My Most Embarrassing Moment In Stockings!



PLEASE feel free to contribute your most embarrassing moment!!

My birthday is December 24. I'm use to not getting any presents the day before the Christmas holiday. My boyfriend at the time bought me a very sexy outfit and gave it to me on the 24. It included a black satin whalebone corset a pair of black very sexy open crotch panties and these amazing pure silk stockings. I think it should be pointed out that silk stockings do not feel like pantyhose from an egg or a box. The sensation was driving me crazy. They're also a little slippery if you pair them with a satin skirt. My skirt went down to my knees much to my boyfriend dismay. I wore a half cup bra under my favorite semi sheer white wrap-around blouse. I completed the outfit with black three inch heels. This was the outfit i wore to his companies christmas party. in the car i realized that my skirt was riding up like me and ice get along, slippery. At the party we met his friends and bosses and ended up at the bar. "I found sitting on the stool that my skirt liked to inch its way up my silk stockings. I figured;  Well it had along way to go but I also figure I'd just let it ride up and fall over the stool. I didn't mind sitting on my panty bottom and my skirt still hiding everything. That actually went well. we had drinks and conversation for at least an hour. I was definitely feeling a buzz. Someone called for everyone to go into the main dinning room for dinner. As i began to stand i realized the fault in my plan as I heard my skirt rip clean up to my hip. Straight up the back and now totally open. Of course (since i was slightly wasted) my first reaction was to attempt to turn around and see how bad it was. The skirt flared out as I spun around, as I did this I showed everyone a view from my heels to my waist. This was bad enough until I fell on my ass. As I got up my blouse untied and fell open. I knew it instantly as the cool air felt really good actually. Six men stood with gaping mouths. I looked down and saw my entire underwear outfit was in full view. I swear they were drooling. I gathered my blouse and ran into the bathroom. it took a while to get thing back together. The skirt was totaled. I pulled the rip to the side and tied it shut. I guess the booze gave me an "I give up attitude." I went back out there with the rip exposing my leg clean to the the hip as I walked. My boyfriend led me to the dinner table and we ate. The meal was fabulous. I was less drunk after we ate, but i still had the "Who cares attitude." We danced and I danced with just about every guy there. so they saw my underwear. Whoopie. I will never see these guys again. Well at least not until new years.

From Brenda

p.s. I'm dating my ex-boyfriend's boss now


Hi Mercedes,

After reading many of the other embarassing moments that other women

experienced I just had to share mine with you and your readers.  It

happened one windy but beautiful spring day six years ago when I was

living in the Twin Cities.  They say Chicago is the windy city but I'll

have to disagree with that after my harrowing, red-faced encounter with

a revolving door-way and a spring Minnesota breeze.  I was meeting my

girlfriends Beth, Joan and Sarah around six o'clock for happy hour.

Beth who always seems to draw the most attention when we are out had

told me she had gone out on her lunch break and purchased a cute yellow

and orange print dress to wear and couldn't wait to try it out that

night. That suddenly gave me the idea I had to get something quickly

and working in downtown Minneapolis I had the advantage of the many

stores within walking distance and besides my boss was out of town so I

could sneak out early to get something really sexy to wear.


After trying on a few skirts and dresses I came across this really cute

white,ruffled mini skirt, white 4 inch sandals and a matching white

short sleeved low-cut sweater top that had crocheted pink roses

covering the scalloped neckline. I stutting confidently to the dressing

room hoping it would fit perfectly and quickly removed my blue, boring

business suit.  Well it fit magnificantely, the skirt flowed from my

hips and made my legs look awesome and the sweater showed off my

breasts so nicely but standing there looking in the mirror, my jet

black pantyhose, black lace panties and a a bra just didn't work under

the white so now it was back out for some cute, sexy undies.  I always

like my bra and panties to match so I picked out a cute lace cup

underwire bra that would really show off my 38c breasts along with a

matching lace string bikini panty and feeling very sexy I included a

white lace garterbelt and some nude stockings to boot.


I noticed I was running late and my girlfriends are always telling me

how late I am so I told the salesgirl I was taking everything, she

nodded, smiled and said, I'll ring it up while you change into it, you

can put your other clothes into this bag".  I looked at the clock and

trying to save some time I rushed out of the store deciding to not take

the longer route through the skyway but to walk the few block outside

to the car, besides it was a beautiful spring day.  As I turned the

first corner I encountered the first of many "pin-up" momments, the

wind blew up my ruffled skirt past my waist revealing not only my

stocking tops but my garterbelt and panties as well. Holding my purse

in one hand and the bag of clothing in the other I was helpless in my

efforts to hold down my unruley skirt.  Every few steps the skirt would

rise and fall to the delight of every guy walking and every time it

would happen I could here a "Ooooo, Ahhhh, or nice legs and panties

sweetie" remark, th

e skirt seemed to have a mind of its own.  So I ducked into the store

next to the parking lot in which my car was in to stop my embarassment

but, to my dismay that still wasn't my worst moment. As I entered the

revolving door my bag bumped the glass and my purse caught and at the

same moment the wind blew up my skirt just enough for the bottom of it

to get caught in the door. As I started to walk out of the revolving

door I could hear a ripping sound and as I walked into the building my

skirt ripped completely off me revealing to everyone in the vacinity my

white lace panties, garterbelt and stockings!  I froze for what seemed

like minutes, looked down and saw I was just in my undies and

stockings, screamed and tried in vein to cover-up with everyone

laughing, pointed and whistling at my predicament!  I was totally

embarassed and ran to the nearest bathroom to hide.  Finally a woman

came in with my shredded skirt and told me how I made 50 guys day.


Well, I composed myself as much as I could in that situation, looked at

my skirt and discovered it wasn't ruined completely, so I put on my

other skirt and walked the three blocks back to the store telling the

salegirl what had happened.  I think she felt sorry for me, exchanged

the skirt for another exact one without question and I decided this

time to walk up one floor to the skyway and take the longer, safer way

to my car.


I did finally make it to the club that night (an hour late) without my

girlfriends ever knowing what happened.  The best part of the story is

this, I met a guy that night that actually saw the whole episode of my

skirt ripping off and I ended up dating him for six months.  We laughed

about it weeks later and I confessed to him that I actually got a

little aroused by the looks of everyone looking me in my panties and

stockings.  Yes he loved it when I wore stockings and a garterbelt

under my dresses and skirts and you know what Mercedes, I've never wore

pantyhose since, even though I had a my most embarassing moment in


Blushing, Toni


Hi Mercedes,

My name is Toni and I want to share with you and all your visitors my embarrassing but arousing moment I had about six months ago.  I was and still am dating a very hot guy named Jerry who had asked me to this very formal affair his company was having.  I thought I would really get the most of my evening with Jerry and surprise him with a very sexy and classy black strapless evening gown.  Well I wanted to have everything just perfect for that night so I shopped almost all day for some very sexy, strappy 5 inch sandals as well as what I was to wear underneath it all.  When I look for lingerie Mercedes, it’s a long process so after looking in a few different stores I came across a very sexy black French lace bustier with just a hint of lace and beautiful silk garters with ribbons and bows.  The saleswomen told me I could try it on under my black evening gown I had just picked up; besides I wanted to see if any bumps or lace showed through the dress so after trying it on I decided that Jerry was well worth it and purchased the bustier, some jet black stockings and black lace string bikini panties.


Finally the night came and after laying out my pretty new underwear, stockings and dress on my bed, I hopped into the tub to take a hot bubble bath just to get me in the mood while sipping a glass of wine to relax me and then finally doing my make-up.  Slowly I slipped on my bustier and placed my breasts firmly into the soft cups making sure each were in place, lacing the bustier up the back and tying it for just the right cleavage.  Next I put on my black lace string bikinis, slipped them over my legs and tugged at them until both cheeks in back showed ever so slightly.  Rolling up my stockings with my hands making sure I didn’t run them I slowly pulled them up my calf, then knee and finally up my thigh and put each garter into place and finally slipped my feet into my sexy 5 inch black patent leather sandals .  I turned and saw myself in the bedrooms full length mirror and gasped, god I looked hot!!  I almost didn’t even want to put on the evening gown knowing Jerry would love the sight of me in just my lingerie as he came over to get me but I knew he didn’t want to be late to his company dinner.  As Jerry came over to pick me up I was completely dressed in my black evening gown along with a mink cape I borrowed, never suspecting what I had on underneath, for all he knew I had on pantyhose.


We got to the hotel and found out that the ballroom was two floors up so we got on the elevator for the ride up, got off at the second floor and walked out.   We approached the entrance to the ballroom and walked in to see over a hundred people drinking and socializing.  I walked next to Jerry clinging to his arm but suddenly felt a tug at my dress thinking maybe something underneath had come loose, boy was I wrong!!  I walked two steps farther and to my dismay the guy in back of me had stepped on my gown unzipping it completely!!  As I walked forward another step or two it dropped down to my ankles!!  I walked right out of my dress!!  There I stood mortified in just my black panties, lace busier, stockings and heels to the hoots, whistles and cat-calls of everyone around!!  I looked up at what seemed liked minutes of all the ballroom crowd and saw the looks of arousal on all the guys faces then looked down only to see I was in just my panties and busier, then screamed, and in vain tried to cover-up with my hands and arms over sexy undies, quickly ran out of the ballroom crying as Jerry pursued me with my gown in hand.  As he found me he put his arms around me and ushered me to a corner of the hallway and like a gentleman put his suit coat around my shoulders covering me.   I was totally embarrassed but remembering the looks on everyone’s faced (especially Jerry’s) I suddenly got aroused by it, grabbed him and kissed him madly, not noticing that the crowd had filed out and were looking directly at us heavily kissing!  I think we kissed for 30-40 seconds before noticing a crowd had gathered, so when I looked up I confidently threw off his coat jacket, dropped my mink cape and put one hand on my hip, strutting to the nearest bathroom making sure everyone saw how great I looked in my totally black, sexy underwear ensemble. 


To this day Mercedes, I still get very aroused thinking of how sexy I looked and felt that night and how over one hundred people saw me exposed.  I can only explain that I loved the feeling of being stripped accidentally in front of a large audience.  I think every woman should experience that at least once in her lifetime, because I still get wet thinking about it!!



The following happened to my friend Sandra on her twentieth birthday.
It was during her birthday party when someone had the bright idea of giving
her the birthday bumps.
The word spread quickly and very soon a nervous Sandra was wrestled to the
floor as dozens of hands grabbed at her arms and legs and began to hoist her
in the air.
Sandra struggled to begin with and even pleaded with us not to do it but it
was to no avail.
She was wearing a white blouse and a long skirt that reached her shins,
topped off with black heels.
Problem was the skirt was elasticated and as soon as she was lifted into the
air on the count of one, the skirt began to slowly creep down from her
No one really noticed at first until around the fourth bump when someone
yelled out "Sandra's skirt's falling down!"
This made people gather around even more and Sandra began to cry out for
everyone to stop.
The people holding her legs began to jerk her a bit harder with every lift.
She was thrust high over everyone's heads and each time the skirt crept
By the seventh or eight throw into the air, and I suspect one or two of the
leg people were tugging at the skirt itself, her knickers and suspender belt
were clearly on show.
The poor girl was helpless to act as her skirt was literally tugged down
towards her knees.
Soon the tops of her white stockings were in view and there was wolf
whistles and laughs and a few comments about her choice of underwear.
The skirt bunched up around her knees and stayed there for the rest of the
She was gently lowered down on the count of 20 and everyone cheered the free
Sandra quickly tried to pull her skirt up but a couple of her friends tried
to strip it off of her. She struggled and fell, the rear suspender clip was
undone but the laughing girls decided that she had shown enough and let the
poor birthday girl keep what little dignity she had left.


I remember one day last year, I had sat so long in traffic and then my car broke down, embarrassingly enough at a set of traffic lights.
I got out of my car and my friend got out too and we both had our heads under the bonnet.
we then got loads of wolf whistles from men who could see our stocking tops.
I did not have to wear leather skirts and that, cos they gone shiny in the seat anyway, so I suppose I must have looked exciting to them, but still I was more concerned with getting home!
claire x


Hi Mercedes,
My most embarrassing moment is when the wind was so strong that everyone saw my knickers in a pub! They wolf-whistled!


Hi Mercedes,
   I have been reading your site for a few years now
and I think it's time a contribute a story of my own.
Much like a few others on this page already, my story
involves my poor choice of clothes. One day I was
walking around our outside mall, it was an extremely
windy day. I was wearing a black silk wrap miniskirt
over sheer black thigh high stockings. I had no
underwear on, which was not the right choice for that
day. Anyway, my skirt was short enough to wear
whenever I sat down you could see the tops of my
stockings. So you can imagine what happens even in the
slightest breeze. I kept both hands on my skirt while
walking around in the gale force gusts, being quite
successful at not letting anyone get a free show. The
problem came when I was walking out of Longhorn. My
phone rang which freed one hand from my death grip on
my skirt. My other hand came up to open the door.
Anyway when I walked out the extremely strong wind
caught me by surprise. My skirt flapped openly
exposing my butt, my flower, and of course my
stockings to about 30 people. I quickly pulled it
closed and blushed, acting like nothing happened. I
continued to walk forward with my hand on my skirt. I
was just about to round a corner when my purse started
to slip off my shoulder so I reached up to catch it.
Just as I rounded the corner a hurricane force gust
slammed into me. My skirt not only blew violently up
and open, but the wind was so strong that it broke the
tie loose that was holding it together causing it to
literally fly off. I screamed and dropped my phone and
purse. I ran after it as I watched it fly onto the
roof of the Sharper Image! I was left standing there
in my skin tight tank top, high heels, and thigh high
stockings. I didn't know what to do. I tried to run
towards my car but the strong wind just kept pushing
me backwards! I leaned into and fought the wind all
the way to my car, my privates exposed to the world!
It took me about 5 minutes to walk all the way back to
the car. I got in and after about everyone saw me
naked from the waist down, I floored it all the way
home half naked. That was by far the most embarrassing
moment of my entire life, although I can say I have
worn that skirt again. When I do, I at least wear
underwear and a garter! ;)


In the UK – specifically, in the north of England, there is a tradition called Mischief Night. It’s the night before Guy Fawkes night and it’s not unlike Trick or Treat. It’s really just an excuse for kids going round causing trouble – knocking over bins, knocking on doors and running off, egging windows, slashing tires etc. I was always a bit of a tomboy and caused my share of trouble with the local boys – until I turned 16, that is. At this point, I sprouted a bust and became interested in older men. Well, 18 years olds at least.

One Mischief Night I set off to meet my new boyfriend. It was the first time I wore stockings and suspenders. I felt that they marked me out as a woman rather than a girl.

Unfortunately for me, the boys I used to hang around with had not matured at the same rate as I had and decided to teach me a lesson for turning my nose up at their childish activities.

They were calling out to me as I breezed past, my high heels clacking noisily on the pavement, but I ignored them and held my head up high. I was no longer one of them. As I stepped onto the grass to take a shortcut over the common, one boy called Christopher stood in front of me and blocked my way. I told him to move but he wouldn’t. I tried to step around him but he moved to block my path again. This time, he threw out his arms and pushed me in the chest. I think he was a little hesitant, as I managed to keep my balance and all he managed to do was make my boobs wobble a little. I tried to side step him again and this time he pushed harder. Crouching behind me on all fours, was another boy called Adrian. I went toppling over him and landed heavily on my back. My short skirt flew up around my waist.

It was very dark so I thought at first that, if I was quick, I could yank my skirt back into place without them noticing my fancy underwear.

But I was too late. Both Christopher and Adrian were on top of me, pinning me down. Three other boys stood around shouting their encouragement. My skirt was wrestled clean off of me whilst I shrieked at them to stop.

