black nylon stockings. I gaped at the sudden flash of her silky nylons and the straps of a black lace garter belt before she managed to push her skirt down and board the plane.

The plane was nearly empty at that hour and after we took off, I quickly noted that she sat alone near the back. With nothing to lose, I moved back and asked if she’d like some company for the flight. She nodded her agreement at my suggestion and slid over to the window seat, demurely tucking in short skirt, but letting the hem settle casually about her graceful thighs.

To my great fortune, she was a freshman at my university. Incredibly, she even knew my girl, Suzy, being hall mates in the same dorm. Our conversation was soon quite friendly as we talked about her excitement with college life. Over dinner, Melanie's skirt started to ride up along her thighs. Her dusky stocking tops started to creep out from beneath her skirt, but she carefully tugged the hem down to avoid giving me a show.

Afterwards, the lights dimmed and the stewardess came to remove our trays. The sixties were great for college kids and I was able to order drinks without any questions. Melanie giggled, but the stewardess just smiled and left. As Melanie sipped at her cocktail, she began to relax, letting her skirt ride up again. Once again her nylons began to edge out from beneath her short hemline.

As we talked, her skirt rode higher and her garters bulged enticingly through the thin miniskirt. Finishing her drink, Melanie closed her eyes and dozed off. In the closeness of our adjoining seats, it was all too easy to start pulling the "too-short" hemline even higher along her creamy thigh and I began to enjoy the widening expanse of glistening nylon as her stockings became more and more exposed.

Melanie moved in her sleep and her skirt edged higher. Her nylons became increasingly visible and her skirt slid upward until I enjoyed a wide expanse of her stocking tops and even a hint of the silvery clasps of her garter belt, tugging at her glistening nylons. Her stockings were now almost completely exposed and the lacy straps of her garter belt hovered tantalizingly just beneath the hem of her dress.

After a while, Melanie turned and opened her eyes, but never noticed her exposure. As she awoke, she reached down to the floor for her book. I held my breath, but she didn't seem to notice her exposure. Instead, she reached up to snap on the light and her skirt pulled up even higher about her hips.

She gave her skirt a short tug as she opened her book, but as she crossed her legs, it slid up once more, leaving almost all of her stockings in plain view. The edge of her skirt stretched across the seat against me and I gave it another tug as she read. Her hemline slid smoothly up to expose Melanie's garters once again.

In just a few minutes, I had pushed her skirt away from her stockings until almost all of her nylons and garters showed! Melanie’s hand dropped to her lap and touched her bared nylons, but instead of covering her display, her fingers idly traced a pattern across her stocking tops. She paid no attention to her exposure and never noticed my widening stare.

About halfway through the long flight, Melanie decided to freshen up just as we hit some turbulence. She stood up and almost fell into my lap as she tried to step past my legs. Her skirt tightened and I could see the outline of her garter belt through her skirt. Then she reached for her handbag and her skirt rose up almost to her panties! Her stockings and lacy black garter straps slid delightfully into view I found myself staring at her glistening black stocking tops, trim garter tabs, and a generous expanse of her wispy black suspenders. The show as all too brief, but as she pranced down the aisle, the memory of her nylons and garters hung in my mind.

When she returned, I started to rise, but she told me not to bother. As she stepped across my lap, the curtain rose once more to expose her stockings. Then she paused and reached up to put her purse back on the shelf, allowing me to gaze appreciatively at her glistening stocking tops and the garters hugging her tanned thighs.

Just then the plane lurched again. Instinctively I grabbed Melanie's leg to keep her from falling. The hem of her skirt settled over my hand and my fingers suddenly touched the taut elastic of her garter straps. She recovered quickly, but couldn't help notice that my hand rested against her stocking tops. Yet, reaching back up, Melanie grabbed for a pillow and allowed her skirt to rise before my eyes! Her glistening black stockings and lacy garters slid back into view! The short hemline danced above her stocking tops and I gazed in fascination at the small pink roses embroidered on the black satin bows covering her garters.

Melanie's skirt dropped as she slid back into her seat, carefully tucking her short skirt down about her knees. Then she looked me squarely in the eye.

"I'm glad you like my legs!" she observed and I withered in embarrassment.

But before I could respond, Melanie sat back and casually crossed her legs, letting her short skirt slide up her thighs. Her long tapered stocking clad legs were fully exposed to my gaze. The dusky nylons shone in the dim cabin light, smoothly taut about her thighs, held snugly in place by the elastic straps of her frilly black garter belt.

She just giggled as I struggled to apologize. After a bit, she not only forgave me, but even tucked up the hem of her skirt back up, displaying her stockings to my view.

Melanie, it turned out, was among that rare breed of liberated young college girls in that day and age who enjoyed dressing up and also enjoyed the attention of those who appreciated it! For whatever reason, she was glad we’d met and was more than willing to stay in touch at school.

Our flight ended with the memory of her skirt hiked up to mid-thigh, leaving me an uninterrupted view of her nylon clad legs and lacy black garters, but what followed was far more exciting than I ever could have expected.

I bought my girl some garters,
From the local five and ten,
She gave them to her mother,
I won't see them again!

I had worked in the accounting office as the director for over 4 years before transferring to my current position.  I had a very friendly relationship with my staff, but never crossed the line between business and pleasure.  We were all very friendly, but in a professional way.  On my last Friday in the department, I went out with the staff, sort of a going away party.  For the most part, my staff was female, mostly 30-something women.  There were a couple that I considered attractive, but I never acted on it.  Well, the night of my going away party, that all changed.

Jill was a very attractive mother of two.  Not a model or anything, but still beautiful.  We had worked close on several projects, and I respected her opinion when it came to her department.  Everyone was drinking and dancing, when I felt a tap on my shoulder.  Jill "cut-in" and started to dance with me.  Looking back, I guess I thought it odd that while most people were in jeans or business casual dress, Jill was in a short black skirt and white silk blouse.  A little over dressed, but I thought nothing of it.  As we danced, Jill would brush against me, pressing her breasts against me, sliding her thighs over my "excitement".  As we danced for a while, she slid her hands along her thighs, lifting her skirt a bit.  To my amazement I saw she was wearing stocking and garters.  I've always liked stockings, and maybe sometime had mentioned it, but I couldn't remember.  I turned red as I realized she had caught me looking.  She moved closer to me, and assured me I had nothing to be embarassed about, that she had worn the stockings and skirt for me.  I looked at her, puzzled at first, wondering just what she meant, and why she would wear them for me.  Well, I got the surprise of my life after that, as before I could react, she was kissing me, hard, deep, and passionately.  I felt foolish, confused, but excited.  What a rush.  I don't know how long we kissed, but after what seemed like an eternity, it was over, and Jill was running from the club.  No, not  a Cinderella story.  Jill was embarrassed as she realized everyone was looking at us, and she would now be the focus of the office grapevine. 

Shocked, I went back to the bar, and had a drink.  After everyone's shock passed, I asked where Jill had gone.  Her best friend told me she was outside, crying.  Not wanting to look apparent, I waited until some time passed, then went out to be with Jill.  She apologized, I told her not to, it wasn't necessary.  I looked into her eyes, smiled, and told her thank you, then pulled her close, and kissed her.  We embraced for quite a while, and my hands began to caress her ass, and her thighs.  The thought of those stockings wouldn't leave my mind.  After a while, Jill coyly looked at me and asked if I liked them.  When I told her it was one of the sexiest things I could remember seeing in a long while, she took me by the hand, and took me to her car. 

Jill lived about 3 blocks from the club.  She drove me there, not a word was spoken.  She led me to the apartment.  We entered the dark room, where she turned on a table lamp.  There was enough light to see, but not an overabundance of light.  Jill returned to me, and told me that the thought of me seeing her stockings was getting her excited also.  Again, we embraced and kissed.  Long, deep, passionate.  I felt Jill pull away.  When I reached for her, she stopped me, and only smiled.  She turned on some jazz, something light and low.  She turned and looked at me, a look that told me to "hang on"... this was going to be good.  Jill's body started to sway with the music, slowly, sultry.  She began to do a striptease in front of me, starting with her silk blouse.  The feathery blouse soon floated to the floor, soon followed by the black skirt.  There she stood in front of me, white lace bra, white garter belt, black stockings and heels.  Jill continued to move, but not stripping.  I approached her, taking her in my arms and kissing her.  We caressed each other, slow dancing in her apartment.  In a while, her bra was with her blouse and skirt on the floor, my shirt open, our breasts pressed together, our lips locked in a kiss. 

I picked Jill up, and carried her to her bed, where we spent the rest of the night, just Jill, me, and her stockings.....  

.... and for those of you that think I made this up..... romance does happen... and it DID that night!

FRECKLES, A FABLE  September's Winner

By Tanker

I am a happy man because of an intentionally misdirected gift of a pair of expensive designer stockings by my secretary.

It began last year and found me sitting in the living room of a lovely woman in her mid 40s, a glass of bubbly Veuve Cliquot champagne in my hand, a Chopin etude on the CD-player filling the room with romantic sound.

She was wearing a white silk dressing gown, smoothing the stockings in question over her exquisite legs and deftly gartering them to a minuscule, lacy garter belt.

She was a co-worker named Anne McKenna. She had lovely red hair that softly framed her oval face, green eyes that bespoke her Irish roots and a smile that could melt stones.

She gave me the full benefit of her those eyes and smile as she smoothed on the second stocking and whispered, “I never had a pair of designer stockings before, thank you!”

I leaned over and kissed her, noticing for the 500th time the sprinkling of freckles that dusted her cheeks, shoulders and the tops of her breasts that nicely filled the top of whatever filmy thing she was wearing under the robe.

Now, here’s the rub.

I had bought those stockings for another Anne!

That other Anne was a flashy, sexy career woman I had met months before Anne McKenna whirled into my life on the wings of a full-blown commercial disaster.

