A turquoise blouse and a ruffled turquoise skirt over a turquoise bra and turquoise panties makes for a very sexy outfit, especially with the tan FF stockings, black heels and white garter belt. Mercedes shows all this off to its best advantage, but then she has second thoughts. ďMaybe there is just too much turquoise? Letís try it without the blouse!Ē I think she was right about that, and I think it was a good move to lose the skirt too. Confident that she was on the right track in reducing the turquoise, the bra was the next to go. Almost got it right now, just a final adjustment, ďSo long panties!Ē Really a turquoise necklace is all she needs. Have fun with this, one of the biggest Mercedes sets ever!!

190 PHOTOS FOR $19


Hood Ornament

The silver lady on the hood of a Rolls Royce is called The Spirit of Ecstasy. Well this Chevy has a Mercedes ornament, a golden lady who will lift you to your own State of Ecstasy, with her good looks, her short dress, and her sexy lingerie. This set is a wonderful display of long legs in dark nylon and curves in a lacy white bra and panties. Not all the shots have the bra or even the panties, and there are some good detailed close ups for the connoisseur of feminine finery.

185 PHOTOS FOR ONLY $18.50

Honda Rebel

Now the warm weather is here I love to ride my Rebel. Now I know Iíve posed in lacy lingerie on my Rebel before, but for road safety you need leather. So, apart from my fully fashioned stockings, Iím in nothing but leather. My leather jacket is a good fit but I leave it open to let the cool breeze reach my breasts, as you can see in these shots. Notice that my leather garter belt has extra straps for safety and my leather thong panties have a very narrow back strap, so it doesnít impede the rear view. Some of the shots show the rear view very nicely indeed. This is a fun set that you are sure to enjoy.

45 PHOTOS FOR $4.50


Classic Wheels

 One of my biggest sets yet, this one starts with me in a two piece skirt and top with matching black bra, panties, garter belt and black full-fashioned stockings. I guess I should have skipped the skirt because I have it pulled up so that you would get a good look at my legs!! I finally took off the skirt and then did a lot of posing, both regular and close-up. Well, it follows that the shirt would be next to go and so I did a lot of glamour shots in my bra, stockings, and panties. Finally, I got so turned on by posing that I decided to take off my bra and show off my breasts to you!!

225 PHOTOS FOR $22.50


Born To Ride

A must see display of skilful trick riding on a stationary motorbike by our heroine. Mercedes doesnít just love the wind in her hair, she likes it everywhere! So for this lovely lady itís off with the leathers and on with the lacy lingerie!! This is cool for her, but hot stuff for us. A lacy bra and panties, along with blue FF stockings and strappy heels, are just the things to show off her riding skills. Legs and lingerie glamour on two wheels.



My Top Is Down

When Mercedes called out that her top was down, I grabbed the camera and ran outside. What a let down to see that it was the top of her convertible that she was talking about. However, Mercedes herself was looking mighty fine in her very short skirt and my disappointment was soon overcome as she flashed her stocking tops and bent down to reveal a peek of her light blue panties. Warming to her work, Mercedes exposed more of  her stockings and panties, as she could see it was really warming me up. Now she started on her own top and removed her blouse so that I could admire her matching bra and its lovely contents. Pulling her skirt up, she allowed a much better look at those lacy blue panties, and then the skirt came off too. Now I could get some real glamour shots of her in bra, panties, garter belt and stockings, with plenty of close in, intimate detail. Then came her big finish, her top did indeed come down as she removed her very full bra for the delight of all.

125 PHOTOS FOR $12.50

Mercedes' Convertible

It's Summer, time to put the top down. Watch as Mercedes shows you her convertible. Try and pay attention, I know it's difficult with a beautiful woman in a slip dress, see-through panties, and black stockings to distract you. Oh forget the car - enjoy the distraction of those long legs in black nylon. Is that a run in her stocking? Better take a close look. A close look at her legs and up and down her dress. I forgot what this was about! Oh yeah! Mercedes taking her top down, or, in the case of the slip dress, taking her top off!! Who needs a bra anyway! Did I say the panties were see-through? :o)

120 PHOTOS FOR $12


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