Once they had it, they let me go and I scrambled to my feet, begging for the skirt back. They played a game of throwing my skirt to each other as I became angrier and angrier – charging at whoever had my skirt but never managing to make it in time. My high heels were constantly sinking into the wet grass and I was acutely aware of my state of undress. Some of the neighbors had heard the commotion and were starting to come to their doors to see what was happening.

If I thought anyone was going to help, I was wrong. I could hear grown men laughing and cheering the boys on.

Eventually, my skirt got thrown up a nearby tree – well out of anybody’s reach. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I didn’t want to go home. What would my parents think of the fact that I had saved up my money and spent it on this ridiculous underwear. Fortunately, they could see how upset I was so they didn’t give me too much of a hard time. I didn’t see my boyfriend again after standing him up.

The next morning, my skirt was still there – halfway up that tree.

The incident didn’t put me off wearing stockings, though. There was something about the attention I got that, although highly embarrassing, made me feel sort of special.

Christopher and Adrian continued to do their best, over the next couple of years, to expose me and my stockings to ridicule at every available opportunity.


Hi Mercedes,
Thank you so much for letting me remember another of Bear's "stupid"
moments!.  Over the year, they just never end and I kind of enjoy sharing
them with you.  It was fun to see my story on your website and it made me
decide to share another.


We went out on a beautiful summer day and Bear brought his camera.  He loves
it when I wear stockings "out & about" because it is exciting when I act
daring in public.  So we decided to go sight seeing for the day.
I wore dark tan stockings & a garter belt and no bra under my summer dress.
It seemed harmless enough when we started out.  We wandered the local gift
shops, had lunch by the lake shore, and then visited a state park for the
scenic views.  I loved looking out across the bay, but Bear loved looking at
me, so I agreed to pull up my skirt when no one was around.
Bear was thrilled and took several pictures of me flashing my stocking tops
on the park.  We drove from one spot to another and each time we stopped, he
took another picture and urged me to show "just a little bit more".  It was a
quiet day and we saw more deer than people, so I obliged him.
We were deep inside the park when we found a scenic turnout above the lake
shore and Bear got me to show off along the road side.  At first, I just
pulled up my skirt, like before.  Bear talked me into slipping the neckline
of my summer dress down off my shoulders and pulling my dress higher up
until I was showing off my all of stockings and garters when he took the
picture.  Of course Bear didn't stop.
We had been alone for a couple of minutes when Bear asked me to slip my
dress down over my breasts.  I said "not", but the longer we sat, the more we
seemed alone!  He is such a sweet talker that I agreed to give it a try.
Sitting on the stone wall by the highway, I looked around to make sure no one
was around.  Then I pulled my dress down off my breasts and bunched my skirt
up to flash my stockings and garters while Bear snapped another picture!  It
was kind of exciting and I let him take another before I heard the sound of
a tour bus and put myself back together just before a tour bus rumbled
around the bend in the road.
We both waived as the bus went by and laughed as we thought of what they had
just missed!  I flushed a bit when Bear suggested it might be fun to try
that again!  But like every time, he raised the stakes!.  As we stood in the
heat of the quite summer afternoon, Bear asked me to take my dress off
There wasn't anyone around and we couldn't hear anything except the sea
gulls on the beach below. Bear got me to stand on the stone wall and pulled
up my skirt to flash my stockings and then slipped the dress off my
shoulders again to flash my breasts!  I let him shoot another picture with
top of my dress pulled down, but Bear just kept asking for a little bit
With the loose elastic neckline, it was easy to push my dress down as far as
I cared and that was my downfall!  I can't share the pics, but the next one
showed my dress about my waist with my breasts in full view.  Then I pushed
my dress to my hips, displaying the upper band of my lacy white garter belt
as Bear took another picture.
It was so quiet that I felt like we were completely along in the park. Bear
asked if he could take a really sexy picture as I stood on the stone wall
out in the open.  I said yes and just let my dress fall
away. With a last plea from Bear, I slipped my panties down and let them
fall at my feet!   I smiled and turned, with a dip in my knees and a thrust
of my breasts for effect, and  stood on the wall in absolutely nothing but
my lacy white garter belt, filmy dark brown nylon stocking & high heels.
That's when I realized our mistake!! . . . .  Bear & I had been listening
for cars and buses on the highway, but never thought about the campground
higher up the cliff!   When I finally heard the sound of voices, I looked
across the road to see the amazed faces of a scout troop emerging from the
trees across the road from the cliff above us!  I stood in full view of a
band of teenagers that stood frozen in place just 50 feet across the highway
from where we stood!.
I jumped down as Bear grabbed my dress off of the pavement, but I can only
imagine the memory we left in the minds of those scouts for their visit to
the "wild".    The only saving grace is that we lived far enough away that
no one every figured out who we were!!
Thanks for listening to another story.  Bear seems to make them happen on


I work for a major downtown company. My girl and I often meet at my
office for dinner and a show. She knows how much I appreciate sexy
lingerie and fully-fashioned stockings so she wears them under her
business suit when we go out. On this particular evening, she was
wearing a dark blue pinstripe business outfit with a short skirt, tan
seamed stockings, and black high heels. With her long blonde hair and
suntanned skin she looked like a goddess. I couldn't wait to find out
what she was wearing underneath.
We met in the lobby of my building and started walking over to the
restaurant when I remembered that the theater tickets were in my desk
drawer. Hurriedly, we turned around and went back to get them. It was
after 6:00 so everyone was gone and we were alone in the office. She
looked so sexy, I started kissing her long neck right outside the Board
Room. We were both getting turned on and started undressing each other.
I removed her pinstripe suit and discovered a lovely little lacey
mini-slip underneath. Her silky slip and long shapely legs were too much
for me, so I guided her over to the boardroom table. I removed her shoes
and laid her down on the table. She slowly slipped off her lacey silk
pink panties and we were making love right there on the table where the
Board of Directors meets.
There she was in her little slip with her nyloned feet on my shoulders
when suddenly, the room lights went on. I looked toward the doorway and
there was the cleaning crew staring at us with their mouths wide open.
They politely disbursed and we got dressed and walked out as though
nothing happened. After the show, we went back to the office to finish
what we started.


Mercedes My name is Cindy and I was watching my husband
as he was looking at your website. We were both reading most embarrassing
moments. I thought I would write mine in to you. I was
going to surprise my husband on our anniversary dinner. He always wants
me to wear garter belts, stockings, panties, and a pair or stiletto heels.
I use to wear these things for him when we first got married but after
having 2 kids, I didn't think I looked good in those things. So I started
working out to get my figure back and to try to save my marriage because
Tom didn't look at me like he used to. But anyway back to the
story. He was at work so I went out and back a sexy red garter belt,
with matching red bikini silk panties from Victoria Secrets. I also
bought a pair of black stockings there. My next stop was at another
lingerie store to look for a pair of red stiletto shoes. I forgot to
mention, I bought a rather tight fitting black dress. You know the kind
that if you're not careful will ride up your body without you knowing it
(This will come into play in awhile). Well, I called Tom at work and told
him I would meet him at the restaurant as I had a few errands to run. I
didn't want him to see me until later. So I rushed home and got myself
all dolled up for him. When he got to the restaurant, I wanted him to
wait awhile so I could make an entrance and see the look on his face.
Well, I was at the bar and I had a couple of drinks while waiting. I was
sitting on a bar stool that had a metal back. Little did I know that when
I sat down, the edge of my dress got caught on it and as I sat down my
dress went up. So I was sitting there with the back of my dress up to my
hips. And everyone sitting behind me got to see my red bikini panties,
and garter belt. So that is the first thing my husband saw as he was
waiting for me. Also about 10 other men saw them but no one said a thing
to me. I don't know how long my dress was up but I know when we got home
we had a lovemaking session that I will never forget. Now I know I
will never ever wear pantyhose again. When we go out it will always be
stockings under my dress. But I will always be careful when I sit down.
From now on the only one who will see my skirt or dress bunched to my
hips will be my husband


You know the old tale about that if you catch the bouquet when the bride throws it that you will be the next one to get married well that is what happened to me.  My cousin was getting married and they had a professional photographer at their wedding.  I was determined to be the one to catch the bouquet no matter what it took.  I was wearing a mini skirt and had on  a white garter belt and beige stockings. It was 1971 and I was 16 years old.  My cousin threw the bouquet and I reached up as high as I could and that bouquet came right to my hands.  I was so happy I could not believe I had actually caught it.  But to my surprise when my cousin got her wedding pictures back I had reached up so high you could see my whole garter belt and stockings. Actually I thought it was really neat because I am sort of a show off at least back then I was.  But to tell the truth I still Love to show off any time I can.  But to top this story off I was the next person in my family to get married. 



Dear Mercedes,
   I have a story to tell you about my most embarrassing moment in stockings although its kind of short. My boyfriend always likes me to dress my sexiest and I comply because I enjoy it. Anyway, a few weeks ago, I was wearing a sexy red garter belt complete with nude stockings. I wore red satin panties underneath. This was all under an Italian made silk mini-skirt (about 4 inches above the knee). Anyway, my baby said he was going to take me on a 4 hour whale watching boat (I live in Maine). This boat was huge, 4 stories I think, and it goes 45 mph! It was a windy day to begin with but when we got on the top deck going full speed, there was no hope for my skirt. I mean, it was so windy up there that it was hard to move so you can just imagine what my silk skirt was doing. Anyway, I had to grab onto the handrail to balance which meant I only had one hand to hold my skirt down. We stayed up there for about 30 minutes until I convinced him to go back down! because he was obviously enjoying the show. We turned around and just as I thought it was over, we started walking down the stairs which were in a hallway. This made the wind rocket propelled up at us. I had to hold the handrails though or else I couldn't get back down. Anyway, I let go of my skirt and it literally, the entire skirt, flew up to my chest. We got to the bottom of the stairs and I quickie pulled it down. I think everyone except one old guy in the bathroom saw my garter and panties. Too bad for him! :)


It's been a long time, but my husband, Bear, still follows your page
faithfully and encouraged me to send in another of those "embarrassing
This one happened in New Orleans shortly after Mardi Gras about ten years
ago when Bear and I went down for a business conference in the French
Quarter.  I was proud to say this was MY conference and Bear was just
tagging along for the vacation.  I worked during the day and he wandered
about Bourbon Street looking for places to visit and things to do.  He found
The place to visit was called the "No Name Bar" near Pat O'Brien's and the
thing to do was to find me a dress "to-die-for" he asked me to wear out that
night.  I didn't know about the bar, but when he showed me the dress, I knew
something was up.  It was casual and buttoned in front from top to bottom,
but it was almost sheer.  There was a half-slip that covered up from the
waist down, but I would show off my bra to anyone who cared to look!
Bear's proposal was simple.  First, it was New Orleans.  Second, it was
night time.  Third, at this bar, no one would even be looking!  At first I
refused, but as we sat on our balcony over Bourbon Street drinking our
Hurricanes after sunset, the dress looked prettier and the darkness calmed
my fears.  My Bear talked me into an evening on the town in a sheer black
He always likes me to wear black when we party, so he had picked out my
sexiest lingerie - a lacy black half-bra, garter belt, and sheer bikini
panties with matching classic Hanes full fashioned nylon stockings.  I
finally agreed to dress up as long as we didn't go out until after dark.  I
thought that no one would see my breasts through the sheer top at night and I
could live with that.  But Bear had planned better than I knew!  The devil
had cut loose the half-slip so that it hung by a couple of threads and I
didn't have a clue!
So - fixing my makeup, slipping into my sexiest underwear, and donning this
filmy silk dress, I ventured out onto Bourbon Street for an wild evening.
We were having fun watching the crowd and that began to loosen us up!  Girls
on the street were "showing their grits" (that meant flashing their tits)
for beads and the guys around them were cheering them on and snapping
pictures.  But Bear was a good boy and we wandered on down to the No Name
Bar (sadly - long since closed) to introduce me to New Orleans Mardi Gras.
It was still early and Bear guided me over to a table in front of the stage.
  The first thing I saw was that above the stage was a row of bras and
panties tacked to the wall and ceiling.  The waitress saw me and explained
that the items were all "gifts" from the happy patrons!  As we ordered
drinks and sat back to listen to the band, I wondered who might be adding to
the display.  I didn't realize it would be ME!
Bear loves to fondle my nylons when we go out and I am actually turned on by
his attention.  While we sat in the hot and crowded bar, Bear began stroking my thighs and pushing up the hemline of my skirt until my stockings slid
into view.  So far, so good, I thought, because it was dark and the
spotlight was on the stage, not on me.  Then Bear began to play with the
buttons of my dress and expose my stockings and garters.  Even now, I was
used to the casual display and it didn't bother me at all.  That's when Bear
pulled off his trick!  He had cut the half-slip loose so that it hung inside
my skirt by just a couple of threads and as we listened to the band, he
tugged them free.
The band finished their set, we ordered fresh drinks, and I decided to make
my way to the ladies room.  As I stood up, my slip simply evaporated -
floating gently to the floor in the dimly lit bar.  I didn't have  clue that
my skirt was now as transparent as my blouse as I walked back toward the
powder room located behind the stage.  Just as I stepped onto the stage, the
house lights came up and my dress was transparent!  The bright lights showed
right through the filmy silk dress, exposing my lingerie, garters, and
stockings in full view! I kept my composure and slid off the stage hoping
that no one had noticed and the waited until the house lights darkened for
the second set before returning to our table.
It was bad enough that I had lost my slip, but I had no idea what would
follow! As Bear held up the slip to my dress, the singer announced that he
just "loved" black stockings and garter belts and the girls who wore them!
With that, the spotlight slid off the stage to focus on Bear & me down in
front.  The bright light completely exposed my bared breasts, lingerie, and
black stockings through my totally sheer dress!


The following never happened to me but I witnessed it so I hope it counts.
I was waiting for a bus one windy evening.
This lady approached, she was in her late thirties, brunette and with a full
She was wearing a flared, white patterned dress and a light jacket.
She was also wearing a pair of bronze glossy nylons and knee length black
The bus stop was pretty full as it was raining heavily and this lady was
having trouble keeping her umbrella up due to the windy conditions.
She must have had some skirt trouble already because in her free hand she
clutched her skirt tightly as though she had already been caught out by the
The rain eased up a bit but not the wind and every so often the lady's
umbrella would fan out and she let go of the skirt to recover control of her
Well, you can see where this is leading to and you'd be right....but not
just yet.
The wind picked up her hemline and filled up the skirt, causing it to
balloon out like a parachute. The lady was ready for this and clutched the
side of her dress once again and remained like this until her bus came,
skirt held tightly and umbrella under control.
It was actually when the bus approached that the incident occurred.
It was still blowing ferociously and the lady, while still holding her dress
tight, fished into her handbag for either a pass or some fare money.
The bag slipped off of her arm and upturned onto the pavement!
Suddenly, nothing else mattered. She kneeled down to pick up her bag which
had started to spill out onto the wet ground.
Her dress filled up and took off behind her. Either she thought she had her
hemline tucked in under her legs or maybe she didn't care because the skirt,
full now with the wind, blew above her shoulders.
She showed off her full cut white panties and beige suspender belt holding
up her shiny stockings.
The view was pretty amazing and a few of the people at the bus stop were
just staring at her underwear.
The wind died down for a second and her skirt, pretty wet by now, clung to
her back giving a prolonged view for the people at the bus stop.
A few laughs could be heard and someone went to the lady's aid and must have
told her that her skirt was stuck up her back because she quickly stood up,
gasped and pulled down the wet hemline.
She turned sheepishly and them WHOOSH another gust came and lifted the front
of her dress momentarily. She quickly pulled down her dress and after a few
seconds of fighting the wind, walked away from the bus stop.
I guess she couldn't face getting on the bus with a load of strangers who
had seen her suspenders.