I had felt Anne-the-First and I were an “item” as they say, and I knew Anne-the-Second only as a bright, efficient and low-keyed administrative assistant to the operations manager.

I would soon find out that she had the initiative and command sense of the finest generals I had ever served under during my years in the Army.

Putting together hints from articles in The Wall Street Journal and gossip from a friend who worked for a major freight airline, Anne-the-Second had foreseen a labor dispute threatening our air cargo carrier some months before the strikers shut it down.

She reported it to the operations manager and he pooh-poohed it, so when the strike hit, we were left facing ruin because a massive order that needed to reach a major California manufacturer over night was languishing on the ground, apparently destined to stay there for weeks.

At 6 p.m. I was tasked with finding some way to get the stuff across the continent by not later than by noon the next day! I should mention that it was about two hours after I got word that Anne-the-First had sent me a letter by courier saying she and a partner at her law firm were flying to Las Vegas to be married.

I looked at the her intended gift that had put a good-sized dent in my credit card balance, and chucked it in my bottom drawer with a few choice words from Army days concerning Anne-the-First and her loyalty, then began to grapple with the transportation trouble.

I decided to begin with the operations section, since I was both emotionally wounded and absolutely ignorant about shipping, I found Anne McKenna gathering up her things at her desk to leave for the day. I outlined the shipping crisis and asked if she had any ideas.

Taking off her coat, she sat down at her desk, pulled out her report that the soon-to-be-ex-operations director had ignored along with a list of other freighters she had called on her own initiative to see if they were willing to accept emergency shipment orders from us should the strike occur. She picked up the phone and began calling them.

Four hours later she had cajoled and finagled enough of the other carriers to put on extra planes or whatever it took to get the order to California by the deadline. She had saved the company.

Later that night, I got with the company president and told him of her role and within two days, the operations honcho was history and Ms. McKenna was in his job, with a healthy raise and an even healthier bonus.

We also began dating, although I was afraid she was going out with me in only in gratitude for my help in her promotion.

My secretary, who knew of Anne-The-First’s gift and betrayal, tried to tell me that that was not the case. That Ms.McKenna thought I was the cat’s meow, but I didn’t listen, although we continued to date infrequently.

A month or so later, I was going through my desk in one of my periodic search-and-locate frenzies for a needed piece of paper, lost amid the forest of other papers inundating my work space.

Paperwork always has been the bane of my life. In the armored cavalry my troop Top Sergeant kept my head above the administrative tide but I was on my own here in civvie street.

Anyway, as I scratched around in my desk drawers, I found the gift-wrapped box of stockings intended for Anne the Terrible, may she develop terminal facial hair or zits!

I cringed as I remembered the card I had written and put inside it: “Darling Ann: I can’t wait to see your dazzling legs in these! Happy Birthday.” I tossed the package aside on my paper-laden credenza and forgot about them until two days later, when Anne McKenna walked into my office, her cheeks aglow with blushes.

“I didn’t know you knew my birthday was today!” She said. Thank you for your gift! Martha brought it to me and told me you might be held up and work and that you wanted to make sure I got it. If you don’t have other plans, why not have dinner with me at my apartment and I’ll open it then. You can help me celebrate reaching the ‘40-something’ category!”

I realized that my secretary, who prided herself as a matchmaker had decided to give things a kick in the shins and jump start my relationship with her friend, knowing full well the stockings were meant for She Who Shall Not Be Named.

I started to blurt out it was all a mistake, but a kindly Providence intervened and I managed to cobble together a fairly suave acceptance and wondered how many ways I could find to murder my secretary.

That night, Anne was beautiful in an understated cocktail dress and sling-pumps, the steaks were delicious, the bubbly ice cold. And then dreaded moment came. She sat down beside me on the sofa and carefully unwrapped the stockings.

She blushed as she held up the lacy froth of a garter belt that accompanied them and then oohed and ahhed over the stockings - she had never seen a pair so sheer, the were lovely, they felt like silk, what wonderful gifts, etc. etc.etc.

And then she read the card. Her blushes deepened. She looked at me and said “I’ll be right back!” and scurried out of the room.

In five minutes, her bedroom door opened, and there she stood in that lovely white silk robe, the new stockings in her hands. She padded to the sofa barefoot, sat down and parting the front of the rob exposing those unending legs, and began to draw them on in that wonderfully rapt, feminine way.

She stood up, and holding the robe apart, modeled them for me, then settled into my lap and we began necking like love-starved teenagers.

Soon, the robe and the frilly whatever under it was in a silky puddle on the floor and all Anne was had on was the garter belt, stockings and a smile. I also was in a state of serious dishabille.

“What now?” she whispered with a smile.

I looked at her. That lovely, freckled face, those delicious breasts with their rosy nipples, her delightful red bush, the luscious legs hazed in dark nylons and said:, “You have an eyebrow pencil?”

Dumbstruck, she looked at me. “Yes, why?”

“Go get it, this is the first time I have ever made love to a beautiful, sexy, red-haired, freckled woman in the most expensive stockings I have ever seen and I want to mark this moment by indulging in my life-long fantasy of playing ‘Connect-The-Freckles’ on her body!”

She broke into a big grin, rose to her feet and got the pencil.

We played Connect-the-Freckles until other forms of entertainment rapidly intruded. In fact, we played Connect the Freckles several more times that evening! I found it a pastime worth indulging over and over again!

After lunch the next day, I called in my secretary and told her I was giving her a raise, although I called it a finder’s fee.

“What’d I find?” she said. “You found Ann Mckenna for me, didn’t you.” “Not until she told me she was crazy about you and that you wouldn’t give her the time of day,” she replied. Then she kissed me on the cheek and murmured, “All I did for you was to redirect that icy bitch’s gift to get you to wake up and see how she adored you. By the way, did you enjoy playing ‘Connect-The-Freckles?’”

A Day of Heavy Stocking Teasing

I’m a forty-something woman, five foot seven in height
with shapely legs, and I love wearing sheer stockings
with garters. 

I owe a debt of gratitude to my first boyfriend Frank
( who is my husband now) for teaching me the power of
stockings and garters. It happened back in 1978. My
boyfriend loved for me to wear reinforced heel and toe
stockings with, garters, short skirts and sandals all
the time. I did this for him often, but I told him he
was weird. So he challenged me to wear one of his
favorite outfits to work. “You’ll see how much
attention you get”, he said.

So one day I decided to try it. I started with my pink
panties and garter belt---it had 6 metal garter tabs
and short straps so I could wear long stockings with
it. Then I put on a pair of gray stockings—they were
non-stretch and had large and dark reinforced heels
and toes. I then put on a very short form-fitting
peach dress that he loved. Well, a bit of the dark
stocking tops showed as I checked myself out in the
mirror. My nipples did show quite a bit, so I put on a
bra. However this caused about 3 inches of my stocking
tops to show---even the “Cosmo’s Bare Legs Deluxe”
insignia showed as I stood there. So off with the
bra—I’d wear a sweater for modesty’s sake. I topped
off the outfit with a pair of dainty backless high
heel sandals—these sandals were peach color, and let
all of my dark reinforced heels and toes show. My red
toenails looks pretty good through the dark stocking
toes. As a final touch I put on the thick gold ankle
bracelet he had given me—I hoped it would discourage
guys from hassling me.

I lived at home at the time (I was only 19), so I had
to sneak out of the house so my mother wouldn’t see me
showing off my legs like this.

As I walked to the bus stop, I could feel someone
looking at my legs. It was our neighbor, Mr. Smith. He
was older, in his late 30’s I guess, and was very
attentive and chatty as we waited for the bus. We got
on the bus and sat in a forward facing seat. “That’s a
very flattering outfit you have on there”, he said,
leering at my thighs. I had forgotten that this dress
rides up quite a bit when I sat down. All 5 inches of
my dark gray stocking tops, and even my metal garter
tabs, showed as we sat there. “ I know I should have
worn pantyhose with this dress”, I said, blushing.
“Oh, you look great. You know that I like my wife to
wear stockings, but all she wears now are pantyhose.
It’s a shame!” “Well, my boyfriend dared me to wear
this outfit to work. I guess I should have worn a
longer stockings”, I said. “Well, those stockings are
a really nice color. And your sandals are very nice
too”, he said. I noticed a large bulge in his pants. “
My boyfriend loves it when my dark reinforced heels
and toes show. I think he’s nuts.” I slid my feet out
of my sandals and propped them up on a horizontal bar
on the seat back that was about 1 foot off the floor,
and asked him, “don’t you think sandalfoot hose are
better with sandals?”. “Not at all, you look perfect
just the way you are. Your ankle bracelet looks really
good with the darker stocking heel”. As I was pulling
up my stocking tops so my garter snaps wouldn’t show,
I heard Mr. Smith groan and noticed a large stain on
his crotch. “You are just so sexy”, he said. As we got
off the bus, he handed me a $50 bill and said, “you
can use this to buy some pantyhose, but I think you
should stick to stockings. There’s nothing like them’.

