As we approach the 8th anniversary of Mercedes' site, it seems fitting to name a set after the original site that has served so well all of these years. Mercedes starts the set out wearing a long tan trench coat which she pulls open to show you her beautiful soft stockings and gorgeous legs. After some teasing peeks, she opens the coat to show you the rest of her lingerie...beautiful white panties, bra, and garter belt. The coat comes off and we're treated to many delicious poses of her legs, stockings, and garters!!



The Power Of Stockings

The power of stockings is what Mercedes uses to keep us all happy, as she demonstrates in this classic style glamour set. It features Mercedes in matching white bra, garter belt and panties, along with white high heels and grey stockings. The set veers away from the classic when Mercedes removes her panties for some panty-less piano posing!! Oh, did I mention that the bra comes off too?!?

120 PHOTOS FOR $12

Silky Smooth

A set for lovers of long legs and pantyhose. Mercedes is wearing a slinky, silky blouse, black pantyhose and high heels; that’s all. See her sitting, standing, stretching and bending in the smooth and sexy pantyhose. A delightful sight indeed.


Silky Secrets

The set LEGS-STOCKINGS-GARTERS left Mercedes in the classic bra, panties and garters, this is what happened next. Mercedes then slipped into a beautiful silky pink half slip, that perfectly matched her outfit. After letting you get a very good look at the slip she removed her bra and replaced it with a short silk camisole top, the perfect companion to the half slip. As always there were plenty of chances to admire the effect, before Mercedes spiced up the action by removing her panties. Now the creamy lace hem of the half slip had to work overtime to tease without revealing. Then Mercedes really walked out on the tightrope of tease, by removing the slip too.!! Did I mention that the camisole was only waist length???

114 PHOTOS FOR $11.40


Mercedes' Slip

Mercedes want to show you her new figure hugging slip. She is sure that you will love the way that the close fitting delicate material makes the slip tantalizingly close to see through, especially with her sheer white bra beneath it. Of course it is even more revealing when she bends and stretches, so she does that just for you. Look under the lace of the hem for the tops of her beige rh&t stockings and you might get a glimpse of her gold thong panties. Don’t worry, you soon get more than a glimpse when Mercedes lifts up the slip for you. You will also get a better view of that sheer white bra after the slip comes slowly off, for some classic legs and stockings glamour photography.


95 PHOTOS FOR $9.50

Midnight Lace

Mercedes puts on a short, lacy black slip while wearing sexy black pantyhose. Then you get to watch as she removes her pantyhose and slowly runs a beautiful pair of long black stockings up her legs and attaches them to her garter belt. A pair of strappy high heels completes her outfit and she is ready to tease you with some great poses.


Long Legs in Pantyhose

Mercedes starts this set out dressed in a short grey skirt, a sexy silver silk top (say that three times fast) which is tied under her breasts, and strappy high heels. Her long, shapely legs are accentuated by tan pantyhose and she shows them off beautifully in lots of standing and sitting poses. She then slowly unties her top so that you can peek at her full breasts, that is if you can take your eyes off of her gorgeous legs!!


Break Time Strip

Just like the car, Mercedes has a new bold look and this is her hottest set yet!!! She starts out in a two piece business suit and slowly takes off item after item until she is wearing only stockings, garter belt, and a pair of high heels. Lot's of hot photos every step of the way! Wait till you see her covering her beautiful full breasts in bubble wrap!!!

140 PHOTOS FOR $14

Office Dreams

The hottest slip set ever put out!! Mercedes sloooowly strips out of her business suit so that that you can admire her beautiful short slip from Secrets In Lace. Lots of great shots and poses with the slip, long full fashioned stockings, and a great pair of high heels! Then she sloooowly removes the slip for the final climax!! 

180 PHOTOS FOR $18

Risqué Business

In this highly erotic set, Mercedes accents her long legs with a pair of absolutely stunning Parklane Ultra Sheer stocking in Teal!! The shirt just barely covers her nipples and she uses the long tie to her advantage since  she isn't wear panties!! Wait till you see what she does with her big stuffed's so erotic that I almost couldn't finish shooting the photos!!!!! This set isn't for those with a weak heart!!!!

55 PHOTOS FOR $5.50


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