Once I discovered your web site I realized that I am
not alone in my love for stockings, garters and being
feminine. I'm in my 40's and I grew up in a time when
stockings were what you covered your legs with (no
such thing as pantyhose yet) and when you went out, it
was in a dress or skirt unless you were going to do
some physical activity like riding a horse or playing
touch football with the guys, or something like that. 
I'm still pretty much that way - I am really not crazy
about pants. 
And when you wear a skirt most of the time, every
now and then things happen which mortify you at the
time, but seem pretty funny and even a little
titillating when you look back at them. That's why I'm
writing this to you. I think it would be fun if you
had a whole section on your site devoted to
"Embarrassing Moments". I know all of us at one time
or another have had those sorts of incidents where we
could just die but it left everyone else with a nice
little show - guys would get turned on and your
girlfriends would laugh hysterically at your
predicament. I hope you take my suggestion under
serious consideration. I'll even be the first to
offer a story:

I had gotten all dolled up because my boyfriend was
taking me on a dinner cruise around Manhattan (what a
beautiful sight !). I had on a knee length full
skirted dress which was over a garter belt, stockings
and string bikini panties -no slip, it was summer. 
Well, the boat got off to a late start but I didn't
know that the captain was really going fast to make up
time as we left the dock and made our way out into the
open water. There was a bar inside and everybody was
going out to the open front of the boat to enjoy the
ride. The line at the bar was so long, that when you
got to order, everybody ordered two drinks so you
wouldn't have to come back too soon. I left the bar
with a drink in each hand and walked to the front of
the boat where about a dozen people, a few from my
party, were standing, talking, laughing, and really
enjoying the ride. I joined them and was having a
relaxing fun time when the boat turned into the wind. 
That's when it happened. You guessed it. That gust
of swirling wind grabbed the hem of my dress and
undressed me quicker than my boyfriend could have
done. My dress flipped up above my waist giving all
around me a terrific view of my panties, garters and
stockings. Both my hands were full - I had a drink
in each hand and because it was a boat, there was no
place to put them down. I tried hunching down a
little and pushing the dress down around my hips with
my elbows, but that had no effect. I turned around
with my back to the wind to try and get the front to
drop back down, but my twirling motion only caused the
damned wind to catch the back hem and now the whole
dress was up around my shoulders with just my elbows
to keep it from raising up over my bra. I kept
turning and twisting and bending and trying to push it
all the way back down with my two drink filled hands. 
Finally after what seemed like an hour but was
probably about 10 seconds, the breeze shifted and my
dress fell back into place.
I heard a some female gasps and giggles and a few deep
voiced "All Rights". My boyfriend, whose hands were
also both filled with drinks and so couldn't come to
my aid (or so he says) told me later that my face
turned as red as a beet. I stayed in the cabin for
the rest of the ride and enjoyed the view through the
big picture windows. Nobody else mentioned what
happened but I did get a few very appreciative glances
during and after the ride from some of the lucky guys
who were in the right place at the right time.

I can relate to Karen's story because I had a similar funny experience! This past summer, Tom and I and some friends went on a short trip to Lake Superior to tour a couple of museums and one of them was an ore boat. Tom suggested that we do a photo shoot for the site at the same time because we needed some material for our "tours" page. When we can, we like to go to  places of interest around northern Minnesota so that people can see what our area is all about.  The first museum we went to was a snap because we were by ourselves and it was pretty easy to get all the photos we wanted because it wasn't that busy. When we got on the ore boat they put us in groups so that the only way we could get photos was by hanging back from the group. We made almost all the way through the ship with out a problem and Tom was getting some good stocking shots without anybody noticing. We finally made it up to the Pilot House which if I remember right was about 70 feet up and it was quite windy. I was making  my way across the deck to the short flight of steps up to the Pilot House when WHOOSH, up went my skirt! Most of the people in our tour group got an eye full of stocking tops,  garter belt, and panties and so did another group that was behind ours! I fought my skirt down but it was a battle! Believe it or not, I am really quite shy so I was quite red-faced by the experience but we had a good laugh about it later!  Next month, I will tell you what happened at my wedding!!  :o)  Mercedes

Tom took this shot shortly before it happened and you can see I am still having a problem  with the wind. :o)


Hi Mercedes,

I thought I would share with you an embarrassing situation I experienced a 
few years ago.

I was working in a bank as a loan officer. In this role, I would take loan 
applications from customers. Once the loans were approved I would have the 
customer come in to conduct the loan closing where all the paperwork needed 
to be completed. With the numerous banking regulations currently in place, a 
number of documents need to be completed and signed by the customer. Some of 
these are many pages long and written in fine print and are not easily 
understood. If not organized, a loan closing could last a couple of hours. 
In order to streamline this process, I organize all of these documents in a 
logical order and put them in a large, portfolio type folder. This way I can 
open the folder and methodically go through this process in an organized 

The bank office where I worked was the main office of a regional bank. It is 
located downtown in the heart of the business district of a major city. In 
this prime location, it was expected that employees dress very 
professionally. The loan officers desks were in the open in a large lobby 
with high ceilings and a lot of walk through traffic. Women were not allowed 
to wear pantsuits. A dress or a business suit with a skirt was the only 
attire permitted for women at the management level. On the day of one 
particular loan closing, I wore a very professional looking red knee length 
dress. My husband loves it when I wear a garter belt and stockings. We were 
going out to dinner that evening, so I thought I would surprise him. I wore 
my red lace garter belt, with the matching string bikini and bra from 
Victoria's Secret. The dress was short sleeve and of a very thick material 
so I didn't wear a slip that day. It buttoned all the way up the front and 
had large gold buttons about the size of a silver dollar each about four 
inches apart starting about six inches above the hem.

Anyway, it was time for the loan closing. I had my folder ready and the 
customer, a 40-year old man was on time. My desk is one of those large 
wooden one's with a ledge on the front that sticks out about 12 inches over 
the base of the desk. This is ideal for customers as they have some leg room 
when they are signing documents on the desk. When conducting these loan 
closings, I generally sit next to the customer on the same side of the desk 
as I go through the loan documents and explain each one and note where 
signatures are required. This loan closing was no different. I sat down 
next to this gentleman and began going through the documents. At first, 
things were going fairly smoothly. I thought the loan closing may be 
completed within 20 minutes. The customer seemed to be understanding 
everything fairly well. About half way through the meeting, he seemed to get 
confused. He began asking me to explain every minute detail of every 
document. He even began to question documents we had already completed. The 
folder was laying over the ledge of my desk and I kept having to flip back 
and forth between documents to explain issues to this suddenly ignorant man. 
I began to wonder if he might not be all there mentally. Every time I looked 
up from a document at his face, his eyes seemed to be fixated down towards 
the floor. He didn't even appear to be looking at the documents he was 
questioning. He also seemed like he was trying to flirt. I just wanted this 
meeting to end.

After over an hour of explaining and re-explaining things again and again, 
the customer said he had a meeting to go to so we began wrapping things up. 
Although the meeting lasted for only an hour, it seemed like three. After 
the customer signed the final document, I triumphantly closed my folder and 
slid it back onto my desk. To my horror, I discovered why this man didn't 
want this meeting to end. This was the first time I wore this red dress and 
apparently, some of the button holes on the front of the dress were cut a 
little bit too large for the buttons. As I sat down and crossed my legs, the 
strain on the dress apparently pulled the bottom two buttons through their 
button holes. Hidden from me by this large folder was the fact that the 
front of my dress had pulled undone and fell on each side of my crossed legs. 
It was obviously visible to my customer what I only saw after I put the 
folder back. That was my red lace garter straps holding up my cream 
stockings and about six inches of bare thigh showing up to the point where my 
buttons were still holding. The customer smiled at the fact that my face was 
probably the same color as my red lace garter belt.

He thanked me for my time and winked. I guess you could say he was "banking 
with interest".


I was at a girlfriend's sweet sixteen party. It was outside in her backyard and her parents had hired a band. I was standing with some friends on the patio with my back to the band when I heard one of the guys in the band say over the microphone Oh,
someone's wearing nice yellow panties. I stopped for a second to think did I really hear that then I thought for another second about what color panties I was wearing and remembered that they were yellow. I tried to glance calmly over my shoulder without making a big fuss and found out he sure was talking about me. The light breeze lifted my skirt up and it was waving up behind me like a flag. I didn't feel it, and none of my
friends said anything-very funny. And of course, that was the day I decided I was going to be hot and sexy so I bought a lacey garter belt and had that on under my panties holding up tan stockings. So they really saw plenty. I was lucky my hands were free and I didn't want to make a big scene and casually put my hands to my sides and pulled the skirt down tight around me. But I don't know how long it was lifting up like that and who was behind me besides the band.


Dear Mercedes,

I saw that you had created a new section on embarrassing moments. Let me
tell you what happened to me last autumn. Together with two of my colleagues
I was visiting the office of a client of ours. The meeting took quite a
while and I had to excuse myself to go to the toilet. When I came out of the
toilet I walked back to the meeting room through a fairly long corridor. On
each side there were offices and it struck me that the people
who saw me all got this strange expression on their face. After a while I
heard a lady whisper "Miss" and point to my back. Only then did see what had
happened. When pulling my panties up I had accidentally tucked the hem of my
skirt inside the back of my panties. I had been roaming the corridors of
this office with my stockings, garters and bum in full view of all the
people there. Luckily I wasn't wearing a thong or anything but the sight
must have been quite memorable nonetheless!

I was so embarrassed! I didn't say a word for the remainder of the meeting
despite the fact that none of the people there knew what had happened. I am
sure they were told later though.

I love to hear what happened at you wedding since I am planning one!


I forgot to write about my wedding! Tom and I got married in 1988 and we had a church wedding with close friends and family invited. We decided to "cut corners"  a bit and take a nice honeymoon trip with the money we saved instead. I borrowed a wedding dress from the wife of a friend I worked with and Tom wore a suit instead of renting a tux.  Another friend that I worked with was my maid of honor and she helped me get dressed right before the ceremony. I had on black stockings, a black garter belt and white panties and bra.  When I was ready, we took our positions outside the doors at the back of the chapel. The wedding march started on the organ, and we started to slowly walk up the isle. Tom, his best man, and the minister were waiting up front.  All of a sudden the three of them started smiling and Tom got a little flustered looking. I couldn't figure out what was going on!! The closer I got the more the minister looked at my dress and a wistful serenity seemed to come over him as if he was remembering something from a long time ago. Tom's best man seemed really pleased about something and Tom looked a little panicky. When I finally reached the front and stood next to Tom, he whispered to me, "You need a slip". I didn't realize it ahead of time but the dress was somewhat see-thru and the garter belt and stockings could be (and were) enjoyed by all!! The hardest part was walking back down the isle but I did it with as much grace and dignity as I could muster. A lot of people (especially the minister) said that it was a very memorable wedding! ---Mercedes


Hello Mercedes,

I never contributed to your site before but I thought this had to change. I 
particularly like your "From a woman's point of view" section. However, I 
want to recount some embarrassing moments I had with regards to wearing 

These stories go back to the late 80s, when I was studying at a university 
in the north of England. These were exciting times because I was living away 
from home for the first time and I could do (and wear!) whatever I liked 
without my parents interfering. It was the time when I met the new "love of 
my life" about every month or so.

I lived in a mixed student house together with three other girls and three 
male students. We shared rooms and I occupied the front room upstairs with a 
girl named Karen. Our room was at the end of a corridor. At the other end of 
that corridor, next to the bathroom there was the room of two of the male 

I was dating a guy at the time, and being in love off course I tried to look 
my very best and dress the part whenever we met or went out. I can remember 
Karen telling me that it usually took me more than an hour to get ready. I 
usually wore stockings on my dates with my boyfriend. But getting dressed 
like that in a busy student house caused some problems! Twice I was caught 
in quite embarrassing circumstances.

One time I was getting dressed in my room. I can remember wearing a white 
lacy corset with white stockings. I needed to go to the bathroom for one 
reason or another so I quickly slipped into my dressing gown. With one hand 
I held the lapels of my gown together to keep it closed - I didn't think I 
had to tie it. I left my room and walked down the landing and I planned to 
quickly slip into the shared bathroom. However when I had nearly reached the 
bathroom, the door of the boys' room opened and out came a group of four 
(male) students. I got a fright just because I hadn't expected that. I 
quickly tried to enter the bathroom but I made the fatal mistake of trying 
to push the door open with the hand that held the lapels my gown. The gown 
opened and even slipped of one of my shoulders. To worsen matters I found 
the bathroom door locked. Somebody was already in there. For a couple of 
seconds, but it felt much longer, these guys could see me in my underwear. 
Smiles appeared on their faces and I completely turned red. I hurried back 
to my room!

The other story is quite similar. It happened that same year. I was getting 
dressed when one of the other students knocked on my door to tell me that my 
mum was on the telephone. I had just put on some darker coloured stockings 
but I hadn't yet been able to attach them to my suspender belt. Not wanting 
to let my mum wait for too long I took a risk. I put my dressing gown on and 
walked down the stairs to the communal telephone in the hall. Whilst I was 
standing there I could feel the inevitable happening - my stockings were 
sliding down my legs. Despite some efforts to pull them up one of my 
stockings fell as far down as my knee and the other ended up around my 
ankle. Several of the students in the house saw it happening. I felt awfully 
embarrassed but I couldn't flee. Neither could I explain to my mum what was 
happening and end the phone call quickly because she definitely wouldn't 
have approved of me wearing stockings. I come from a small village and my 
parents are quite conservative in their attitudes. Stockings were considered 
inappropriate for a girl like me. Later though, a lovely evening with my 
boyfriend made up for all the hardship. And off course in his case I made 
pretty darned sure that he knew what I was wearing under my skirt!


Now here is one from a different point of view....

Back in 1989, I was in a car accident and had to see a chiropractor for almost daily adjustments. While the
adjustments were usually a bit scary, they did seem to help.

One afternoon while sitting in the waiting room reading a magazine, an English couple came in with their
child. I had met them before during the cursory "Intro to Chiropractic Medicine" every chiropractor sells to his
patients. He too had been in a car accident, while his wife was apparently just with him for the trip.

He was a little older than she, but equally handsome. Her hair was short and brunette and her figure was
amazing. She wore a gray suit, a black blouse and black high-heeled shoes. She took a seat across from me,
smiled and up a magazine.

Did I mention the kid? What a monster! The ritalin-worthy kid was about five years old and was running all
around the waiting room picking up this and that, throwing things and making tons of noise. Soon, even his
mother had had enough and she demanded that he stay by her side.

For reasons I'll never understand, Junior reached under the armrest of the chair, grabbed the hem of his
mother's skirt and pulled it back, revealing a pair of sexy black nylons being supported by a red garter belt! 
She let out an "Oooh!" sound and pursed her lips like a model in an Elvgren painting. She swatted her skirt
back into position and instructed her son not to do that again.

I damn-near fainted. 