There was a hosiery store at the ferry terminal, and I
decided to get some pantyhose. As I walked in, I could
see the male clerk checking out my legs. “You look
very nice today. What can I do for you?” he asked. “I
think I need pantyhose with this outfit. I have
stockings on and the tops show too much when I sit
down”, I said. “Well, I can give you my opinion if you
just take a seat over there”. There was a very
comfortable looking chair towards the back of the
store. I went over and sit down, trying to minimize my
stocking top display. “It’s a recliner. Go ahead and
try it. You’ll love it”. As I reclined, my dress rode
up to show off my garter tabs. “I see what you mean”,
he said, smiling. “Stockings are very sexy and
feminine, and they are perfect with that dress and
sandals. How about trying a lighter pair of stockings?
The tops won’t be as noticeable”. “I suppose”, I
replied reluctantly. He brought a box of stockings
over and held up a pair. “These are beige. Why don’t
you try them?” “Someone might walk in” “Don’t worry,
They won’t be able to see you back here”. “OK, let me
try one leg for now”, I said. I unhooked my 3 garter
snaps on my left leg-the one without the ankle
bracelet, kicked off my sandals, and slid the gray
stocking down. I felt pretty tarty, sitting in the
recliner with my legs on full display. I slid on the
beige stocking, positioning the reinforced toe and
heel correctly. As I pulled it up, I noticed the huge
bulge in the clerk’s pants. “I hope this isn’t
bothering you too much”, I said as I fastened the
garters at the very top of the hose. “Well, you are
the picture of perfection”, he said as he slid my
sandals on my feet. I stood up to compare the 2
stockings in a full-length mirror. “You’re right about
the lighter color”, I said. The beige stocking top was
not nearly as noticeable as the gray one, although a
good 3 inches of it showed as I stood there. “No one
will notice your stocking tops unless they get pretty
close to you”, he said. I noticed he was rubbing his
crotch a bit. “I got a idea. Let me help you on with
the other one, and I’ll give you some other pairs for
free.” “OK, but behave”, I said, smiling. I sat down
again and reclined, slipping off my sandals, and he
leaned over me and expertly undid my right garter
snaps. “We’ll have to remove my ankle bracelet, “ I
said. He held my stocking foot as I carefully removed
the bracelet. “Your boyfriend is a very lucky guy:’ he
said as I slid the gray stocking off my foot. He then
put the beige stocking on my foot and slid it up my
leg, attaching the garters very carefully. “The
Albert’s logo on the stocking top is very sexy, you
know”, he said. He had a raging hardon now and his
eyes were glassy. I pointed my toes as I put my ankle
bracelet back on. Then I gently pulled on my stocking
tops in a mock attempt to hide my garters. This was
apparently too much for him, and I heard him groan.
“It’s so sexy when you pull on your stocking tops like
that”, he said, trying to hide the big stain in his
pants. I got off the chair, put on my sandals and went
to the counter. He gave me 3 boxes of stockings.
“These are like the ones you have on now. I gave you 3
tan, 3 gray and 3 black pairs. Please come back soon
and I’ll give you more.”

I left the store and got on the ferryboat. I was
definitely being looked at by lots of guys, so I began
to suspect that my stocking tops showed more than the
clerk said they would. Anyway, I found my boyfriend,
Frank, upstairs on the boat. “I can’t believe how sexy
you look,” he said. I sat down, slid off my sandals
and told him about my neighbor and the clerk in the
hosiery store. I asked Frank to rub my thighs as I
placed my legs over his knee. The boat wasn't too
crowded, so I was able to show off all of my beige
stockings, all the way to my garter tabs. Frank asked
me to rub him, but I decided to try something else on
him. “ These stocking tops are showing way too much.
Let me see if I can pull them up.” With that, I
stretched out my left leg, pointed my reinforced toes,
and gently pulled my stocking tops tight. As I fiddled
with my garter tab, Frank moaned and I knew I had
claimed another victim! “Your legs and feet look so
perfect”, he said. 

I started to realize that pulling on my stocking tops
and pointing my reinforced toes had an explosive
effect on men. In just one morning I had managed to
cause 3 men to stain their pants without me touching
any of them!

Frank walked me to work. As I entered the office, I
knew everyone was looking at me. Erica, a 20 something
woman with a good figure came over and complimented
me. “Nice dress. Those are stockings, no? Very hot.”
“I have some other pairs if you’d like to change”, I
said. “ I’ll need a garter belt. I can get one at

Then Stacy, the big boss’s secretary, came over and,
looking at me disapprovingly told me that Mr. Jones
wanted to see me. I went into his office and sat down,
trying to cover my stocking tops. “Let’s sit out on
the balcony. I have something to ask you”, he said.
The balcony was big and had a great view. “ I couldn’t
help but notice how nice you look in that outfit. You
have a very nice figure, you know.”
“Thanks” I said, “I’m afraid that these stockings
don’t quite go with this dress, though”, I said. “You
mean Pantyhose, don’t you? Women don’t seem to wear
stockings anymore’, he said in a lamenting tone. “No I
mean stockings. My boyfriend dared me to wear
stockings to work today. I’ve attracted a lot of
attention, I’m afraid”. I crossed my leg, causing my
entire right stocking top to show, all the way to the
garter tabs. “ Well, I just want you to know that you
look absolutely heavenly in that outfit. I
particularly like how your toenails show through your
stockings. And that ankle bracelet looks great with
your darker stocking heel.” With that I slid off my
sandals. “I’d love to rub your feet”. “Well you can
rub my feet and my legs too, but not past my stocking
tops” I said. I took off my sweater and let him see
that my nipples were erect. I felt totally sexy as he
rubbed my feet, ankles and then my stocking tops. I
started pointing my toes as he rubbed my legs. This
went on for at most 3 minutes before that telltale
groan. “ I guess you could say ’Bingo,!’” he said as
he sat back. 
As I slid into my sandals and went back to my desk, I
started thinking how I had caused 4 guys to come in
their pants without me even touching them. I started
to really understand the incredible effect stockings
seem to have on men. Well, I went out to lunch with
Erica. I brought along a pair of the gray stockings I
had gotten that morning. Erica led me to a department
store so she could get a garter belt. “Yours is pretty
hot with those metal garter tabs” she said. She bought
a black a garter belt with metal garter tabs. “I
brought along a pair of stockings for you”, I said.
“Great, I’ll change in the ladies room.

Erica came out looking very hot. The gray stocking
tops showed a bit below her short green skirt, and the
massive gray reinforced heels looked good with her
sling-back heels. We ate at a nearby restaurant and
the waiter was nice enough to charge us for only one
meal. I guess the views of our stocking tops and feet
earned us a discount!

We went back to work. Erica told me later that her
boss, a guy in his 50’s, had her in his office. She
gave him some nice views of her legs and even slid off
her shoes so he could see her reinforced heels and
toes. She claims that she negotiated a 10% raise! 

The trip home was pretty eventful. The heel on my
sandal broke off just before I got to the ferry, so I
threw out the sandals and decided to go home in my
stocking feet! I had a short walk to the ferry and did
notice 3 guys following me. One of these guys sat
across from me on the boat and my toe pointing and
stocking top adjusting got him before long. Another
guy then sat next to me and suggested we sit outside.
“I’ll make it worth your while”, he said. So we went
outside and he helped me to sit up on a life preserver
box. He stood facing me and offered me $20 to point my
toes and fuss with my stocking tops, “like you did
inside”. So I did, till he shuddered in a thunder. I
told him I needed to go to the ladies room to change
my stockings. “They have some runs in them”, I noted.
“You can do it here. No one will see”, he suggested.
So I did, opting for a pair of the gray stockings the
clerk in the Albert’s store had given me that morning.
I carefully removed my ankle bracelet and then
ungartered my stocking. I slid on the gray one, and
pointed my toes as I attached my garters. Another guy
came over and watched. “I know him. He’s harmless” the
guy who gave me the twenty said. So I just continued
fussing with my stockings and garters, putting on the
other one. “Can I help you with your ankle bracelet?”,
my latest victim asked. “Sure, but don’t touch my
legs, ok?” I replied. He carefully attached the
bracelet, noting, “your feet are so sexy in these
stockings. I love your darker toes and heels’. I
pointed my toes for him and this caused him to stain
his pants.

I claimed a final victim on the bus. I think it was a
combination of my sexy shoeless legs and my taut
nipples--- The Air Conditioner was on full blast and I
know my nipples were on full display though my dress!

I am not nearly as daring with my stocking tops as I
was at age 19, but I still enjoy causing a “stir” with
my long legs, short skirts, sheer stockings and
sandals. My husband is very good about this. When he
gets a little jealous, I do remind him that he’s the
one who started it all.


The company was experiencing some difficult financial times as a result of the economy being slow.  These were the kinds of difficulties that lead to rumors of lay offs and office closings.  Knowing this, I was secretly preparing plans to cut staff when the word came down to cut.  I had to be careful with this project so as not to fuel the rumors further, so I decided it was best to do the work myself, and do it after hours. 


It was the first night of my covert project, and I anticipated everyone would be gone when I came back to the office.  I was surprised to see the lights on, but figured it would just be the cleaning crew.  I was wrong.  I knew my administrative assistant was working on her college degree, but what I didn’t realize was that she was coming back to the office in the evenings to use her computer for homework.  I didn’t mind this, but it did catch me off guard.  I decided that since I was already in the office, I might as well get to the task at hand, so I went ahead and entered the office.


“Jill”, I called out, “what are you doing here?”


Jill jumped and let out a small gasp as I startled he. 


“Oh, Dave, you scared me to death!” she replied once she gained control of herself.  “I hope you don’t mind, I’m doing some homework for my class”


I told her that it was alright, and that I just had not expected to see her there.  Then, to keep from being put on the defensive about being there myself, I explained to her that I had some important work that needed done and decided to come in after dinner and get it done this week so I could devote my normal hours to the running of the department.  This seemed to be enough to keep Jill from asking more questions, and we both went to our own desks to work.


Jill is a stereotyped college aged co-ed.  She is full of energy, eager and willing to do whatever job you give her.  She is also what every man would fantasize about when thinking of a beautiful college co-ed.  Jill has long shinny black hair, a near perfect body, not to girlish, not too womanish, but just right.  Her eyes are dark and deep, and she has a complexion that requires little to no makeup.  You could easily see her as a model, though she is probably a little too short to really make a living at it.  Jill is just a great woman to be around, and always lifts your spirits.


We had been there about an hour when I heard Jill’s voice, a little louder than normal, and it sounded upset.  I tried to ignore it, but before I could put it out of my mind, Jill appeared at my door. 