She gave me an annoyed look, but I pretended that I didn't see anything. My hands were trembling a bit,



Hi Mercedes , 

Love your site. I thought I would take a few minutes to tell you about one of my FREQUENTLY embarrassing moments I have experienced recently. I am 38 years old and , quite attractive for my age. I work in a busy call centre environment in the UK as a training manager. Most of the sales staff who work here are in there early 20`s and are for the most part male. As you can imagine the hormones in the building are rife!
I have worn Stockings and Suspenders (garters) for about 3 years now , my new husband introduced me to them when we met and nothing would persuade me to ever wear tights again. Partly because he hates me wearing garters to work but mainly because I love them! What a tease.
One morning I arrived for work dressed in a smart business suit (as always) but on this occasion the skirt was a little shorter than normal with a small split up the left hand side
to allow movement as it was quite tight fitting. I wore my usual t-shirt top and of course STOCKINGS. I always wear sheers , always black as they are so versatile and look sexy
too. Today however I had chosen Black 70 denier opaque stockings worn with a black lacy suspender belt.
I was asked to set up a new programme for the team which meant I had to sit next to the guys on an individual basis as training was very much one to one.
The morning started well with concentration on nothing but the VDu`s until I noticed sniggers and grins from a couple of the guys sat across the room opposite me. I ignored their behavior as it appeared to be just the normal high jinks associated with male/female behavior,   You know , the older woman thing. One of the guys on the desk called me over .`Miss , miss , can we be next miss` he said teasing me. I realized why. As I stood up my skirt had ridden up a good 4 or 5 inches as it was tight and there for all to see were my black stocking covered legs with black suspenders showing. Whistles galore followed with 30 or so requests for immediate assistance. As they had all seen my underwear I saw no reason to hide it and slowly pulled down my skirt making sure that just enough stocking top showed through the slit on my left leg. I have to be honest and say that once I had recovered from the initial embarrassment I found the experience quite arousing. My popularity increasing throughout the day gave me a new confidence and I really enjoyed it. The remainder of the day brought no end of questions regarding my stockings. Do you always wear them? Do you keep them on in bed?` Can I have a feel ? Can I take you for A DRINK?`
Since that day I have worn short skirts all the time for work and naturally my popularity has increased along with my libido!
Go on ladies , learn a lesson , wear stockings for work... the change is amazing!


Hi, Mercedes 

I cannot remember when I first became interested in women, certainly as far back as I can remember anything. Perhaps the fact that I had no sister contributed to my curiosity about the feminine sex. I do recall, when she 
must have thought me too young to notice, watching my mother put on her corset and stockings. I found it exciting even then. 
One experience I will never forget was when I was probably 12 or 13. My family, along with my uncle and aunt, was spending an enjoyable day at a large amusement park. The men and boys wanted to check out a walk-through fun house, but the ladies decided to sit outside and wait for us. We entered a large room with those funny mirrors that make you look fat or thin. I was engrossed in these and didn't notice that the others had left the room and entered another. So I finally left the mirrors and entered into a smaller room that was dimly lit. I thought I was alone, but suddenly the lights brightened, and directly in front of me was a gorgeous young woman. As the lights went up, so did a strong burst of air directly under the young lady. 
It lifted her skirt upward like an umbrella turned inside out. She let out a little squeal and tried in vain to push her skirt down. I gazed at her shapely legs encased in sheer tan stockings and in that brief instant took in the whole erotic picture of her standing there in her stockings, garter belt 
and panties. When the blast of air subsided, she saw me watching and looked at me with a sheepish smile. I grinned back and moved into the next room. 
I caught up with my dad and uncle as they left the building. My mom and aunt were seated on a bench facing the exit. They were laughing. "You fellows missed the show," said my aunt. "Two women came out in front of you, and a blast of air from the floor blew their skirts over their heads." Well, I would have liked to see that show, too, but I didn't say anything about the private show I had just witnessed. That experience has always stayed with me, and if I ever am around another fun house, you can be sure I will check 
it out. 
Just call me Professor 

I would like to tell you of an incident related to me by my wife, who is a nurse at a local hospital. While
on duty, on the night shift, quite recently she had, what can only be called, a very embarrassing moment. My wife has been wearing nylon stockings for as long as I have known her and this includes under her uniform at work. While on duty this night a doctor asked her to get some sort of medication from a nearby locker. As she was closing the door to this locker it caught the bottom portion of her
uniform skirt, which she did not notice until, as she attempted to turn, lifted it to her waist. As she tried
to untangle herself from this door she became , all the more caught. By this time all eyes, doctors and nurses, were on her. It took help from 2 nurses to get her undone from the door. Although she always wears a slip, this did not prevent those in the room from seeing her stockings and garters.

Being an older man I remember fondly those wonderful days before pantyhose took away a ladies sex appeal. In fact I'm old enough to
remember when hose still had seam running up the back, which to this day I still find a true turn on. 
As a boy my class and others were on a tour of the state capital building. We were under the watchful eye of one male and two lady teachers, plus one guide, also a man. The guide and the man teacher lead our group of about 60 down a hallway while the ladies followed behind.
As I was near the back of the group I heard one tell the other her hem was crooked and saw them turn a corner to what I'm sure they thought was a private area. 
At this time the guide, realizing we had gone the wrong way ask us to turn around and go to the right.  I'm sure you know what follows. A young shapely teacher, with her
dress up over her butt, and an older gray haired teacher with her hands on the others thigh, turned their heads to see 60 students and two grown men standing and watching the show. I'm willing to bet that both of those ladies to this day would call that one of their most embarrassing moments

I thought I'd write and tell you about something that
happened a long time ago but was so embarrassing,
that, once I recalled the incident, became as clear as
the day it happened. 

I was 14 years old in junior high school in the
mid-sixties. That was about the age when all the
girls were changing from socks and undershirts to
stockings, garter belts and bras. We were becoming
WOMEN! But kids in junior high school can be on the
mischievous side, so to keep us out of trouble, my
school kept all the students' bathrooms closed till
after we were in our homerooms and the first class of
the day began. I was at my locker in the hallway
hanging up my coat and getting the books I would need
for the morning. The hall was full of kids doing the
same then rushing off to their homerooms to start the
day. As I reached up to put my coat on the hook, I
thought I felt a slight snap or movement around the
small of my back. I looked around but no one was near
me as the halls were starting to empty out. I closed
my locker, picked up my books, and started to walk
toward my homeroom and noticed a funny feeling around
my waist. Then the feeling seemed to spread to my
thighs. It continued more and more with each step I
took. I looked down at my dress. There was nothing
wrong with my dress, but my stockings seemed to be
bagging a little at my knees and were getting worse
with each step. I felt a strange movement again at my
waist then suddenly became panic stricken when I
realized what was happening. My garter belt had
somehow become unsnapped and was slowly sliding down
my hips, taking my panties with it and the tension
from my stockings was only helping the whole process
along. I froze in place. I tried to press the books
in my arms against my dress to hold everything up, but
they had already fallen too far and there was too much
dress and petticoat fabric between my books and garter
belt for that to help. A few stragglers were walking
by as the hallway became more and more deserted. I
just didn't know what to do. If I took another step,
all my underwear would be hanging around my knees. 
And with the girl's rooms closed, there was no place I
could go to fix myself. I stood there not knowing
whether to laugh or cry. After what seemed like
eternity, a female teacher came by, took one look at
me, and asked what was wrong. I was so embarrassed as
only a teenage girl can be, but I managed to stammered
out that I think my underwear is falling off and what
was I going to do? She looked me up and down, her
gaze stopping at the hem of my dress. She shook her
head and tried to suppress a smile, and kneeled in
front of me. She took my books and told me to try to
hold everything up as best as I could as she led me to
the door of an empty classroom that seemed like it was
a mile down the hall. I was so lucky that nobody came
by just then. She closed the door behind us, put my
books down and said "Let's see what we've got here." 
Then I thought I would die as she lifted my dress and
took a good look at the problem. I swear I remember
feeling woozy from embarrassment. She told me to hold
my dress up as she turned me around. I could feel her
grabbing the hooks of my garter belt and reattaching
them, then pulling it and my panties all the way back
up - luckily they hadn't fallen too far. I smoothed my
stockings back up and pressed my dress back into
place. I thanked her for her help as she walked me to
my homeroom. While I took my seat she whispered to the homeroom teacher why I was late. I'm sure I saw them
fighting to hold back a laugh as they nodded their
heads and glanced at me. At the time, I was so afraid
that the word would get out and I'd never survive my
school years. But it didn't and the entire episode
was pretty much forgotten till I saw this part of your
web site. 



Dear Mercedes,
Having read your page on embarrassing moments, I
thought you might like to share my embarrassing
It happened about 10 years ago, when I was working in Sydney. It was during the summer and on that
particular day I had to go to Central Sydney to make a major presentation to some clients.
That day I had on my best full skirted dress, but
because it was summer, no slip ( bad move!). As you
probably know the summers are quite hot in Australia, but despite the heat, I always feel that bare legs look unprofessional. So under my dress I was wearing stockings and suspenders ( garters). I usually wear panty hose, but in summer I prefer stockings. They are cooler and I think more feminine to wear. It was about this time that G string underwear had become fashionable, and ever one to be fashionable, I was wearing a G string as well. It was rather high cut and the "string" disappeared up my bottom.
It can be rather windy in Central Sydney, due the
wind tunnel effect of the high rise buildings. I was
about two streets away from my clients offices, when the wind blew and blew my dress up at the back over
my head. I did not look round, but I knew that
everything I had on underneath my dress was now on
show. My stocking tops, suspenders and what really
mortified me was, because of my minute G string,
from behind it must have looked as if I had no
knickers on either! As both my hands were full with
my brief case and handbag, I could not pull my dress
down. After what seemed like forever but was
probably only a few seconds, by turning out of the
wind my dress fell back into its rightful place. I
was so embarrassed, I could not look round to see if
there was anyone following me, so I just kept
walking until I reached my clients office. I went straight in, past reception to the ladies where I composed my self.
After I had calmed down, I went into the clients
office and made my presentation. My audience was
mainly male, and I was obsessed that one or more of
them may have seen me earlier. I was sure that the
nudges and winks between them were signs that they
Anyway, the presentation was a success I am pleased
to say, and I made it home to my unit without any
further mishaps. It was though, the most embarrassing day of my life.


Dear Mercedes,
since some ladies began to share some embarrassing
moments of theirs, I want to tell you what happened to
me in the late sixties. It was really an odd trouble,
that now I consider as funny, but that made me very
embarrassed that time.

One day I was invited to a friend of mine for a drink
with some other people. My friend was married and had
a three or four years old boy. I carried him on my
arms and sat down on a couch, with the baby on my
legs, jumping and tossing about, then he began to walk
on my thighs, and slid a foot that pushed the fabric
of my skirt and made his way under a garter strap,
like a glove clad finger.
Before I could disengage his foot from this
endangering position, he suddenly made a quick turn,
pivoting on my entangled strap, that was abruptly
twisted; I felt a tremendous jerk, and my
overstretched garter popped off with a loud smack.
A girl friend sitting near me heard that snapping
sound, as she asked me something like "it's all ok?
Anything broken?". I tried to hide my trouble, 
replied that all was right, smoothed my skirt, and I
stealthy began to finger through the fabric, 
searching for the clip and checking what had
happened. Really I believed that no gear could have
withstood such a torsion and jerk, and I feared my
garter might be broken or torn. I was reassured when
I found and touched my loosened clasp which seemed
just opened, without any damage, and decided to adjust
it later on. But as I got up, I realized that my
predicament was worse that I thought. Indeed, I used
to pull only the front straps of my stockings (one of
which had gone), letting the lateral ones a bit loose,
because I felt more comfortable when sitting. When I
was standing, the surviving side strap wasn't
stretched enough to prevent the stocking from sliding
down, revealing my predicament, so I asked my friend
for the toilet. She glanced at my sagging and wrinkled
stocking, giggled and said "just you need some
adjustment". Really I was flushing and shamed, as some
men were also looking at my leg. But the worst part of
my predicament came when I reached the bathroom, and
shortly after. In the toilet, I recognized that I
couldn't fix my garter any more, because I had lost
the button of the clip, that had been torn away. So I
trimmed and stretched my side strap, to hold the
stocking taut, and came back to the parlour, hoping
that the remaining clasp would not betray. I was
worried, because I had to stay outside until late
evening in that uneasy condition, and didn't find the
courage to ask my friend for help.
When I returned to the hall, my friend and some other
people were giggling, as the lady handed me the clip
button saying "somebody left this on the floor,
nobody claimed for it, I presume it belongs to you,
considering how was your stocking before". Really I
never flushed so much as in that occasion, and by the
moment I felt offended and replied "mind your own
business". The lady understood that I was very
embarrassed and I had not enjoyed her public joke, so
she took me in her bedroom, saying "Don't worry about
your little problem, now are taking what you need from
my wardrobe" and gave me a garter belt to change. I
began to feel encouraged, and went on to change the
belt. "You must be very careful when purchasing the
lingerie" added the lady. Then I said it wasn't a
question of poor quality, and I told her what had
actually happened. Hearing how her little boy had been
able to break my garter gear, she was incredulous
first, then she smiled and asked for excuse. She was
so friendly that when we came back to the parlour, my
embarrassment had vanished and I was smiling at that
unusual trouble. Over the years, I have told this odd
and nearly comical incident sometimes, talking with
other ladies friends of mine, and I believe to be the
only woman which encountered a similar situation.
With love.

Hi, Mercedes - I've been following your site and enjoying the different
sections finding them interesting and occasionally amusing. Most amusing,
of course, is the "Embarrassing Moments" section. Some of those accounts
create some pretty wild pictures in the imagination. Well, since I have
enjoyed everyone else's uncomfortable moments, I decided, now that I had a
memorable one, just a couple of days ago in fact, it was only fair to share
mine with all your fans. Needless to say, I'm a stockings and garter belt
gal, so that of course adds to the picture. 
I was just promoted to a managerial position and so had to move to a new
office. I don't really like this new office because there is no privacy at
all. There's a big uncovered window in the front wall of the office
overlooking the cubicles and hallway outside my office, and the entire back
wall of my office is a big uncovered window behind my desk overlooking the
roof of the one story building attached to the building I work in (I'm on
the second floor and my office is level with that roof). A couple of days
ago, as I stood up from my chair, I felt a pop behind my left thigh and
immediately realized that the back garter on my left leg had come undone. 
Even if I closed the door, there is really no place I could stand where no
one could see me from the hallway and the ladies' room is all the way across
the floor, so I stood behind my desk and kept my eyes peeled out the window
in front of my new office watching the cubicles and hallway to be sure no
one was coming past while I lifted the back of my skirt and groped around
for the garter and stocking top. I found them and reattached the two, all
the while facing that window in front of the office keeping a sharp eye out
for anybody coming my way. Luckily no one came by so while my skirt was up
on one side anyway, I figured I'd take advantage of the moment and lift the
whole skirt up in the back and adjust the other garter and the waistband of
the garter belt and even pull my panties back up nice and tight. With my
eyes nervously staring through the window into the hall I wiggled around
readjusting everything and with a sigh of relief that no one had come by,
slipped my skirt back down to my knees. After an instant, I reached behind
me for the phone which was on the part of the desk between me and the window
facing outside, and there stood two workmen who apparently were on the roof
to make some sort of repairs staring at me and laughing and applauding! 
While I was keeping the front of my skirt which was facing the inside window
down, they were just beyond the outside window and had a full view of my
rear with my skirt up to my waist with everything on display. I screamed
and laughed, covering my face in my hands and ran into the hallway out of
their sight. I found other work to do elsewhere for about an hour before I
got up the nerve to go back to my office and peek around the wall to look
out and be sure they were gone. There was no way I could have sat there
working if those guys were still outside my window watching my every move. 
If that happens again I'll just pray that the front garter holds up long
enough for me to make it to the ladies' room for adjustments.

Anne Marie

I am 23 and an actress and model. I like to wear very tight short skirts. The only trouble is that when I sit my skirt rides up and I always worry about how much might be showing. I hate to wear any underwear except a garter belt and stockings and I do not want to be exposed but it  happens-particularly getting out of a car or sitting opposite someone. I try to avoid these situations but I can't always avoid it. I wear my stockings very high in the hope that I can sit without my stocking tops showing but in spite of that it is hard to keep them covered if I cross my legs. Yet if I do 
not cross my legs, people would see all the way up my skirt unless I keep my hand between my legs. I get most embarrassed when someone comments that they can see that I am not wearing panties or when someone asks me why I don't wear panties. I never know what to say. It would be so much more relaxing if I wore panties or pantyhose but I hate the feeling of wearing either and never do wear them.

I have an embarrassing moment to share with everyone. 
It happened when I was a junior in High school. I went
to a private school and we had to wear uniforms. I
had been somewhat unpopular and the victim of a lot of
teasing and such in my earlier school years, but by
this time I had gotten quite attractive and wasn't as
much a target of ridicule. However I still had some
people who still liked to make my life miserable. 
Susan was one of them. She was a year ahead of me and
had been picking on me since I started high school. 
One day I had to carry a fairly large load of library
books to the library and had both of my hands full. 
Susan and two of her friends came up to me and
pretended to knock them out of my hands. I held on
tight. Then she got a different. The bell had just
rang and the hall was beginning to fill with people. 
My hands were full and she got a much better idea to
humiliate me in front of everyone. IT was the late
60s and stockings were still in fashion. I had on a
pair of black lacey stockings with garters and
matching panties on under my skirt. My skirt was a
pleated one, plaid in the school colors, black and
orange. It came down to my knees and was fastened by
a single buckle on the side. She stood in front of me
and got me to stop. Then they teased me and she put
her hand on the buckle and threatened to pull it
loose. I made the mistake of acting desperate,
desperately not to be stripped of my skirt in the
middle of the busy hall. She teased it a few times
just to make me nervous and then finally she did it. 
My skirt unwrapped and fell to the floor. She laughed
loudly drawing attention to the situation. I was
totally exposed in the middle of the hallway in my
stockings and panties. Then she picked up my skirt
and waved it in my face. Then she tossed it up over a
ceiling fan which was off. It was stuck several feet
out of reach. My face was red as could be. I didn't
know what to do. I dropped the books in the floor. 
Everyone was laughing at me. It seemed like all the
cute guys were around as well. I then ran into the
girls bathroom and began to cry. A few minutes later
a teacher came in and handed me my skirt as They had
gotten it down. Susan got suspended, but she let me
know it was well worth it to embarrass me that much.


Dear Mercedes:

I read some of your embarrassing moments in
stockings and had to write. One afternoon I left the
house early to meet my husband for dinner. As a
surprise I was wearing lace top thigh highs and a
corselet under my dress without my usual slip. And
the dress was the center of the problem. You see it
was a coat dress with buttons up the center. Tom
always loved that dress because when I was feeling
flirty I could undue a button or two.
Well I had to stop at the mall and picked up a
couple of things and walked out the automatic door my
dress caught on the rail next to the door. As I was
in a hurry I had taken a couple of steps before I
realized that it caught. It popped all the buttons
off the dress. As I turned around to free myself I
noticed a couple of officers from the Navy recruiting
booth staring at me. I have never been so embarrassed
in my life.


  Dear Mercedes,

It is a pleasure to contribute to your site! Off course some
embarrassing things happened over the last 20 years (the time I have been wearing stockings. I am 37 now). You just can't avoid that really. However, I am less easily flustered now than when I was younger. If somebody now happen to discover what I am wearing I am not too fussed but I my early twenties I would have been ready to die!

I was pretty embarrassed some years ago when my husband unexpectedly brought home a colleague of his when I had just washed some underwear and stockings and put them out to dry on a little metal rack in the kitchen. I could see this man think, fantasize and smile.

But the one thing that sticks out was my graduation party. After I graduated I organized a real big party. This was 1990. I had invited all of my friends including the guy I really fancied and who I would later marry (and divorce). My parents and most members of my family were there too. Off course I had to welcome everyone and one of my teachers also spoke a few words and when he finished people cheered
and clapped. All this attention was embarrassing enough for me but at that moment my brother approached me from behind, stuck his head between my legs and lifted me up in order to parade me through the hall on his shoulders. A nice idea perhaps but by doing this he forced my dress up and revealed my thighs. I was wearing stockings and suspenders and literally everyone could see that. There was more
cheering off course. Some of the guys even whistled. The 30 seconds I was on my brother's shoulders seemed to last hours and was mortified. My mum looked pretty shocked too. It caused a row with my brother and I was cross with him for weeks.
Best regards,


  I had a very embarrassing moment last summer. I had gone to a major theme park with my husband and 5 year old daughter. The park was very crowded as was the cafeteria style restaurant we stopped at for lunch. My husband disappeared to the rest room while I got on line with my daughter, Debbie, to get us lunch. I got a tray and loaded it up with meals and drinks for all of us. I paid the cashier and with my handbag over my shoulder and my hands full with the tray, told Debbie to hold onto the hem of my dress not wanting her to drift away in this crowded room. It was a knee length shirtdress, very loose and full. Although it was summer, the radio weathermen had said it might be a little chilly that day so we all had sweaters and I wore stockings with garters so my legs would not get a chill but would not get too hot like if I had on closed up pantyhose. We started walking around the crowded lunchroom looking for a table and I could feel Debbie behind me holding onto my dress. As we passed a mirrored column in the middle of the room I glanced back at her and almost dropped the tray as I saw what every one around me was looking at - Debbie was holding onto my dress alright, but she was holding her hands up as high as she could over her head so my hem was all the way up to my waist. In the mirror I could see my pink panties with little bows and lace on them, black garter belt and mauve stockings. I felt myself blush immediately and said quietly and as calmly as possible through gritted, grinning teeth, 'Put your hands down, Honey.' She did, but ever the playful darling, held the hem tightly over her head like a veil and walked under my dress to my front where she walked like that, holding it on top of her head allowing dozens or hundreds!! of people to see my underwear all the way up to my waist. I could only grin stupidly at everyone around me and keep pleading as calmly as possible, 'Please put Mommy's dress down now, Honey.' Which, of course, she didn't do now that she saw she was getting attention and laughs. We finally made our way over to a table by the wall where I was able to put the tray down and force myself to refrain from strangling her since everyone was still looking (not really, of course) and sit her in a chair away from my dress. When my husband finally showed up he said he heard laughing from this side of the room and asked what it was about and why everyone around was looking at us. He's lucky I didn't pour the iced tea over his head when he turned and said in between gasps for air because he was laughing so hard 'That was very bad, Deb.'


  My most embarrassing moment in stockings occurred a number of years ago when I was on my honeymoon in Atlantic City.  In those days wearing dresses and stockings was very common,  My husband and I were strolling on the boardwalk still euphoric over our wedding the day before--and Atlantic City seemed  to be the perfect place for a honeymoon.  As we strolled among the amusement places on the boardwalk, my husband decided to take me in a funhouse.  Neither of us knew what a funhouse was.  As we walking on the moving floors and going thru other obstacles, I could not help but notice that about 10 men were watching my every move, but I had no idea what was about to happen.  As  I was walking over an area with little holes in the floor the funhouse operator turned on a gush of air that blew my dress in my face.  The men let loose with yells and whistles.  Believe me I always tried to be very modest so my face must have been the color of a fire truck.  I was trying to get out of that funhouse as quickly as possible, and as were leaving on a platform just outside the funhouse where I thought I was safe, he blew up my dress again only this time there were more people watching.  Then a man came up to me and said "I saw everything,  your legs, stockings, and blue panties."  I was again embarrassed that he  shouted the color of my underwear.  This made my husband mad so he hit the man.  A policeman was watching and enjoying the sights, but he arrested my husband.  My husband spent the second night of our honeymoon in jail while I stayed in the hotel room alone and very embarrassed. 



Hi Mercedes,

My husband and I just love your section on embarrassing moments.  We are sure many other women have had some situations with their stockings that they weren't exactly planning on.  I wish more would share some of these hilarious and sometimes erotic situations.  I started wearing stockings and garter belts in college and fell in love with them and quickly realized that you can make a man do anything once he realizes what you are wearing.  After college I got rid of all my pantyhose and wore only stockings.  In the 15 years since, I have ad a number of these unplanned situations.  Thought I would share some with your readers in the hopes they do the same.

I am one of those women who like to do a little bit of teasing.  When at work or in a bar, I like to sit on a chair or stool and cross my legs and let my skirt ride up a bit so people can see just a glimpse of stocking top.  If I've had a few drinks, I may let it ride up a little higher.  My husband enjoys watching people look and keep sneaking peeks.  He always knows I'll end up with him at the end of an evening.  With that being said,  you would be surprised that I would get embarrassed.  But I did and here's one of my "situations" as I refer to them.

When I first got out of college, I was unattached, 23 years old, worked in the downtown area of a major city, and did a lot of things with other single girls.  Sometimes we would dare each other to do things.  I could be quite bold.  With all the tall buildings, it could be quite windy some days as the air was forced through alleys and streets.  One of my favorite teasing activities was to go out of our office and make sure my hands were full and let the wind "accidentally"  blow my skirt up.  I got some very amusing looks when I did that.

I worked for an advertising agency in one of the buildings on one of the main streets.  On this one day I told a co-worker that I was going to stop at the coffee shop next door during my lunch hour and asked if she wanted anything.  She gave me her order.

It was a breezy, warm spring day.  I wore a matching skirt/blouse outfit.  It was red with white polka dots about the size of a dime.  The blouse was short sleeve and buttoned up the front.  The skirt was full and pleated and had an elastic waist (the elastic waist will come into play later).  I was wearing a white lace bra, thong and garter belt set with white stockings from Victoria Secret.  I didn't have a slip on.  I only wear slips when absolutely necessary.

So I am walking back from the coffee shop with a coffee in each hand and my purse over my shoulder.  Through my reflection in the glass windows I could see I was putting on just a little show.  I could see my stocking tops and the end of the garter tabs as the wind blew my skirt.  This is what I had intended.  But what happened next was not.  A strong gust of wind came and my skirt inflated around me like a parachute.

I could have handled that.  I rushed towards the revolving door to my building trying to get off the street before anything else happened.  But what happened next was a older gentleman co-worker was coming into the building at the same time.  He was probably late 50's, the grandfatherly type.  He saw my predicament and ran up to help.  He pulled my skirt down to cover me up and told me to get in the revolving door and he would push the door.  He hustled me in and pushed my skirt into that compartment with me and pushed the door as he jumped in the compartment behind me.  Problem was my skirt wasn't all the way inside the revolving door when he started to rotate it.  The bottom of my skirt got caught between the rubber edge of the door and the cylinder it rotates in.  It was then that I felt the first tug.  Now remember that elastic waist?  It was now down to just below my buttocks.  I stopped dead, but he didn't.  The door hit me in the back and pushed me forward.  The waist of the skirt was about 4 inches above my knees now.  My garter belt and stocking tops were there for everyone to see.  The older gentleman finally quit pushing.  It got worse though.  By the time he stopped pushing, a good portion of my skirt was stuck in the door.  The skirt had tightened around my thighs, so I couldn't even bend over to put the coffee cups down.  The man realized he had to pull the door backwards to free me.  Just in case this happens to someone else, revolving doors are very difficult to move in the opposite direction.  It was probably only 10 seconds before I was free but it seemed like an eternity.  It seemed that every guy in the building was waiting to go through that door when it happened.  I put my coffee down and pulled my skirt back into place.

Although I was quite embarrassed, I think the poor old man was even more embarrassed than me!

Just call me "Blushing"


Hi Mercedes I have a really embarrassing moment to
share with all.
I was in college and I was an actress in a local
theatre group. I was a rather shy girl but acting
made me come out of my shell and shine. That is until
I got this one part in a show. I had been acting for
a while but only in high school and nothing big. This
group did put on some plays for fairly big audiences
sometimes. They had been around for a while but I was
a new member. I had gotten some good parts because
they thought I was young and attractive. I guess I
was. I had long brown hair, a pretty smile and a nice
figure. Anyway the group had been slowing down at the
time and we were thinking of ways to get more people
to come and watch us. It was a hobby for us and we
rarely got paid and didn't get much when we did. One
thing was for me to be on stage more in sexy outfits.
I did for a few shows, I'd wear short skirts and tight
blouses and all that. Things began to pick up due to
various things, not just me. I don't know if it had
to do much with me anyway. One night they decided to
take it a step farther. It was a short where a bunch
of bad things happened to various people in humorous
ways. IN my part I was supposed to be standing on a
busy street corner on a windy day. I was playing the
role of a classy looking, snobby, arrogant, woman who
stuck her nose up at everyone around. The audience
was supposed to hate me. I dressed up really nicely.
It was a look from the 40s or 50s. I had on a nice
silky white blouse and loose fitting knee length pink
skirt. I had a matching pair of pink high heels and
white wrist gloves. On my head I had a pink hat with
a ribbon and a bow. I was supposed to stand there and
have the wind blow up my skirt and let everyone on the
block see my underwear and laugh at my extreme
embarrassment. I had a purse and a had to hold my hat
too keep from losing it so I had no real way to keep
my skirt down. Then at the end a car was supposed to
come by and splash water all over me. In rehearsals I
did fine. I just had a pair of plain white panties.
It didn't bother me to let the cast see me like that.
I didn't expect any problems at the show either. Then
when I arrived I got my costume. I had a pair of
lacey purple panties and lacey nude stockings and
garters. I had expected to be barelegged like in
rehearsals. I was told that I'd look much more
exposed and it would be funnier with the stockings and
garters. I was okay. I did my part well. Then it
came time. I looked out at the audience and noticed
that there were a lot of people out there, many more
than I expected and probably more than it actually
was. I started to get really nervous. I stood there
and my legs started to get really weak. Then it
happened. The fans that were underneath me came on.
They were strong. I felt my skirt come up and smack
me in the face as I looked down. I heard the audience
eating it up. They loved it and that made me more
embarrassed. My face was blood red and my knees were
wobbling. I began to lose balance in my high heels.
I started to try and hold my skirt down. I let go of
my hat and it flew off my head. I then panicked and
tried to get it. I bent over at the time I was
getting hit with the water. It startled me and I
stumbled at the edge of the stage. I lost balance
again and started to go off the stage. The guy
closest to me grabbed me and tried to keep me up.
Guess what he grabbed? My skirt. As I fell it
ripped clean off of me. I laid right there at the
audience in my panties and stockings. I was so
embarrassed I acted desperate. I decided to play
hurt. Then they attended to me and I actually had to
lay there much longer. I finally got up after
delaying the show for several minutes. It was obvious
I was not hurt. I was booed all the way back stage.
I never showed my face there again. They actually
showed pictures in a program to advertise. To make it
simple that incident put an end to my acting career.