“Dave, I’m going to leave now” she said. 


I could tell by looking at her she was upset.  “Is there anything wrong?” I inquired. 


Jill proceeded to tell me how she was supposed to meet a guy from school and that he had decided at the last minute to cancel. 

“So that explains the skirt?  I wondered why you would come back to the office to do homework dressed like you were going on a date.”


Jill pulled up a chair and sat in front of my desk.  She began talking about all the stress of school, how good looking this guy that had just stood her up was, and how she really had wanted to go out to relax.  As she sat there, she crossed her legs several times.  I was fighting hard to maintain eye contact with Jill as she talked, moving in her chair.  When she first sat down, I couldn’t help notice the tan stockings she was wearing.  As she sat, the short skirt moved up her slender thigh, exposing the dark top to her stocking, and from that point on, that is all I had on my mind.  She was wearing a tan colored skirt and a white silk blouse.  She was very attractive in this outfit, and her high heels completed this picture of perfection.  I realized as we talked that I had to keep moving my eyes back to Jill’s, which meant that I must be obvious in my glances to her wonderful legs.  I began to feel my face blush a bit after several times of having to consciously refocusing my eyes to Jill’s.


Finally, Jill got up from her seat and started walking toward the door.  I could not tell you anything we talked about, as my mind was on how lovely Jill looked, and those wonderful stockings on her legs.  When she reached the door to my office, Jill turned and asked “Dave, would you like to go for a drink?” then she gave me a wink.


I think I turned 3 shades of red, then asked why she would ask her boss out for a drink.  “Don’t you think that would cause office gossip?” I asked.


“No more than already goes on” Jill replied.  “Half the office already thinks you and I are a topic, and I don’t see any harm in a drink”.  As Jill talked, her hand was sliding along her hip, toward the hem of her short skirt.  Jill’s eyes somehow changed in that moment.  I no longer was seeing Jill the Administrative Assistant & college student.  No, now I was seeing the deepest, darkest most seductive eyes I’ve ever seen in a woman. 


“And besides Dave” she continued, “ I know you like these stockings”


I instinctively looked to Jill’s legs, and saw that she had slid her skirt up her thigh, exposing the tops of her stocking, and just a hint of tender exposed flesh on her thigh.  I was speechless for what seemed an eternity, but was actually only a few seconds.


“I’ve really got work to do Jill” I mumbled, “I really should stay here”


“Fine”, she whispered, “we’ll stay here then”


I looked surprised as Jill’s words reached my ears.  Before I knew what was happening, the lights went dim.  My office was only dimly lit by the lamp on my desk now.  Jill closed my door and walked toward me.  My logical self was telling me to get out of there fast, that this could cost me my job.  But the lustful guy inside me won out, and I stayed.  Jill walked around my desk, leaned back against it and told me to continue working.  I could smell her perfume and the thought of her shapely legs in those stockings filled my head.  I felt Jill’s hand take mine, and lead it to her leg.  Slowly she moved my hand, up, then down, then around her leg.  I felt a surge between my legs, one I had not felt for a very long time.  I wanted Jill more than ever.  Her hands took my other hand, and moved it to her other leg, then she led my hands under her skirt.  As I pulled Jill closer to me, she leaned down and we kissed. 


That was the latest I’ve ever “worked” in the office.  I’ve never been one to work late, until that night.  Now, I’m a confirmed night owl when it comes to work.  And as for Jill, I removed her from the list of those to terminate.  She graduated from college and now is a Project Leader in my group…….. and I strongly encouraged her to continue her graduate studies, and I gladly assist her with her “homework” several nights each week!

MODERN GIRLS August's winner

By Tanker

(Again with apologies to all poets anywhere!)


Oh modern dame, hear my passion’d plea!

Nylon those bare legs, I petition thee.

For stockings add mystery and allure

To women who revel in their feminity.

‘Tis hot, I know, in August’s snare

But be strong! Do not despair,

For Glamour never goes leg-bare!

Be kind and yield up comfortable ease

For we men who love nylons. Please?


By Tanker

(With apologies to the English Romantic poets!)


When in her stockings Mercedes goes,

Desire is caught up in her hose.

Nylon’s shiny gleams in her eyes reflected,

Her languorous smile, passion perfected.

From shadowed heel to gartered top,

Her silken charms leave us mazed, all alop.

Others may pose in seductive deshabille

But all fall short of the breathless thrill

That comes from seeing enchanting Mercedes

Posing in her stockings and teddies!

60’s Stockings - Night Time Voyeur

I kept close track of Jonna after my fascinating introduction in the school talent show tryouts. Whether I was just lucky or whether I just tried harder to find them, the several girls I'd gotten to know were simply incredible! In reflection, I am absolutely convinced that as skirts grew shorter before stockings turned to pantyhose, the early sixties was a "golden age" for guys like me who loved classic stockings and garters.

Back to school after Christmas, our talent show practices started up in earnest. Jonna and I had gotten to know each other backstage work and I spent more time with her, but the next phase of our relationship developed quite by accident. I finally got my driver license! Halfway through our practice schedule, I had my parents' car and offered her a ride home one night.

We were actually the last to leave and as she came out of the dressing room. I was just putting away the school's Polaroid camera. She asked what it was for and I explained that one of my jobs was taking publicity shots for the show. Then, just for a joke, I added, "I also shoot pictures for the cast scrapbook. Want to pose for a couple of shots?"

"I'm not even in costume!" she retorted. Even so, she played the game and struck a playful pose, leaning back on the stage decorations.

"Actually, if I was looking for a picture, you'd have to show a bit more than that!" I continued.

To my surprise, Jonna playfully followed up on our first encounter and slowly hiked up the hem of her skirt almost to the tops of her nylons. I snapped the picture. It was cute, but didn't show anything.

She giggled and asked how it looked. "So, so." I responded. "But not bad for a beginner."

"Beginner, huh?" she answered and proceeded to slide her skirt up to what she thought was the limit of modesty. Sitting on the stage before me, Jonna's stockings and gartered thighs flashed into view, beautifully displayed and I snapped the shot delightful result before she knew what she had shown!

She saw my response, but didn't understand why. Sitting above me on the platform, her short skirt was hiked up right past her stocking tops! Her garter straps and glistening stocking tops were highlighted against her pale creamy thighs as she mischievously crossed her legs for another picture!

I didn't realize that Jonna was interested in me and she was actually trying to get me to notice her! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Her dark tan stockings were pulled incredibly taught about her shapely thighs by those same sexy black garters I remembered from our first meeting!

Jonna sat there, playfully thinking she had shocked me as she had during our first meeting. Fortunately, I'd gotten just a bit smarter since the month before and teased her for being chicken about the real thing. It was a really "stupid" thing to say, but I couldn't believe what happened next!

I guess there's nothing so important as having something to prove! With that, Jonna leaned back, crossed her legs once more and posed again. Without her even knowing, her skirt rose up nearly out of sight! I aimed the Polaroid and snapped the picture of her skirt pulled right up to her panties, exposing the tops of her stockings and the long sensuous straps of her lacy black garter belt!

With her head tipped back, she smiled for the camera and I snapped the picture, gaping at the incredible display of glistening nylons, wispy garter belt, and more than a hint of her filmy pink lacy panties!

Of course, we all remember the one drawback of a Polaroid camera - the pictures are processed for viewing! I had thankfully snapped several less revealing shots I could show Jonna for her efforts and stuffed the rest into my pocket before they developed. I later realized she knew better, but at the time, felt very pleased with my "slight-of-hand". Showing her the not-so-revealing pictures, I led her out to my car and a ride home.

It was my first time driving a girl alone and it was a special ride, to say the least. On the way home, Jonna settled close to me and her short skirt split open across her thighs, again exposing her stockings. As can be understood, I took the longest way home I could find! As I drove, I just stared as often as I could without losing control of the car!

Finally, we arrived at her house on the outskirts of town in a new, but still mostly deserted subdivision. I parked up the street by the shell of a half-finished house next door and we even kissed before I finally dropped her off. Jonna actually kissed me "good night", but I was still afraid to make a move or touch her stockinged thighs, let alone try anything more!

I watched her disappear into her house and then just sat there in my car wishing I'd had more courage. Even though Jonna later turned out to be the perfect girl friend, I was too nervous that night to realize it.

Then, just before I started the engine, I saw a light go on in an upstairs room alongside the new house under construction. It suddenly occurred to me that the light might connect to Jonna's room and I admit that although I was too afraid to touch her, I was not too afraid to watch!

The shades were up, and I quickly slipped out of the car and into the adjoining framework. Picking my way through the a of lumber, I climbed up a ladder to the second floor and found a place just opposite the window. It took only a minute or so, but I was rewarded with a close up view of Jonna through her bedroom window, not thirty feet away!

I crouched next door as Jonna walked about the room for a bit and then picked up her phone and dialed a number. While she talked, she casually began to unzip her skirt! I was totally hypnotized by the sight of her black stockings and black garters. Even now, I can't explain the special excitement of seeing the same thing I had photographed secretly displayed anew as her skirt dropped to the floor!

As much I as knew I shouldn't be watching, I couldn't help it as Jonna casually moved about the room, flaunting her stockings and gartered thighs, now accentuated by a full view of Jonna's matching black lace panties! If only we could have had the vidcam technology of the nineties back then!

Just then, pausing in front of her window, Jonna reached up and began to unbutton her blouse! Her blouse opened up, unveiling the ultimate "sixties" sheer black lace bra! Slowly, the blouse slid from her shoulders and she was now virtually naked, but for her nylons and black lingerie! I gaped at her incredible display of stockings and garters, sheer bikini panties, and her barely covered bra clad breasts!

Turning away, Jonna sat at her dressing table while she continued talking on the phone. Absently, she reached down and smoothed the tightly stretched nylon, pulling at the wide bands of her stockings, and hitching her garter straps higher up on her thighs. Then she began brushing her hair, delightfully keeping her lingerie fully intact, nylons and all!