Hi Mercedes,

One of the most embarrassing moment for me was a couple years ago.
I was working at a hospital as an executive secretary at the time. One day I
was on my way to the monthly meeting of the administration along with
another woman who was also going to the meeting. The meetings were held at a
conference room which is in a different building from where my office was
located and has large picture windows which face the building entrance and
walkway the outside.
I always wear a dress or skirt and blouse to work. That day was warm and I
was dressed in a white semi-sheer blouse, a violet pleated crepe skirt,
stocking and high heel pumps. We were running a little late and my arms were
full of files to be used at the meeting as we walked hurriedly up the
sidewalk to the conference room. Just then a strong gust of wind caught my
skirt and blew it well above my waist. I couldn't do anything about it as my
arms were full. My friend's arms were also nearly full but she tried to push
down my skirt. Lucky for her she was wearing pants. My skirt stayed up for
what seemed the longest time! I turned away from the wind, but I just
exposed my behind as my skirt flew higher. Finally I smoothed down my skirt
and I saw that I was right in front of the windows to the conference room. I
blushed as I remembered that I was wearing thigh-high stockings and no
panties. I seldom wear panties when I wear a skirt or dress, so I usually
don't think about it.
As I entered the conference room I noticed everyone else was already there.
All the men in the room, and it was mostly men, had big grins on their faces
as they looked at me. When I noticed the women looked away from me, then I
knew that I had just given quite a show to everyone in the conference room.
I was so embarrassed, I just wanted to run away, but I couldn't do any thing
but smile and take my seat.
That evening I timidly told my husband about what happened and how
embarrassed I was about it happening at work. He wasn't upset at all, he had
a good chuckle about it. He said it was funny and he was sure that no one
would hold it against me.
For months afterwards men I didn't know at work would say hi and smile when
they saw me. Several doctors commented to me when it was "a nice windy day
outside today," or it was "a good windy day for a walk." People talk about
how women gossip, well it is obvious that men have a pretty good grapevine
when it comes to women! When I think about it now, it is kind of funny and a
bit of a turn on. I can't say that it made me change how I dress, but windy
days are better in a tight skirt!

from another Karen

Dear Mercedes,
My boyfriend found your site surfing the web, looking
for models in stockings. He is a real stockings fan,
therefore I usually wear stockings. We watched your
pictures together and read the stories.
I want to tell you about an embarrassing moment for me.
I work for a construction company as a secretary. Once
a week my boss inspects all the building sites and I go
with him to make notes during these inspections. In
the past I learned not to wear miniskirts or wide
skirts because many times we use open elevators to
reach the floors. The first time I went in an elevator
at a site was in the summer and I was wearing a very
short dress. Within a few minutes there were a dozen
men at the base of the elevator watching up my dress
as the elevator went up to the third floor and there
was almost nothing I could do about it.
So now I wear tight skirts and dresses with a length
just above the knee. A few days ago we went to a new
site, the site was just set up and around it was a
wire fence. We walked to the site and one of the men
put his foot on the wire so we could step over it.
Just as I put my foot over the wire it suddenly went
up again, on its way up between my legs it took my
skirt up with it and I fell the wire against my panties
so there I was with the wire between my legs and my
skirt up showing my stocking tops and suspenders. I
was so surprised that I could not speak for a few
moments looking at the men around me and they were all
looking at the same point, no one said anything.
It seemed minutes before something happened, then
someone said sorry and stepped on the wire again and
freed me.
Working for a construction company I am used to a lot
of things, but this one caught me by surprise even
though I got a lot of compliments about my legs,

Dear Mercedes,
All you ladies who have had the embarrassing moments, I wish I could have been there and I promise I would have done something to help you with your predicament and tell all the people around to shut up. This is true, for I have a story to share
from a males point of view. One day I was coming out of the Victoria's Secret in the Caesar's palace forum shops in Las Vegas. As I came out, I swear I had just dreamed what I had seen. A Very pretty lady with long, dark hair was sitting on a bench, in her mid 20's I'd guess, wearing a black suit and mini skirt, her skirt had hiked up so high the top of her nude stockings and a lot of her nicely tanned thighs were showing... I just about became intoxicated with shock and excitement at the sight. But... as a man who tries his best to be a gentlemen, I went over to the lady and whispered to her "Excuse me, your stocking tops are showing." She looked down, said "Oh, Thank you" and pulled her skirt back into place. I am not sure if she did that just for attention or if was an accident, but it was one day I'll never forget, if I see a woman's skirt blowing up and she's wearing a garter belt and stockings I'll come to her aid and help keep the skirt down! Promise.


Hi Mercedes:

It was so wonderful to stumble upon your site and read the cute stories. Boy, do I have a lot of 'em!

I grew up under my Mother's and Aunt's influence of strict dress codes and prim and proper foundation wear. Pantyhose were starting to come on but I held firm to my girdles, control panties and stockings. I went to a graduation party at a boy's house who I was trying to impress. I wore the prettiest suntan seamed stockings and tasteful sundress just long enough to expose my knees. Well, the living room was crowded and I remember sitting on the edge of a padded bench next to that boy. He was talking to his uncles and aunts and others. I had maybe 6 inches or so to sit on so it was a little confining but I was in love with this boy. Now listen to this. Someone forces their way on to the other  end of the bench and guess who goes tumbling sideways? Oh God, how embarrassing! I end up on my back and my side with my skirt over my head, my heels up in the air, and my girdle garters and sheer pink panties on display for all to see! My one leg is caught on another piece of furniture and my dress is pinned likewise! Everybody is laughing uproariously and I am mortified and I can feel my face burning red. I know my girdlette is not long enough to cover up the sheer panty crotch which was snug against "you-know-what". Two of the uncles come over after their wives scold them to "help the girl!" Mercedes, I'm reaching blindly for their hands and my hand brushes against a boner bulge! One of the uncles got a hard-on from my stocking show! The way he looked at me, I thought he was going to kiss me. After all my efforts to be so proper, I put on a stocking top and panty show for that boy and his family! That was so embarrassing indeed.



I came across your web site quite by accident and had a great time
reading the embarrassing moments section. I'm blonde, 27, and work out
hard to keep myself fit. Needless to say I'm proud of my body but I
don't flaunt it. My shyness gets the better of me generally.

Once when I was in my first year of college my dorm friends and I each
made bets to see who would have the "balls" to wear very short pleated
skirts to class with no panties on. I agreed to this while I was quite
drunk not remembering that most of my classes required me to climb
stairs. The next day I felt like I was at the proctologist office as it
seemed that every hot guy was looking right up my ass. Needless to say
it was a VERY embarrassing day. I found out later that my friends never
intended to do it. They set me up!

Anyway I've graduated from college and as a grad present my father bought
me a new yellow Mustang convertible. I love this car! I feel so hot
driving around in it and the color goes well with my long hair. I was a
business major in school and even with my BA the best job I could find
was as an executive secretary for local consulting firm.

The guy I work for is hot! He is about 35 but is married. Still I have
the hots for him in a bad way. He treats me very professionally and with
a lot of respect and that is only making it worse!

I dress nicely for work almost always skirts and panty hose. It is nice
to see that he still looks if I'm bending a bit. I'm tempted to put on a
little show for him... an "accidental" exposure but I think I'm a little
too shy.

About a month ago the officers of the company held a retreat at a local
establishment. This place was beautiful. It had small cabins with lots
of grassy areas with picnic tables. The goal was to brain storm ideas
for company growth and lots of meetings were held outside gathered around
picnic tables.

My boss (the hunk) asked me to help him make his presentation on the 2nd
and last day. I was to drive his large poster boards which had just been
finished at the printers to the retreat and help him present them.

Feeling quite sexy and wanting to look nice for him I selected a crepe
white pleated skirt that was quite short. I checked carefully in the
mirror to make sure it was not transparent. On a whim I elected to wear
a thong and stockings with a garter. I certainly wasn't thinking
exposure when I picked this. I didn't have much experience with
stockings and garters and it took a while to get everything set up. I
felt quite sexy as I walked into the printer and sat waiting for the
poster boards. I noticed the man behind the counter looking and
carefully I moved my hand to where he was staring and much to my surprise
my garter was just barely showing. Cool... I thought. I grabbed the
poster boards and put them in the car. I left the top up on the car
because they had to arrive in good shape.

I was a little late due to traffic and I drove straight to the cabin that
was being used for the meeting room. Once there I drove out onto the
grass and parked about 15 feet away from the picnic table to make it easy
to carry the poster boards. People from the office (mostly guys) were
beginning to arrive and find places around the table. My boss arrived
and began the presentation. I stood off to the side holding the poster
board as he pointed to it.

I felt a little like Vanna White standing there. These poster boards
were heavy and I found that the best way to hold them was to face towards
them and hold them out in front of me. This left my right side and back
side pointed mostly towards the group. I knew I was drawing a few looks
but certainly didn't expect it when the wind suddenly caught my skirt and
blew it up around my back. I was completely exposed and helpless with
the poster board held in both hands. The meeting stopped and everything
seemed to slow down as I struggled to try and get my skirt down with my
elbows. It seemed like hours finally the wind abated enough that my
skirt slowly returned to normal. Being a group made up mostly of guys NO
ONE came to my aid. They were enjoying my situation far too much. The
few girls that were in the group were smiling as well.

To make matters worst my boss made cute remark something to the effect
of: "Well now that Jan has recaptured all of your attention with that
wonderful display I'd like to wrap up my presentation. Thank you Jan!"

With that I was excused and I quickly walked very red faced with the
poster boards to my car just 15 feet away. I could feel every guy
checking me out. Normally this would be great but I had just spent
several moments helplessly exposing my ass to the entire group. I was
not in the mood. I simply wanted to get out of there and crawl into a
hole and die.

I started up my car and shifted in to drive and tried to pull away but
went nowhere. I was slipping on something. I was mystified... I tried
again but still could not move. I shifted into reverse and tried to
backup. I couldn't move that way either. It was then that I realized
that I was stuck and stuck bad! I glanced over at the group and EVERYONE
is watching me as I'm slipping and spinning my rear tires uselessly.
>From one embarrassment to the next! First I'm completely exposed to
everyone, next I'm stuck in the mud. I was mortified!

I continued to try and get out, frantically spinning my rear tires and
slipping and sliding back and forth. Several of the guys got up and came
over to help me. It took three of them to push me out. I slipped all
the way back to the gravel road. I was so embarrassed I peeled out in a
cloud of gravel as I drove off.

My next few days at the office were almost unbearable. The guys were
smiling at me every chance they got. My embarrassment lasted for several


Hello Mercedes,
I'm a big fan of the female anatomy, specially from the waist down. Nothing
beats a fine derriere and long stocking clad legs. I was just doing a little
surfing and found your site. Very nice! I've been married to a beautiful
woman for going on 16 years. I've purchased for her many pairs of fine
stockings which she has worn for me on those "special" occasions. Not often
enough though, but that's another story. My story begins with me stopping of
at the local 7-11 in the AM. This morning was like most any other morning.
I walked in and I was getting my morning dose of caffeine. The line at the
register was starting to get kind of long so I was trying to hurry. I looked
up, along with every other guy in the store to see a very sexy, beautiful
woman walk in. She was striking, in her early 30's, with long soft auburn
hair. She wore a short navy blue skirt, heels, white blouse and she knew she
had everyone's attention. I made my way to the register trying not to trip
over anything on the way. Then I could smell the most intoxicating perfume
and realized she was now in line directly behind me. While I stood there
inhaling her perfume and thinking about how she entered the store and the way
she walked, wondering what she might be wearing underneath something fell
across my shoulder. I looked to see what it was and discovered that it was a
stocking. As I turned to her, I heard her say "would you like to find out
where this came from"? I couldn't speak. My tongue was all wrapped around
my tongue. When I finally managed to mumble something like, well uh, yes, uh
I guess so. She told me that I should speak to my wife or girlfriend because
she had found the stocking stuck to the back of my shirt. Everyone in the
store got a big kick out of it. My face was beat red I'm sure. I tucked the
stocking into my pocket, paid for my drink and out the door I went. As I was
getting ready to sit in my car, she came out of the store and called to me,
to hold on for a second. As she came up to me she apologized for
embarrassing me. I mumbled something like "that's OK." She leaned into me,
kissed me on the cheek, wished me a good day and turned to walk to her car.
As I watched her walk away I saw all the guys behind us in line standing in
front of the store watching the whole thing in disbelief. I smiled, gave
them a wave and drove away. After relaying the story to my wife we both got
a big kick out of it. Then my wife vowed to make certain that the only time
her stockings were on my back would be when she was in them. Love your site,
keep up the good work.

Hi Mercedes,

I love your sight and had to share this with you! It has been a hot summer,
so I have not worn hosiery too often. Yesterday was overcast and cool so I
thought I would wear an outfit that my boyfriend loves. It is a blue printed
short summer dress that comes down about 3 inches above my knees and is
flared at the bottom. Underneath, I wore my nude colored Victoria's Secret
stockings with white garter belt and sexy see-through white panties. I am
very shy so I checked myself in the mirror. The hem of my dress came down
far enough to cover everything, but it only covered the darker portion of my
stocking tops by an inch or two. I knew that I would need to be careful
because I needed to get some money and ice cream before meeting my boyfriend
at his apartment. I parked my car and started walking down the main street
of the small city I live in. There were a lot of people around and I was
feeling rather sexy in that "naughty underneath" kind of way! As I passed
storefront windows, I noticed my dress was staying down and keeping
everything covered. Since it is flared, I held it lightly with my right hand
in case any breezes would blow. I was second in line for the sidewalk ATM
machine and others were lining up behind me. When it was my turn, I took my
checkbook out and took my ATM card out of my checkbook to slide it in the
machine. I started pressing the buttons with my right hand while holding my
checkbook in my left hand and whooooshh, I felt a breeze blow straight up the
back of my thighs! My heart stopped beating and I must have turned cherry
red when I realized what was happening! I stopped pressing the buttons and
moved my right hand over the back of my thigh! As I feared, I could feel my
stocking top which meant it was completely exposed! I did not want to look
at the person behind me, but I knew it was a man! I stuffed the back of my
dress between my legs to keep it down and I hit cancel about 50 times on the
machine. It really seemed like eternity before my card came back out! I
stuffed everything in my purse held my dress down with my right hand and ran
to the closest alley without ever looking back! Oh My God Mercedes! That
was the most embarrassing moment of my life!


Dear Mercedes,
I have already posted this experience on a forum last
year, but I believe that it may shared with a larger
audience on your site.
Years ago, I had to go to a wedding with my husband
and other friends. For that occasion, I chose a light
green dress, with a very tight skirt ending just below
my knees. I wore an open bottom four-straps girdle,
fully fashioned seamed nylons and high heels. I
bought the girdle just for the ceremony, and it was
the first day I was wearing it.
To go there, we left for a one hour trip, with two
cars and four couples of friends, and that time I felt
very comfortable and elegant in my carefully selected
During the trip, I began to notice that the hem of my
girdle had begun to creep and roll up on my left
back, due to my sitting position and the attrition
with the seat. At half way, I realized that this
creeping was very slow but steady; however, I could
do nothing while in the car.
At the arrival, we parked and went across a garden to
reach the church. When I got down, I was very
disappointed, because the rolled girdle hem had
climbed on my left buttock, forming a bulge, that was
visible under my adherent dress. I wore a slip, but
this wasn't enough to hide that bulge, and I felt
actually very uncomfortable, also because my rear
garter had been pulled by the girdle and was very
stretched. To get to the church, we had to walk some
way, and I remained in the back of the small group,
trying to unroll and adjust the girdle while walking,
dissimulating my predicament. Surely it would have
been easier if I had stopped and lifted my skirt, but
I didn't dare to do so, being in an opened place. The
girdle hem resisted to my attempts, because I couldn't
get enough grip to grab it under the fabrics of my
skirt and the slip; indeed, it continued to roll up,
slow but relentless, bulging the dress and pulling the
garter strap. We were approaching the church, and my
husband and friends began to glance at my odd
gestures. Finally, I succeeded in grabbing the
wrinkled edge........when a smack resounded and I felt
my buttock hit by a whip. My garter had popped loose,
and the sound made the nearby people more glancing at
me. Actually I felt so ashamed and embarrassed that I
would have disappeared! Of course, my friends
recognized my predicament and giggled, while I was
desperately looking around, searching for a private
place to fix the problem. First I thought to delay my
readjustment later on, but now, besides the bulge on
my buttock, my stocking was wrinkled and sagging.
Being in an open garden, with people walking around,
my only chance was a nearby tree, that could offer
some coverage. I begged my husband to hold my handbag,
approached the tree, and bent to lift the skirt, but
I realized that, being my dress very tight and the
garter in a rear position, I had to make a wide
exposure to reach and tie the clip, and that the tree
couldn't offer a full coverage during such an
operation. So I begged my husband to approach and
cover me from the public sight. Really I never felt so
humiliated as in that occasion. I unrolled the girdle
down, reached the wandering clip and tied the
stocking, smoothed my skirt and went on. After a few
steps, I felt my garter popping again, so I had to
go back to the tree to refasten, with my hubby
covering in some way. Well, when I finished and moved
ahead, my garter snapped loose a third time, and I
turned to panic while going back to fix again, with my
friends laughing at me going to and fro. This time, I
bent and twisted more backward, inspecting the clip
while refastening my stocking, and could realize that
the plastic hole, apparently intact, had indeed
deceitfully broken just in one point, so that it
could lodge the button, but couldn’t lock it
in place.
You can easily imagine how I felt in that moment,
after offering such an useless show, with a broken
garter on Sunday, far from home, and with a wedding to
face.....Very luckily,
I could borrow a safety pin later on, that saved my
day. Since then, I don’t wear a new garment for the
first time in public occasions, but test it at home
before. More, I dropped plastic clips, and didn’t
suffer such a trouble any more.