Finally, ending her phone call, Jonna set down her brush and reached behind to loose the clasps of her lacy black bra. Though she faced away from me, I could see everything in the reflection of her bedroom mirror. The spaghetti thin satin straps rested wide on her shoulders and her bra cups were cut so low as to be almost nonexistent!

Then her bra fell away and Jonna let her breasts spill free! Her perfectly shaped young breasts and pert coral pink nipples burst into view, perfectly framed by the underwire cups of her filmy bra before it drifted away to the floor! From that day on, the classic phrase about the "fullness of youth" took on a whole new meaning!

In my excitement, I kept leaning ever farther out of the unfinished window, stupidly thinking to improve my view. Suddenly, one of the boards that held me gave way with a loud CRACK! Jonna started suddenly and looked up, out through her window, directly where I was standing! Her hands instantly covered her breasts as she knelt down and carefully began to approach the open window.

Jonna peered out into the night while I ducked down, cursing the fantasy that had dragged me to almost certain destruction. But just then, a stray dog wandered from the first floor of the building out toward the street light! It immediately caught her attention and Jonna relaxed and stood up again, fully exposed once more as she returned to her dressing table!

Having survived my "moment-of-death", I was even more enthralled by the erotic vision of shiny black stockings, garters, and panties as Jonna prepared for bed. And when she disappeared into her closet, I was finally prepared to escape as quickly as possible back to my car and into the night.

However, I couldn't resist on last glimpse into Jonna's bedroom. What I saw was worth the entire risk! Jonna reappeared tossing a short pale blue nightie onto her bed. I stared, absolutely transfixed at her incredible breasts, panties, and wispy lace garter belt slung low and sexy about her hips. Jonna's glistening black stockings stretched smoothly about her lovely tapered legs, held tautly in place by the long, frilly straps of her black lace garter belt!

Finally, almost in answer to my unbidden command, Jonna turned to face me and, in full view of her window, gently pushed her sheer black lace panties down off her hips!

60’s Stockings - Looking Up Short Skirts!


Junior year brought new opportunities when I finally got to know to Carol. I fondly remembered her from the Holiday concert, but another year brought even shorter skirts. Another thing about her that caught my eye was her causal indifference to showing off. She seemed to enjoy filmy blouses that accented the outline of her bra and always wore skirts that stopped at or above her knees.

We sat across from each other in choir and I soon began watching her every move. Carol had a cute habit of crossing her legs, tugging her skirt down just a bit, and then leaning back, letting her hemline slide up her stocking clad thighs!

Maybe other girls did the same thing, but the results were nowhere close. Carol's dark nylon tops would slide delightfully into view every time! I had begun to realize that some girls just didn't mind showing off! Every so often, she would catch me looking at her and smile back, either not noticing or caring where I was looking.

Either way, her displays continued. The deep tan welts of her stockings were always pulled smooth and taut. Sometimes, I monetarily caught the glimmer of her garters attached to straps of white, pink, or black elastic. Needless to say, class was always far too short. Sometimes I would talk to her afterwards on the way to our next class, but I never had the nerve to ask her out.

But this is all leading up to another of my special memories. We were getting ready for our fall concert and our director asked for volunteers to come in after school and set up the music folders. Carol's hand went up along with a few others and, as you'd guess, so did mine.

While some took care of setting up the folders, Carol and I were left by ourselves to refile extra music in the storage room. From class that day, I had already seen the flash of a black garter belt above her nylons and was certainly hoping to see more.

We both knelt down, sorting the music into piles on the floor. As she leaned this way and that, I found myself staring down into her loose fitting blouse at a sexy looking black lace bra. As much as I enjoyed legs and nylons, this was just to good to pass up!

The longer we worked, the more her bra seemed to slip. Her breasts, while not large, were more than a challenge for the skimpy little bra cups! I snuck a peek at her cleavage one last time and it was time to put the music on the shelves.

We had tons of music at our school and only a rickety stepladder to reach the upper shelves. I started up and almost fell as Carol tried to hold it steady. It became obvious that Carol should climb and I should hold. So, taking a pile of music, she climbed up to start filing. Her knees were almost level with my eyes. I enjoyed the show as her mini-skirt hovered lazily above her knees, barely covering her stocking tops.

Then Carol reached toward a distant file drawer and her pleated skirt rose like a curtain! I gaped at the wide glistening nylon bands and the black suspenders of her garter belt as they slid into view. She stretched farther, allowing me to look right up her skirt.

Then one of her garters snapped loose. She gave out an "Oops!" and announced with a giggle that I should shut my eyes for a bit while she fixed a little problem. I put my hand across my eyes, leaving enough space between my fingers to watch. Right there on the ladder, Carol proceeded to hike up her skirt while she reattached her garter and adjusted her stockings!

I literally froze in place as I stared at the incredible display of smooth dark nylon about her thighs and the loose garter strap dangling sexily against her shapely leg. Carol daintily reached back and hitched the errant garter back into place. All too soon, she smoothed her skirt down and said she was done.

But even then, Carol bent over and coolly ran her hands up each leg, smoothing both stockings until they were adjusted to her satisfaction. She didn't even seem to mind as I watched her casually pulling the dark welts just a bit higher on her thighs. It was obviously no big deal to her and, in all innocence, she actually asked if her nylons looked OK! We went back to filing and each time I bent down to pick up more music, I managed to sneak another peak under her skirt.

When we were done, Carol started back down the ladder and lost her balance. Instinctively, I let go of the ladder and reached up to keep her from falling. I never could have planned what happened next. My free hand snagged on the hem of her skirt and came to rest against her stocking tops, touching the clasps of her garters.

Momentarily, Carol's skirt was pushed up right to her hips, completely exposing her full dark nylons. Her black garters stretched against her thighs, finally disappearing beneath the edges of her matching lace and satin bikinis!

What took only a second seemed endless as I memorized the vision of her sexy dark stockings, garters, and filmy panties before I let go and Carol's skirt fell modestly back into place. The moment had passed. Carol gave me a very appreciative "thank you" for stopping her fall and never said a thing about her sudden exposure.

Stupidly enough, it was the very excitement of seeing her nylons and garters that drove me to finally ask her out. For whatever reason and what I thought was a glint in her eye, Carol said, "Yes."


60’s Stockings - Talent Show Showoffs

Annie and Melanie were a couple of real lookers who were in our annual talent show. Though they had never displayed more than a glimpse of bared knee now and then, I always hoped for a show. It happened that less than a week before our annual talent show that I got my wish. I was at the bottom of the stage stairwell when they started down the steps, both loaded with books and costumes.

As Annie turned the corner, her skirt floated up and I took in the sight of her long lovely legs, encased in the sheerest of chocolate brown nylons. Her famous kilt, sans kilt-pin, fluttered apart as she pranced down the stairway. Her pale thighs flashed into view above her stocking tops and I caught a good view of her lacy garter straps.

Then as she rounded the corner, her skirt suddenly snagged on the railing! She took one more step before she felt the tug, but her skirt was suddenly up to her waist, baring her nylons, garter belt, and her hip hugging bikini panties!

Annie shrieked as I smiled approval from below. Melanie, seeing the whole thing, was laughing her head off, but still hadn't noticed me below. Annie blushed furiously, caught my stare, and smiled back at me taking the whole thing pretty well. Then I found out why.

With a sudden gleam in her eye, she turned back to Melanie.

"Melanie, your slip is showing."

Melanie was almost prissy about her clothing and immediately stopped short at the top of the stairs and, hanging her costume over the railing, she proceeded to hike her skirt and readjust her black lace half-slip. She pulled it up right to her waist and was suddenly almost naked below her hips.

Her legs were sheathed in charcoal black stockings, hitched tautly about her thighs by a clinging black garter belt. The thin lacy straps slid inside her matching black lace panties that were almost completely sheer, but for some brief embroidery over her blond cunt!

I stared at Melanie. Annie looked at me, then back at Melanie, and squealed with laughter! "Well, Jeff," she giggled, "Who's got the better looking legs?"

Melanie turned almost blankly and then finally saw me staring at her from down below. With her skirt up about her hips, she promptly died of embarrassment and I gaped at her stockings shining in the bright light while she squirmed!

Melanie's nylon clad legs were in full view and because of the tightness of her skirt, her frantic efforts to cover herself only lengthened the show.

Finally regaining her composure and her modesty, she froze Annie with a look of pure hatred. As I laughed and told Annie it was a tie, Melanie began to stalk Annie with vengeance in her eyes!

Annie, with both arms full, realized her mistake, but it was too late. She backed into the corner of the landing as Melanie announced that I should have another chance to decide. Then she struck!

Annie shrieked helplessly as Melanie gleefully lifted Annie's kilt to her waist, exposing her beautiful legs, nylons, garters, and all. Once more I gaped at the sheer stockings and long straps of her garters as Melanie pulled her triumphantly down the stairs, skirt in hand, and paraded her by me for one last view.

Annie's filmy nylons were incredibly sheer and pulled smooth, almost to perfection about her shapely upper thighs. The straps of her garter belt disappeared erotically beneath the edges of her white satin panties. Finally, Melanie let go, Annie recovered herself, and both girls almost collapsed from laughter as they disappeared into the makeup room.

Just then, Jonna came tripping down the stairs with a cheery "Hello!". We had our first date set for the next weekend and she'd promised to wear something "special". Reaching the landing, she swirled in a mock fashion show modeling a powder blue mini-jumper that floated up about her thighs to unveil the longest and sheerest black stockings I'd ever seen!

The wide banded stocking tops were tautly stretched about her legs by a flouncy new garter belt of black lace with tiny pink satin bows covering the silvery clasps attached to her nylons.

As she stood still for my approval, the hemline stilled failed to even cover all of the dark glistening bands of her stocking tops.

"I know it's a little short, but it was so cute, I just HAD to get it!" she said shyly.

My eyes shifted upward to the soft white blouse and a black velvet ribbon about her neck. I gaped at the sheer gauzy material of her blouse, hardly even pretending to cover the outline of her bra. It was a French style half-bra, all in black lace that lifted her breasts and thrust her bright pink nipples indecently against the sheer material of her blouse.

She left almost nothing to the imagination and the display was more sensuous than if she'd worn nothing underneath at all!

"Are you telling me you wore that to school?" I gasped!

"Heavens, no, Silly!" she giggled. "I slipped it into my bag this morning to get it out of the house. The dress was on sale at Wally Reed's and the lingerie is special delivery from Frederick's of Hollywood!"

"Well, what do you think?" she asked, turning once more for my approval.

"I wanted to wear it for you at the party, but I thought I'd better ask first."

She spun slowly, but the hem of her skirt still lifted softly up past her stocking tops to expose her luscious garter clad stockinged thighs! As I continued to stare, I could tell that Jonna was clearly worried about my reaction.

"You aren't mad, are you? I know it's pretty revealing, but I can fix it. I just wanted to compete with the other girls that always show themselves off when you're around."

I told her not to pay attention to anyone else. They couldn't begin to compare with the way she looked. But I could barely mumble my reply before she laughed again and pranced by toward the dressing room to change.

I was just recovering my composure when one of the dancers called me over to the dressing room to ask about staging, I could see through the open door and saw Jonna standing not five feet behind her, taking off her clothes!

She stood before a full-length mirror and unzipped her dress. I gaped as it fell from her shoulders, down past her waist, over her lush hips, and slip softly to the floor. Jonna was unveiled in a vision of black lingerie! Her pink nipples spilled out over the edges of the lace cups of her bra. Her sexy black nylon panties were almost completely sheer.

The straps of her matching garter belt slide down her legs, pulling against the glistening tops of her incredibly sheer black stockings. The dark bands sheathed her thighs and contrasted against her creamy tan.

I struggled to keep talking, but blanched when Jonna turned and looked right past me, disappearing behind the door. But as sure as I was that she had seen me, I was proved wrong when she reappeared with her costume, then reached back and unhooked her bra. Her perfect breasts surged free once again.

I stared at her bare tits, the nipples appearing flushed and even darker than before, as if already aroused from my stare! I drank in the sight of her exposed breasts and stocking clad pose, thinly veiled cunt, gartered thighs, and nearly creamed in my pants! While I watched, she actually fondled her aroused nipples, bringing them even more erect, and with obvious pleasure, reached down to adjust the tabs of her garters. She hitched her stockings higher about her thighs and then sat down facing me just as the door finally closed. Less than 30 seconds in all, but what a show!

In my thoughts I recall.........

From the moment she walked in the coffe shop I knew there was something special about her. Was it the look in her beautiful eyes as our eyes met or was it the intriquing sexy way she handled herself. It was as if she was checking me out with much interest in a coy way and smiled as if pleased by what she saw. I introduced myself to her and kissed her hand ever so gently, and was imediatly taken back by the exotic scent as I did this. She seemed to be relishing the moment of such a simple jester. I had on special cologne that day and the mix of our two scents seemed to set a mood. During our conversation I couldn't help but notice the lacey top of her slip in the open neckline of her dress. The glimsp of lace in the slit of the dress was a treat to see also. As we had quite a few cups of coffee she excused herself and got up to go to the ladies room. I was sure glad I had unintentional picked a table that would allow me to check her legs out as she walked away. Wow!! Imagine my surprise to see seams running up and down her luscious legs, making them seem like they went on forever accentuateing the curve of her legs from her high heeled sandals to the lacey slip that seemed to appear with every step she took. It was at this point I lost all concentration, what concentration I had left anyway. My mind started to wander and by the time she came back I felt tongue- tied. She sat down and started touching her stocking covered legs. By the smile on her face she looked as if she was enjoying not only the soft feel of wearing them but also the softness on the outside as well. I tried to appear calm and collected, but I wasn't sure if I looked it. Not an easy task when my heart was beating so fast I was thinking I could hear it. I just couldn't get the silky seamed stocking out of my mind and the thought that this woman knew as much about giving as taking pleasure from the simple things in life.

I made sure before work that I had plenty of time to go have coffee with this gorgeous long haired beauty. It was I treat for both of us in the morning before work. One day I told her that she taught me that coffee wasn't the only thing that could get my heart going in the early morning. I finally got the nerve to ask her for a dinner date, which she excepted with a smile, and with the sparkle in her eyes. I new we would have a very special enjoyable dinner. I mentioned to her that if she wanted her toe nails polished before dinner that I new just the person to do it. She was surprised by my offer but excepted it quickly. You can bet I made sure there was plenty of time to polish her nails! I could tell she was not only flattered by my idea but intrigued. 

That evening I showed up plenty early to paint her toes. She found my caresses and attention a turn on as I painted like an artist. I couldn't help but notice the silky slip that was showing as her leg was on my lap. At this point she opened the gift I had brought her which was a bottle of perfumed body lotion. She once again accepted my offer of rubbing some on her long sexy legs while the polish dried. The color of polish I had picked looked so elegant on her, as I knew it would. She was so totally relaxed and I could feel she had wished she had more toes to paint. I then told her that they would look so tempting and kissable especially after the final coat. She mentioned that after I was done, if I wouldn't mind helping put her stockings on, since I was so good with my hands. Now I was surprised by her offer, actually speechless but only for a second as I enthusiastically said I was the man for the for the job. I already was in a state of euphoria and it was getting quite noticeable by now I was sure, especially since I caught her glancing at my bulging, wet spotted pants. With all the closeness we felt at this point we seemed to enjoy the same pleasures. I must admit I had quiet a view and could tell she was as enjoying the experience too by the wet looking panties. I put my hands in her hair and kissed her soft luscious lips and started kissing her ear and on down to the sensitive place on woman's neck that drives them crazy wanting more. I carefully caressed her leg as I slid her silk stockings up her legs taking plenty of time enjoying the arousing effect and closeness. From her toes up to the up to the lacey hem of her slip I planted my kisses ever softly not wanting to stop but figured I better for now as I was going to be sure to ask her out and patiently show her the many pleasures through time that I had in store for this beauty that took my breath away.

During our date she kept rubbing her stocking legs against mine. After dangling her shoe she finally slid her foot out and teased me with her foot. I enjoyed every minute of it even her finger feeding me appetizers as I licked her fingers clean. After dinner she bent over sliding her silk panties off giving a good view of stocking tops and garters. As she handed them to me and it was clear she truly enjoyed the evening and found me very desirable and was anticipating another date.

One of the special times that will be really memorable was when I kissed her neck and slowly started rubbing her silky blouse till her nipples were protruding against it until she unbuttoned. I slowly continued down her curvatious body with my tongue tasting her smooth skin taking extra time with her soft supple nipples that were erect as she guided me further down her body. I knew as she as she ran her hands through my hair and looked at me with that sultry look I was hers forever. I teased her with my tongue and could tell it was really turning her on wanting more. I made sure to savor the passion my heart yearned for as I drank in her scent and studied her every curve. Her stocking clad legs accentuated her figure like no other I've ever seen. Hungry for my willing body to melt into her hot body and knowing of her wetness was her anticipation of this moment I had waited for since the day I first saw her to this day the day I said "I do". It was clear to me that I knew what I wanted in a woman and this woman had me forever as she certainly was the one love that I had been missing in my life to share pleasures with. I would forever be her Prince Charming...

60’s Stockings - High School Holiday Concert


The first experience I'll never forget was my high school annual Holiday concert in 1963. The great thing about that year was the new fashions. Skirts began to rise and the hated pantyhose had yet to make the scene. We had a lot of time sitting around and the guys would talk to the girls as we sat scrunched on the bleachers during practice.

All the girls wore stockings, but simply weren't prepared for the change in fashions. The shorter skirts no longer covered their knees. With little room to move, their hemlines began to slide up and it wasn't long before I could make out the dark welts of their stockings!

One friend of mine, a honey blond named Carol, had a terrific habit of crossing her legs! When I looked behind me, I could see right up her skirt! Her skirt rose halfway up her thigh, unveiling the creamy dark nylon of her stocking tops. I stared in fascination at her beautiful nylons and dainty white lace garter straps.

Then some of us were picked to pass out and recover lost music. Back then, this was still considered a "guy" thing and girls weren't asked to help out. I got to stand down in front of the bleachers and it was wonderful, catching a flash of stocking or an expanse of gartered thigh from time to time. Even better, we were told to go under the bleachers every so often to pick up music that dropped to the floor.

Whatever modesty the girls kept as they tugged their short skirts down was lost from underneath the bleachers! Their skirts slid up everywhere, exposing their legs and stockings. I thought how great it would be to have a camera! So, for our dress rehearsal, I brought my trusty Brownie Hawkeye, just in case!

Everyone dressed up. The girls all wore high heels and the opportunity to see nylons and garters multiplied ten fold! Since I was allowed under the bleachers to capture lost music, I was free to wander about catching the accidental flash of stockings. More exciting, each group now stood up to sing their songs! When they did, the girls couldn't help but show off their nylons. When I looked up, I could look right up their skirts. There were bare stocking clad legs and gartered thighs everywhere! I was nervous about peeking, but saw the other two "volunteers" looking up as much as I was! As we watched the girls showing off their stockings, I mentioned the camera I had stashed with my books. Instantly, we made a pact!

When Carol's group took their turn, I had retrieved the camera and positioned myself directly underneath them in the bleachers. Then they stood once more and the curtains rose. It was perfect! As the girls balanced precariously on the risers, I stared up their skirts. Their stocking clad legs were fully displayed. Carol's short skirt was the perfect example!