I have a really embarrassing moment to share with
everyone. I grew up in a kind of small town in
Alabama. There wasn't a whole lot to do and the
biggest social event in the place was church.
Everyone got all dressed up and tried to look their
best on Sunday to go to church. It was one of the
biggest days of the year, homecoming. I had been
singing in the choir and had gotten pretty good. The
choir was a huge thing too. I finally had gotten a
big chance to sing solo at the big event. I wanted
everything to be perfect. I was 25 and hoping this
would really give me a big break. I got all dressed
up in my best clothes. I put on a new silk beige
blouse I got. It was really dressy short sleeved with
a lace collar. I had a new skirt too. It was a nice
matching beige color with a pretty rose print in it.
It had a kind of loose fit and hung down just past my
knees. I put on a pair of white stockings and beige
high heels. On my hands I put on a pair of lace wrist
gloves. I fixed my hair up really. It was jet black
and soft. I looked at my self in the mirror and
thought it was the prettiest I had ever looked. I was
so excited and pretty nervous as well. The turnout
was huge. There was more people than I had ever
thought would be there. I waited and finally got my
turn. I went out almost shaking I was so nervous. I
heard the music and I hit the first key and it went so
smooth. I got in a rhythm and everything was perfect.
I could tell the crowd was into it. I was doing
great. Then at the end I was thinking I may get a
standing ovation. I hit the very last note and took a
deep breath. When I breathed in really hard I felt a
little tingle go down my legs. I didn't think
anything of it at the moment though. I finished and
looked out and everyone was silent. Then I got a
horrible feeling. Everyone had a funny look on their
faces. I looked down and noticed that my skirt was
down around my ankles. The tingle was it falling
down. I had a white open bottom girdle with garter
tabs and white lace top stockings on for everyone to
get a good look at. I was so embarrassed I could have
just died right there. It was so embarrassing I just
stood there frozen for what seemed like an hour. Then
I finally got the idea to pick up my skirt. It was
even on tape as the whole reception was videotaped.
So everyone got to see it again and again. I almost
never lived it down. I did get a lot of attention
from the young men though.

Hi Mercedes,
I came home from college at 22, used to miniskirts, panty hose and really
clunky shoes. Bear was older than me, but sort of cute. We started dating
and I wasn’t used to the manners he showed, like from a different age. None
of the guys I dated ever opened a car door or things like that.
When we celebrated my 22nd birthday at my apartment, Bear was kind of shy
when he gave me my present. It was a black bra, panties, garter belt and
several pairs of old fashioned black stockings! That was way weird at the
time and I didn’t know what to think and I really sort of blew it off. I
came across the box a few weeks later, stashed in my bedroom closet and
looked at it again. The low cut bra was sheer lace and the panties and
garter belt matched. They were just so pretty that I thought about wearing
them. The idea actually grew on me as Bear started dropping a “hint” about
every other date.
Then I got invited to a college friend’s out of town wedding and invited
Bear to be my date. That was when I thought it might be kind of kinky to
tease him by wearing his black underwear and nylons for the reception party.
I even bought a short slinky wrap-around dress for the occasion. The good
news was that almost nobody knew us. The bad news was that I didn’t try on
my outfit ahead of time!
We drove straight to the wedding and after the ceremony, we went to a motel
to change for the evening reception. We stayed in separate rooms so Bear
didn’t see when I got dressed. I quickly discovered that my fancy black
lingerie covered almost nothing! The lacy panties fit perfectly, but were
totally sheer and the skimpy half-bra didn’t even cover my boobs!
When I tried on the stockings, they felt really soft and silky compared to
the tight elastic panty hose I always wore. Also, it was really sexy how
they stopped short, leaving my upper thighs exposed! Then came the garter
belt. The ribbons covering the garters tickled as I tried to hitch them up.
At first I was mad because but they were way too long. Nobody told me they
were adjustable! I finally figured out the obvious and finished putting
myself together.
When I stood in front of the mirror to see just what I looked like, I just
blushed, majorly embarrassed! I just about called it off, but decided to
try on my new dress just to see what I’d look like. I was really amazed.
The shiny stockings made my legs kind of sexy, especially shaped by the four
inch heels I bought with the dress. The half-bra lifted my breasts up where
they had never been and I couldn’t believe the cleavage with my low cut
neckline of my dress! With the slightest shrug of my shoulders, my nipples
slid right out into the open!
I was really confused now about changing into something else, but Bear
knocked on the door and the decision was made for me! Bear was very
impressed, but I was still nervous and said so! For my part, my skirt now
seemed terribly short. The hem kept sliding up over the edge of my
stockings. Also, the low cut neckline kept falling away from my breasts,
whether I wanted it to or NOT! Bear said he thought I looked sexy, but I
just pulled myself together every chance I got as we drove downtown to the
The reception was awesome, held at a downtown hotel with a formal ballroom
and a second floor dance floor at the top of a grand circular open
staircase. The younger crowd headed to the balcony and we decided to join
them. I held tight to the banister to keep from tripping in my heels, but
never thought that anyone watching me climb the stairs had a clear view
underneath my very too-short dress! It was only later that I found out
what I had started!
We settled at the balcony bar and enjoyed the music from a Glenn Miller
style dance band that seemed kind of dull, but typical for a fancy wedding.
We arrived early enough to settle at the bar and I soon forgot all about my
minor “problems”. Bear was a perfect gentleman and actually showed me
ballroom dancing for the first time. I grew up with the two-step “grab and
hug” style of dancing, but Bear taught me to waltz, cha-cha, and jitterbug.
It was really fun!
I got over being nervous and started having fun. At the bar, my skirt kept
on sliding up and showing the welts on my stockings, but no one noticed. I
even let Bear enjoy a flash of my boobs now and then as a reward. When we
danced, I never gave another thought to my dress, but I didn’t realize that
I was flashing more than a little to the crowd below. Every time we danced
by the balcony railing, I displayed far more than I would have allowed if
I’d known better. My nylons were becoming a real item and I didn’t have a
Then the band played that Bette Middler song, “Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy”. I
was really getting into the jitterbug and pulled Bear onto the dance floor.
We found an open space by the balcony railing and that was my downfall! I
was having such fun that I never thought about people looking up from down
below and I didn’t notice the guys gathering to watch me dance. I never
thought about what an old fashioned jitterbug might do to very thin, wrap
around dress.
As we danced, Bear spun me around and my dress floated out to show off my
stockings and things just went South in a big way! Every time I spun
around, my skirt floated up to display my shiny black stockings and newly
discovered sexy garters. The longer we danced, the more I kept flashing my
stockings, garters, and sheer panties for the guys watching from below!
The final moment wasn’t long, but it was memorable. Bear spun me one last
time and my dress pretty much went with it! As the song ended, we hugged,
and then heard applause from down below. It finally dawned on me why they
were clapping and I just about died!
Nobody ever said a thing and after a while, I got over it. Actually, after
I got past being embarrassed, it was kind of a turn-on. At least that’s
what Bear said! I certainly remember being very popular from then on, guys
watching to see if my short skirt might slide up past my stocking tops.
Maybe it sort of did, but I’d never had that much attention in my entire
life. When it was all over, I decided that it was actually kind of fun!
Sincerely, Megan


  Dear Mercedes,

My boyfriend showed me your site and told me I should share a recent
embarrassing moment. I am a 27 year old graduate student that works part time
during the summer. I started working in a law office in a large upstate NY
city. My boyfriend and I usually go away during the weekends so I decided to
surprise him one Friday in June.

I woke up a little later than usual, but still planned on surprising him. I
had bought a nice satin bra and panty set at Victoria's Secret and matched it
with a garter belt from Fredericks. I picked out a white linen dress that is
professional, yet stylish. I looked for about 5 minutes for the slip I
usually wear under it, and finally found it in my laundry basket. Since I
was already dressed in the nice lingerie set I wanted to surprise him with, I
tried the dress on to see if I could go without the slip. I checked it
quickly and it looked fine, so I finished getting ready and left for work.

The morning went fine, but right before lunch we had a fire drill and the
whole office had to go outside. There must have been some sort of problem
with the alarm, cause we were out there for 20 minutes. Shortly after we
went outside, it began to drizzle a little and I was engaged in a heated
conversation with a coworker and didn't even realize what could happen.
Since I was facing the building and it wasn't drizzling hard, nothing
noticeable happened to the front of my dress.

As we were going inside my friend was behind me and said oh damn, we have to
get you inside. I was like 'what?' As we rushed past many of the men in my
office I noticed some with smirks on their faces, then the though hit me that
I wasn't wearing a slip.

As we got into the bathroom, my friend said, 'well you sure know how to
please a crowd' and as she turned me around to the mirror, I was shocked as
to how much the dress became clingy and transparent. In the mirror I could
clearly see not only the outline, but the color and detail of my pink satin
thong panties and my white and pink floral garter belt holding up white
stockings. The back of my bra showed a little, but I was amazed at how much
showed of my panties and garter belt. It was almost as if I was wearing a
sheer nightgown over it. Needless to say, I started to cry because at least
15 members of the office had seen what I was now looking at. I was
overwhelmingly embarrassed by this. My friend calmed me down and helped me
dry off with the hand dryers and 20 minutes later I was back at my desk.

My female supervisor heard about the 'incident' and called me in. She said
that it wasn't very professional to have my lingerie showing to the whole
office, but she said on the other hand that stupid stuff has happened to her.
She said that she also sometimes wears garters to work, but she makes sure
that no one sees them and expects the same from me. She laughed it off and
told me to take the rest of the afternoon off.

I arrived home early and told the story to my boyfriend. He said he would
have loved to have been there and that at least I was wearing pretty stuff
instead of some old grandma stuff. He made me feel better about it and we
had a great weekend, so much that I can now laugh about relaying the story to

Thanks for letting me tell my story.



Friends over for Dinner

Bear and I sometimes played poker during our "special nights" together. We
bet things we wanted the other to do. My bets were pretty simple, but Bear
had a way of looking for a turn on. Having just moved into our new house a
couple of months before, I won a bet to invite our friends, George and
Joanie, over for dinner. We had gone out bar hopping together and they were
a fun couple. In fact we had more fun here and there as time went by. For
now, they were just casual friends.
Bear agreed to my bet, but used his bets to say I should dress sexy and be
ready to show. By our agreement, I was stuck unless I broke the rules, so I
said that I’d do what he asked, but he was supposed to make sure things
didn’t go too far.
We made the invitation for that Friday night. Bear would pick up George
after he got off work and Joanie would join us later after their baby sitter
arrived. I spent my lunch hour getting things ready, picking out a sexy
black blouse and button-front skirt fresh from the wash and laid them out on
the ironing board in the basement. I knew how much Bear loves me in black
and picked out my sexiest black lingerie, garter belt and nylons along with
black high heels and I went back to work.
I was late getting home, but Bear wasn’t due for another hour. He had
steaks in the frig ready for the grill and helped out by making the salad
the night before, so I had time to get ready. I popped open a beer and
started a bath. After a half hour and a second beer, I was drying my hair
when Bear and George arrived home early. I never heard them come in. In
simple terms, they didn’t know that I didn’t know that they were home early.
Bear fixed a couple of drinks and they went down to our backyard patio to
enjoy a warm summer sunset.
I finished my makeup and slipped into my underwear. The panties were skimpy
and the bra was hardly anything at all. Bear loves it when my nipples show,
even if only as a bump under my blouse! By now, I actually enjoyed wearing
stockings and garters. Besides being a little kinky, they were really more
comfortable than panty hose, especially in the summer heat. So I smoothed
my black nylons into placed, hitched them to my garters, stepped into my
heels, and examined myself in the mirror. After a few years of this, I was
actually kind of pleased with the way I looked. Bear loved it and so did I!
All I had to do was finish getting dressed. I wandered down to the basement
den to iron my blouse and skirt before the guys got home. Too bad I still
didn’t know they were already there! It was really warm and I thought I was
alone, I slid open the patio doors and took off my bathrobe to catch the
evening breeze while I ironed my outfit. There I was in nothing but my
under things and stockings, with my back to the patio, when Bear and George
strolled around the corner of the house.
Bear had been showing George how his newly planted trees were getting
started and innocently thought I was still in the bedroom. For that he was
forgiven. But as they walked onto the patio, they couldn’t help but stare
right through our sliding glass doors as I stood ironing in full view
wearing my skimpiest bra and panties, garters and full fashioned black
stockings! Bear never said a word! For that he paid dearly!
As I stood with my back to the patio, George enjoyed a full view of me in my
under things, not fifteen feet away through the open patio door. Following
Bear’s lead, the guys never said a word and just enjoyed the show as I
finished ironing and started to get dressed. It was only as I slipped on my
blouse I turned and saw them. I nearly died! My breasts were completely
exposed over the demi-cups of my bra. My sheer panties showed everything
else, probably more enticing than if I’d worn nothing at all!
So, standing in almost my “altogether” and glistening stockings and garters,
it was either act really silly and run for cover or just try to bluff it out
as if I didn’t care.
As to the “caring” part, I couldn’t avoid blushing. But I kept my cool,
even giving George a wink as I pulled the blouse closed over my exposed
breasts and slowly buttoned my blouse. I was almost surprised that his eyes
wandered to my stockings and garters even more than my breasts! He was just
like Bear! Then, pulling my skirt up casually around my hips and buttoning
it at the waist, I pointedly told Bear that he was grounded for life!