Her dark beige stockings stretched tautly about her upper thighs, held tight and smooth by a lacy white garter belt! I pointed my camera straight up her skirts and snapped. With the bright lights, noise, and general confusion, noone could hear the click or see the flash.

While my buddies kept watch, I managed to shoot the entire role of film. As Carol stood above me, singing her heart out, I snapped a picture of her dark stocking tops, white garters and white nylon panties! Ironically, I later married the girl sitting next to her! She wore black stockings and garters that later drove me crazy! My picture of her, poised just over the gap in the risers when I snapped, became my trophy! Her classic 'sixties' nylons glistened against her pale white thighs as I stared up under her skirt. I can still remember seeing her black panties and the trim tabs of her garter belt under her skirt as I finished off the role of film.

Fortunately, our little group of conspirators never got caught. Ironically, of course, the biggest problem was developing the film! But after weeks trying to figure out how to get our pictures, the eventual solution was an older brother who was in the Air Force. Finally, several months later, I finally got a set and the pictures turned out almost as great as I remembered. It was risky, but it worked!

Being only 15 and still incredibly stupid, I managed to catch a life long memory of garters and sexy nylon stockings that still remind me of the thrill of so many years ago.

60’s Stockings - Library Flashing


I was studying in our high school library one afternoon in early '64 when a cute girl walked in wearing a frilly scoop necked blouse, pleated kilt, and a beautiful pair of black nylons. I watched her approach the front desk to return some books. She leaned forward to talk to the librarian and her short skirt gracefully hiked right up past her stocking tops.

The wide dark welts of her black nylons flashed into view as her kilt hovered gracefully just above the clasps of her silver garters. Then, finishing her business, she turned, looking for a place to study and walked over to my table. I was certainly pleased as she sat down next to me and I watched her skirt settle gently above her knees, revealing several inches of glistening stockings.

With a crazy thought, I pushed my knee against her chair while she got organized. I managed to catch the loose folds of her skirt, drawing them back as she settled in to study. The crisp material of her kilt moved easily and, in no time, I was able to slide up the hem of her short skirt far higher than she had intended. Intent on reading, she occasionally rocked her knees back and forth now and then. Each movement sent the hem of her skirt higher along her creamy thighs, exposing more of her black stockings. Ever so slowly, I edged her kilt up until I struggled to keep from constantly staring down at her now half bared nylons!

It was just then that she leaned forward, resting her chin on one hand and dropping her other hand onto her lap. While she read, she absently stroked her skirt, not realizing how far I had pushed it up her legs. Her fingers began toying with her kilt pin and I stared as the intermittent flash of one shiny garter on her stockinged thigh!

At the same time, her low cut scooped necked blouse now hung open to my view. I soon caught a glimpse of one lacy white bra strap and, bit by bit, her blouse drifted farther away from her breasts. She was completely unaware of the wide expanse of cleavage displayed above her low cut bra. I simply stared in fascination at the delicate curves of her pert young breasts until she eventually sat up again.

After a while, she settled back again and slid forward in her seat. Since her skirt was held in check by my knee, even more of her nylon covered thighs slid boldly into view! She still had no clue about her growing disarray. I just kept pushing even higher as her skirt rose until her stockings were bared almost to her garters! I was so amazed by my success that I didn't know what to do next!

I continued to hold her skirt tight under my knee and waited with growing anticipation. Each time she moved, her already short skirt hiked up farther past her stocking tops, unveiling more of her bare thighs. The slender elastic suspenders of her frilly white garter belt pulled tautly against her stockings. The silver clasps glinted in the light, accented against the black nylon with small white satin bows.

The she slid down in her chair and crossed her legs. Her stockings shone sensually and she was oblivious of her increasing exposure. At one point, she actually reached down to straighten her skirt. But instead of pulling it down, her kilt split open up her thigh nearly to her panties and lay there loosely crumpled about her upper thighs! Incredibly, she did nothing! Touching the edge of her stockings and exposed garters, she actually tugged on the suspenders of her garter belt, casually pulling her nylons higher up about her thighs.

Her skirt now lay above mid-thigh and I gaped at the lacy garter straps as they disappeared under her almost non-existent hemline. Absently fondling one garter strap, she managed to bunch the skirt even farther up onto her lap. My knee shook slightly as I pushed until I managed to totally unveil her sensuous black nylons stockings and most of her lacy white garter belt!

Then everything seemed to happen at once. The girl started to reach down to her purse. I pulled my leg away just barely in time and as she leaned over, her kilt split open right to her waist! As she looked underneath the table, she suddenly found her glistening black stockings, gartered thighs, and sheer white lace panties exposed for all to see!

Fortunately, I had enough sense to be looking the other way as she yanked her skirt back down, struggling to recover her modesty. She had blushed beat red from her embarrassment by the time she returned to her homework, but she never did realize that I had been the cause!


60’s Stockings - First Love

I'll always remember my first love and an experience that changed my life forever. Nancy was a cute long legged blond with a pretty face and fantastic body I dated my sophomore year. Later on, I had to let her go when she became restless for her wilder days. But in the beginning, when I was young and innocent, it was Nancy who introduced me to nylons and short skirts.

That fall, I was seated in Honors band when a tall wonderfully leggy blond sauntered in and sat in the flute section in front of me. Even though it was a time when skirts covered the knee, this girl immediately flashed her knees and then some below the hem of a short madras kilt.

I soon discovered her habits and fondly recall the first time I managed to follow her up the stairs and saw up underneath her skirt. Her long legs disappeared beneath the short hem, but as she reached the railing, I caught the unmistakable glint of nylons!

In the weeks that followed, I caught glimpse after glimpse of her nylons, especially when she was sitting in her chair. As her skirt rode up and her knees parted, I could sometimes see between her thighs and thrilled at the flash of her deep tan stocking tops!

It didn't take long to find out her name and discovered she was a happy and fun loving girl with a sense of humor. Finding something within me I'd never had, I managed to strike up a conversation and in a few weeks was smitten with my first love.

I nicknamed her "Pretzel", something she took a shine to and we became fast friends. We began meeting for sock hops after the football games and I enjoyed wonderful "snapshots" of her stockings and garters as she did the twist, sliding down to expose her stockings when her skirt slide up to mid-thigh.

Though I never asked her out, we started getting together now and again on study dates at her house. That special night began simply enough as my brother dropped me off at Nancy's house. I noticed her parents were just going out. I waived as they drove off and then glanced up at Nancy's bedroom.

I saw her standing by the window in her bathrobe, intent on fixing her makeup. As I watched, Nancy turned toward the window and untied her robe. Suddenly, it dropped from her shoulders revealing an incredibly sheer black lace bra! I froze on the sidewalk, staring upwards as she moved back and forth, displaying herself in the window. Then she slipped on a blouse and I reluctantly went up and rang the bell.

Nancy came downstairs and opened the door wearing the shortest of miniskirts and a blouse that left little to my imagination. I managed to joke about her looking sexy. She laughed and gave me a hug as we went into the living room to study.

We sat down, but I couldn't help glancing at her mini as it kept sliding up to expose her stockings. Every so often, she'd rear­range herself, but her nylons kept edging back into view with ever increasing exposure. I struggled to concentrate and once she caught me staring at her stocking tops. She grinned and tugged her hemline down to a modest level above her knees.

Finally we took a break and she disappeared into the kitchen to get us a Coke. Shortly she was back and as I poured, she looked out the front window, absently staring into the night. As she leaned forward, the hem of her skirt lifted and unveiled her lovely stocking clad thighs. I spilled the Coke as her smooth nylons appeared. The tops of her stockings were stretched tautly about her thighs, held snug by the clasps of a thin, lacy black garter belt.

Her pert rear swayed from side to side as she leaned forward. Her skirt hiked up even further as she stared out the window and I caught a glimpse of her panties before she turned and her skirt fell once more over her nylon sheathed thighs.

We settled in the darkness of her living room and drank our Coke in silence. The hem of her skirt rose once again, unveiling the dark bands of velvet smooth black nylon. We sat in the semi-darkness with her nylons exposed before me and they shimmered in the soft light of the hallway.

Putting down my glass, I pulled Nancy to me. Her skirt hiked up, exposing nearly all of her stocking tops almost to the clasps of her garters. She started to pull her skirt down, but I held her to me and we kissed.

Her skirt rose further, this time past her nylons, and her frilly black garter belt was suddenly exposed. My hand slid down and pulled her skirt still higher along her smooth thighs and her panties slid into view. The long elastic straps of her garter belt contrasted against the tan of her thighs.

My cock stiffened as I stared at the dark vee of her panties that appeared between her legs. Finally, I slid my fingers down and touched the edge of her stockings, but she pulled away with a gasp!

"Boy, this is getting a little much to handle!" she giggled. "I don't think dressing like this was such a good idea!"

I drew back thinking she was talking about her upraised skirt, but then looked down at her blouse and saw it had come halfway undone! The neckline was wide open, revealing her extremely skimpy black lace bra.

Nancy tugged self-consciously at her blouse, but left my hand resting softly across her nylons. I toyed absently with the elastic straps of her garter belt, getting a bigger thrill out of fondling her nylons than her breasts! She didn't even seem to notice the disarray of her skirt as she sat on my lap, shiny stockings and black garters exposed to my view!

Then we kissed again and Nancy forgot about pulling herself back together! Her unbuttoned blouse fell open again! As I held her close, I began edging her bra straps down until they slipped from her shoulders! At the same time, my hands wandered along her thighs, gently tugging at her short skirt until it bunched up about her hips!

She sighed and lay back against my shoulder. I looked down and got the erotic thrill of my young life! Nancy's firm young breasts spilled out over the tops of her bra, nipples swollen and rock hard in the dim light.

Her stocking clad legs were completely exposed to my view! The dark welts glistened as they pulled tautly against her lacy garter belt! One of her French heel shoes dangled on her toe, accenting the arch of her foot. Her thighs were parted and I stared as her stockings showcased her long gorgeous legs. I could even see the trim straps of her garter belt disappeared beneath her sheer black lace panties!

I was too young and too afraid to actually touch her and simply enjoyed the incredible thrill of my first experience of making out with a girl in black lingerie and nylon stockings!

60’s Stockings - Talent Show Tryouts


I was only sixteen but totally hooked on nylons and short skirts. Though hemlines had risen just a few inches with the new styles, the change was erotic! The shorter skirts gave incredible new opportunities to enjoy the flash of stockings and garters. At first, I thought girls just didn't realize the impact of the new fashions. But I shortly discovered that, at least for some, this emerging display of stockings went unnoticed or simply didn't matter!

I attended a high school with open stairwells and landings halfway between floors. Carrying my books against my hips as we crowded together during class break, I could "accidentally" snag the skirt of some girl climbing the stairs in front of me. In the crush of bodies, the hem of her skirt would hike up to mid-thigh, offering the brief enticing glimpse of her stockings without anyone even noticing.

Even more exciting was watching a girl hugging the inside railing with a short skirt in nylons and French heels. As she as she turned at the landing, I could look back and see right up her skirt! The flash of stocking tops and garters was something that remains etched in my memories to this day!

It was just that pursuit that introduced me to my second girl friend. I was assistant stage manager for our annual variety show and was headed for our auditorium for opening tryouts when I caught sight of a girl in a short plaid kilt starting up the stairs. Just as she reached the landing, some guy zoomed down the stairs past her and her books went flying!

I watched her bend over to recover her things and her skirt rose to mid-thigh displaying her nylons and the clasps of a sexy black lace garter belt! In those days, black was taboo, so I couldn't pass up the chance to see what else I could see. Stepping up behind her, I knelt down to help retrieve her things. I managed a brief glimpse between her knees and could see right up her dress! I got an eyeful of her stocking tops and those exciting black garters!

She actually thanked me for helping out and we struck up a conversation. I found out her name was Jonna and she was just a freshman hoping to make the show. As we reached the auditorium, a friend of hers mentioned the dancers were already due on stage. I settled in down by the stage and Jonna dropped her books next to me, asking if I would watch her things.

Our variety show, written and produced by the students, was extremely popular. We were even allowed to decide for ourselves who would be involved. With more volunteers than openings, tryouts were a must. There were at least twenty girls on stage for the tryouts. Most found time to change into leotards, but Jonna was among those who hadn't and I watched her trip up onto the stage in her short plaid mini-skirt without any thought about what would follow.

I leaned forward to watch and couldn't believe the show that followed. With each movement of the tryouts, Jonna's kilt floated up about her thighs and her lovely taut stockings flashed into view in the brilliant stage light! As they kicked, her skirt rose to mid-thigh, revealing her long nylon clad legs and an inch or two of her sexy black garter belt.

Part way through the tryout, I noticed Jonna unhook the pin that held her kilt together in order to move more easily. As a result, the front of her skirt opened up repeatedly as she danced. Her short kilt split open repeatedly, showing off her nylons and garter belt nearly to her panties!

Afterwards, Jonna came skipping offstage and plopped down next to me, bubbling with excitement! I complimented her on her dancing and we talked about the show. In short order, her skirt began climbing up past her knees as Jonna leaned back in her seat. Even as I tried not to watch, Jonna's skirt fell softly away from her legs, revealing the dark bands of her stocking tops.

Unfortunately, she caught me staring, but that was when I finally learned that some girls are special! Jonna pulled her skirt together and playfully asked if I'd liked what I saw. Being a total nerd, I didn't know to lie and stumbled an apology for staring. Incredibly, she just giggled again and settled back without another word, letting me stare at the wide dark banks of her stocking tops and the shiny clasps of her black garters!

To this day, I still can't translate the thrill of that first meeting. Though I was still young, this was the beginning of a very special relationship. Even though we didn't stay together, but the best was yet to follow!

The Photo Shoot by Dave

As Tom and Mercedes completed the day's work of yet another photo shoot, Mercedes could see that Tom was looking a little tired, and stressed.  While taking photos of the Queen of Stockings is by no means what any man would call a "difficult" task, in actuality it was not as easy and fun as Mercedes fans all imagined.  The lighting, posing, coming up with new ideas, photo processing, all took their toll, and Tom was beginning to feel it.  Mercedes could tell just by looking into Tom's eyes that he needed a special pick-me-up. 

When they arrived back home, Tom immediately went to his studio to take care of the photos just taken.  Mercedes had been thinking all the way home just how she could show Tom how much he meant to her, how she could relieve his tension, and treat him like a king.  Now that Tom was in his studio, Mercedes put her plan in motion.  First, she went to her room, and selected what she knew was Tom's favorite bra, stockings, garter, bra and heels.  After taking much care to make sure the seams up the back of the long, slender, silky stockings were straight, she smoothed the tops of the stockings and gently secured them with the garter's.  Mercedes was careful not to snag the silky stockings with her long painted nails.  Next was the bra, which Mercedes took great care to put on.  It was almost as if she were taking special care getting dressed so that it would be that much more special for Tom.  After all, this wasn't the quick dressing she normally does for a photo shoot, this was for her soul mate Tom, and everything had to be just right, which included Mercedes' own mental attitude.  Next came the skirt and sweater Tom liked so much.  She knew just why Tom adored the sweater as she looked at herself in the mirror.  While it wasn't overly tight, it was a very warm and soft looking sweater, which showcased Mercedes wondrous breasts to their fullest.  The matching skirt wasn't short, but also not long.  It fell just above the knees, just high enough to be very sexy, but yet just a little conservative also.  A quick spritz of Tom's favorite perfume and a quick touch up of the makeup were also in order.  Finally the high heels.  Nothing extreme, no 5-inchers this time.  Heels high enough to give Mercedes long, sexy legs just enough shape to turn Tom on, but to also be functional.  There was more to this plan than just looking good...

Mercedes proceeded to the kitchen.  As she did, she began fantasizing about Tom, and how this evening would turn out, or how she hoped it would.  Mercedes was almost awakened by the sound of her high heels on the kitchen floor.  Heck, even the clopping sound of the heels on the hard floor sounded sexy at this point.  All this care, and fantasizing had already begun to turn Mercedes on.  She could feel her nipples getting hard inside her silky bra.  She could feel her juices begin to flow as she thought about the pending evening events.  Mercedes knew that Tom wouldn't be much longer, and she needed to get to work.  She began to prepare dinner.  Not just any dinner, but Tom's favorite.  As dinner preparation began, Mercedes opened a bottle of fine red wine so that it could breath, and lit candles all around the kitchen and dining room. 

The aroma of Tom's favorite meal soon reached him in his studio, and he too began to daydream about the beautiful woman preparing this meal.  Tom looked down at some of the photo's of his gorgeous wife, and began to see them as more than something to put on the web site.  Tom, being a red-blooded male, began to fantasize about Mercedes, seeing the pictures of his wife in the pure white stockings against her tan flesh, the white straps of the garter, the silky white panties, shining brightly in the sunlight of the photo.  Tom too began to become aroused.  All he could think was how lucky he was.  Not only was Mercedes the most wonderful woman he had ever met, she was also the most incredibly sexy creature he had ever seen.  Tom's mood began to change as he again looked at the picture.  The stockings on Mercedes long legs looked perfect.  The silk was stretched tight, the curves of her legs were that of a goddess, her beautiful eyes and smile complemented the vision of perfection.  Tom decided it was time to go find his wife, and let her know just how he felt.

Tom entered the kitchen to the vision of Mercedes looking back at him over her shoulder from the sink.  The soft glow of the candles only made her look more beautiful as it reflected from her eyes.  Tom stopped in his tracks, and time seemed to stand still.  Mercedes long blonde hair fell to her shoulders in long soft curls, The way she was standing revealed just a slight glance of her magnificent breast.  The way she was leaning forward made her legs look even longer and more shapely than ever.  The glow of the candles showed the sparkles in the material of the stockings, clinging tightly to her legs.  Suddenly Tom thought just how lucky the stockings were, to be so close to those long shapely legs, pressing firmly against that soft, tan flesh. 

"I fixed your favorite meal honey", Mercedes whispered to Tom as he approached her.  Mercedes had a sexy smile on her lips as she whispered.  She could see that her plan was working, she could see it in Tom's eyes.  " I wanted to make your fantasy come true dear" she continued.  " I love you more than you could ever...."  Tom reached Mercedes, and kissed her passionately, cutting off her voice in mid sentence.  Mercedes could feel Tom's excitement as he pulled her close.  From the throbbing from his loins, to the beating of his heart, pressed hard against her chest.  Mercedes slowly slid her leg up along Tom's, eventually wrapping it around him, pulling him tighter against her, exposing her own aching, wanting self to Tom's throbbing.  While dinner continued to cook on the stove, Tom and Mercedes also began to cook.  Turning to hold Mercedes against the wall, Tom felt her other leg lift from the floor as he supported her with his hands, pressing tight against her.  Mercedes arms were around Tom's neck, her long legs with those silky soft stockings were around her man's hips.  The kiss had not let up as the continued.  Mercedes could feel her breasts heaving, her nipples hardening, her aching growing.  She wanted Tom, right now, hard, fast, passionate.  As the kiss started to fade, Tom and Mercedes began so slide down the wall, to continue on the floor. 

When this first round of what would be an evening filled with love making ended, Mercedes got up from the floor to complete the dinner preparation.  "Tom" she jokingly scolded, " you shouldn't have your dessert before dinner... you'll spoil your appetite!"  Then she smiled, winked at him, and said "not to worry though, I've got a wonderful dessert planned for you to be enjoyed by the fireplace".....