From time to time, I baby sit for my nephew Jonathan. He's six and a beautiful child and I love taking care of him. I usually take him with me if I have errands to run when I'm watching him for my older sister, Jody. That's what I did last week when I needed to go to the mall to shop. I brought him with me and even though Jody leaves his stroller, I feel he is too old for it and I prefer not to have to fight my way down the cramped store aisles with it. I hold his hand and let him walk with me. He can keep up pretty good and is no problem. Well most of the time he's not. Sometimes I get in the mood to "Fem Out" as my boyfriend calls it. That's when I'll put on some under things that make me feel real sexy like garter belts and stockings and a skirt instead of the usual jeans. Well, I wore a long skirt almost to my ankles and stockings and heels that day to the mall because I was going to look for a dress for a party and wanted to see the whole look. I guess I'm one of
those shop-a-holics because after not too long, I had two shopping bags full of stuff I bought. With my hands full, I told Jon to hold onto my skirt to keep him close. We were leaving a major department store and as I had two bags and Jon, I thought it would be easier and safer for us to take the elevator instead of the escalator. To get to the elevator, we had to walk across the third floor and through the hardware department. We were passing through the hardware department and there was a long line of guys waiting to pay for tools and other things by the cashier. I could see them looking at me which made me think I was really hot and thought to myself too bad for them they'll never know just how hot I am and what I'm wearing under my skirt. Maybe I jinxed myself or something cause just as we were right next to this line of guys, I guess I was walking a little too fast for Jon to keep up and my hips were swaying due to my heels (and maybe I was putting it on a little to
make myself look sexier) but Jon, still holding onto my skirt, tripped as little kids do from time to time. Unfortunately this was a VERY bad time. He was still holding onto my skirt and instinctively grabbed tighter to try without success to keep from falling. The skirt had an elastic waistband and as my nephew fell to the floor he pulled my skirt down with him. It happened so fast I had absolutely no time to react. It slipped over my hips and down around my ankles before I could take two steps. With a shopping bag in each hand, I could not hold it up either. He didn't hit the floor hard and was not hurt and jumped right up but there I was ten feet from this long line of men, with a shopping bag in each hand and my entire skirt caught in my high heels. Every guy on line including the cashier froze and stared at me. NOW they knew what I was wearing under my skirt - my garter belt, stockings and panties were on full show for everybody there. OH MY GOD !!! I dropped t
he bags, and had to fumble with my skirt right in front of these guys to get it untangled from Jonathan and my heels. It took a few seconds but I finally yanked it up as they were whistling at me and cheering. I will never be so embarrassed again in my life! I was so humiliated I almost burst into tears out of horror. I got it back up to my waist and I yelled at Jonathan to come on, and ran to the hall where the elevators were. Luckily no one was waiting there and none of the people who saw what happened followed me. I frantically pushed the buttons for the elevator and one came after a very long ten or so seconds. I jumped on followed by Jon and the doors closed and after we got out on the first floor, I practically ran out of the store with Jon struggling to keep up. This time I told him to take my hand and I held him and the shopping bag. We got out to my car and when we got inside he was laughing saying "Aunt Margie's clothes fell off ha ha ha" I forced myself not
to be angry - what happened was my fault not his and told him to forget and took him to get some ice cream to take the whole incident from his mind. This was just a few days ago and so far he hasn't mentioned it to my sister or anybody as far as I know. I just hope he doesn't in the future. Can it get any worse than that?

Still Blushing, Margeaux


Hello Mercedes,

Bear has asked me to write another story so I decided to tell you about our
first Halloween together. It started when Bear teased me about dressing up
for Halloween. He got it into his head for us to enter a costume contest
with me wearing a sexy witch’s costume with a black corset, stockings &
garters underneath. Bear showed me the ad for a Halloween night costume
party with a contest for best costumes. They were offering $100 each for
the cutest, scariest, and sexiest costumes! He begged me to agree and I
finally decided I could give it a try and so the night began.
I decided to make my own costume. Instead of boring black, I found some
really sheer and stretchy purple fabric and took it from there. The dress
turned out really neat with a raggedy hem that let me show off my stockings
if I wanted and a low cut top that wouldn’t show any more than I wanted it
to. Bear was disappointed that I wouldn’t be in black, but I promised to
make it up to him by dressing sexy underneath. It might not show, but he
would still know!
Halloween night, I dressed as I promised. I did my makeup really sexy,
with bright pink rouge on my cheeks and dark purple eye shadow to match my
dress. Underneath, I wore a pale lavender corset that cupped, but exposed
my breasts. As I hitched up my corset, I playfully decided to accent my
nipples with the same frosted pink rouge as an extra thrill for Bear when we
got home! My matching panties and stockings were also very sheer.
Contrasted against my dress, my lingerie was light enough to show through in
bright light. But Bear promised that the place would be dark.
So on Halloween, we headed downtown for a night of fun and frolic. With my
slinky short dress and high heels, I looked like a real vamp. In fact, my
nipples were so obvious through my sheer dress that, at the last minute, I
decided to wear a shawl around my bare shoulders to keep from getting in
trouble. The place was packed, the music was booming, and the party took
off from there. As Bear promised, the lights were turned down for effect so
much that I decided to lose my shawl. No one could see near well enough to
notice that my boobs showed through my dress. .
It was fun partying in the dark. I could be sassy and really get away with
it. If I pulled my dress up on the dance floor, who could see? In fact, as
we sat at the bar, I actually slipped off the shoulder straps of my dress
and let it slide down until my breasts were nearly exposed! It was exciting
to show off for Bear in a crowded bar when I knew that he was the only one
who would see!
Finally the time came for the costume contest. With almost everybody in
costume, they decided that they would choose finalists off the dance floor.
So like Little Bo Peep or the Werewolf had to dance well enough to get a
chance for the prize. We all started dancing and they tapped the best
costumes in each category for the finals. We started with the crowd, not
expecting to make the cut, but things changed in a hurry. They turned up
the lights on the dance floor and the judges noticed when my short dress
rode up and flashed the tops of my stocking while we danced. I saw the grin
as the judge picked me for the finals. When they announced the finalists, I
was one of three for sexiest costume.
The bar gave us free drinks for me being a finalist! Even if I didn’t win,
we had a free bar tab. As to winning, we just knew it wouldn’t happen. My
dress was sexy in the light, but if I kept my short skirt in place, I looked
really tame in the Halloween darkness. Bear liked me flashing my stocking
tops, but that was NOT what I planned to do. I looked up at the stage and
decided I would be ladylike when I stepped in front of the crowd. Free
drinks, a front row table, and great music. So far so good and we were
having a really fun time!
Another half-hour and it was time for the judging. They came around and
asked the finalists to line up by the stage. It wasn’t much more than a
raised platform in the middle of the dance floor, but all of the flood
lights were aimed to highlight anyone that stood on it. Bear waived at me
as I took my Daiquiri and stood in line. The guys stood on one side and us
girls were on the other. Then they cut off the DJ and everybody stopped to
watch the final judging.
The “cute” costumes came on first. The spotlights came on and the finalists
were brightly lit. The crowd voted for their favorite by cheers. Miss Bo
Peep actually won for the girls. A Winnie the Pooh took it for the guys.
Then the “scary” costumes went on stage and the lights went almost dark. A
lady vampire and the werewolf took the prizes. Finally it was time for the
sexiest category. I was the first of three girls and stepped out onto the
stage with some guy dressed like Conan the Barbarian. My short hemline was
in place and I wasn’t worried about my breasts showing through my dress in
the dim lights. I was all set.
I walked out on stage and then they turned on the black lights! As I posed
in front of a hundred horny partygoers, my already skimpy dress instantly
became totally transparent. The ultraviolet spotlights made my pale
lavender lingerie and stockings glow almost white, bright as day and
completely visible through my dress! For some reason the darker color of my
dress made it virtually invisible and it looked for all the world as if I
wasn’t even wearing one!
I caught on when Conan stopped and just stared at my breasts! My corset
highlighted my breasts and the teasing bit of makeup I put on my nipples
made then actually glow in the dark! My stockings and garters highlighted
my legs and thighs. Thankfully my panties, being the same pale color,
glowed brightly and covered my privates. But the effect was that I was
halfway through a striptease and I hadn’t even pulled up my skirt! All the
crowd saw was me standing in the dark wearing glowing stockings, garters,
panties, and a corset that showed off my nipples for all to see!
I just stood frozen in place for what seemed like forever. I was so
flustered that I actually forgot to try and cover up. Even though it was
only a few seconds, the roar from the crowd said it all! I finally covered
my breasts and stumbled off the stage into the darkness while the contest
went on. The rest, as they say, was history!
As Bear & I sat at the bar trying to hide from the crowd, I was awarded 1st
place and a hundred bucks. Better yet, the compliments I got started making
me feel better. By the end of the night, I learned to live with fame, even
if it was accidental and incredibly embarrassing when it happened!




Since I've enjoyed the contributions of others, I'm compelled to share my most embarrassing moment ever. After all these years, I still blush when I think about it. I was set up by my boyfriend.  We  had a Sat. night dinner date during the summer of '59. These were pre-pantyhose days, so I was wearing  stockings, garter belt, and panties under a full yellow A-line  dress, no slip. On the drive to dinner, my boyfriend  tried to persuade me  to go panty-less for the evening--said it turned him on. I initially said no, but then it kind of turned into a dare, and I  eventually slid them off and placed them in the glove box.  After all, we were only going to dinner--so I thought--so what harm could come of it. No one else would know--right?? 

We went to an old Italian rest. located in Coney Island, NYC. After dinner, my boy friend suggested we take a walk along the boardwalk past the amusement area. When we passed Steeplechase Amusement  Park, he wanted to  check it out. I told him  he wasn't getting me on any rides because of my heels and dress, but , if he wanted to just walk around, fine. We walked around and watched some of the rides, and eventually  we were going thru a turnstile , which I thought was an exit. Instead , a few steps later, there was a door marked "enter". He held it open for me and I passed thru ahead of him. We found ourselves standing on a brightly lit stage. Staring out, I could see that there was a rather large crowd seated--an audience!  Metal railings  acted like a maze that led you around the stage. After a few steps, I walked over a grate that had a fan below.  As I stepped, the wind from the grate blew the front of my dress up, exposing my stocking tops, but I was able to grab hold before any more of me showed. So, this is why he almost begged me to go panty-less!!   I foiled him, or so I thought. 

The maze  led to the exit, which was a space between the railing wide enough to allow one person at a time to pass. On one side of the exit was a midget clown, on the other , a clown dressed like a hobo. My boyfriend passed first, and as he passed the clown, said something to him. I later found out he told the clown " she's not wearing any " As  I went to pass, the clown tried to grab my hand as air jets in the floor blew up. I jumped back, again avoiding any real exposure. He coaxed me to pass again, saying things "common lady....get it over with...this way out". I was  furious. I was wearing stockings, garter belt and no panties, and he knew it and was not about to let this one escape easily. I was just as determined not to show my private parts, especially since in those days girls didn't pay to much attention to grooming, if you know what I mean.

I stepped back, bent down almost to a deep knee bend position, gathered my dress tightly around me from behind, and held it tightly in place with my hands on my knees. In this position I was going to waddle past the exit. As I passed over the air holes, the midget  shocked me from behind with a cattle prod  type  device. This caused me to stumble forward onto my knees, while at the same time  he grabbed one hand while the hobo  grabbed the other.  I was kneeling  dead center over the air jets, with my arms held out, and my dress rocketed up over my head totally exposing me from the navel down. I was so perfectly positioned that  people in the front row of the audience probably saw as much as my doctor ever saw. It seemed like the air jets blasted for 10 seconds. I remember it was cold air.  I finally wrested my arms free and fell forward  pushing my dress down.  Now , I was on all fours , in a panic, crawling , not realizing that the back of my dress had come down resting against my back, giving everyone a full moon shot. To add insult to injury, the clown actually goosed my butt with the shocker before I was able to get up and run off. And , I do mean goooooosssssed. I was ready to kill my boyfriend. Found out later he had tipped off three of his buddies and they were in the crowd that night. Weeks later, one of his friends snidely remarked, "bet you never had your hair parted like that before".

Some years ago my wife and I went to a Chicago Night Club called, "Eric's Club ". We heard it was a fun place to spend an evening and that the patrons provided the entertainment, whatever that might mean. I am a leg man who gets turned on by women wearing stockings and garter belts and my wife is happy to accommodate me. This evening she  wore a knee length skirt, flesh colored nylons, white garter belt with very sheer panties and no slip. As we entered the club we noted that everyone had to get to the main floor by sliding down a twenty foot slide on little rugs to protect clothing, There were two male attendants at the top of the slide assisting every female guest.
  We had no idea as to what was going to happen. The attendants motioned me to get on a carpet and sent me down the slide. At the bottom I could clearly see my wife at the top because the slide was well lighted in clear view of the patrons. My wife was assisted to sit on the carpet and was given a push down the slide. Just at that moment each attendant grasped the hem of her skirt pulling it up waist high, revealing her gartered legs as well as her sheer panties through which her bush was clearly visible. She tried in vain to get her skirt down and everyone  had a great view of my wife's intimate charms. Her face was red as a beet with embarrassment as she hurried to the table assigned to us with every male there giving her looks of lustful appreciation.
 I told her how her embarrassing display had turned me on as well as the onlookers. As the evening wore on and the drinks began to have an effect. She also became turned on by what had happened. Any woman going to the ladies room had to go down the slide again to return to the main floor. I told her why not go to the ladies room take off her panties and give the onlookers a real treat. At first she demurred, but after a few more whisky sours she agreed to do it. At the top of the slide the same scenario as the attendants pulled her dress waist high displaying her bare  crotch to everyone. At the bottom of the slide she was greeted with loud cheers, bravos and a standing ovation. So much for her embarrassing moments


Mercedes: I am a serious cross dresser who travels with her nylons, garter belts and high, high heels. Maybe a year after 9/11, I took my first trip on a plane to Florida. My carry-on was loaded with nylons, panties, garter belts, etc. It was to pass through the x-ray machine but never dreamed they would open it and take everything out of it in front of everyone else!!!!!! I forgot  a pair of scissors in the carry-on!  They wanted to inspect the bag. They did. They lady opening the bag started taking everything out. Handfuls of pantyhose, stockings, panties, etc. As this continued the lady inspector looked at me with the biggest smile and said, "You must wear pantyhose to have this many pairs with you." I was speechless. I was frozen. Then, haltingly spitted out, "Oh, no, no". That's all I could say in my defense. They finally found the scissors and took them away. I then had the job of stuffing all my nylons back into the bag and walking on. I'll never forget the feeling. But I'll never stop wearing pantyhose stockings, garters, etcThey're the greatest!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Deidre


Hi Mercedes,
This is an embarrassing moment because of stockings,
not in stockings.
I was 20 and Away at college. My mother gave me some
money to get clothes when school started in January. I
was at the local shopping mall in Belk to get some
jeans. I got a pair that I thought may fit, but I
didn't know, So I had to try them on. I told the lady
at the counter I needed to try them on. She went and
opened the door and I went in thinking she was an
attractive lady. She was not bad, In her 40s and had
a pretty face with auburn hair. She had on a green
dress. It came down just below her knees. She had on
nude hose and low pumps. I went in and took off my
shoes. I took off my pants and then went to try on
the ones from the store. I put them on and they
didn't fit. Just as I went to take them off I heard a
loud clacking of high heels. Then I heard the door
right down the row open and then close. I changed
back into my other pants and went to get a new pair.
I stepped out and looked at that door. The dressing
rooms had doors that had a high gap at the bottom. I
looked under it and could see a pair of very sexy red
high heels. In them had a pair of black stockings and
sexy legs up until about mid calf level. Then I saw a
black skirt slide down her legs slowly to the floor.
She stepped out of it and then the legs disappeared.
I went and got the jeans quickly to hope and get
another sighting. I didn't see anything when I got
back. I left the door open so I wouldn't have to find
a key again. I went in and took off my pants. I
looked and noticed I got the wrong size. Then I heard
a door open but didn't know if it was the same one or
not. I quickly rushed out hoping to get a look at
this woman and found no one in the hall. I looked
back and noticed I had let the door close. Then I
heard a door open and it was the one I had hoped. I
turned around and looked and It was all I hoped for.
In her 20s She had long blonde hair a beautiful face,
A picturesque figure, and of course lovely legs. She
had on a red long-sleeve sweater and the black skirt
which was a pleated one just above the knee. I already
told about her sexy nylons and high heels. She even
had on black leather gloves. I just looked with a
smile with millions of things going through my head.
She looked at me and then glanced down below my waist
and smiled. I was excited, she must like what she
sees. I said hello. She looked up with a smirk.
"Nice Shorts?" she said with a smile. I was
confused. I looked down just as it hit me, I forgot
to put my pants back on. I was in my boxers shorts. I
looked up and had to be 1000 shades redder in the
face. I looked over and noticed the door had closed
and I couldn't get my pants without a key. She just
looked at me for a second and laughed. Then she put
on her sunglasses and began to walk off. I walked up
front after a second and hid behind the rack as best I
could. I then looked for the woman with the key. I
saw that same pretty lady talking to her and then
pointing her in the other direction. She walked off
in the distance far away from me. As the pretty lady
walked off she looked over at me and smiled. Then she
waved bye.



If you have an embarrassing moment that you would like to share I would love to hear from you!!!